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Cathy Gloria Connie Jo Ann Ruth Dave Fadd Thomas Jolene Nancy Robert Daniel Tannus Ronald Theresa Larry Susan Geraldine Carol Carl Eileen Eleanor Mike Gail Hosanna Randall Mary Roy Margaret Richard Karen Toni James Diona Billy louise Ronald Lawrence John William John Phil Rosalie Dianne Lawrence Bernadette Aakre Akin Amato Anderson Anderson Baird Beyrouty Bolf Bordeau Borer Coffey Corum Cox De Vall Ditter Dodge Donaldson Ethen Everett Fisher Flick Flores Gaughen Gloden Grinsell Hamsik Hannan Henderson Hicks Holbolke Jiroch Kaiel Kost Kreipe lang Lang Lassell Lauer Laughlin Lisoski Ludu Mangini Martin Martin Martinez Thomas Mary Mary Thomas Paul George Mary Gene Karen Bruce Joan Genevieve Ronald Margy Herbert Gerald Jacqueline Bernie Eileen Daniel Robert Judy Patricia Gary John Patricia Cheryl William Robert Joan Terry David Michael Carol David Susan Cheryl Pamela Raymond Samuel Frances Mayberry McGee McIntyre McNamee Mikesh Mildenberger Miller Mosbrucker Nagmay Neelands Niehuser Nytes Pfannes Phillips Piekow Rappe Rasmusson Richardson Riggs Ring Schelb Schiffbauer Schukman Schwartzhoff Sherlock Simon Smith Smith Sopke Spinar Stark Stevenson Stolle Thompson Torker Trevor Warmuth Watson Wecker White Yohn


Microsoft Word - 1962Roster.doc

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