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Founded 1932

75th Anniversary Weekend



(Held under Kennel Club Rules & Regulations)



Show Opens 9:30 a.m. Judging: 10:30 a.m.

SHOW MANAGER: Mr. Barry Day RING STEWARDS: Mr. Peter & Mrs. Jan Baxter, Mr. Preston & Miss Avis Haffenden Vet. Surgeon on call:

Vets Now, c/o PDSA PetAid Hospital, 34 Barker's Butts Lane, Coundon, Coventry, CV6 1DT. Tel: 024 7659 5354. Guarantors to the Kennel Club: Mr. B. Day (Chairman) East Dean, Old Damson Lane, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 9ED Mrs. B. Watkins (Secretary) 59 Warren Drive, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4QZ (01708 473897) Mr. P. Hulance (Treasurer), 23 Damson Trees, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, SN6 8BB Mrs. J. Stevenson, Mount Pleasant, Hose, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE14 4JX Mrs. A.P. Wilson, 14 Hillcrest View, Denholme, Bradford, BD13 4JG Mrs. E. Needham, Heath Farmhouse, Heath Road, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 2UJ.

ENTRIES CLOSE: FRIDAY 10th AUGUST 2007 (first class postmark)

No entries will be accepted after Tuesday 14th August 2007 Entries & Fees to Secretary: Mrs. B. Watkins 59 Warren Drive, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4QZ Tel: 01708 473897


President: Miss T. Bentley Vice Presidents: Hon. Secretary: Hon. Treasurer: Cup Steward: Committee: Mrs. L.A. Crawley, Mr. P. Bakewell, Mr. R. Thomas, Mr. R. Smith, Mr. B. Nicolls, Mrs. E. Nicolls, Mrs. R.E. Corkhill Mrs. B. Watkins 59 Warren Drive, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4QZ (Tel: 01708 473897) Mr. P. Hulance, 23 Damson Trees, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire, SN6 8BB Mrs. P. Wilson Mr. B. Day (Chairman), Mrs. R.E. Corkhill, Mr. G. Mason, Mrs. E. Needham, Mrs. J. Stevenson, Mrs. P. Wilson

MEMBERSHIP: New members are always welcome. Membership application forms are available from the secretary or can be downloaded from the Norwich Terrier Club Website To qualify for the members entry fees new members must apply and be approved prior to the entries close date . Entry Fees: First Class per Dog each Subsequent Class Not For Competition (all) Members Non-Members £15.00 £20.00 £5.00 £5.00 £2:00 per Dog (these will not appear in the catalogue)

This show is sponsored by

who are kindly donating Prizes of 8kg bag of product for: BEST IN SHOW. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, BEST PUPPY IN SHOW & BEST VETERAN IN SHOW also 2kg bag of product for: EACH CLASS WINNER RESERVE DOG CC RESERVE BITCH CC

Prize Money:

1st £5,

2nd £4,

3rd £3,

Res. £2,

VHC £1

The Norwich Terrier Club offer the following rosettes: 1st to VHC in each class CC and Reserve CC winners, Best Puppy in Sex, Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Best Opposite Sex Puppy, Best Veteran . Prize cards: 1st to VHC in each class SPECIALS: There are special prizes on offer for every class. SPECIAL MEMENTO FOR EVERY EXHIBITOR Donations and offers of prizes will be gratefully received and acknowledged in the catalogue if made prior to entries closing. Please contact Beverley Watkins.


Special Commemorative Catalogue

A 3 generation pedigree of dogs entered (excluding those Not For Competition) will be printed in the catalogue, which will not only make it memorable, but a mine of information. We hope that everyone will co-operate in submitting these details for each dog they enter. This can be done on the form included, blank paper, or any other available printed format. Electronic copy is not an option for pedigrees. Litter mates and repeat matings need not be written out each time - just be clear in so indicating. Please note and be assured that this information is held strictly under the terms of the Data Protection Act, and is only used for the purpose it was supplied - the Show catalogue - and will not be used or released in any way or form to any other party at any time. Your co-operation in providing the pedigree information is much appreciated.

