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What will be the fate of your boat? Is it worthy of preservation for future generations to enjoy? The UK has a unique collection of historic boats which reflects the maritime history of the nation. No one has ever attempted a comprehensive survey of the boats that exist; which types and classes are important; and which need to be preserved by individuals, organisations, trusts or museums. All that is about to change. The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is creating a Register of small boats (defined as being under 40ft) ­ the National Small Boat Register ­ and we need your help The National Small Boat Register The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is now aiming to engage owners, individuals and organisations in a review of historic boats across the UK. This will result in a database of the most important craft which will, in turn, enable us all to target resources where they are most needed and ensure that our valuable heritage does not end up on bonfires or on roundabouts filled with flowers. We need your help If you know of a historic boat that you think needs to be saved for the nation then let us know. · It might be a local boat or it might be a famous example of a well-known class. · It might be owned by a trust, organisation or individual · It might be a sailing boat, motorboat, pulling dinghy, small yacht, hovercraft ... So, what sort of boat should you suggest? For most dinghy classes we need a representative sample, no more than five boats or so, on the register, especially if it is a one-design class. There are already more than 45 International 14s on the list. For traditional boats, almost any boat which is still on the water after 50 years would be an obvious candidate. We also want to know about the other groups. If you know of a boat that you think should be added to the list then simply jot down the details shown below and email them to us at the address given below. How else can you help us? If you are an enthusiast ­ dare we say `anorak' - who knows about the boats in your home area, especially the traditional ones, then we need to hear from you. The Register is only going to work if it draws on the expertise from as many people as possible. Its strength is that it is a cooperative effort from everyone who knows and loves boats. We need your help. Jonathan Griffin, Director NMMC

National Small Boat Register

The following information will be useful to us in compiling the National Small Boat Register: Boat name Boat type

Eg Dinghy etc

Boat class

Eg Firefly etc

Sail no

Length Construction

Eg carvel, clinker, moulded

metres Material

Eg canvas, grp, wood

feet Hull

Eg mono, cat


Eg open, half decked, cockpit


Eg flat, double-ended


Eg centreboard, daggerboard


Eg number & material


Eg Bermudian sloop


Eg oar, sail, motor etc

Engine Type

Engine details




Date of Build

Place of build

Present Location

Present owner*

Present condition

Brief history - Include any details which would have an impact on a possible `Heritage Merit' score eg notable owners, races etc. Continue on the reverse

Information supplied by

Date Note that it is not intended to publish owners' names. All privately owned boats will be listed as Private owner For further information about the NSBR or to enter a boat on the register Contact: George Hogg, Collections Development National Maritime Museum Cornwall Discovery Quay, FALMOUTH, Cornwall TR11 3QY Or e-mail [email protected]


Microsoft Word - 060412 NSBR Brief handout.doc

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Microsoft Word - 060412 NSBR Brief handout.doc
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