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President --Sharon Chaplinsky-- Vice President ­ --Edith McGrath-- Treasurer ­ Bart Costello-- Recording Secretary ­ Christine Puglisi-- Corresponding Secretary ­ Sandra Mackowiak-- Membership Officer ­ Raymond Kwong-- Conservationist ­ Michael Mazur-- Newsletter Editor­ Anita Gibaldi-- Trustees : Ron Albrecht-- Kim Feddersen-- Richard Ho-- Russell Polo-- Trudy Bliesath-- Librarian Rosemary Teeple-- Web Master Sharon Chaplinsky AOS Representative Marion Israel

Location: The Hanover Manor

16 Eagle Rock Avenue, East Hanover, NJ

Dinner: 7:00 P.M. A complete dinner, including coffee/tea and dessert is available to members and guests at a cost of $12.00. Cash bar is provided. Program Begins at 8:00 P.M. Please have your plants on the Plant Table by 7:00 P.M. so voting can begin during dinner.

FYI Due to scheduling at the Hanover Manor we will hold our March meeting on Wednesday, March 9th 2011. Please change the date on your calendar.


February 10-13 DCOS 14th Annual Orchid Show at Dearborn Farms, Holmdel, NJ

The North Jersey Orchid Society, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization, dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, information and instruction concerning the culture of orchids, their hybridization, conservation, display, arrangement, and exhibition. We are an affiliated member of the American Orchid Society (AOS), Joint Presidents Council (JPC), and Orchid Digest. North Jersey Orchid Society, Inc. is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code. The objectives of the Society are to promote, carry on and aid in the development, improvement and preservation of orchids; to disseminate information concerning the culture, hybridization or development of orchids; and generally to extend the knowledge, production, use and appreciation of orchids of any kind in any manner.

February 10 February 17-20

NJOS Meeting-Valentine's Auction NJ Flower Show, NJ Convention Center, Edison, NJ March 5-April 25 New York Botanical Gardens Orchid Show "On Broadway" March 6-13 Philadelphia International Flower Show "Springtime in Paris" (See Master Gardener Bus Trip Pg. 8)

March 9

WEDNESDAY NJOS Meeting--tba THIS MONTH ONLY ON WEDNESDAY Helen Hersh "Advanced Windowsill Growing"

SEPOS Orchid Show at Longwood Gardens NJOS Bus trip to Longwood Gardens (See information on Page 9) NJOS Meeting-- Patricia Harding NJOS Meeting--John Leathers & Bob Hamilton of Hawk Hill Orchids, Pacifica, CA NJOS Meeting--Potting Party

LET'S CONTINUE OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANT TABLE BRING YOUR BLOOMING PLANTS TO THE FEBRUARY MEETING and share their beauty with your friends. Please have them on the table before 7 P.M. so members have time to vote. We have six categories: Greenhouse, Lights, Windowsill, Miniature, Novice and Fragrance. Start earning points now for the 2011-2011 Plant Table Awards. BRING YOUR BLOOMING PLANTS FOR THE SHOW TABLE AND REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES!!!

March 25-27 March 26 April 14 May 12 June 9

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From the Desk of the President

Hi all, Hopefully this finds you and your plants in a warm, cozy place. Pull up a quilt and pour yourself a nice hot cocoa and let's go over the coming events. First the Valentines auction is coming! I'll be the first to say this weather pattern has got me shaking in my shoes. If the weather looks bad please call ahead. We will have our phone chain going and will try and contact all of you ahead of time if the meeting is cancelled. Second, if the weather is poor but not bad enough to cancel and we get a poor turn out then the auction will be stopped at 40 plants. I think the folks who come out deserve something for the effort but we can't afford to give the plants away either. No one loves a bargain more than I do but, the club has to make money in order to provide good speakers and programs. I know I say that a lot but we have had some extraordinary opportunities this year to get some great speakers. Edith is doing her part by working with other societies to share the speaker travel expenses but it still costs money. I'll tip you off to a few goodies that will be at the auction. Cal orchids donated a beautiful Lycaste in bloom. It's a nice rose color with a deeper rose lip. This is a young plant so I think it will only get better and it's already pretty nice. There's an awarded Phrag. Grande AM /AOS which I've become quite fond of. Windowsill growers should look hard at the Neostylis Pinky `Starry Night". A lot of the Pinky had plain, white flowers but this meristem is white with nice lavender spots. I think this is one of those plants that when you see it in bloom you will regret not owning it. Tewksbury orchids donated some nice oncidium type orchids which are in spike.