Kennel Review

You are also invited to take this opportunity to advertise in the catalogue. Cost: - £12.00 per page Advertisements will be in full colour - and this can be text as well as the photograph(s). Page size is A5 (148 x 210mm) with a minimum margin of 10mm all round. You may take more than one page - for example you may wish to take 2 facing pages. Copy may be submitted in: written format giving an indication of the layout you visualise. Please make sure it is legible, and indicate any font and colour preferences for the text! Photographs may be submitted in hard print - they will be returned. Send to the Sec. Mrs. B. Watkins 59 Warren Drive, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4QZ electronic format Plain text, Microsoft Word, Publisher and Powerpoint are all acceptable. PDF is also an option, but please ensure this is a print quality file. Please ensure you also submit photographs and graphics as separate graphic files. These can be in any format - jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx etc. Digital photos must be sent as electronic files, hard print is NOT acceptable. Send to: [email protected] Please put Norwich Terrier in the subject line of the message.


There will be a stall covering items of interest to Norwich Terrier owners and enthusiasts. Many items for sale including Key Rings, Models, Notelets etc etc Other trade stands who will be present are: Aspects - Exclusive Canine Giftware Pippa Thew - Canine Art Patsi Ann - Canine Sculptures Gia - Canine Ceramic Models The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain stand will also be present.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION for exhibitors from abroad

· All dogs entering Britain without going into quarantine MUST have a valid Pet Passport and can enter the country only at certain ports and airports. Information: DEFRA website email: [email protected] PETS helpline tel +44 (0)870 241 1710, fax +44 (0)20 7904 6206 Get all the necessary vaccinations and bloodtests done in time - no dog can enter Britain until 6 months after the rabies bloodtest. · Before you can enter your dogs at a UK show you must apply to The Kennel Club for an ATC (Authority To Compete) number for each dog - look on the KC website, go to `Registration Forms' and download `Form 14' and follow the instructions. You can also call The Kennel Club for help on +44 (0)870 606 6750. When choosing which class to compete in, remember that any certificates or points which count towards a champion title mean that the dog can compete only in: Minor Puppy (if under 9 months) Puppy (if under 12 months), Junior (under 18 months), Yearling (12 to 24 months) Limit (please read definition carefully), Open Special Open Bred by Exhibitor or Veteran (if over 7 years old). Champions over 24 months and under 7 years can compete only in the Open classes. · · · NO PUPPIES UNDER 6 MONTHS CAN COMPETE OR ATTEND. Bring a cage and a trimming table ENTRY FEES payment can only be made as cheques in UK Pounds Sterling, drawn on UK bank accounts. All others will be returned. If you wish to pay direct to the Norwich Terrier Club Bank Account please apply to the secretary for our IBAN number. Please note: if using this method of paying you MUST ensure it is in our bank account by Tuesday 31st July. Your entry can be forwarded in the normal way. If your payment is not showing on our bank statement dated 14th August your entry will be returned. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ENTRY - please supply an e-mail address to which we can send confirmation of receipt of entry.



Don't forget to make your Dinner bookings through the Club Secretary by 22nd August 2007. Hotel bookings must be direct with the Royal Court Hotel.




Kennel Club Challenge Certificate - Dog Kennel Club Challenge Certificate - Bitch

DOG Classes 1 Minor Puppy Dog 2 Puppy Dog 3 Junior Dog 4 Yearling Dog 5 Special Beginners Dog 6 Novice Dog 7 Post Graduate Dog 8 Limit Dog 9 Open Dog 10 Special Open Bred by Exhibitor Dog 11 Veteran Dog Class 23 24

BITCH Classes 12 Minor Puppy Bitch 13 Puppy Bitch 14 Junior Bitch 15 Yearling Bitch 16 Special Beginners Bitch 17 Novice Bitch 18 Post Graduate Bitch 19 Limit Bitch 20 Open Bitch 21 Special Open Bred by Exhibitor Bitch 22 Veteran Bitch

