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Kikeh GAP

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Murphy Sabah Oil Co. Ltd


Single Buoy Moorings Inc.


Early 2006 NKT was awarded the supply of the flexible jumpers required for the Kikeh GAP field located in the South China Sea 120km offshore from Labuan at an average water depth of 1320 meters. The NKT scope of supply:

Field Kikeh SPAR Kikeh SPAR Kikeh FPSO Kikeh FPSO Type 9,56" ID Jumper 9,56" ID Jumper 9,56" ID Jumper 9,56" ID Jumper 9,56" ID Jumper 9,56" ID Jumper Application Production Production Production Production Water Injection Water Injection Length (m) 2 @ 207 1 @ 216 2 @ 350 1 @ 322 1 @ 231 1 @ 328 Design Design Pressure (psi) Temperature 3400 psig 3400 psig 3400 psig 3400 psig 3200 psig 3200 psig 82°C 82°C 82°C 82°C 50°C 50°C

Kikeh SPAR Kikeh FPSO

Installation of the NKT Flexibles Jumpers in May 2007.

NKT Flexibles I/S - flexible pipes for the future

Kikeh GAP

This is the first deep water oil field development in Malaysia. Operated by Murphy Oil in partnership with Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, the Kikeh field has been developed as a stand-alone facility. On-site are deepwater production facilities such as the "FPSO Kikeh", the "Kikeh Spar", and a mid-water FTL GAP system connecting the Spar to the FPSO, being the first application of its kind in the world. The GAP system is developed by SBM, and is a deepwater fluid transfer system composed of a horizontal rigid portion of flowlines assembled in a bundle, supported and tensioned at a depth of 150m under the surface by chains and weights attached to the two floating units. The GAP uses a carrier pipe to structurally support the bundle, and provide for flowline attachment. The carrier pipe is sized in order to hold the bundle neutrally buoyant for normal operating density conditions, with flexible jumpers in a catenary configuration connecting the horizontal bundle to the FPSO and DTU. In addition, the flexible jumpers have a double external sheath to mitigate impacts of potential clashing of the jumpers. The required overall heat transfer coefficient (OHTC) value was reached by increasing the PA11 liner and outer sheath thickness, as this provides an increased bending stiffness compared to an insulated pipe.

NKT Flexibles I/S is an independent company owned 51% by NKT Holding and 49% by Acergy. The company is responsible for manufacture and supply of flexible pipe systems for the offshore oil & gas industry as well as the chemical and water industry.

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