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NORWEGIAN Q&A ­ version 2 September 2010

from Ticketless travel to Amadeus E-ticketing & BSP


The purpose of this document is to answer common questions and guide the travel agents when starting to issue E-tickets (ticket series 328) on DY reservations. We would appreciate if you could also forward this document to your colleagues. The document will be updated continuosly and the latest version can always be found on our agency website; If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact Norwegian via [email protected]


DY ticketless concept can not be mixed with 328 e-ticket in the same PNR.

You must choose either alternative:

DY ticketless

If the element OSI DY /NASROBOT was ever inserted into the PNR, it will be regarded ticketless by DY systems, and DY backoffice will issue ticketless document numbers in the 328-700... series, which will be inserted into the PNR in Amadeus as soon as DY systems consider the PNR complete and ok. DY systems will also issue travel documents and debit any credit card in the FP element etc. Do not issue e-tickets on DY segments in a PNR where OSI DY /NASROBOT is, or have been, inserted! In case this is done, please void the e-tickets immediately to avoid double debiting and other problems. A completely new PNR must be created to start all over without OSI DY /NASROBOT if you want to issue e-tickets.Unfortunately we are unable to meet your request on refunding the ticketless elements in the case of mistake. If you want to change a ticketless reservation, you have to do this in the DY agent portal. If you intend to issue e-ticket on DY segments, follow the normal steps in Amadeus to price the itinerary and issue the tickets. Note that DY does provide separate fares for each segment, and all combinations of farea components are allowed for creation of roundtrip and one way tickets, including transfer. Do not insert the element OSI DY /NASROBOT in a PNR where you intend to issue etickets on DY segments! Limitations: · · E-ticketing of group PNRs is currently not allowed. Name change after ticket issuance is currently not allowed. Conjunction tickets are not supported (i.e. you may have a maximum of 4 flight coupons on one ticket). Open jaws are currently not permitted on the same ticket, i.e. you must in this case issue separate tickets.

DY e-ticket

· ·

If you want to change a eticket reservation, you have to do this directly in Amadeus. Do not use the DY agent portal, which only supports ticketless travel.


Norwegian is already in the Amadeus GDS, what is new?


Norwegian has been available in Amadeus as a ticketless carrier until now. This change means that agencies can now sell Norwegian through Amadeus, issue electronic tickets and report through BSP. It will be possible for an agency to continue with tickeless booking or sell through Amadeus eticketing and BSP. Please note: DY e-ticket (document on 328 series) can not be mixed with ticketless DY segments in the same PNR.

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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Will the travel agency have to choose between e-ticket/BSP and DY ticketless product?

No, the agency can choose to use both, but not mix ticketless and e-ticketed DY flights in the same PNR. (It is possible to book Norwegian ticketless and e-ticket from the same OfficeID, but not in the same PNR.) · To make a PNR ticketless (for all DY flights in the PNR), enter the element OSI DY /NASROBOT. · To issue e-ticket, use standard Amadeus entries for pricing and ticketing on DY as validating carrier.

Will the travel agency have to choose between booking in Amadeus or through the Norwegian portals? Will DY issue travel documents for eticket similarly to ticketless?

No, this will be unchanged, and the agent might use both. However, any booking made through the DY portals will remain ticketless and cannot be changed to e-ticket at a later time. No, for bookings with ETKT, the travel agent is responsible for issuance of travel documents (itinerary/ETKT receipt) from Amadeus. DY will not send travel documents to email addresses registered in the PNR. Yes, DY issues the same SMS to travellers independent of ticketing method. (As of today, the SMS service is only rolled out for Norwegian phone numbers.) The SMS is issued 2 hours prior to scheduled departure and includes a link to a "mobile ticket" including a barcode that may be used for check-in and boarding, including check-in at the self service kiosks. In order to ensure that your customer will receive this SMS, please insert the APM+47... element with the phone number.

Will DY issue any SMS or "mobile ticket"?