Brace Special Progeny


A dog crazy child and teenager Liz grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her father had Boxers and Dobermanns and trained dogs for obedience as well as showing them. At the age of 12 Liz had saved up enough money to buy a Pembroke Corgi puppy and she has remained faithful to Corgis ever since. In 1967 she moved to England to join the editorial staff of Dog World; she married Joe Cartledge and went to live at his Ryslip Kennels in Binfield, Berks, in 1971. Joe was a real terrier man and Liz thought she too had better get "terrier minded". One of the wedding presents was a Norfolk, registered Nanfan Wedding Present, bred of course by the late and great Joy Taylor, and so started a long and happy association with this breed. Persuaded to show "Knickers" (Sylvia Way of Wemcroft fame was to blame for suggesting this name!) She became a Champion and she in turn produced some very good Norfolks, Liz blending Nanfan with Ragus bloodlines (not the done thing in those days!) By this time Liz had started judging quite a bit, accompanying Joe on his trips and was also getting involved with canine committee work plus, of course, learning the livestock export side of the business. So breeding decreased gradually, something Liz regrets to this day. Wedding Present, R. Lovebug, R. Lucy Lastic, Ickworth Kythe of Ryslip, R. Mixed Blessings and R. Here Comes Trouble all gained their English champion titles. Sadly Joe died in 1982 but Liz is still at Ryslip Kennels and with Jane Miller of Brio Scottish Terrier fame plus two young Cartledges, John and Clement, run the business which has expanded over the years. An international judge, travelling to all corners of the world, Liz is passed to award CCs in approx 90 breeds, all groups (except Gundogs) and best in show at Ch. Show level. In 1997 she judged the terrier group at Crufts and in 2003 BIS at the National Terrier. In 1999 Liz had the pleasure of judging Best in Show at Crufts. As far as Norwich Terriers are concerned Liz first awarded CCs in 1981, has judged the breed on numerous occasions and in 1997 judged the Norwich Terrier Club Championship Show. The Norfolk/ Norwich weekend in September promises to be something extra special and Liz feels honoured and privileged to have been chosen to be one of the two judges at this unique event. Liz is a long standing member of the LKA; Vice Chairman Windsor Dog Show Society; Hon Secretary Junior Handling Association, member of Crufts and judges sub committee. 5


In the following Definitions, a Challenge Certificate includes any Show award that counts towards the title of Champion under the rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club. Show awards issued by the Irish Kennel Club which count towards the title of Champion, shall be five point Green Stars or more. Wins at Championship Shows in breed classes where Challenge Certificates are not on offer shall be counted as wins at Open Shows. In the case of a dog owned in partnership and entered in Members' classes or competing for Members' Specials each partner must at the time of entry be a member of the Society. In estimating the number of awards won, all wins up to and including the seventh day before the date of closing of entries shall be counted when entering for any class i.e. 4th August 2007. Wins in Variety classes do not count for entry in Breed classes but when entering in Variety classes, wins in both Breed and Variety classes must be counted. A first prize does not include a Special Prize of whatever value. If an exhibitor reports before the judging of a class or classes that a dog has been entered which is ineligible, the exhibitor may choose one of the following options:(1) Withdrawal The dog may be withdrawn from competition subject to the conditions of Regulations 9(j) and 20. (2) Transfer a) If a dog is ineligible for a class or classes as regards its colour, sex, weight or height the Show Secretary shall transfer it to the equivalent class or classes for the correct colour, sex, weight or height and, in the event of their being no equivalent class, Minor Puppy and Puppy excepted to the Open class for the correct colour, sex, weight or height. b) For an exhibit entered incorrectly in a Minor Puppy Class, Puppy Class or Junior Class, which is over age but under twelve calendar months of age, eighteen calendar months of age or 24 calendar months of age respectively, the Show Secretary shall transfer the exhibit to the Puppy Class, Junior Class or Yearling Class respectively for the correct colour, sex, weight or height and in the event of their being no Puppy, Junior or Yearling Class to the Open Class for the correct colour, sex, weight or height. For any reason other than the above, the Show Secretary shall transfer It to the Open Class for the correct colour, sex, weight or height. If an exhibit arrives late and misses a class, even if it is the only class in which the dog is entered, the dog may not be transferred to any other class.

c) d)

MINOR PUPPY For dogs of six and not exceeding nine calendar months of age on the first day of the Show. PUPPY For dogs of six and not exceeding twelve calendar months of age on the first day of the Show. JUNIOR For dogs of six and not exceeding eighteen calendar months of age on the first day of the Show. YEARLING For dogs of twelve and not exceeding twenty four calendar months of age on the first day of the Show. SPECIAL For owner, handler and exhibit not having won a Challenge Certificate or any award BEGINNERS which counts towards the title of Champion in any country in this breed. NOVICE For dogs which have not won a Challenge Certificate or three or more First Prizes at Open and Championship Shows (Minor Puppy, Special Minor Puppy, Puppy and Special Puppy classes excepted, whether restricted or not). POST For dogs which have not won a Challenge Certificate or five or more First Prizes at GRADUATE Championship Shows in Post Graduate, Minor Limit, Mid Limit, Limit and Open classes, whether restricted or not. LIMIT For dogs which have not won three Challenge Certificates under three different judges or seven or more First Prizes in all, at Championship Shows in Limit and Open classes, confined to the breed, whether restricted or not, at Shows where Challenge Certificates were offered for the breed. OPEN For all dogs of the breed for which the class is provided and eligible for entry at the Show. SPECIAL OPEN BRED BY EXHIBITOR For all dogs elibible for the show that are bred by the exhibitor. VETERAN For dogs of not less than seven years of age on the first day of the Show. BRACE For two exhibits (either sex or mixed) of one breed belonging to the same exhibitor, each exhibit having been entered in some class other than Brace or Team. SPECIAL For a dog or bitch, accompanied by a minimum of two and a maximum of five of its PROGENY registered progeny. The dog or bitch not necessarily entered in another class however, all progeny having been entered and exhibited in another class. The dog or bitch and the progeny need not be registered in the same ownership.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.



