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Issue 6 : July-- September 2004

Issue 6 : July--September 2004

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority Newsletter

Effective Guardian and Manager of the FSM-EEZ Marine Resources

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The Authority Organized Progress on Commission HQ Boundary Talks 1 1

The organization meeting of the new members of the National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA) took place from August 2 to 4, 2004 at Palikir, Pohnpei in the conference room of the Department of Foreign Affairs. The five new members were recently confirmed by the FSM Congress for a term of two years commencing from the date of the organization meeting. In selecting their presiding officers, the members voted Mr. Lorin S. Robert as the Chairman and Nena S. Nena as the Vice Chairman. Mr. Robert had served the previous term as the Chairman of the Authority and Mr. Nena is a returning member. (Continued on page 3)

Back : Lorin Robert (N) & Francis Itimai (Y) Front: Johnny Meippen (C), Nena Nena (K) & Hubert K. Yamada (P) Sitting: Bernard Thoulag

eign Affairs Conference Room a brief signing ceremony was held between representatives of the governments of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to sign the project design contract for the construction of the office building of the Commission for the Conservation and Management of the Highly Migratory Fish Stocks of the Western and Central Pacific. Ambassador Zhang Binhua of the PRC signed the contract on behalf of the Chinese Party and Secretary Akilina H. Susaia of the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure (TC&I) did the honors on behalf of the of the President's Boundary Delimitation Talks FSM. Other membersalong with staff fromCabinet were present at the signing the Chinese Pursuant to a directive from the Presidents of the Embassy in Kolonia and the FSM Department of Foreign Freely Associated States (FAS) during their Presi- Affairs. (Continued on page 5) dential Summit held in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands in August of 2003, representatives of Status of the Tuna Stocks the relevant agencies in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), Federated States of Micronesia Discussed during SCTB17 (FSM), and the Republic of Palau (ROP) took on The 17th meeting of the Standing Committee on Tuna & the task of initiating discussions towards the nego- Billfish (SCTB17) took place in Majuro, RMI followed by tiation and final conclusion of treaties on the mutu- the 3rd meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group ally agreed maritime boundaries between the three (SCG) from August 9-23, 2004 and was attended by nations. The FSM shares a common boundary 128 participants from FFA member countries, Canada, Republic of China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, United States with RMI on the east and with Palau on the west. and the European Commission. Representatives of Since then, representatives from the RMI and the various regional and international organizations, particuFSM met in January 2004 and reviewed the work larly the FFA, IATTC, SPC, and FAO also participated in that has been done so far and discussed the scope the meeting. The SCTB17 marked the last of its kind of the work that remains to be done. It appeared before taken over by SCG for the Tuna Commission from the discussions that work can proceed to meeting takes place in December. Mr. Steven Retalmai translate the baseline data that had been collected of NORMA represented FSM into useable format to delineate the baseline line The initial objective of the SCTB meeting was to provide around each of the islands where measurement will a forum for scientists and others with an interest in the be taken. The closest baseline points on each side tuna and billfish stocks of the WCPO to meet and to will be used to demarcate the median line which will discuss scientific issues related to data, research, and (Concluded on page 4) (Continued on page 5) stock assessments.

The Authority Progress on Commission HQ On August 4, Organized 2004 at the For-

Delimitation 1

Status of the Tuna Stocks 1 Discussed during SCTB17 Technical Meeting on Goods 2 & Services for Chuuk State Held in Tokyo Great People's Republic of 2 China Experience PNI Legislature Briefed on 2 Status on Tuna Commission

Summary of Current 3 Fishing Access Agreement

Market Update for Tuna for 3 Canning An Inspiring Light Access Fee Collection Fishing Tips in FSM 3 4 5

Summary Guide to the FSM 5 Tuna Management Plan Business Opportunity Humor Fishing 5 6

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Issue 6 : July-- September 2004

