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NortoN Q351r/Q351S Precision microfinishing film Products


proprietary New Structure maximizes Cut rate and life

premium, heat-treated aluminum oxide grain, and unique coating and backing technology are specifically designed for precision microfinishing film applications delivering high material removal and exceptional finish.

ImprovEd! NortoN Q351r/Q351S FIlm The new finishing soluTion for polishing precision parTs!



Patent issued for high performance

resin system

Patent pending for new back coat

NortoN Q351r/Q351S


Premium, heat-treated, micron-graded aluminum oxide Patent pending, high-performance, durable, reinforced resin bond system uniform 5 mil polyester film backing with a new patent pending, non-abrasive, slip-resistant back-coat layer

Precision microfinishing film Products


consistent finishes and superior cut rate improved reinforcement and retention of grain for improved cut performance compliant layers improve surface finish extremely durable and tear resistant slip-resistance results in consistent wear and part finish non-abrasive formula reduces tool wear in powertrain applications r backing (rough) for optimal friction; s backing (smooth) for higher concern with wear

Advanced resin adhesive system extensive grit range: 9-80 micron

improved interfacial adhesion between film backing and make coat layer contributes to scratch-free, uniform finishes (as no loose grain to cause random scratches or rolling-indentation defects) comprehensive grit offering for key target microfinishing film applications color coded by grit size for ease of identification


Grit rAnGe/AbrAsive: roll Widths: roll lenGth: leAd-time: bAckinGs:

9-80 micron aluminum oxide 14" and less maximum 900' standard 3-week made-to-order see illustrations at right

Q351S Smooth Back For operations where less gripping is needed, provides less wear of the machine's shoes. BFRPL A/O Grain Patented Size Resin Patented Make Resin Smooth White Back-Coat (patent pending) Q351R Rough Back For operations where higher gripping is needed, providing higher adherence to the machine's shoes. BFRPL A/O Grain Patented Size Resin Patented Make Resin Rough Back-Coat

Additional Shapes Available contact your norton customer service or sales representative for custom requirements.


Automotive Camshaft Polishing

Product: APPlicAtion: results:

roll finishing

Product: APPlicAtion: results:

norton Q351r 20 microns vs. competitive 20 microns film hardened steel camshaft polishing "Q351 provided better finish (30% higher rZ drop) than competitive film, with the same material removal. color backing perceived as an excellent tool to assure proper material is being used"

norton Q351s 15 micron vs. competitive 15 and 9 micron microfinishing film roll finishing "Achieved target finish with a 15 micron product in place of a 2-step 15/9 micron thus eliminating a step and costs in the finishing process. improved current finishing time by 40%"

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