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NLI Odda as NLI Odda as

NLI Odda as


Established in 1977 by Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk AS as a part of the company's gas turbine division, for p oduc o of production o gas turbine a d je e g e pa s u b e and jet engine parts. Acquired by SM Steinsvik Maskinindustri AS in 1987 due to the restructuring of Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk. g g g p Continued production of gas turbine and jet engine parts and made a conversion to production of sub sea components. Acquired by NLI in 2004. Long tradition of process controlled fabrication based on gas turbine and aero plane parts production.

Key Information

Turnover 2008: 165mill NOK (90 employees) Factory area 5000m2 Process- controlled fabrication j p g Project/purchasing 4 production departments Certified OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) NS-EN 14001 (Environment) NS-EN ISO 9001:2000 (Quality System)

Process orientated All processes controlled and described

Key Information

'Supplier of the Year 2008, Quality' Chosen among FMC's suppliers in Eastern region FMC s


Adm. Direktør Ingvald Torblå HMS/Kvalitet Magnar Austrheim Controller Anne Tove S. Teigenes

Marked Sigve Barvik

Salg/Prosjektsjef Inge Westgarden

Innkjøpsjef Sigvard Johannesen

Produksjonssjef Svein Erik Olufsen

Prosjekt Jeroen Mosman

Prosess/Termin Svein Skare

Teknisk Reidar Aga

Produksjon Jan Magne Midtbø Gjert Madsgård

Montasje Lars Kvåle

Vedlikehold / IT










Eng./Sveis Eng /Sveis




Dokument MRB



Production Capacity

Sites Total yard area Crane capacity Machining capacity


25 000 m2

< 12 tons 3 to s 32 tons

Ø2700 mm/6 t X = 2500mm Y = 2000mm Z = 1500mm X = 12000mm Y = 4500mm Z = 1900mm


30 000 m2

16 tons 7,5 tons 6 tons


10 000 m2

30 tons 2x8 2 8 tons


FMC Kongsberg Subsea: Connectors, Termination Heads and Hubs Aker Kværner: subsea parts Vetco Gray: subsea parts V t G b t Volvo Aero Norway: Parts for, F100 engine, PW4000 engine and C5 652 engine Dresser Rand: Gasturbine wheels and Gear Casing Dresser Rand: Gas turbine wheels and Gear Casing Rolls Royce: Machined components Frank Mohn: Pump and swivel parts Plugging Specialist International: Parts for Smartplug l l l f l Wärtsila Norway: Production and spare parts Statkraft: Parts for power plants Boliden: Katode production Kongsberg Maritime: Parts for subsea wessel Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace: subsea parts Reel Well: Advanced prototype drilling parts Aarbakke: subsea parts


20 CNCcontrolled machines Zeiss coordinate measurement machine Deep hole drilling machine Grinding machines Manuel machines Welding systems NDT, all methods Furnace equipment Montage / FAT

Supplier to oil industry, mainly subsea

World's largest producer of termination heads and hydraulic connectors for subsea installations Co-operation with FMC Technologies

Supplier to aerospace

Customer: Volvo Aero Norge

Pratt & Whitney

F100 Intermediate case F100 Nut PW4000 Exhaust case CFM 56-3 Turbin case CFM 56-3 Shaft

CFM International

Producer of gas turbines

Rotary parts Gear casing for KG2 Gas Turbine Customer: Dresser Rand

Multi machine area

20 CNCcontrolled machines

Welding/NDT area

Cladding / BW sveis / HW-CW- manual TIG/MAG

110 active WPQR 750 WPS

Cl ddi Cladding since 1991 i

· · · · · · · · Automatic Hot-Wire TIG, rotating head. Automatic Cold-Wire TIG. Automatic Plasma-welding. Robot for aluminium welding. Manual TIG. Automatic orbital welding for small-bore pipes. Automatic AMC orbital welding machine. pMIG/pMAG cladding stations (3 st.)

NDT Department, all methodes

VT = Level 3 MPI = Level 3 UT = Level 3 RT = Level 3 PT = Level 3 PMI control and Boroscope inspection

Furnace equipment, < 3,5 t

Long hole drilling machine, < 1400 mm

Control, Zeiss Prismo measurement machine

Control, calibrating

Deckel Maho 5 axis machine

Deckel Maho 6 axis machine

Test and flushing facilities


Hydraulic connectors


NLI Odda is a part of a large group of companies that complement each other in different business areas. areas Many years experience in the oil and gas market. Still flexible, although we have grown significantly. , g g g y High level of expertise in project management, welding, machining, surface treatment and assembly / test test. We are dedicated to the job.

Unique competence - unique solutions i l ti


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