Will DY send irregularity SMS messages to customer with e-ticket Ticketing rules low fare Ticketing rules Full Flex ATC (Automatic Ticket Changer) Limitation with regards to support of e-tickets from DY offices (ATO/CTO)

Yes, the SMS solution for irregularity does not filter on ticketing method. Same day ticketing will apply for low fare tickets. Manual overruling of TST may result in an ADM Full flex ticket must be ticketed before departure. We will enable travel agencies to use this automated Amadeus product to exchange and re-issue tickets. Norwegian offices will NOT have access to e-ticketing initially. The major impact of this is that Norwegian will not be able to fully handle (change, reissue, refund etc.) e-tickets issued by agents at DY airport offices. Customers will have to contact their travel agency to help them, or we will authorize full refund and sell a new ticketless reservation through our web portals.

What happens if the customer wants to change to an earlier flight at the gate?

If they have a Full Flex ticket, the gate agent will be able to move the customer to another flight directly in the Departure Control System. As per procedures today, low fare customers will be asked to contact the ticket office or their travel agent for a new ticket. All ticketless bookings must be handled as such until they have passed flown date and finally purged. If an agency tries to issue an e-ticket, they will receive a warning, and should void the e-ticket immediately to avoid being charged twice. The agency is not allowed to cancel the FA element in a booking, and since this is mandatory in order to restore the booking to its original "ticketless ok" status, they will have to contact Norwegian agent support for assistance after voiding (or refunding) the e-ticket.

What will happen to the old ticketless bookings?

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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Validation and feedback from DY systems ­ warnings and error messages.

DY systems will still perform validation of each booking made with any DY flight segment. Different validation rules apply for ticketless and e-ticket bookings, and we will generally insert feedback messages in to SSR OTHS DY /STATUS elements in the PNR. Please see below appendix for further details! The Norwegian website applies one-way pricing and different currency calculation to Amadeus, and fares may therefore differ. E-ticket: Amadeus is the valid and final pricing for an e-ticket, and will not be changed by any ticketless procedure in Norwegian. A GDS surcharge is added to the Amadeus booking Ticketless: Whenever a booking is made ticketless in Amadeus, DY backoffice will still be the pricing system (i.e. overriding Amadeus fare quotes) and will insert a total price quote for all pax and DY segments in the PNR. Amadeus fare quote can only be used as indicative pricing.

Will there still be fare discrepancies between Amadeus and the Norwegian website?

Can an agent change/modify bookings in Amadeus?

Yes, provided the ticketless element OSI DY /NASROBOT has not been insert and e-tkt is used, the agent can change the reservation and ticket in Amadeus, and will no longer have to use the Norwegian Agency portal in order to manage their bookings and changes/cancellations/refunds. For DY Ticketless bookings, you will still have to use the DY agent portal. NOTE that you cannot change ETKT bookings in the agent portal and vice versa. Amadeus E-ticket Ticketless YES NO DY agent portal NO YES

For ETKT, DY permits revalidation and reissue. If the customer is already checked in (e-ticket coupon status is A for airport control) when they wish to make the change, the travel agency must contact Norwegian agent support to reopen the flight coupon before the change is made. All changes are subject to fees as per fare rules, and the change fee is calculated per flight segment and per passager. When not using ATC, please note that the fee should be issued on a separate vMCO document in Amadeus.

Currency/country: Change fee per segment Norway ­ Sweden ­ Denmark ­ Finland ­ SEK DKK EUR NOK 250,300:250,31,-

Please note: If an agent has made a ticketless booking in Amadeus, the change must be made in the Norwegian agent portal as before. E-ticket and ticketless transactions (i.e. the OSI DY /NASROBOT element) cannot be mixed in the same PNR. Will the agencies be able to revalidate an e-ticket? Yes, e.g. if the customer wants to change date on a Full Flex reservation, a reissue is not required, and the agent can revalidate the existing e-ticket (update existing coupon).

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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Name change


Name change after e-ticket issuance in Amadeus will not be permitted/possible. · For a flexible fare, refund the ticket and issue a new one. · For a restrictive ticket please contact Norwegian agent support.