Technical Meeting on Goods and Fisheries Cooperation Services For Chuuk State Held in Seminar Tokyo A two week Seminar on Fisheries CooperaThe Technical Meeting on the Goods and Services for 2003-2004 for Chuuk State was held inTokyo from July 26-29, 2004. The Deputy Director of NORMA Mr. Eugene Pangelinan lead the FSM delegation accompanied by Mr. John Fritz of the FSM Embassy in Tokyo, Mr. Romeo Osiena, Executive Director of the Department of Marine Resources and Mr. Emil Peter, Engineer with the Department of Marine Resources. The meeting was held at the Japan Far Seas Purse Seine Fisheries Association (Kaimaki). After three days of meetings, the two sides agreed on a final list of goods and services (G/S) to be delivered to Chuuk State no later than March 31, 2005. The list will go to the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) for final endorsement and bidding in accordance with their regulations. Once the bidding process is completed, OFCF will award the supply contract to the lowest bidder. The FSM may include other items or increase some items in the list if the lowest bidders bid went below the available funds of ¥37 million. Other meetings the delegations attended was a courtesy call Mr. Panglinan & Mr. Goto on the VicePresident of OFCF, courtesy call on the President of Kaimaki and finally a courtesy call on Mr. Satoru Goto, Special Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at the Japan Fisheries Agency. Among the items that Chuuk State will get under the 2003-2004 G/S include diesel generators, navigational aids and spare parts, SSB and VHF radios, office equipment, personal and laptop computers, diving equipment, fiberglass boats, outboard engines, printers, a truck and welding equipment. tion between China and certain Pacific Island Countries, including the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), was conducted in Beijing, China from August 22 ­ September 6, 2004. The other Pacific Island Countries that also participated at the Seminar include: Fiji, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) represented by the Director, Mr. Feleti P. Teo. Representing the FSM was a staff of the National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA), Mr. Mathew Y. Chigiyal. The Chinese representatives comprised of government officials from the Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Affairs, and Agriculture (Burea of FisherMr. Mathew Chigiyal ies) and top representaTalks/thinks Tuna tives of fisheries companies, including China Fisheries Association (CFA), China National Fisheries Corporation (CNFC), Shanghai Deep Sea Fisheries Company Limited, Guangyuan Fisheries (Group) Limited of Guangdong, Liaoning Distant Water Fisheries Limited, Dalian Distant Water Fisheries Limited, Zhonglu Fisheries Limited of Shadong, Zhejiang Distant Water Fisheries (Group) Limited and also representatives from Shanghai Fisheries University. The Seminar was organized by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China and the Chinese fisheries companies currently engaged in the tuna fishing operations in the Western and Central Pacific Region. Its aim was to exchange views and information on fisheries management and development and establish a closer cooperation between China and the countries represented not only in the management and development of the

pelagic (tuna) fisheries but also in the coastal fisheries, including aquaculture. It allows the participants, especially the Chinese representatives, to understand and appreciate the current development situation, legal requirements and future plans on fisheries related undertakings in each country. For the FSM, it was particularly interesting and informative to learn China's policy relating to fisheries management and development. That policy embodies China's attempt to address the food security concerns facing its huge population. It clearly highlights the importance of FSM fisheries management and development to China and the future opportunities that could emanate from a well defined and established relation between FSM and China, especially in fisheries development. FSM is one of the countries in the Pacific which China wants to especially contribute to and help develop its fisheries industry. The Chinese companies already operating in the FSM tuna industry indicated their strong desire to further expand their investments as well as increasing their fleet in the FSM. Furthermore, the Chinese companies indicated that aside from the capture fisheries they are Mr. Feleti also interested to venture in Action into other fisheries development including aquaculture and the like in the FSM. The companies could provide financial assistance and technical expertise in those areas. On a regional level, China expressed their interest in a multilateral type of fisheries treaty like the US Fisheries Treaty with the FFA member countries. They noted that the basis for the Seminar is to further strengthen and promote cooperation between China and the represented Pacific countries in Fisheries, Trade, Tourism and Economic Development. There are some China funded projects already in the pipeline with other Pacific island countries and will soon be implemented.

PNI Legislature Briefed on Status on Tuna Commission

The Deputy Director of NORMA, Mr. Eugene Pangelinan, accompanied the Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State, Hon. Jack E. Yakana to brief the Pohnpei State Legislature (PSL) on the preparations being undertaken at the national and state levels to host the Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Central and Western Pacific Ocean (Tuna Commission). The meeting was attended by the