14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

RULES AND REGULATIONS The Show will open at 9.30 a.m. Dogs will be received at any time but it is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure that exhibits are available for judging when required. Judging will commence at 10.30 am. Exhibits may be removed from the Show after their judging has been completed. The Show will close half an hour after all judging has been completed. The use of cooking stoves in the proximity of the tenting and benching areas is forbidden except as authorised by the Show Management. ENTRY FEES: Members £15.00 per dog first class, £5 each subsequent class, Non-Members £20.00 per dog first class, £5 each subsequent class, Not For Competition£2:00 per Dog. Prize money: 1st £5, 2nd £4, 3rd £3, Res £2, VHC £1. Specials as printed in the catalogue. The Committee reserves to itself the right to refuse entries. Puppies under six calendar months of age on the day of the Show are not eligible for exhibition. The mating of bitches within the precincts of the Show is forbidden. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Where a Best Puppy in Show competition is scheduled the Best Puppy in Show is a puppy which has competed and is unbeaten by any other puppy exhibited at the same Show. A puppy is a dog of six and not exceeding twelve calendar months of age on the day of the Show. Where the Best of Breed, or Best in Show is a puppy it will automatically be Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Show respectively. Similarly, if the Reserve Best of Breed or Reserve Best in Show is a puppy which has only been beaten by an adult dog it will also automatically be Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Show respectively. Consequently, selection of Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Show must follow the selection of Best of Breed and Best in Show respectively. Best Puppy in Show must be selected from puppies which have been judged and which are unbeaten by any other puppy. Withdrawal from Competition Puppies which become eligible for Best Puppy in Show may be withdrawn from all other competition, other than Breed classes, prior to the competition for Best Puppy in Show in order to remain unbeaten. A puppy beaten in competition for Best Puppy in Show may subsequently be exhibited in all competition for which it was previously eligible. The dog declared Best Puppy in Show, however, must not compete in any subsequent competition. Proviso For the purpose of this Regulation, dogs beaten in competition for Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Progeny, Brace and Team or a Special Award confined to one breed will not be considered to be a beaten dog. BEST IN SHOW The dog declared Best in Show is a dog which has competed and is unbeaten by any other dog exhibited at the same Show. Best In Show must be selected from the exhibits declared Best of Sex providing they are unbeaten winning dogs. Reserve Best in Show must be selected from the Best Opposite Sex and the Reserve Best of Sex to the exhibit declared Best In Show. The dogs declared Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show must not compete in any subsequent competition. Withdrawal from Competition Dogs which become eligible for Best in Show may be withdrawn from all other competition, other than breed classes prior to the competition for Best in Show as appropriate in order to remain unbeaten. A dog beaten in competition for Best in Show may subsequently be exhibited in all competition for which it was previously eligible. The dogs declared Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show however, must not compete in any subsequent competition. Proviso. For the purposes of this Regulation, dogs beaten in competition for Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Progeny, Brace and Team or a Special Award confined to a single breed, will not be considered to be beaten dogs. Exhibits will not be admitted to Best In Show competition after a period often minutes has elapsed since the announcement that exhibits are required for judging, unless they have been unavoidably delayed by previous judging not being completed on time, and then only with the special permission of the Show Management. No modifications will be made to this Schedule except by permission of the General Committee of the Kennel Club, which will be followed by advertisement in the Canine Press wherever possible. All exhibitors must be familiar with Kennel Club Regulation F (Annex B) - Regulations for the Preparation of Dogs for Exhibition. All dogs resident outside the UK must be issued with a Kennel club Authority to compete number before entry to the show can be made. All overseas entries without an Authority to compete number will be returned to the exhibitor. No Exhibitors' Passes will be sent. Exhibitors wishing entries to be acknowledged must send a stamped addressed postcard. DOGS IN CARS -- REMEDIAL action will be taken in the event of dogs left in cars being found in a distressed condition. Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show will be judged after Class 24.


