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Flood and Swiftwater Rescue

Hazard Recognition & Mitigation. Risk Assessment. Rescue Response. Site Control & Scene Management



Certification Courses designed for rescue agencies, outdoor professionals, recreational boaters, teachers and youth leaders.

Rescue 3 International was founded in 1979 and has risen to become the recognized leader in water and flood rescue, training over 150,000 students throughout the US and 32 countries around the world. After 30 years our mission remains the same: to provide flood, water, and rope rescue training to individuals and organizations with an emphasis on ways to keep rescuers from becoming victims and to deliver practical, real world experience. Unparalleled Documentation Each student is assigned a certification number so that their training record can be documented and accessed at any time in the future for employment or legal reasons. This database is maintained by Rescue 3 International. Course dates: Swiftwater Rescue Technician: 3 day practical 20 ­ 22 February 2010 30 April ­ 2 May 2010 20 ­ 22 August 2010 22 ­ 24 October 2010 Fee RM 1,750 per pax inclusive lunch, PFD, helmets, group equipment and accommodation at Nomad's Earth Camp, Greenhouse Dormitories

Rescue 3 International is proudly represented in Malaysia and Singapore by Nomad Adventure. Established in 1994, Nomad pioneered the development of rock climbing, whitewater paddling and adventure racing in Malaysia. Our safety and service standards are second to none. We are the only Malaysian adventure company with an ISO 9001 certification. Email : [email protected] T: 603 ­ 7958 5152

Internationally recognized training

In the current global climate there can be no denying the relevance of swiftwater and flood rescue training. There have been many incidents throughout the world of rescuers with inadequate or no training getting themselves and colleagues into trouble in on or near water. The Rescue 3 courses provide suitable training for rescue and outdoor professionals as well as all personnel who may be deployed in this type of environment. The training courses available are an intensive mix of classroom and river-based sessions with five levels of training being available - Awareness, Operations, Technician, Instructor and Management. All these courses are internationally recognised and form the core training for many emergency services, rescue teams and water professionals. In addition where applicable these courses comply with the standards laid down by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 (SRT1) Rescue 3's three day SRT course is globally recognised as the standard moving water rescue certification the world over. Approximately 8 hours of classroom and 16 to 22 hours in the field, it is for people who either work or for recreational purposes find themselves on or around rivers and water. It is designed to build confidence and the necessary skills to deal with swiftwater situations. Find further course information at:

Instructed by Chan Yuen-Li

· How do I know if this water activity is safe for my students? · How do I assess an operator and what are the internationally recognized standards? · What do I do if the worst happens? This is the first step for people to learn the dangers of working around moving water. With over 15 years of river running experience and in outdoor education, as well as having a law degree and a career in print and TV journalism, Yuen-Li brings a vast multiple disciplines and knowledge to this course. Using interactive discussions, this course aims to develop "knowledge" competencies that take into account all aspects of safety and emergency preparedness, with a special consideration for legal and institutional issues.

BENEFITS AND OUTCOMES SRT 1 is an intensive, three-day class (24-30 hours) that includes one day of classroom instruction followed by two days of developing and practicing water rescue skills. The initial emphasis of this course is on self-rescue skills and covers all of the skills taught in Operations, Swiftwater First Responder. In addition, other skills include:

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rescuing and extricating an accident victim from the water. safely swimming in swiftwater and maneuvering so as to negotiate river hazards and obstacles at various water levels. handling small inflatable boats by paddle, oar and on tether. knowing the responsibilities of law-enforcement and on-scene leadership. understanding swiftwater rescue team organization and the response of the victim. utilizing climbing and technical rescue gear applicable to swiftwater rescue. fording shallow and fast-moving water utilizing various techniques. crossing deep, slow-moving and fast-moving water utilizing basic climbing gear, small boats, and combinations of the two. This course provides the fundamentals of swiftwater rescue and is recommended for anyone who may be called upon to affect in-water rescues.



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