Speaker of the PSL, Hon. Nelson Pelep, Chairman of R&D Hon. Sailas Henry, Chairman of J&GO Hon. Peter M. Lohn, Chairman on HESA Hon. Ausen T. Lambert, Chairman of PWTC, Hon. Fredricko Primo and Chairman of Finance Hon. Thomas Pablo and other members of the PSL and staff. Mr. Pangelinan informed the PSL that the President of the FSM has established the Tuna Commission Task Force which is specifically tasked to work on the preparation and eventual construction of the permanent Tuan Com-

mission Headquarters including the temporary headquarters. He also informed the PSL that the Authority is working independently of the Task Force on the preparations and planning to host the Seventh and Final meeting of the Preparatory Conference (PrepCon7) and Inaugural meeting of the Tuna Commission in Pohnpei which will be from December 610 and possibly the 11th. Prior to these two meetings, the Authority is also preparing to host the 58th meeting of the Forum Fisheries Committee (FFC). The PSL was informed that the Task Force is planning to have the ground breaking ceremonies for the construction of the Tuna Commission Headquarters on the site in Kolonia. It was stressed that Pohnpei State Government (PSG) (Continued on

Issue 6 : July-- September 2004

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Summary of Current Fishing Access Agreements

Company/Association China Fisheries Association Fong Seong Fishery Group Frabelle Fishing Corporation FSM Arrangement Japan Far Seas Purse Seine Fishing Association (Kaimaki) Korea Deep Sea Fisheries Association Micronesian Fishing Venture National Offshore Tuna Fisheries Association of Japan (Kinkatsukyo) Sanko Bussan (Guam) Co., Ltd. Pacific Foods & Services, Inc. Taiwan Deep Sea Tuna Boat Owners & Exporters Assn. Agmt Start Agmt Expiry Date Date 5/20/04 5/19/05 07/25/03 12/01/03 01/01/04 08/10/04 11/18/03 11/29/03 08/10/04 9/25/03 10/31/03 11/18/03 07/24/06 11/30/04 12/31/05 08/09/05 11/17/04 11/28/04 08/09/05 9/24/04 10/30/04 11/17/04 Gear Type PS PS PS PS PS PS LL P/L & LL LL LL PS

Market Update for Tuna for Canning:

Skipjack: As is shown in the graph below, Skipjack tuna (4-7.5lbs, c&f)

Vessels: Iss'd Lic: prices continued to increase from the low levels during March `04 to over Actual # Actual #* USD1,100 both in Bangkok and Spain markets, an increase of about 36% 6 6 in 6 months, reaching its highest price level as was seen in August 1998. 4 2 7 28 29 55 10 4 38 40 4 2 7 48 29


Yellowfin: For the month of August, Yellowfin tuna (20lbs & up, c&f) price fell by some 8.5% (Bangkok) and about 12.7% (Spain) compared to that of July. Between the two markets, Spain prices are about $100 more than that offered in Bangkok. The prices have increased over the months due to continued poor catches, approaching the peaks last seen mid-1997 to beyond mid-1998. (FFA Sources)

Sk ipja c k (4 -7.5 lbs ) & Yellow fin (2 0 lbs & up) Pric e s

B angk o k (YF T ) Spain (YF T )

4 10


1,600 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 Jan'03

4 37 40

B angk o k (SKJ ) Spain (SKJ )








Notes: No of Actual Vessels: Number of actual and/or maximum # of vessel operating No of Iss'd Licenses:Actual # = No. of licenses issued (L/L or P/L) and/or valid (purse seiners)

The Authority Organized... concluded

Title 24 of the FSM Code (Marine Resources Act of 2002 (MRA 2002)) provides for an Authority mandated to carry out certain duties and responsibilities to ensure the conservation, management and sustainable use of the marine resources within the FSM Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The 3-day initial meeting was intended for the new members to get organized to conduct business and to provide Management and staff of the Authority the opportunity to brief the new members on these duties and responsibilities, and regional and international conventions, treaties, agreements and arrangements the FSM is party which are impacting how the Authority conduct its business and carry out these duties and responsibilities. Management presented various meeting documents, some as working and most as information papers. The working papers required some kind of decision by the Authority. The meeting reviewed the rules of procedures with the view to amending certain parts to be compliant with the MRA 2002. These consequential amendmentswere discussed and adopted by the Authority. An overview of all the international and regional agreements, treaties, arrangements, and conventions which in one way or another influence how the Authority manages the resources was presented to the members. An overview

We find nothing this afternoon more satisfying than TEAMWORK!

