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Meet our Pediatrician

Susan Averitt, M.D.

Education: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Pediatric Residency: Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Experience: Chief Resident in Pediatrics Independent Practice: Sherwood, Ark.; McAlester, Okla.; Springdale, Ark. (2006 to present) Both at home and in her professional life, Dr. Averitt has dedicated herself to improving the lives of children. Dr. Averitt has three daughters, and her husband is a stay-at-home dad.


Best Start Pediatrics

Meet our Nurse Educator

Kathryn French, R.N.

Education: University of Arkansas Nursing Education: Har-Ber School of Nursing Experience: Willow Creek Labor and Delivery Nurse; Pediatric Nurse with Dr. Averitt since 2006 Kathryn French is a native of Arkansas and has lived in Northwest Arkansas area for more than a decade. She has absolute enthusiasm for the Best Start Pediatric concept and sees parental education as a key component to positive parenting. Kathryn lives in Springdale with her husband and two children.

Best Start Pediatrics

Susan Averitt, M.D. Board-Certified Pediatrician

5501 Willow Creek Drive, Suite 104 Springdale, Arkansas 72762 Phone (479) 575-9359 Fax (479) 575-9415

Best Start Pediatrics



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P.R.E.P. Approach Physician-led pediatric team provides sick and

well care for patients. Dr. Averitt personally delivers all medical care. In addition, Managing Nurse Educator Kathryn French, R.N., screens patients individually at all age-specific stages of development. Regular hearing and vision checks are combined with additional developmental screenings to uncover deficiencies before they might normally become evident. Early detection can greatly improve patient outcomes.

Resources enhance our parents' understanding.

At each visit, valuable information is provided to reinforce key points discussed during the visit. In the clinic, parenting books and other tools provide guidance on childhood illness, wellness, behavior and parenting issues. Soon an interactive website will provide ideas to stimulate child development, strengthen family ties and explain clinical diagnosis ­ a great resource available to you 24/7.

Education for parents and caregivers.

Our dedicated team helps families of infants and children flourish. We want to become active in our patients' lives. "Wellness" is about much more than treating illness. Combining medical treatment and disease prevention with other critical concepts ­ nutrition, behavior, development, safety and early intervention prepares children to be healthier, stronger and more confident as they grow. During a child's first year, Dr. Averitt performs regular well-child checkups and Kathryn French, R.N., leads small-group discussions with "same-age" children and their parents/caregivers. Topics center on American Academy of Pediatrics' "Bright Futures" book. These unique opportunities to learn and share make the most of well-child appointments. Guided group discussions cover age-specific information and build a great support network for families. During the year, invited guest experts and Best Start staff host seminars in the clinic regarding child-safety tips, tasty nutritional hints, developmental stimulation games, suggestions for parenting skills and more.

Best Start Pediatrics cares for children of all ages. We are responsive when illnesses or injuries may happen, and we also invest a significant amount of time and expertise to the overall wellness of children. Strong emphasis is placed on caring for children from birth to age 5. Careful monitoring, special screenings, exceptional education and specialized services are available to families during a child's critical formative years to ensure the best start to living a long life. Parents are continually looking for information and resources when raising families. Our goal is to assist parents in finding the right information, so they can make informed choices and be more confident in their parenting skills.

Implementation of P.R.E.P. Program

Nine years in traditional pediatric clinic settings inspired Susan Averitt, M.D., to create the P.R.E.P. Program, which focuses specifically on children from birth to age 5 to ensure a successful future. P.R.E.P. concentrates on the overall health and schoolreadiness of young children. The program monitors a child's progress at key developmental milestones and can match patients with special services or therapies to address any challenges that may be identified.

Parental involvement ­ an important part of the

child's medical team. P.R.E.P. succeeds when parents and caregivers attend wellness exams, seminars and screenings. Together we make a difference in the lives of our children!



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