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Chevy Tow Hook Mod While you're saving for that new bumper, here's a little project that will make you rig a little more trail worthy in the interim. At least it makes it a lot easier to hook up recovery straps to get yourself or someone else out of trouble. I like the way it looks too. The factory hooks are way too small to be used for off-road recovery. I had a $70 recovery strap ruined by one of those weenie hooks poking a hole in it. At first I put on a set of the standard Pep Boys type. Even these required the valence to be trimmed and they still weren't all that great as the strap wants to slip off due to gravity. They're still too small and way up under the truck. The one thing I like about Ford and Chevys, only one mind you, are the big ole tow hooks they have, I guess they really need them. They are out front for easy access and are beefy. The Ford hooks are closed loops so are a pain to connect a recovery strap to requiring a shackle so I settled on the Chevy hooks. All you have to do with an open hook is slip the loop of the recovery strap on it. It shouldn't be too hard to find some at a salvage yard. You're gonna be painting them anyway. I bought new ones at a local Chevy dealer, I parked way down the street and sneaked into their parts department. There are separate left and right part numbers so make sure you get both. My truck is a 96 so I don't know about trimming the valence on later models. You'll have to take a look at your truck to see it's possible. First of all, the bolt pattern for the Chevy hooks is wider than our Toys so I had to weld up the front holes in the Chevy hooks and drill new holes with the proper spacing to match the bolt pattern on the frame rail were the stock hardware attached. Don't weld up the rear hole, keep that one as is. This will space the hooks out in front of the valence. Make sure you file the welds flat so the hook sets flat to the frame rail. To locate the new hole, just use one of your old hooks as a template to mark the new hole. Use a half-inch bit to drill the new holes. After you get the original front holes welded and the new holes drilled, give the hooks a squirt with the old rattle can of your favorite color. I trimmed the valence using a coping saw and finished off with a 4-in-hand rasp/file. Have heart, it isn't that hard, just take your time and be careful. I cut a small rectangle that just cleared the hook first and drew the clearance line I wanted with a pencil. I had a little edge guard left over from my Bushwhacker flares so I used that to finish the edges and give it that factory look. You can find edge-guard at hardware and auto stores too. Some soft and flexible door edge guard could be used. Since the radius is fairly tight, you'll need to use some stronger glue to attach the edge guard, I used GOOP brand. Tape the strip down with some masking or duct tape until the glue cures. While you're at the store, pick up some longer bolts to bolt the new hooks on with. Take one of your old bolts to match the size and thread; I think the bolts are 12mm with a thread pitch of 1.25mm. See the pics for more info. You know what they say; one picture is worth a thousand words.


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Microsoft Word - Chevy Tow Hook Mod.doc