The agencies will be able to refund tickets directly in Amadeus according to fare rules. Any other refund applications will be made directly in BSP link. No additional charge is levied on refunds. Refund against the fare rules by an agency will lead to DY issuing ADM with penalty added to the original ticket price. For refund of ticketless bookings the agencies will still have to contact Norwegian.


The GDS surcharge is still applied. Norwegian will continue to bundle the GDS fee together with seats and bags until a better and more cost effective solution is available in Amadeus. (Continues on next page.)

Currency/country: Full flex Low fare

Norway ­ Sweden ­ Denmark ­ Finland ­ NOK SEK DKK EUR 40,75,45:85:35,65,5,10,-


Norwegian allows a maximum of four coupons on one ticket We will offer onlining in Amadeus by allowing combination of fares (end on end combinability), e.g. any BGO-OSL return can be combined with any OSL-PAR return. There is no need to insert the element SSR OTHS DY LUGGAGE THRUCHECK

Conjunction tickets Open jaw Surface Groups Will Norwegian be available in other GDS systems? Online booking tools like AeTM

Norwegian does not support conjunction tickets Norwegian does not support open jaw. In the event of an open jaw itinerary, separate tickets must be issued for each sector. Norwegian will not allow surface segment on 328 documents. In case of surface segments separate tickets must be issued. Groups will not be eligible for e-ticketing to start with. We expect to offer group ticketing later this year. For the moment Norwegian is available in Amadeus for eticketing and offer ticketless sales through Travelport via our API. Norwegian has communicated the planned launch to all major Corporate booking tools and the booking tools can choose either the BSP/e-ticket solution or ticketless. There will be no changes to the Norwegian API service, which will still only support ticketless bookings. Denmark and Finland were successfully launched on the 9 of September 2010. We will activate e-ticket for Sweden and th Norway on the evening of 30 September 2010 with effective sales immediately. Initially, the Nordic Countries followed by UK and Germany. We expect several countries to follow later. The entire DY flight schedule will be eligible for issue of etickets.


NAPI When will the solution be fully implemented?

Which countries will be included in the BSP ticketing solution?

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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How will BSP be activated for the travel agencies?


All the agencies will be given ticketing authority in the relevant market by using standard BSP procedures for a carrier to open up a new BSP market.

Will there be discrepancies for different markets in Amadeus during the launch of e-ticketing?

Yes. As e-ticketing is being introduced market by market but the e-ticket indicator is visible in all markets.. It will be possible to fare quote a combination of fares in Amadeus, but e-ticketing will only be allowed in the activated markets. All fare rules will also reflect the conditions for e-ticketing and we will only refer to our website for ticketless travel. Amadeus Automatic Ticket Changer (ATC) will be available for all agents who use the product, (subject to the agent's agreement with Amadeus) as soon as e-ticket is made available in the market. Our AIS pages have been modified to reflect e-ticketing conditions and will refer to our website for information regarding ticketless travel.

GGAIR pages

GGAIRDY have been updated prior to launch and will be the primary source of information for Amadeus specific details. GGPCA and HEETTDY have also been updated accordingly.

Travel Accounts/Reisekonto/Lodge card

The major Travel Accounts/Reisekonto/Lodge cards will be supported for e-ticket/BSP. Norwegian accepts the following credit cards: VI,CA,AX,DC,EC TP (AirPlus) will be implemented in the Nordic markets on the th 15 October 2010.

Air Plus (TP)

AirPlus/UATP will be supported (as of 15 October 2010) for BSP transactions, but not accepted for payment on the web portals. We will continue to send SIR, but for ticketless transactions only. We will however discontinue sending the SIR as of 1 January 2011 altogether. We recommend AIR instead. We will continue to send both the NAC and the Sales reports, but for ticketless transactions only. We will however discontinue sending the NAC as of 1 January 2011 altogether. We recommend the Sales report instead.




Will the corporate fares be loaded in Amadeus without an M tag?