of all the current fishing access agreements was also presented so the members are fully aware of all the agreements the Authority has. Conscious of its requirement to ensure conservation, management and sustainable use of the marine resources within the EEZ and its mandate to maximize the return on the utilization of the tuna resources, the members of the Authority expressed some concerns over some of the inconsistencies observed from one agreement to another. It was the view of the members that terms and conditions should be transparent and consistent between the various agreements. Management responded that there are indeed three types of agreements provided- domestic, domestic based foreign and foreign- in the MRA 2002. Operational terms and conditions are standard across all three types of agreement. The fees and other requirements differ for each agreement. Recognizing the immense contribution fishing access fees provides to the locally-generated funds of the FSM Government, the Authority tasked Management to conduct studies that will gather information

on the direct and indirect benefits FSM (and its States) obtained through the activities of the fishing companies, particularly those domestic based foreign fishing agreements that are given certain discounted fees. The Authority further tasked the Staff to do a cost-benefit analysis of the different types of agreements particularly to distinguish locally owned and domestic-based companies. The Authority expects the researched information to be distributed on a periodic basis to assist them make better and informed decisions in future agreements. The Authority also recognized that merely lowering access fees to attract foreign companies and vessels to base and operate out of the FSM is not enough. There are other issues beyond NORMA's jurisdictions, such as shore facilities and services, air freight and fuel costs, availability of supplies and baits. Facilities and services would need to be of a certain standard for a dynamic fishery to attract good fishing businesses to our ports. With that recognition, Authority further tasked Management to initiate proposals to improve local facilities and services and provide information to address what is lacking locally to attract foreign fishing companies and fishing entities.

An inspiring light! In the afternoon (1:30-5pm) of September 17, 2004, all FSM Government employees were asked to take their places with rakes, trash bags, thirst-quenching drinks, weed cutters, machete, and whatever they have to clean along side the road from the turnoff to Sokehs all the way to Capitol entrance ­ all this to commemorate the World Clean-Up Day. Teamed up with staff of the Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure as coordinated and lead by Deputy Director Eugene Pangelinan, NORMA employees toiled over the assigned areas to a satisfactory finish at 4pm. It was an afternoon well spent towards a healthy and clean environment. It was most inspiring to have the President of the Nation, H.E. Joseph Urusemal, in action with a weed cutter among us. His active presence made the work load a lot lighter. Infact, we had a great afternoon out in the sun, after applying sun block lotion.



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Issue 6 : July-- September 2004

NORMA ­ Kinkatsukyo Sign MOU on Fisheries Cooperation

Representatives of NORMA headed by Executive Director Bernard Thoulag met with representatives of the National Offshore Tuna Fisheries Association (Kinkatsukyo) led by Mr. Akihiko Yatsuzuka met from September 6-7, 2004 at the Foreign Affairs Conference Room to discuss issues of mutual interest. Other participants included Mr. Eugene Pangelinan, Deputy Director of NORMA, Ms. Patricia Jack, Fisheries Economist/ Information Specialist and Mr. Glenn Jano, Statistics Specialist III. On the Japanese side, there were representatives of several tuna fisheries associations of Japan, fishing boat agents from Guam and one from Pohnpei. The meeting discussed issues specifically relating to the licensing of Japanese longliners outside of the FSM- Mr. Robert & Mr. Yatsuzuka at the Japan bilateral fisheries Luncheon at Orchids

agreement that has been in effect since 1984. According to Mr. Yatsuzuka, Japan fisheries organizations will officially no longer oppose the licensing of Japanese longliners outside of the FSM-Japan bilateral fisheries agreement and it was their intentions to facilitate their member vessels with compliance of terms and conditions of the various fishing agreements they are licensed under and to ensure the safety of the vessels operations while licensed outside of the bilateral agreement. As a brief background, FSM started licensing Japanese longliners outside of the FSM-Japan bilateral fisheries agreement in an effort to increase local transshipment operations while granting license fees lower than the bilateral agreement. This was adamantly opposed by Japan and triggered the FSM to initiate a termination notice of the agreement following Japan's refusal to include the FSM as a transshipment port for Japanese longliners. Japan finally included FSM as a transshipment port and authorized 26 Japanese longliners to transship in FSM. FSM issued a discount to