plants in the display, checking registration, labeling, putting on numbers, re-checking numbers with registration, hiding the pots with moss and so on. On a good day we're done by 4 or 5pm, although we have until 8pm. The next day Thursday Feb. 10th will be judging and I plan on going down to clerk. If you haven't clerked for a show this is a nice show to start. That night is our auction, but don't worry I'll be back in time to buy some of the plants. In March we will have the SEPOS show at Longwood Gardens March 25-27 with set-up on the 24th. This is a great show and should not be missed. We will do the bus trip on Sat. March 26th with wine and cheese on the way home. So now for my greenhouse report updates. This is not official "society" business so if your not interested you can stop reading. The greenhouse continues to evolve. The Lycaste did have a bud and I think it blasted! Darn. Not sure why but it was a small plant so maybe it is better waiting another year. Yeah! That's it. My sad plant (Lycaste) with no roots and no leaves (might be red) still looks sad but I'm not giving up. I had some other Lycaste in similar condition and they are now sprouting. The snow and ice is really scary. I really have thought about bring a sleeping bag and staying the night. So far the snow has slipped off the plastic but the piles outside are getting deep.

One of the neighbors stopped by to help me re-pot. Since I had help I decided to tackle 3 of the monsters. It was a real work out and afterward the fellow said he never knew repotting could be so hard. We should have used a chain saw. That plant ended up Deep Cut set-up on Wed Feb. 9th starting at 10am. Please let being divided into 8 large plants and some little ones, which just Anita or myself know if you plan on coming. Everyone is welcome. fell off. The plant was in a 4 inch pot and was the size of a bushel I try and find something for everyone and also try and switch jobs basket. Luck was with us because we were able to find the tag around so everyone gets to have fun and learn something new. If which was embedded in the roots. you come early then the work is unloading and set up our strucWell it's getting late. Stay warm and think spring. ture, next is tidying up plants, re-staking if needed, arranging Sharon

May Excursion to Silva, Waldor, Woodstream and/or Parkside I am toying with the idea of attending the open house at Woodstream Orchids (Paphs, Phrags & species from Pa nama) tentatively scheduled for May 2122, 2011. It is a long drive to Annapolis/Washington DC, so I am thinking of making it a 2 day trip:

· · · · · · · · Leaving Friday morning (5/20) and driving to Waldor Orchids, with possible stop at Silva Orchids on the way if the group elects to do so. Taking Lewes ferry across to DE, and continuing to either Waldorf or Bowie, MD. Staying overnight (probably at a Hampton Inn, which serves free breakfast; rate +/$100 + taxes). Attending Woodstream Orchids open house Saturday morning. Either returning directly, or possibly with a stop at Parkside Orchids on the way back. If 13 are interested, we would drive in my car, sharing gas, tolls & ferry costs. If up to 610 are interested, I would rent a van with costs to be shared. A larger group would require either 2 vans (& 2nd driver), or hiring a bus with resulting higher costs.

I have not made a firm decision on this trip yet. If I/we go, tentative reservations will be accepted in the order re ceived . I/we reserve the right to limit the size of the group. If you are willing to be the driver of a 2nd van, please let me know. Best regards, Kim

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AOS Corner

By Lynn Fuller To continue on the various benefits of an AOS membership, one benefit I feel is often overlooked is the Reciprocal Admissions Program which is provided through AOS' affiliation with the American Horticultural Society. As an AOS member you will have access to a wide array of botanical gardens, arboreta, and conservatories throughout North America offering special admission privileges and many other benefits. For those AOS members who currently use this program, it provides benefits beyond their cost of AOS membership. For more information and a listing of reciprocal locations in your, visit the AHS website at: events/reciprocal_events_online_directory.htm. There is an online directory which has the reciprocal admissions by state. The AHS also provides the following tips on using the Reciprocal Admissions Program: · Before visiting any garden check the garden's website or call to verify hours of operation, confirm admission policy, and get the latest updates on programs and other information. For easy access, gardens have links to their web pages in the AHS online directory. Be aware that some special events are not included in the reciprocal benefits of the program. If you have any questions, please contact the garden you plan to visit. Present your current AOS membership card at the admissions counter or gift shop to receive the RAP benefit listed for that garden. Each card will only admit the individual(s) whose name is listed on the card. Some gardens may require a photo ID. Remember that the gardens you visit rely on admissions and donations to maintain their property and gardens for all to enjoy. Please support them by visiting their gift shops and/or making a contribution. The gardens with an asterisk next to their name do not offer reciprocal benefits but encourage you to visit.