Norwegian has been loading the ticketless fares in Amadeus using the Amadeus product Dynamic Fares.This product produces a tag M in the TST of the ticket which is not acceptable for a travel agent. We are therefore migrating all our corporate contracts into the ATPCo CAT25 structure. It is our ambition to have all the corporate contracts available st by the 1 October, but ask for ask for your understanding should there be small delays. Important: Even though the element OSI DY NCA <AGREEMENT> is not needed to get the agreement price from Amadeus, it is important to insert the element in the PNR. This is necessary in order to ensure earning of corporate reward for eligible agreements, follow up the volumes with the customer as well as allow DY systems to recognise any specific agreements on ticketing

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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If I want to sell corporate fares in Amadeus instead of the agent portal do I need to inform Norwegian?


Yes, we need your office IDs, or if you are a travel agency chain, your wildcard/corporation for any new contract to be filed. It is our policy to distribute corporate fares to the entire travel agency chain in a country, for example BE 2 NO - all of BergHansen in Norway.

Will there be a surcharge applied to corporate fares in Amadeus?

Yes, the same surcharge as for public fares in Amadeus will apply.

More info ­ scroll down!

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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Appendix 1 ­ Queuing and feedback/error messages from DY

The following is an overview of new feedback messages provided by DY systems after validation of any PNR containing one or more DY flight segments. Re-validation is performed each time a change is applied to the PNR (at End Transaction in Amadeus) given that the change includes any elements sent to DY from Amadeus (i.e. DY flight segments, pax names or OSI/SSR elements with DY or YY code). If you want to enforce a re-validation by DY systems, please insert OSI DY /VALIDATE and End Transact in Amadeus. Then use the IR entry after a few seconds to see the respons from DY systems. DY systems will also queue place PNRs to the responsible agent as well as to internal DY queues for followup in case of some error situations. These situations are also marked in the table below.




There are DY segments in the PNR which are not yet ticketed in any way. This means OSI DY /NASROBOT was not inserted to make DY segments ticketless in this PNR, and no ETKT issued in Amadeus (i.e. FA or FHE elements) are found with association to the DY segments. You must either make the DY segments ticketless (by inserting OSI DY /NASROBOT) or issue ETKT within the ticketing limit defined by the fare rules. DY will also queue the PNR to Queue 1 Category 6 to the responsible agent.


Both ETKT elements associated to DY segments and the OSI DY /NASROBOT element are found in the PNR. This might lead to double debiting of the customer and must be avoided. If you get this error message, the ETKT was issued after the OSI DY /NASROBOT was inserted, and the ticketless DY segments are not yet debited. In this case, please void the ETKT immediately. If you still want to issue ETKT rather than keep the ticketless reservation, you must cancel the itinerary and book a new PNR. Both ETKT elements associated to DY segments and the OSI DY /NASROBOT element are found in the PNR. This might lead to double debiting of the customer and must be avoided. If you get this error message, the ETKT was issued after the OSI DY /NASROBOT was inserted, and the ticketless DY segments are already debited. In this case, please void the ETKT immediately to avoid being billed twice! In this case, the ticketless DY segments will remain, and DY systems should now revalidate the PNR as OK. (If, for some reason, this is not acceptable to you, please contact DY agent support.)



Both ETKT elements associated to DY segments and the OSI DY /NASROBOT element are found in the PNR. This might lead to double debiting of the customer and must be avoided. If you get this error message, the ETKT was issued before the OSI DY /NASROBOT was inserted, and DY systems will not make the DY segments ticketless. In this case, please remove OSI DY /NASROBOT from the PNR. DY systems should now revalidate the PNR as OK and insert a new message about this.

GENERAL COMMENT ABOUT MIX OF E-TICKET AND DY TICKETLESS FULLFILMENT METHOD: If you are not able to "clean up" the PNR and receive a OK message from DY systems, the general recommendation is to cancel/void and start all over in a new PNR. If any DY segments are already debited, or if you have other airlines in the same PNR, please contact DY agent support for help!

Thursday, 27 September 2010

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