Japanese longliners as an incentive to offload their catch in FSM. The FSM however cancelled the discounts when it was determined that Japanese longliners continued to offload their catches outside of FSM ports. Japanese longliners then approached Guam and FSM agents to help get licenses. Licenses were granted provided they pay a higher fee for offloading outside of FSM ports and required to perform a minimum number of transshipments in FSM ports. Several Japanese longliners have been arrested for violating the terms and conditions for access under these agreements and prompted complaints by some member vessels for assistance from Kinkatsukyo. Recognizing that their member vessels are being licensed outside of the FSM-Japan bilateral fisheries agreement, Kinkatsukyo has taken the initiative to establish formal understandings between NORMA and Kinkatsukyo on providing the assistance to their member vessels even though they (Kinkatsukyo) are not legally obligated under the agreements. (Continued on page 5)

Status of the Tuna Stocks Discussed During SCTB17

The meeting also covered a very broad series of issues concerning: · Coordination of regional fisheries data collection, · Review of research on biology, ecology, environment and fisheries for tunas and associated species in the WCPO; · Identifying the needs and provide a means of coordination, including the fostering of collaborative research to most efficiently and effectively meet those needs; · Reviews of information pertaining to the status of the stock of tuna and associated species in the WCPO, and to provide statements on stock status where appropriate, and; · Provision of opinions on the various scientific issues related to data, research and stock assessment of the WCPO tuna fisheries. The SCTB17 discussed a range of research and fishery needs for the WCPO and further discussed consideration of issues requested by the PrepCon WG-II. The PrepCon-II recommended several tasks for consideration by the SCTB17 and SCG, among them data standards and advice on analyses of management options respectively. These issues were discussed during the SCTB17 meeting and reviewed the legal basis for data requirements and standards of the new WCPFC as well as existing standards that could be adopted by the Commission. The meeting also discussed requisites for management options analyses, specifically reference points and decision-making rules. It was noted that the topic should be reviewed and discussed in the future and that the fishery managers of the new Commission should be involved. During the Plenary, the meeting summarized the WCPO Total Catch of the four main species (skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye, and albacore).The WCPO total catch was said to have increased steadily during the 1980s as the purse seine fleet expanded, and remained relatively stable during most of the 1990s, increased sharply in 1998, and have remained at this elevated level since. The 2003 WCPO total catch was estimated to be 1,940,546 mt, the second

highest annual catch recorded after 1998 (1,985,110 mt). Purse seine catch was estimated to be 1,172,780mt,(60% of the total catch), pole and line for 294,752mt (15%) and longline for 213,259mt (11%). The troll gears and artisanal gears, mostly in the eastern Indonesian and Philippines regions, take the other 3%. The WCPO total tuna catch represented 71% of the total Pacific Ocean catch of 2,725,083mt in 2003, and close to 50% of the global tuna catch for 2003 (~4,000,000mt). The Eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO) catch for the main four tuna species for 2003 was reported to be the highest ever ( ~790,000mt). Bigeye Tuna: The total catch of bigeye tuna for 2003 in the WCPO was reported to be 96,000mt, the lowest for seven years. This is approximately 53% of the total pacific catch in the same year. Approximately, 60% of the WCPO catch of bigeye tuna was taken by longline, 21% by purse seine, and the remainder is by the domestic fisheries of Indonesia and Philippines. Yellowfin Tuna: The 2003 catch of yellowfin tuna in the WCPO was estimate at 456, 947mt. This level of catch represent the second highest catch on record. Purse seine 2003 total catch for yellowfin tuna was estimated to be 214,535mt (47%), longline at 67,490mt (15%) of the total yellowfin catch. Skipjack Tuna: The 2003 skipjack total catch in the WCPO was estimated to be 1,250,000mt, a slight decrease over 2002 skipjack total catch. Purse seine total catch for skipjack was 940,000mt (75%), pole and line for 242,000mt (19%), and 70,000 (6%) was from other gears. Southern Pacific Albacore Tuna: Catch in the WCPO for 2003 was estimated at 55,371mt, which is the second highest in the post-drift net period. Since drift net was banned, catches have predominantly come from troll fleets of New Zealand and US, and by longliners that mainly fish between 10ºS and 50ºS. Catches from the PIC longline fleets have increased in the recent years, accounted for 50% of the total longline catch. The SCTB17 officially closed off with recommendations ready to be presented to the SCG3 meeting, a body that will make scientific recommendations to the Commission.

