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HUNTING BALLOTS AND PERMITS FOR 2012 GAME SEASON Applications are invited for balloted and permit hunting for the following properties which the Council administers game bird hunting. All applicants must include payment for a 2012 Whole Season Game Licence. All Cheques should be made out to the Northland Fish & Game Council. Eftpos and visa is available. Hunters who pegged a hunting stand in 2011 may preferably claim the same stand at any time before 10:00 am Sunday 15th April 2012 following the purchase of a 2012 Game Licence and obtaining the appropriate permit. Applications for permits and to enter ballots can be made either by logging onto the Fish & Game website or emailing [email protected] or writing a letter addressed to this office: Northland Fish and Game PO Box 25003 Whangarei Mail Centre Whangarei 0148 All applications for ballots close Friday 30th March 2012 Balloted Blocks

Administrator Place name Location Permit Fee


Jack Bisset Wetland Flaxmill Wetlands Kawakawa Wetlands Borrow Cut Wetland

Whangarei Dargaville Kawakawa Hikurangi

$20.00 $20.00 $6.00 $6.00

Land Corp Farms Te Raite Te Karae Rangiputa Cape Takakuri Mangatoa Houhora Broad wood Karikari Kaeo Kaikohe $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00

Hunters who intend to hunt only Conservation managed lands in both area A and the rest of the region need to contact the Northland Fish and Game Council office to obtain a permit. Hunters who intend to hunt only on Conservation managed lands may contact either the Northland Fish and Game Council office or the Department of Conservation office in Kaitaia to obtain a permit. If requiring a permit to hunt on Landcorp Farm properties or Forestry lands, then you are required to obtain a permit through the office of Northland Fish & Game. The permit is a legal requirement which enables the hunter to carry a firearm and use a dog on those properties. Permits Hunters applying for permits are required to provide full details and remittance for permits issued. The costs associated with the issuing of permits needs to be recovered because the Council is issuing permits on behalf of other agencies. A permit is required for each licence holder and is not issued for a party or any group of hunters. Hunters requiring a permit must provide the following details: Name, Address and phone number/s, Game bird licence number,

Firearms Licence number, Vehicle registration, Dog Registration number Date of Birth. Hunters requiring a permit to take any dog into a hunting area must on application provide the following details of the dog including the: Name of dog or dogs, The breed/s and the tag registration number/s. All permits issued will be accompanied with a full colour topographical map detailing the areas open to hunting. The permit fees associated with hunting in the Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd forests, Northland Forest Managers (Ltd) and in the Matariki Forest at Topuni are to cover all processing fees and colour maps, as well as the extra Public Liability Insurance that is required while hunting in any of these forests. A fee of $6.00 for a permit issued to hunt on Department of Conservation administered lands no matter how many locations as stated below are requested at any one time. Department of Conservation Wairua River Wildlife Management Reserve Manganui River Wildlife Management Reserve Waitangi Wetlands Tokerau Beach Lake Ohia Puwheke Recreation Reserve Rotokawau Lakes Sweetwater Lakes Kaimaumau/East Beach Lake Taeore Onepu Block Te Arai Reserve Te Ramanuka Paxton Point Ahipara Reserve Epikauri Te Paki Reserve Dept. of Conservation Te Paki Farm

Hikurangi Waiotira Kerikeri Cape Karikari Cape Karikari Cape Karikari Cape Karikari Kaitaia Houhora Kaitaia Kaitaia Kaitaia Kaitaia Te Kao Kaitaia Herekino Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

Exotic Pine Forests Juken New Zealand Ltd (Weekends only) Matariki Forests (Weekends only)

Aupouri Forest



Glenbervie Forest Puhipuhi Forest Topuni Forest

Whangarei Whangarei Kaiwaka

$6.00 $6.00 $25.00

Northland Forest Managers (Ltd) (Weekends Only) Various throughout Northland $35.00

All Dogs must be Kiwi Aversion trained and the owner of the dog must be able to present a current Kiwi Aversion Certificate to gain access into any of the forests managed by Northland Forest Managers (Ltd). Hancock Forest Management Various throughout Northland $35.00

All Dogs must be Kiwi Aversion trained and the owner of the dog must be able to present a current Kiwi Aversion Certificate to gain access into any of the forests managed by Hancock Forest Management. Permits will be available throughout the 2012 game season.


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