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Some Highlights and Photos at the LBHI 14th Annual Conference in Los Angeles California, 2008

Dr. H. Westley Clark, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.,CAS, FASAM Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, leads the agency's national effort to provide effective and accessible treatment to all Americans with addictive disorders. Dr. Clark was awarded the 2008 Community Service Award for his dedication, contribution and support of the Hispanic Community and professionals in the field. The award was presented by Ambrose Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of the LBHI, Dr. Rafaela Robles, Director of the Caribbean Basin and Hispanic ATTC and Dr. Pablo Hernandez, Board Member of LBHI, CSAT Hispanic Stakeholder.

Chilo Madrid, PhD presented the workshop "Weaponized Lyric: Drugs and Death" where he explores the history of music and how it has influenced drug abuse and suicide among adolescents. It presented data and information that may be used by clinicians in counseling situations.

Rafaela Robles, PhD along with Carmen Andújar presented "Leadership in Health Organizations" the workshop covered how organizations are special systems with multiple types of relationships at the individual, subsystems or unit levels where the process of designing, development and delivery of products and services occur.

Miguel Cruz, MS presented the workshop "Epidemiology of Suicide in Latinos: a Practical Approach" where he presented epidemiologic data presenting current situations, trends, risk and protective factors and cultural considerations to deal with suicidal behavior in Latinos.

The National Latino Addiction Treatment Community Network met at the LBHI to review the progress report of the NLATCN and plan for future projects of the group. Some of the members present: 1. Marco Jacome, MA, LPC, CSADC, CEAP Chilo Madrid, PhD. Pablo Hernandez, MD 2. Marcia Gómez, MD, Eduardo Morales, PhD, Abraham Ruiz, CSAT Project Officer.

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