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West Seno

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Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI)

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In summer 2002, NKT Flexibles was awarded a contract by Hyundai Heavy Industries for the West Seno field development offshore the east coast of Kalimantan, Indonesia.The award consisted of the following scope of supply:

Field Type Application Production Gas Injection Length (m) 2 @ 245 1 @ 245 Design Pressure (psi) 6548 6548 Design Temperature 65°C 130°C

West Seno 12"ID Dynamic Riser West Seno 6"ID Dynamic Riser

The West Seno project was a significant milestone on the NKT Flexibles track record for several reasons: it was the first deep water contract award in Indonesia and it was the first opportunity for NKT Flexibles to work with several new partners HHI, Clough and Unocal. The risers are installed in the West Seno field at the Makassar Strait offshore east Kalimantan, Indonesia at water depths of 732m-1000m for Unocal who operate the field. The EPIC contract for the West Seno production facilities was awarded by Unocal as a joint venture between Hyundai Heavy Industries and Australian Clough. The 12"ID risers are designed with 4 layers of pressure armouring to provide resistance to radial loads in order to meet the requried pressure of 6525psi. A burst test of the 12"ID riser was carried out in accordance with the API 17J and was verified by the third party, Bureau Veritas. The pipe burst at 902 bar which was very close to the predicted burst pressure of 886 bar, confirming the analytical models used by NKT Flexibles.

The two risers connected to the TLP

NKT Flexibles I/S - flexible pipes for the future

West Seno

The West Seno field marks the first application of tension leg platform technology for deepwater production in Southeast Asia. NKT Flexibles risers are used to connect the tension leg platform (TLP) to the Floating Production Unit (FPU).The flexible risers are installed in a double caternary configuration to allow take up of relative movements between the two floating units. All flexible risers are equipped with dynamic bendstiffeners at both ends to prevent any overbending resulting from enviromental impact. The West Seno field came on stream in June 2003 and is expected to produce 35-40,000 BOPD by the end of 2003.

The West Seno field where the NKT Flexibles risers are used to connect the TLP to the FPU

TLP riser hang-off arrangement

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NKT Flexibles I/S - flexible pipes for the future

Revision 1OKT.2003/LEH

NKT Flexibles I/S is an independent company owned 51% by NKT Holding and 49% by Stolt Offshore. The company is responsible for manufacture and supply of flexible pipe systems for the offshore oil & gas industry as well as the chemical and water industry.


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