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20 Sept 2010

NKSC Rebrand

· NKSC rebranding has been approved and is underway · Vision, Mission, Values & Goals statements · New logos & secondary "marks" · "Spiritwear" at Online Store · Uniform & "Brand" use policies · Website Makeover ·

NKSC Vision

The Future We Seek to Create

North Kitsap Soccer Club's vision is to continually provide an affordable, positive learning environment which produces wellrounded, highly skilled and motivated team players passionate about the sport of soccer.

NKSC Mission

The Purpose of the Club

The mission of North Kitsap Soccer Club is to present the opportunity for area youth to learn the game of soccer, to encourage enthusiasm for the sport through the development of soccer skills, promoting fitness, experiencing the joys of teamwork while instilling sportsmanship through fair play.

NKSC Values

How We Sustain the Club

The core values of North Kitsap Soccer Club are: · Developing a player's passion for the sport through the delivery of quality programming · Emphasizing skill development, positive selfesteem, hard work and commitment, integrity and respect for each other and the game · Cultivating a strong sense of connection to our community

NKSC Goals

How We Achieve Our Mission

· Make soccer an enjoyable experience for all participants · Maximize participation in development programs, particularly those at the younger ages · Increase player development for all regardless of age and skill · Provide ongoing training and development for coaches and referees as a means to further enhance the youth soccer experience · Use these goals to produce as many highly skilled teams and players as possible fully prepared to advance towards their future soccer and life goals

New Logo Introduction

· Multi-dimensional community

­ Acknowledge club legacies ­ Native heritage ­ Local HS mascots ­ Water/marine influence ­ Celestial influence ­ "Story" matches NKSC Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Secondary Marks

Secondary Marks

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear - On Line Store

· Investigating NKHS & KHS stores · Modest profits could fundraise for NKSC scholarships · Goal is for operational store within a few weeks

Brand Use Policies ­ TBD....

· · · · · · Logo use & wear especially on uniforms Program variants or standard cross-club use? Cutover date "Grandfather" period Formal use policy Recommend coordinators poll/meet with NKSC & provide recommendations

Website Makeover

· Major undertaking ­ needs functionality & layout analysis · New capabilities are now available on current Bonzi site · Bring Competitive program to main site · Strike balance between information & resources · Winter project

Logo Comparison How Does It Stack Up?

Boys (Storm) & Girls (Reign) Competitive

Boys (Thunder) & Girls (Lightening) Non-Competitive

NKSC History & Brand Legacy

North Kitsap Soccer Club History & Brand Legacy

HISTORY North Kitsap Soccer Club (NKSC) was established in 1977 as a recreational soccer club serving the needs of youth players ages 6 through 19 within the Northern Kitsap Peninsula area of Puget Sound, Washington. Specifically, North Kitsap has historical, ethnic and geographical ties to Native Americans and the northern Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden. A local town Poulsbo is appropriately nicknamed "Little Norway" due to strong Norwegian heritage and geographical similarities to Scandinavia. The town Kingston remains an important maritime route of travel providing access across Puget Sound to many. The area also has a rich Native American cultural influence. Club colors adopted are royal blue and yellow connecting with the national colors of Sweden. The initial and subsequent club logos also reflected strong Scandinavian ties explicitly using elements such as Viking ships and Viking heads.

On Memorial Day weekend of 1984 the Viking Cup Tournament was inaugurated. Viking Cup continued annually (missing one year in 2009) through 2010 when Viking Cup celebrated its 25th anniversary. The NK competitive program was formed within NKSC in 1998 offering NKSC players access to highly competitive leagues by teams formed through open tryouts. From 1998-2009 NKSC programming consisted of Full Field Recreation (Fall), Small Sided Recreation (Fall) and Competitive (Year round). During this time NKSC logos and markings were not standardized with various official and unofficial ones used. In 2010 programming was modified to place a stronger emphasis on player development especially ages 6 through 13. The Small Sided Program was renamed the Academy to better reflect this change. The Academy took on a larger role encompassing developmental training for players and coaches offering separate programs in the Fall, Spring and Summer. In parallel a rebranding of the club was commissioned in order to standardize markings across the club giving it a more homogeneous look and feel regardless of the team or program.

BRAND LEGACY The new club shield logo was adopted for NKSC-wide use in 2010. Secondary logo variations were created in similar theme and uniform/logo standards adopted. Royal blue and yellow remain the official NKSC colors which have been consistent since the club was established. Slight color variations are used on the primary logo as to better stand out on royal and yellow uniforms. Striking a balance between our heritage and more modern trends, explicit Viking symbology was deemphasized on the logo by using a more subtle and stylistic ship. The ship is representative of our club. Use of the ship retains the maritime traditions of North Kitsap connecting with past club symbology while allowing association of both local high school mascots; Vikings and Buccaneers. The `dark/navy blue' used as background and in the wave of the crest is symbolic of the deep water fiords of the surrounding Puget Sound and similar geography in Scandinavia and the importance of the waterways to the natives. The rising of waves which elevate a starred soccer ball to the heavens to guide the ship is symbolic. The wave represents the wave of development. It carries players and coaches through NKSC programs (starred soccer ball) ultimately providing celestial guidance by charting a firm course for the club (ship). `North Kitsap' is specifically used because it is the name of our club. The element "Est. 1977" is a milestone date showing NKSC longevity and tradition. Finally, "WA" is used to identify the club when teams compete cross state, regionally, nationally or internationally.


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