Access Fee Collection:

NORMA has strived to manage the ocean resources and maximize income generated from sustainable use of those resources. NORMA's fee projection of $10 million for FY2004 was achieved by the end of the 3rd quarter. As of September 22nd, 2004, a total of $11.9 million has been collected. We expect to reach $12 million by the end of the 4th quarter. The table on the right shows the breakdown of the fee collec-

tion by quarters.

(Qtr in FY04) 1st (Oct-Dec'03) 2nd (Jan-Mar'04) 3rd (Apr-Jun'04) 4th (July-21Sept'04) Actual Receip Fee $ 4,774,735 $ $ 1,747,048 $ $ 4,341,334 $ $ 1,037,770 $ Collection 4,774,735 6,521,783 10,863,117 11,900,887

Issue 6 : July-- September 2004

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Summary Guide to the FSM Tuna Management Plan

Fishing Tips in the FSM Administrative Procedures:

The Authority may, by regulation promulgated in consultation with the Secretary [of Department of Justice], provide for an administrative penalty subject to section 920 of Title 24 of the FSM Code. The Executive Director or his designee may issue citation for violations. Comments: This provision has the effect to promote business, improve fisheries management and provide better and efficient surveillance and enforcement. It essentially provides a much more transparent schedule of violations and penalties, which is a key factor to a better business environment.

Announcement: NORMA is working closely with Attorney General's office to promulgate Administrative Penalties Regulations. NORMA will be sending out draft (Regulations' present form) copies and we welcome your comments.

Of the six specific goals that have a clear and deliberate purpose of in achieving the objectives of the Tuna Management Plan (TMP), 1st and 2nd goals were mentioned in the 4th and 5th newsletter issues. This issue will state principles that will guide NORMA in achieving the goal of supporting development of FSM fishing enterprises. Such guiding principles include: · Supporting the transition from direct government involvement in the development of the domestic fishing industry to primarily private sector leadership; · E n h a n ce d de ci si o n - m a ki n g through active and ongoing consultation; · Optimum utilization of FSM's fisheries infrastructure and facilities in terms of national economic and

social benefit;

· Minimizing any negative impacts of

foreign fleets on domestic fishing;

· Minimizing adverse environmental

and social impacts of activities relating to tuna fishing; · Taking into account the interests of artisanal and subsistence fishers; and · Ensuring that FSM domestic vessel comply with all FSM laws, international laws and the laws of nations in which they are fishing. Other important aspects are NORMA & the States, Commercial Activities, Domestic Vessels, Domestic-based Vessels, Regional Fishing Access and Flag-State responsibility. If you wish to obtain a copy of the TMP, do not hesitate to contact NORMA.

The meeting concluded with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formally cooperate with each other to ensure the compliance and security of the vessels and their crew. Under the MOU, NORMA is to work closely with its agreement partners to ensure that 1) licensing conditions for locally based Japanese vessels are provided to the Association and 2) a list of licensed vessels with names of domestic agents and license information. The Association in return will assist and guide their member vessels licensed under locally based foreign fishing agreements to comply with the licensing conditions, submit required reports on time and only apply for a license if they are authorized by the Japanese Government to offload their catch outside of Japanese ports. The MOU was signed on September 7, 2004. eventually become the boundary. This will require some desktop work and the services of an expert in the area to assist. Both countries do not anticipate any dispute in respect of the existing data to be used and have agreed to use the same consultant to do the necessary desktop work. In July of this year, NORMA staff and Director Moses Ngirmekur of the Yap State Land Survey met with authorities in Palau to also review current existing data collected and held by each and discuss the scope of the remaining work. Palau has already engaged the services of a US surveyor who has done a great job in advancing the work on the baseline coordinates and a possible median line with the FSM. The remaining work to be done in respect of the FSM's boundary with Palau is more ROP's Victorio Uherbelau & FSM's Moses advanced than that with the Republic of the Marshall Ngirmekur & Bernard Thoulag Islands. The meeting raised concerns on possible problems which may need to be resolved before further work is taken, and formulate a timetable to work against towards concluding a treaty on mutually acceptable demarcation of the boundary between the two. It is anticipated that all the data required could be ready to be incorporated in a final treaty by the end of the year.

