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Heathkit S8-610 Monitor Scope

Are you int erest ed in what you r transm itted signal really sounds like at the other end? Is you r n ew lin ear amplifier really linea r or is it generating a raucous racket that is int erfering with other stations on the band? And if it is nonlin ear, what is the cause, improper grid bias. incorrect loadin g, regeneration or para sitics? W ell , there is no one m agic black valuable a ro und Ill y sh ack and its versatilit y ap pears to be limited o nly b y the ingenuit y of the user. The eng ineers at Heath planned way ahead when they had this little jewel on the dmwiug h oa rd. Besides mon itoring the behavior of you r favorite linear. it will give you some insight to almost an y type of transmill ed signal, be it A~I , C\\', HIT\', or SSB. You can also check the other fellow's signal by connecting the Monitor Scope to you r station receiver. Addit ional parts are included in the kit so that the verti cal a mp lifier section of the scope may be tailor made to fit your OWIl parti cular req uirem en ts. For monitoring HTTY signals and with receiver ifs up to 150 kHz, the vertical a mp lifier is an untuned arra ngement with a resistor as the pl ate load. For its of 4.55 kH z and above, the nece ssary if tran sformers and tunin g ca pacitors are included in the kit. By chan gin g these com ponen ts, the Monitor Scope m ay be used with just about any it from 455 kH z up 10 6 Ml Iz. In addition to monitoring duties, when th e vertical amp lifie r is wired for use to 150 kll z, the Mon itor Scope ma y h e used as a conve ntiona l oscill oscope. Its vertical sensit ivity is somewhat limited in thi s applicaton, hut for mallY purposes it is perfectl y suitab le. Here aga in the design engineers have come through with fl ying colors, providing much of the circuitry found ill many bench-type osci lloscopes. includ ing adj usta b le sweep and synchro n ization . The Monitor Scope is easy to build and a slla p to use . W ith the excellent guid an ce pro73 MAGAZINE

box that will give you all these answers, but

the correct interpretation of the patterns 111'0 duced by the Hea thkit SB-610 Monitor Scope come ve ry close to it. The SB-6IO has proven to be extremel v

58·610 Specificat ions

\'(·rtic,11 Amplifit>r Input rexist ance- : 100 k ilohm s Sl'llSit ivity ( for I inch dctlectio u} :

Untuned : RTTY, 1 volt nomi nal

Tuned : 2 0 kll z -45 5 k Hz, less t h a n 500 my ·1.3 5 k ll.... 70 mv nominal 1600-2.300 k H z, less than 2 00 rn v 3000 -34 0 0 kh.... less t han 500 my SOOO-fiOOO k H z , less th a n 700 m v

Ho rt zn nr a l A nrplifier Input rexivtun ce- : 1 megohm Sellsi tivi ty (for 1 inc h d(>f1ection ): 8 00 my FrNI\I('m'~' res ponee- : + 3 d B fr om 3 liz t o 15 k H z Tune O scillators Frequencies - Approximate ly 1500 and 19030 Hz Output vol tage ; 5 0


~ I Iscella neoa s

Fre-quenc y cmrl.'" ril~t's: 1.8 ~lIl z th rou gh 5 4 :\1111., .')0 -75 ohm coa xial inpu t Signal pow e r li mi ts; 15 wa tts to 1 kil ow att Po wer req u ire m e nts : 12 0 Vae 5 0 /60 11 1.. 3.') w at t » Di me n sio n s : 6 II 'I Itl w X I I 1 ~ n . Price- : ~fi9"9 ",}


