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A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 Minced chicken, vegetables, with dipping sauce Shrimp, lean pork, lettuce, bean sprouts and mint with peanut hoisin sauce Tofu, cucumber, mint, lettuce and bean sprouts with peanut hoisin sauce Banh tom Co Ngu / Deep Fried Shrimp amd Sweet Potato Tempura Style With lettuce wrap and dipping sauce Banh xeo / Crispy Happy Pancake 8.00 8.00 9.95 5.50 Goi cuon chay / Veggie Springrolls 4.25 (2) / 6.25 (3) Goi cuon thit tom / Springrolls 4.25 (2) / 6.25 (3) Cha gio / Crispy Eggrolls 4.25 (2) / 6.25 (3)

Rice Plates

Served with steamed Jasmine rice or Brown rice available for .50¢

R1 R2

R2A R3 R4 R5

Filled with shrimp, lean pork, bean sprouts with dipping sauce Eggroll, springroll, shrimp & sweet potato tempura

Ga xao xa ot / Lemon Grass Chicken Wok-fried with onions, chili flakes and Thai basil Ga xao cari / Curry Chicken Wok stir-fried with broccoli, kaffir leaves and coconut milk Do Bien xao cari / Curry Sea Food Shrimp, scallops, mussels and calamari Ga xao xoai / Mango Chicken Wok stir-fried veggies, Thai basil and our famous garlic - coconut sauce Thit xao rau xanh / Wok stir-fried fresh veggies Choice of beef, pork, or chicken (shrimp add $1.00) Com Chien Dac Biet / Fried Rice Choice of pork or chicken, with onion, broccoli,bean sprouts and egg Combination (Shrimp, Chicken and Pork)

8.00 8.50 10.25 8.95 8.50 7.75 8.95

Sample Platter

Grilled Salmon Salad Rolls

Lettuce, Thai basil, carrot and Tamarind dipping sauce


S1 S2

Bun -Vermicelli Noodle SaladBowl

6.50 (sm) / 8.75 (lg)

All vermicelli served in a bowl with cucumber, lettuce, bean sprouts, mint and dipping sauce

Goi Du Du / Green Papaya Salad

Tossed with shrimp, shredded chicken, mint, chopped peanuts and chili lime dressing Goi Ga / Cool and Zesty Chicken Salad 6.25 (sm) / 8.25 (lg) Shredded white meat with cabbage, carrot, mint, chopped peanut and chili lime dressing

V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 V8

Bun Saigon - Tom Nuong, thit nuong va cha gio Bun bo xao

grilled shrimp, garlic pork and eggroll Wok stir-fried beef, lemon grass, onions and peanuts Bun cha Ha Noi - on platter or in a bowl Grilled garlic pork, pork patties, lettuce and pickled papaya

9.50 8.25 8.75 7.75 8.25 8.50 8.75 8.75


Salad bo / Spicy Beef Salad (Mixed Greens) Wok stir-fried onions, tomato, cucumber and roasted shallot dressing


Bun Thit Nuong

Bun Ga xao xa ot

Grilled garlic pork Wok stir-fried chili lemon grass chicken Eggroll and grilled garlic pork Wok stir-fried curry - coconut chicken Grilled fillet of Tilapia with Turmeric and Dill herbs

Wok Stir Fried Noodle Dishes

Artfully created dishes served with...

Beef, Chicken, Pork or Tofu Shrimp Combination (Chicken, Pork & Shrimp) M1 M2 M3 M4 Mi xao 8.75 9.25 9.75

Bun Cha gio thit nuong Bun Ga xao ca-ri

Ca Nuong Thia La

Pho lon xao Chow Fun - Fresh wide rice noodles, veggies, and black bean sauce Viet Pad Thai

Chow Mein - Egg noodles, veggies, onion, bean sprouts and sesame soy sauce

Vermicelli Soup

V9 Canh Chua / Spicy Tangy Tamarind Lemongrass Soup Served in a large bowl with vermicelli, tomato and bean sprouts With Chicken With Shrimp or Tilapia Fish Bun Bo Hue / Hot & Spicy Vietnamese Noodle Soup Lean pork slice, beef brisket, beef sirloin in a hot chili-lemongrass soup

* Consuming undercooked meat may increase your risk of food born illnesses.

Yakisoba lo mein

Viet Pad Thai - Rice noodles, veggies, peanuts and shrimp tomato sauce Yakisoba Noodle - Fresh veggies, and sweet soy sauce

Small charge will be applied for special requests or substitutions.

8.00 8.95 8.75



* * * 9.00 7.25 7.75 7.00 7.25 8.00 7.00

Add Tofu for $1.00



7.50 7.95 7.25

B1 B2 B3

Kids Plate

KT Teriyaki Chicken 5.50 with Jasmine rice or noodles

3.50 4.00

Our warm chocolate lava cake is baked Three Color Desert Red bean, Yellow bean, Green Tapioca topped with light coconut milk and ice



Mon. - Sat. 11:00am - 8:30pm / Closed Sundays


* Consuming undercooked meat may increase your risk of food born illnesses. * Price is subject to change without notice. * For your convenience, 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more. * Extra charge for condiments to go.




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