I hope you all will explore this AOS membership benefit and support your local reciprocal botanical gardens, arboreta and conservatories soon. Lynn Fuller, Chair Affiliated Societies Committee

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AOS Monthly Checklist for January and February


Watering and fertilizing will be at a minimum, as will potting. Be on the lookout for senescing sheaths on your winterintospring bloomers. Careful removal of the dying sheaths will still allow buds to develop without the danger of condensationinduced rot. Low light will lead to weak spikes, so, and as noted above, staking is critical. If you have a chance to get out to nurseries, there may still be a chance to acquire good plants in sheath for spring bloom. Getting them now not only ensures that you'll have them, but allows them to acclimate to your conditions and bloom at their best.


We are well into the flowering season now. Outdoor growers should be cautious of freezing temperatures. Damage starts to occur below 30 F. Be diligent about tying the inflorescences for best arrangement of the flowers. Also watch closely for slugs and snails. If weather is quite wet, protect the plants from the rain and this will help to reduce the risk of botrytis spotting.


The most glorious of all orchids, Lycaste, will be moving toward their flowering season. Make sure the palmlike leaves do not interfere with the emerging inflorescences. Tying them loosely together often is helpful. Some growers cut the leaves off at the pseudobulb, but this removes part of the attractiveness of this elegant orchid. Resist picking up the plant to inspect those beautiful buds and then setting it down in all different directions as the flower buds will be forced to reorient themselves to the light source each time and will not open as nicely as they should. Keep plants a little drier during the shorter days.


Odontoglossums and their intergeneric hybrids offer a great splash of color now. Though once thought of as being difficult to grow and requiring cool temperatures due to the emphasis on odontoglossum breeding, the new intergeneric hybrids made using Oncidium and Brassia, for example, are just the opposite. These plants are quite content in more intermediate conditions. New growths generally emerge in the spring, later forming beautiful plump pseudobulbs. Look for the flower spikes to emerge from the inner sheath of the pseudobulb. If your plant's pseudobulbs are shriveled, then the plants have been kept too dry or too wet. Inspect the roots to determine which condition prevailed. If the lead pseudobulb is large, plump and green (and back bulbs are shriveled) but no flower spike is evident, the plants may have been kept too dry.


The standard Paphiopedilum insignederived hybrids, which are called "bull dogs" and "toads," are at their peak. Unlike most other orchids, they can even be potted while in bud. There really is no wrong time to pot a paphiopedilum, and no other orchid responds so favorably to fresh mix and a cleanup. Keep an eye on watering until roots begin to grow.


Now is the peak of spike development, with the first plants in full flower. Staking and plant preparation is a must for those allimportant spring shows. Correct staking now will give a better display and also make it much easier to transport to your society meetings and shows. Care with watering is vital to avoid mechanical damage to the flowers, as well as rotrelated problems. Keep spent blooms cleaned up to avoid botrytis inoculation. Do not repot this month. Now you'll be seeing lots of phalaenopsis at orchid shows and sales.


For the most part, the flowering season will have ended for this group, providing the grower a chance to do some repotting. The plants will then have a chance to become well established before the hotter months of summer arrive. Most growers use bark mixes, but some exceptional results have been seen lately using rockwool blends. You may want to try this mix, but do not change your whole collection over to this new media until you are sure it is right for you. First, experiment with a few plants to see how they respond. The AOS thanks Ned Nash and James Rose for this essay.


