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Products for the Coatings Industry

Arnette Limited

· Specialty/custom epoxy raw materials

Industrial Copolymers

· PUD's, oxazolidines and curing agents


· · Lupranate® isocyanates Pluracol® polyols

Invista Canada

· · Terathane® polyether polyols for coatings, adhesives, construction products Dytek®, specialty amines, DCH 99

Brilliant Group LLC

· Specialty fluorescent Pigments

JECO Pigment USA

· Organic pigments

Cook Composites and Polymers (CCP)

· · · · Chempol®, Mirasol® Coroc® alkyds, polyesters, acrylics, polyols, epoxy esters for coatings Esi-Cryl® specialty latex emulsions for Graphic Arts (printing inks), and floor care Craymul® specialty latex emulsions for coatings, construction products, adhesives & sealers Reafree® resins for the powder coating industry

Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd.

· Epokukdo® Epoxy resins and curing agents


· · DEE FO®, Agitan® defoamers, rheological HEUR agents. Metolat® wetting agents.

Cray Valley

· Crayvallac micronized waxes & surface modifiers

Plasticolors, Inc.

· UCD®, Chromacure® Colormatch®, Spartacryl PM®, AldeSol®, SynerMix, colorants & dispersions for coatings, urethanes & other systems.


· · Walocel®, cellulosic thickeners, additives for construction products, coatings Walsroder® Nitrocellulose resins for coatings and inks

Sachtleben · Sachtolith®, Sachtoperse®, Lithopone®, micro,

Hombitan®, Hombitec®, specialty zinc sulfide, barium sulfate, titanium dioxide extenders and pigments

Dupont Canada

· · Zonyl® Capstone® fluorosurfactants for floor care, coatings, adhesives, sealants, construction products Zonyl® micronized PTFE powders


· Butvar® PVB resins, Butvar® PVB aqueous dispersions, solusolvTM 2075

Eternal Chemicals

· Etermer, Etercure functional acrylic monomers & oligomers, synergists for UV/EB coatings, inks, composites


· Tarksone® VOC Free, high flash point solvents

Unichem Global Co. Evonik

· · · Degalan® solid methacrylate polymers for coatings, construction products, adhesives Vestowax® Fischer-Tropsch waxes, Polyolefin Polyvest®, Polyoil ­ Polybutadienes/Derivatives · Specialty pigments


· · · · Benzyl alcohol Silanes Solvent Dyes Tung Oil

Huate Group

· BP series of Organoclay Rheological Additives.

Northspec Chemicals Corp. Ph 416-496-0128, Fax: 416-496-0453


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