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Dear Families, Summer is officially underway, and we hope that you enjoy your summer vacation! We hope you don't forget to practice your math, too! To help you with this, the second grade has created a review math packet. The primary focus of the packet is to review and maintain skills that were developed in the second grade. None of the concepts in the packet should be new to your second grader. Here is some information to help you get started on the math packet: · The packet will be available both on-line and in the schools. You can find the packet on the "Summer Math Packet" link at or you may visit your school office for a paper copy. Try to work on a few of the math problems each week (about twenty minutes). Your child should be able to complete it by the start of the school year. We ask that students use pencil and show all of the work they did in solving the problems. Please help your child if they find any of the problems too difficult. This packet will be collected during the first or second week of school. Even though this is an optional activity, it is highly recommended that it be completed. A baseline test will also be given at that time to see what skills your child needs to review.

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Also, we feel that you should be aware of the math skills your child should have mastered at the end of second grade. By now, your child should be: · Fluent in basic math facts addition and subtraction. Many children need to move beyond the finger counting stage to memorize their math facts. Flashcards and homemade practice sheets are excellent ways to practice. An automatic recall of the basic facts will allow students to concentrate on solving more difficult math problems and concepts in third grade. Able to use simple measurement tools to determine length in both inches and centimeters and tell time (digital and analog). Students will need these skills to determine elapsed time and simple unit conversions. Able to understand place value of numbers up to 1,000 and be able to represent these in standard and expanded form (1,359 = 1,000+300+50+9). Apply all of their math skills to solve one step word problems. Steps for problem solving is provided in the review packet.


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We thank you very much for your help and support in making the start of the third grade year a success. We hope you enjoy your summer vacation. Sincerely,

Second Grade Teachers


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Summer here! It is time for fun, playing with friends,and is having wonderful adventures.During this time, we know you will be enjoyingmanygreatbooksandperhaps writing in your journals. we haveput together mathpacketthat wili help you a remember what you havelearned year. you will probably this want to do a little at atime. Thereis no needto rushto compiete everythingat once. It would be greatif you canget a headstarton 3'dgradeby doing somereview mathoverthe summer math. when completed, it may be returnedto your 3'dGradeteacherduring the first or second weekof school. Do all your work in the boxes.If you do any work on an additionalsheet, please attachit to the backof the packetandnumberthe problemsso they areeasyto find. Havea terrific summer! Be safeandcomebackto schoolin September readyto learn.

Second Grade Summer Math Packet

1. 963 - 578


What is the missing number in the pattern?


Circle the greatest number.


546 208 379 564 6.

Circle all the odd numbers.



5. 346 + 155

200 + 70 + 6 = 276


Write 346 in expanded form.


2 5 21 36 60 7 8.

Write these numbers in order. Start with the smallest. 176, 178, 181, 167 ________________


Continue the pattern.

9. 700 - 436

136, 146, 156, ____

Second Grade Summer Math Packet



What is the value of the underlined digit?


Write 1,702 in expanded form.

246 349 + 658

425 ___________ 14. 942 - 809



Write in standard form.


Is the number 382 odd or even?

One thousand, two hundred sixtythree



16. 593 + 284


What is the next number in the pattern?


In the number 621, what digit is in the tens place?

16, 12, 8, ____


Second Grade Summer Math Packet



Write 306 in number words. ________________ ________________

21. 502 - 136

128 + 5 + 38 =


Write the fraction for the shaded part.


Write the fraction for the shaded part.


Color the shapes to show the fraction. Use >, <, or = in each circle to compare.





Second Grade Summer Math Packet


Color the shape to show the fraction.


Write the total value of the coins. ________


Write the total value of the coins. _______


Second Grade Summer Math Packet

For numbers 28-30, write the time.





__________ 32. 5 x 3 =____

________ 33. 4 x 4 = ____

For numbers 31-36, multiply or divide. You may use a picture, array or use manipulatives to solve.

31. 2 x 8 = ____

34. 35. 30 ÷ 3 =___ 12 ÷ 2 = ____

36. 45 ÷ 5 =___

Second Grade Summer Math Packet

Solve the problems.


Allie collected 150 stamps. Kelly collected 43 fewer stamps than Allie. How many stamps did Kelly collect?


Bill had $194. He spent $45 at the toy store. How much money did he have left?

Second Grade Summer Math Packet

Solve the problems.


Jenny made 470 cookies for the fair. Her neighbor made 148 cookies. How many cookies did they make altogether?


Mrs. Bell made 95 donuts, 98 muffins, and 59 tarts. How many desserts did she make altogether?


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