North Jersey Orchid Society Plant Table January 13, 2011

ID PLANT AWARD OWNER GREENHOUSE Orchids of this division grow primarily under greenhouse conditions. Gold Edith McGrath PARENTAGE / DISTRIBUTION


Cattleya Ken Dream 'Dogashma', HCC/AOS Complex Hybrid (landate × Soverin) × (Orange Nuggett x Kauai Sunset) Paphiopedilum Hsinying Maru × Hampshire Raven Paphiopedilum Unknown Epicattleya René Marqués 'Flame Thrower', HCC/AOS Unknown Sear Mary 'Show King' Oncidium Lambada Leptotes sp. Cattleya labiata Unknown Manila Rainow Oncidium Twinkle Unknown Longlife Rainbow Unknown Longlife Rainbow

Persepolis × Beaufort

102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113


Edith McGrath Edith McGrath Edith McGrath Edith McGrath Russ & Roxy Polo Len Zieff Len Zieff Len Zieff Russ & Roxy Polo Al Kuehn Sharon Chaplinsky Sharon Chaplinsky

Complex unregistered Complex unregistered Epi pseudepidendrum × C. Claesiana Flutter × Waikiki Sunset Brazil cheirophorum × ornithorhynchum

WINDOWSILL Orchids of this division grow primarily under natural light conditions. 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 Unknown ? Unknown C. Chocolate Drop × Waikiki 'Ruby' Paphiopedilum Rory Jones Burrageara Stefan Isler Brassolaeliocattleya Petite Stars Angraecum sesquipedale Vanda Haruko Sumida 'Waihee' Ludisia discolor Gold Bronze Ingrid Raschdorf Ingrid Raschdorf Ingrid Raschdorf Ingrid Raschdorf Ingrid Raschdorf Karen Perkins Karen Perkins Betsy Sherwin Satchel Paige × sukhakulii Vuyl. Edna × Onc. leucochilum Bc Richard Mueller × L. rubescens Madagascar Rhonda × Abbie Ho Chong

(var. alba) - SE Asia, China, Indonesia LIGHTS Orchids of this division grow primarily under artificial light conditions. Bronze Sandra Mackowiak Richard Ho Supersuk 'Eureka', AM/AOS × Raisin Pie Whitemoor 'Ashlands', AM/AOS × Elfstone 'Moon Gold'

301JE 302AE 303

Paphiopedilum Hsinying Alien Paphiopedilum Unregistered Grex Paphiopedilum venustum

Silver Richard Ho NE India, E. Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan MINIATURE Orchids of this division are mature plants including foliage up to six inches in height; monopodial orchids having leaf span of six inches Cattleya cernua Cattleya Mini Apricot Silver Sharon Chaplinsky Sharon Chaplinsky Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil

401D 402DJ

Bronze Minipet × California Apricot NOVICE Orchids of this division are plants entered by growers new to growing orchids


Phalaenopsis amabilis

Silver Vera Krasovsky Australia, E. Indies FRAGRANCE Orchids of this division are fragrant plants also entered in any of the above divisions. Edith McGrath Russ & Roxy Polo Al Kuehn Sharon Chaplinsky Karen Perkins cheirophorum × ornithorhynchum Persepolis × Beaufort

101AD 110 111 113 206

Cattleya Ken Dream 'Dogashma', HCC/AOS Unknown Manila Rainow Oncidium Twinkle Unknown Longlife Rainbow Angraecum sesquipedale Bronze Silver

Madagascar Data compiled by Mike Mazur

Ballots tallied by Mike Mazur and Russ Polo

OrchidWiz Encyclopedia and Journal 7.02 primary data source

Plant table critique by John Sullivan and Mark Hachadorrian

Page 6




Corrected spelling or epithet Accepted species name


Changed taxon Added award Provided genus


Accepted genus name Missing species / cultivar name Duplicated naming

C Named grex References:

`The Royal Horticultural Society Horticultural Database', http:// 'Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia' http://

'Manual of Orchid's by Stewart, Joyce (Edt) / Griffiths, Mark (Edt) / Royal Horticultural Society (Great Britain) 'Orchid Names and their Meanings' by Dr. Hubert Mayr, A. R. G. Gantner Verlag K.-G.