20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Exercising of dogs must be confined to the designated area and any mess must be cleared away immediately by the dog's owner/handler. Dogs must not be exercised in any other area within the hall: any mess or puddles must be wiped up immediately. No dogs are allowed in the kitchen or the toilets. Any preparation of dogs, which is necessary, must take place in the appointed area. The Committee of the Norwich Terrier Club shall not be responsible for exhibitors missing their classes. Dogs other than those entered for competition or `Not For Competition' will not be admitted into the Show.

TRADE STANDS The Committee can accept no responsibility for products advertised or sold by stand holders at the Show and wish to remind exhibitors that grooming products on sale may not meet the requirements of the Regulations for the Preparation of Dogs for Exhibition. EXERCISE AREA An Exercise Area will be provided. Exhibitors/Handlers are required to clear up any fouling by the dog(s) in their charge.


1 These Regulations must be observed when a dog is prepared for exhibition and/or exhibited at any Kennel Club Licensed event. Objections may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under these Show Regulations and/or for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rule A 42. (a) A dog found to have been exhibited in breach of these Regulations will automatically be disqualified from exhibition at the show and from any award gained there at. (b) Unless the exhibitor provides a satisfactory explanation for the dog being exhibited in breach of these Regulations then he/she may be subject to further penalties of either a fine or as listed under Rule A42. (a) No substance which alters the natural colour, texture or body of the coat may be present in the dog's coat for any purpose at any time during the show. No substance which alters the natural colour of any external part of the dog may be present on the dog for any purpose at any time during the show. (b) Any other substance (other than water) which may be used in the preparation of a dog for exhibition must not be allowed to remain in the coat or on any other part of the dog at the time of exhibition. No act or operation which alters the natural conformation of a dog or any part thereof may be performed except:(a) Operations certified to the satisfaction of the General Committee. (b) The removal of dewclaws, of any breed (c) The shortening of tails of customarily docked breeds but only up to an acceptable age limit which shall be prescribed from time to time.. (d) Operations to prevent breeding provided that such operations are notified to the Kennel Club before neutered dogs are shown Nor must anything be done calculated to in the opinion of the General Committee to deceive. The General Committee without previous notice may order an examination of any dog or dogs at any Show. Any examination thus ordered will be made by a person having executive authority who shall have a written directive from the Kennel Club in their possession. Samples may be taken for further examination and analysis. An individual has the right to lodge an objection to a dog only if he/she is the owner or handler of a dog competing in the same breed or class. An objection may however, be lodged by an official of the Show or by anyone so deputed by the Kennel Club. It will be the responsibility of the individual who lodges the objection or the official (as appropriate), to substantiate the grounds for the objection. The Kennel Club will substantiate the grounds for an objection made on its behalf. Any objection by an individual related to an infringement of these Regulation must be made in writing to the Show Secretary at his/her office before the close of the Show and the individual must produce evidence of identity at the time of lodging the complaint.






THERE IS TO BE NO SMOKING ANYWHERE IN THE SHOW VENUE DOGS MUST NOT BE LEFT IN CARS: they can be brought into the venue and entered Not For Competition, please see the secretary on the day.


The Royal Court Hotel Tamworth Road, Keresley, near Coventry, Warwickshlre CV7 8JG Telephone: 02476 334171 Fax: 02476 333478 From outside Britain: Telephone: +44 2476 334171 Fax: +44 2476 333478 The Royal Court Hotel is a 211-bedroom property with the setting of a country house in 11 acres of landscaped gardens and parkland, approximately 3 miles from Coventry city centre. The original manor house, built in 1894 by the car manufacturer William Hillman, has been added to over the past century to become the largest hotel in Coventry. The Carvery Restaurant is popular with locals and visitors alike, and the adjacent Balmoral Bar offers an easy environment overlooking the grounds. The Leisure Club is equipped with an 18 metre indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, hair & beauty salon, and large multi purpose gym. The Royal Court is ideally located in the centre of the country, easy to travel to with major road and rail connections on the doorstep and Birmingham International Airport just 10 miles away. The Birmingham NEC, Warwick Castle and Stratford-on-Avon are also within easy reach. The hotel is dog friendly and several dog clubs hold their special events there. It is the responsibility of each guest with dogs to make sure that no dog mess, hair, dog food or any other traces are left behind in rooms or gardens. The show will be held in the spacious Britannia Suite with large rings, ample seating for all spectators and space for cages and grooming tables, as well as several stands, including the club stand. ROOM PRICES - especially for the anniversary weekend: £85.00 double room, £70.00 single room, including breakfast but not dinner. When booking quote `Norfolk and Norwich Terrier Club Special Event September 22-23, 2007' to get the special discounted rate. All hotel bookings are made individually, not through the clubs CELEBRATION DINNER -- Saturday September 22, price £30.00 per person. When booking state if vegetarian meal required. All dinner bookings are made through the secretary of the club, not with the hotel. A dinner booking form is available on the website -

