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Hebrew lyrics: morning liturgy Music and English lyrics: Mike Mason and Noam Katz

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D C G Modeh ani lifa-ne-cha D C G Melech chai v'ka-yam D C G D C G She-he-che-zar-ta bi nish-ma-ti b'chem-lah D E F C D Raba e-mu-na-te-cha D E F C D7 Raba e-mu-na-te-cha A G I give thanks to You A G For You awaken my soul A G A And I'll sing my praise to You G D C For You have faith in me G D C G You have faith in me

I give thanks to the living God for returning my soul to me. Great is Your faithfulness.


Microsoft Word - Modeh Ani.doc

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Microsoft Word - Modeh Ani.doc