video in the instruction manual, even the inve terate novice can make some pretty sound VALUABLE books from E.&E. deduction s abou t signal qu ality. The m an ual is liberall y illu strated with typi cal sco pe p atNEW 17TH EDITION OF THE FAMOUS terns; each is discussed in detail and if it is RADIO HANDBOOK indica tive of poo r signal q ua lity, some of the T ells h ow t o d esign , probable causes are listed. For monitoring wit h build, and opera te the the sta tion recei ver, a series of pa ttern s in latest types of amateur the manual sho w the effect of receiver ban dtransmitters, receivers, tra nsceivers, a nd a mpass and ave a ction on th e received sig nal. plifiers. Provides exThese should be conside red when making on t ensive, simplified theory on practically every the air checks. phase of radio. Broadest coverage; all origiAlthou gh designed for use on the ham frenal data, up-to-date, complete. 816 pages. Order No. 16 7 . on ly $12.95 quencies from 1.8 ~IH z to 54 ~ IIIz, excellent RADIOTELEPHONE LICENSE MANUAL results may be obtai ned lip to 100 ~IH z. T he Helps you prepare for all commerMonitor Scope ca n be used on two meters, cial ra dio-te lep ho ne opera to r 's but there may b e some di stortion of the lice nse exams. Provides complete pattern . The unit will safely take a full kilost udy-guide quest ions a nd a nswers wa tt a nd will opera te p roperly dow n to abou t in a single volume. Helps you u nderstand fully every subject you 15 watts. A step attenua tor on the rear panel need t o kn ow t o obtai n an operaprovides lip to :)4 d'B a ttenuation when adj us ttor' s license. 200 pp. Order No. 030, only . $5.75 ing the sco pe wit h a particular transmitter or LEADING BOOK ON TRANSISTORIZED linear amplifier. COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT F or testing single sidehan d transmitters, a TRANS ISTOR R ADI O H AN DBOOK , by two tone test genera tor is built in. The freDonald L . Stoner, W6TNS, Lester A . Earnsha w, ZL1AAX. Covers a q uencies of this gen erator , a pproximately 1500 wide range of communication uses kl l z and 1950 kH z, h ave been chosen so that for both amateur a nd commercial their second harmonics fall outside the normal applications. Includes audio a nd audio passband of modern ssb transmi tters. It speech amplifiers, VHF tra nsmit tmg a nd receiving equipment, SSB exciters, is the att ention to small de tails such as these and complete 88B transceivers. 180 pages. that really make the difference w hen making Order No. 044. only $5.00 qualitative measu rements. H O W TO CONVERT SURPLUS RADIO GEAR One of the p roblems w ith many mon itoring INTO AMATEUR AND CB EQUIPMENT scopes is that during recei ve p eriods the scope H ere is a wealth of conversion da ta trace remains sta tionary in the center of the 1 _ _ 1 in 3 volumes; includes photos, dia C RT . If the trace is not turned off to one side -: grams, instructions. Vo l. 1. Covers : BC -221 , BC -342, BC-312 . of the face of the CRT it will eventually burn -~-=BC·348 . BC-412 BC·645, BC ·946 ,SCR-27 4 A a hole in the phosphorus. In th e Monitor Scope (BC·453A & BI,.;·457A ser ies), SCR · 522 , lBY. PE.I0 3A , B C· I068 A/l16 1A, et c . however, the H eath engineers have come u p Ord er No. 3 11, only $3.00 with a nea t solu tion to this problem . In their Vol. 2. Covers : BC·454. AN /APS · I3. BC -45 7. ARC·5, GO·9 /TB W. BC -357 , BC ·9 46 B. BC·3 75. LM . TA-I2B. circuit a clamp tube is used to move the trace A N / A RT .1 3 . AVT -11 2A , AM -2 6 /AIC. ARB, etc. Order over to one side of the CRT . This clamp tube No. 322, only . . . . . . . . . · . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3 .00 Vol. 3 . Cover s: A PN · l . A PN -4 . ARC·4. AR C-5. ART-1 3 . may be controlled manu all y, or automatically BC- 191 , 3 12. 342. 3 48 , 375 . 44 2 , 4 53 . 4 55. 456.459. when the scope is operated in either the RTfY 603.624 ,696. 10 6 6 . 1253. C BY -520 0, COL-4 306 5. C RC.7 , DM ·3 4 , DY·2 , D Y·B, FT. 241A, MD . 7 / ARC·5 . or RF T rape zoid mode. In th e automatic posiR.9/APN ·4. R.28 /ARC ·5 , RM -5 2 ·53, RT.19/A RC- 4 . tion, a sample of the transmitter rf p ower is RT -1 59 , SCR ·27 4N, SO B, 522 , 5 28 . 538 . T· 15 to T- 23 / ARC ·5 , U RC·4. WE· 70I ·A. etc. No. 333, only .. $3.00 rectified and u sed to t urn the clamp tube off. Order fro m you r electronic parts thereby restoring the trace to th e cente r of the distri b uto r o r se n d coupon below. CRT . Usuallv about 100 watts is necessarv to · · provide eno ugh rf for this purpose; for lower EDITORS and ENGINEERS. Ltd. I inp ut p ower levels it is necessary to use the I P. O. Box 68003, New Augu sta, Ind ·· Dept. 73E-1 2 I manual mode . I Ship me the followin g books: I F or monitoring or checking any type of ama- 10 No . 167 0 No. 0 4 4 0 No . 322 I encl . I teur transmitter, it is hard to beat the 8B-610 ,0 No . 0 30 0 No . 3 1 1 0 No . 33 3 $ in p erform ance and cost. \ Vhether it is u sed a t I Na m e I the bench in testing eq uipment or in your : shack for on the a ir checks. yo u will find it to : Ad dress be a very u seful and worthwhile ad dition to I Ci ty State Zip I L your sta tion. . .. WIDTY


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