Cattleya Ken Dream 'Dogashma', HCC/AOS, Edith McGrath, GOLD (101)

Burrageara Stefan Isler, Ingred Raschdorf, Bronze (204)

Angraecum sesquipedale, Karen Perkins, GOLD (206) Fragrance, Silver

Paphiopedilum Hsinying Alien, Sandra Mackowiak, Bronze (301)

Complex Hybrid (landate × Soverin) × (Orange Nuggett x Kauai Sunset) Edith McGrath, Bronze (102)

Cattleya cernua, Sharon Chaplinski Silver (401) Cattleya Mini Apricot, Sharon, Bronze (402)

Paphiopedilum venustum, Richard Ho, Silver (303

Phalaenopsis amabilis, Vera Krasovsky, (501)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011, leaving Garibaldi by chartered luxury coach at 12 noon sharp, arriving back at Garibaldi approximately 9 PM. Master Gardeners, Student Master Gardeners, families and friends are welcome. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and are non-refundable; they are transferable. The unbeatable cost is $55 per person, which covers coach, driver gratuity, bus parking fee, Flower Show admission and refreshments going and coming. Not included: dinner and shopping, and there are abundant opportunities for each. MGEC provides this trip at cost in order to be maximally inclusive; it is not a fund-raiser. To reserve, send your check for $55 per person payable to MGEC to Lois Young, 133 Woodlawn Ave., Montclair 07043. Please include your phone number. Your check is your reservation, deadline is Saturday, February 12. Questions? Call the Master Gardener HelpLIne at 973-228-2210 If you reserve and find you can't go, please call Lois, she may have stand-bys. Please plan to carpool to Garibaldi, parking is limited. Tips for personal comfort: walking shoes, layers and fanny packs work well. Cameras and small notebooks are useful. ALLONS!

Pictures from the 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show

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_ÉÇzãÉÉw ZtÜwxÇá

\ÇàxÜÇtà|ÉÇtÄ bÜv{|w f{Éã tÇw ftÄx

fÉâà{xtáà cxÇÇáçÄätÇ|t bÜv{|w fÉv|xàç f{Éã

ftàâÜwtç? `tÜv{ EI? ECDD


Parking is available in the rear of the Hanover Manor. Please carpool if possible. The bus has toilet facilities.

The price is $37 for members and $42 for nonmembers.

This includes roundtrip bus fare, entrance to Longwood Gardens and wine & cheese on the return trip.

Send checks to Bart Costello

46 Donna Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004 Please include a phone number with your check In case we need to reach you. Note on your check "Longwood Gardens Trip" Deadline for checks is March 15, 2010 There can be no refund for noshows.


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North Jersey Orchid Society C/o Anita Gibaldi 133 Pershing Avenue Nutley, NJ 07110

Calendar of Orchid Society Meetings:

2nd Tuesday, 7:30 pm Deep Cut Orchid Society Monmouth Reform Temple, Tinton Falls, NJ 2nd Tuesday, 8 pm, Greater Westchester O.S. 7 Saxsonwood St. White Plains, NY 2nd Wednesday, Manhattan orchid Society, SLC Conference Center, 352 7th Avenue, 16th Floor (between 29th & 30th Streets.) 2nd Thursday, 8 pm, North Jersey O.S. (dinner 7 pm, $12 per person) Hanover Manor, 16 Eagle Rock Ave., East Hanover, NJ

March meeting ONLY on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

2nd Thursday, 6:30 pm, Long Island O.S. VFW Hall, corner of Vincent & Merrick Rd., Lynbrook, NY 3rd Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Staten Island O.S. All Saints Episcopal Church, 2329 Victory Blvd., SI 3rd Wednesday, 7:00 pm, Greater New York O.S. Westchester Coun try Club at Villa Maria Academy, 3341 Country Club Road, Bronx, NY 3rd Thursday, 7 pm, Ramapo O.S. Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, Englewood, NJ 3rd Saturday, AOS Northeast Regional Judging, 10 AM Westchester Marriot, 670 White Plains Road, Tarrytown Call Rita Cohen 4th Tuesday, 7 pm Jersey Highlands Orchid Society (JHOS) Tri County Federal Credit Union, 47 Route 206, Augusta, NJ Please call ahead to confirm date and location before attending.

Traders' Exchange The Traders Exchange is a new feature that will be available at Society meetings. There members will have a place to put things up for trading. Items should be primarily orchid related. Other plants, growing, and garden related items are encouraged also. Things for trade are to be provided with a written description and the trader's name. For stuff not presented to the table, a notice can be posted on the bulletin board. Please note that this will not be a sale table there will be no moneyed transactions. For more information call Mike Mazur.

Editors Note Deadline for the March newsletter is FEBRUARY 24th . Please submit your articles before the due date to me directly .

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FEB 2011 NJOS Newsletter--e-mail

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