Visitors may want to take the opportunity to explore the area around Coventry and Birmingham, visit the historic Warwick Castle or Shakespeare's Stratford-on-Avon or go shopping in Birmingham's modern city centre. See or or other tourist websites.


Directions to Royal Court Hotel

Address of venue is:The Royal Court Hotel, Tamworth Road, Keresley. Coventry CV7 8JG NB:- From all parts of the country it is strongly advised that you approach the hotel from the A45, leaving at the A4114 exit. It is very easy to get lost in Coventry if you attempt to find the way by any other route. You have been warned!!! If you do get lost phone the Royal Court Hotel on 02476 334171 & a member of staff will try to help. From all directions via M6:Exit M6 at junction 4 (NEC & Airport) then follow A446 signed to Warwick & Coventry for short distance to roundabout, take A45 (left) East towards Coventry City Centre, dual carriageway 60 mph limit. After about 5 miles take slip road off to left signposted A4114 Coventry & Allesley. To start with follow signs to Coventry city along 70mph dual carriageway. At next roundabout follow signs to Browns Lane Jaguar Plant, (NOT Coventry City Centre) on wide 40 mph road = Coundon Wedge Drive. At next roundabout (Jaguar Plant is off to left) follow signs to KERESLEY (still on Coundon Wedge Drive), go past RSPCA kennels on left, shortly after which come to another roundabout (3rd after leaving A45 slip road junction) with Wyevale garden centre on right. Go straight on following to Keresley into Long Lane, this road is narrower & more countrified. Keep going to T junction, turn Right into Tamworth Road. CARE this is a difficult turning with poor visibility. The hotel is on the left almost immediately. It is only about 2 miles from A45. From North-West via M6 Toll:The M6 Toll road merges with the M42, stay on this to junction 6 (NEC & Airport). Exit here & take the A45 East towards Coventry & follow directions as from M6. From South West via M5/M42:Exit M5 at junction 4A on to the M42. Stay on this heading East then North & exit at junction 6 (NEC & Airport) Take the A45 East towards Coventry City Centre then follow directions as from M6. From South via M40:Exit at junction 15 on to A46 Northwards towards Coventry, passing Warwick en route. This is motorway style dual carriageway 70mph limit. After about 10miles take exit on to A45 towards Birmingham, to the left & Westwards. Go all around the South edge of Coventry on 40mph dual carriageway ring road for about 6 miles, there are a couple of roundabouts & about 5 sets of traffic lights, go straight over all of these. The speed limit changes to 60mph & almost immediately afterwards take the slip road to left signposted A4114 Coventry city Centre & Allesley. Then follow directions as from M6. From North via M1/M42:Exit at junction 23A on to A42 which becomes the M42. Exit the M42 at junction 6 (NEC & Airport). Take A45 East towards Coventry City Centre then follow directions as from M6. From South via M1/M45:Exit at junction 17 on to M45, which becomes A45 heading Westwards all the way to the Coventry ring road (about 15 miles). The A46 from the M69 & the North joins from right at a very large roundabout near to Coventry airport & Baginton, Take care to stay on the A45 heading towards Coventry & Birmingham. The A46 joins from the South shortly after the speed limit drops from 60mph to 40mph. Then follow same ring road directions as from M40, until reaching the A4114 exit after about 6 miles. Then follow directions as from M6.


Nearest Airports:- Birmingham; Coventry. Nearest Train Stations:- Coventry; Birmingham International (for Birmingham Airport). Coach Stations:- Coventry; Birmingham.


Criscan Secretarial Services - A Registered Data Controller under the Data Protection Act. 105 Oldmixon Road, Hutton, Weston-super-Mare, BS24 9QA, Tel: 01934 813007 , Fax: 01934 814571, e-mail: [email protected] 12


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