NORMA ­ Kinkatsukyo Sign MOU on Fisheries Cooperation... concluded

Progress on Commission HQ... concluded

Boundary Delimitation Talks...continued

The building's basic design has been done by the FSM side and turned over to the Chinese Government. The contract, which will be undertaken by the China Architecture Design and Research Group, is on the actual architectural design of the structure itself, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, telecommunication and the general outdoor layout. Under the contract the FSM is responsible for the site preparation which includes any design information and data to complete the preliminary architectural design of the structure. This will be subject to review and a demolition work and relocation, clearing and leveling of the site, and the provision of water supply, electricity and communication lines to the site. The Department of TC&I has called for bids for the site preparation work. A company to do the work should be selected soon and actual work commences shortly thereafter. The China Architecture Design and Research Group in the meantime will have 80 days from the receipt of the basic approval by the FSM. Once this process is completed and the construction design is finalized a construction contract will be executed and construction starts. The ground breaking ceremony for the construction is hoped to take place when Ministers from some of the Contracting Parties to the Convention are present in Pohnpei for the December inaugural meeting of the Tuna Commission.

Business Opportunity: The Authority has received a request from Sonya CHEN of Australia's Pride inquiring on information regarding longline fishing and Bech De Mer (Sea Cucumber) and other fisheries related information. Should you be interested and/or able to, please contact the named person at: Australia's Pride Exporters & Importers 15 Industrial Avenue Stratford QLD 4870 P.O. Box 96 Stratford QLD 4879 A.B.N 68 088 062 024 Tel: (07) 4055 2477 Fax: (07) 4055 2744 WebSite:

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Issue 6 : July-- September 2004

For comments/queries, please visit NORMA office in Palikir, located on second floor of Kaselehlie Building

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority FSM National Government P.O. Box PS122 Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941 Tel: (691) 320-2700/5181 Fax: (691 320-2383 Email: [email protected]

Events' Calendar:

Upcoming Meetings

· Oct 13-14--Broader Cooperation Talks (San Diego, CA, USA) · Oct 25-27--Management Options Workshop (FFA HQ, Honiara) · Nov 8-15--International Observer Conference & Observer Coordinators meeting (Sidney, Australia) · Dec 1-3--Special 58th FFC (PNI, FSM) · Dec 6-7--Preparatory Conference VII (PNI, FSM) · Dec 9-10--1st Meeting of the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (PNI, FSM) Meetings that the Authority participated in during the past 3 months: · July 3-10--Boundary Delimitation Meeting with Palau (Palau, ROP) · July 14-16--Micronesian Presidential Summit (Yap, FSM) · July 26-31--Goods & Services Technical Meeting (Tokyo, JPN) · Aug 2-4--NORMA Organization Meeting (PNI, FSM) · Aug 22-Sept 6--Fisheries Cooperation Seminar (Beijing, China) · Aug 9-20--SCTB17/SCG3 (Majuro, RMI)

Effective Guardian and Manager of the FSM-EEZ Marine Resources

page 6)

PNI Legislature Briefed on Status on Tuna Commission...concluded

therefore needs to begin clearing the buildings so that the buildings can be demolished and the site prepared for the ground breaking ceremonies. A sketch of the headquarters and pictures of a module of the building were presented to the PSL. There were advised that over 300 participants are expected to attend these meetings from over 30 countries and territories. The PSL express concern on the number of hotel rooms in Pohnpei and the need to work with the banking nstititutions to provide funding support to upgrade the hotel rooms. The PSL expressed their full support for these activities and offered their help in any way to help make these meetings successful. Lt. Governor Yakana informed the PSL that his office will coordinate closely with the national government on matters relating to the Tuna Commission meetings and inform the PSL on any assistance they can pro-

HUMOR FISHING: There was a priest that loved to stream fish. One year there was a problem every time he had a chance to go fishing. The weather was bad or it was on Sunday, when he had to work. All year he was unable to go. Finally it was the last week before the streams closed. The weather was bad all week until Sunday, when the weather was great.The priest could not resist, he called a fellow priest claiming to be very sick and asked if he could take over his sermon. The flyfishing priest drove over 200 miles, not wishing to see anyone he knew. An angel seeing the priest playing hooky went to God and said "You're not going to let him get away with this are you?". God agreed he should do something. The first cast the priest made was perfect. The fly floated past a log and a huge mouth gulped the fly down. For 45 minutes the priest ran up and down the stream fighting the mighty fish. At the end he held a 50" world record rainbow trout. Confused the angel asked God, "What are you doing?" God replied "Think about it, who's he going to tell?"

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority FSM National Government P.O. Box PS122 Palikir, Pohnpei 96941

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