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Issue 19 · Autumn 2010

Practice Learning Team (PLT) News

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Completing the NMC Triennial Reviews

All 60 of them!

As the Clinical Educator for Lincoln Hospital Operating Theatres I was asked to ensure that all the mentors in the department completed their NMC Triennial Review. Not an easy task with approximately 60 nurse mentors in the department.

It appeared that Staff were aware of the Triennial Review (TR) but not really sure of what it was or what it would entail and so a certain amount of education was required. Staff when faced with the paperwork were put off by the NMC domain descriptors and unsure of how they applied to their own area of practice. It became clear that a system encompassing education, preparation and support needed to be in place. I wanted to produce information similar to the mapping document used for student nurse placements that would prompt mentors to consider those aspects of their practice that fit into the NMC domains and is area specific. This I have presented as a list of questions which are linked to each of the domains. I felt that group work would be the most appropriate manner to target the large staff numbers that needed to complete the activity. The list of questions would be used to prompt discussion and provide staff with material that could be used as evidence. It was important to not only prepare the staff for this preliminary TR but to ensure that they are equipped with the information to start collecting the evidence for the next one. The bonus being that this group work would meet the NMC requirements for a mentor update!!

The first TR preparation sessions have been very productive. All staff involved have joined in the discussions and have demonstrated extensive mentoring knowledge. They have a great deal of insight into the specific difficulties and positives of mentoring students in the specialist area of operating department practice. Participants have felt free to seek clarification on issues that they were unsure of and therefore justified the session being classed as a mentor update. All staff involved have completed their Triennial Review paperwork, their evidence being the contribution that they have made to the group work. The process appears to be meeting all the planned outcomes: the mentors have completed their Triennial Review paperwork, attended a mentor update and have plans for collecting evidence for their next TR. Michelle Flemington Clinical Facilitator Lincoln Hospital

In This Issue

Q Completing the NMC Triennial Reviews Q Student experiences of Mentors completing their preliminary interviews Q Ongoing Achievement Record Moderation Q Practice Support Teachers' Q Assessing competencies Q Nottingham PLT conference Q The new graduate exit nurse training Q Mentor Awards 2010


[email protected]

Student experiences of Mentors completing their preliminary interviews

Hello my name is Janet Bryan I am the student representative on the Practice Learning Committee. My role is to voice any issues or concerns students have during placement. A recent issue raised by students were the completion of assessment practice record booklets and orientations of the ward. Students have commented on their feelings concerning these issues.

My experience of APR's being completed on first day and orientation. On most placements it has been positive experience, however there are times they have been completed in the second week. For me personally being a former HCA at the Queens Medical Centre for 16 years I am familiar with most of the ward layouts, so I don't find it a major issue. However ward layouts change due to productive wards and policies and procedures are always being updated, I feel even though I have experience I still need to have that initial assessment as a student nurse. I feel it would be a good idea when a student starts on their first day to have an `I' that is clearly indicated on the off duty for induction and if your mentor is not available a HCA could be allocated to ensure your orientation is completed so that students are familiar with arrest trolleys fire exits and ward layout policies and procedures. The first interview personally as long as I have completed this within the first week I find this is acceptable. I can fully understand mentors have a lot of demands on them. If however you are waiting a few weeks for your Assessment of Practice Record (APR) to be completed I do not feel this is acceptable. Overall personally I can honestly say my experiences have been mostly positive and although there may have been placements were I would not have my interview on the first day my mentor would ensure it was completed within the first or second week. Janet Bryan Student Nurse My personal experience of mentors filling in the APR interviews sections is that I have managed to get the first interview complete either on the first or by second day (sometimes with prompts from me). The orientations part 1 gets completed with induction of place. Part two I have found sometimes gets completed during the first week not always first day. One comment I would like to make with regards to completing the orientation parts; is that although there are questions to answer, it does not seem clear to student how they demonstrate in booklet that they have answered the questions. Although the boxes are ticked and your mentor has signed it how can a student demonstrate in the future that they understand and have seen policies etc. I don't think that these two parts are clear to mentors either as to what evidence is used here. Michelle Crol, Student Nurse

On all of my placements my Assessment of Practice Record (APR) and orientation have all been completed on my first day, by my mentor and a health care assistant. The health care assistant was allocated to orientate me around the area by explaining the routine and showing me where everything was kept. I found this to be very helpful and it helped me to settle into the area. Shereen Khodabux, Student Nurse

I can honestly say I have in a year and a half had two placement do the orientation on the first day, some orientations didn't get done until the second week. I've had mentors who take the same annual leave so therefore left without one. A couple of placements didn't do my first interview for two week's. Hope this help's as us students could do with a bit more support on placement. Katrina Bramley Student Nurse

On previous placements the initial orientation was not done on the first day in some cases it took place a few days after I had started on that placement. Which in my eyes is not very good, as a student you're starting on a new ward for the very first time the ward layout is different from previous placements. Knowing where things are kept differs from ward to ward also. Therefore I feel the orientation is particularly important to carry out on the first day or in an ideal world to visit the ward a couple of days before your first shift to get orientated and become familiarised with the ward layout. Sarah Brojaka Student Nurse

Practice Support Teachers Hot Tip!

Part 1 of the student's orientation to the placement can be carried out by Health Care Support Workers or buddies/more senior students on the student's first day.


Ongoing Achievement Record

Moderation of Student Placement Documentation

The Assessment of Practice Group comprising of colleagues from practice and Lecturers, recently moderated the student documentation for the September 2008 and 2009, BCs (Hons)/Diploma cohorts. Moderation focuses on the accuracy of completion of placement documentation and the quality of evidence the student provides in support of attainment. Overall the moderation group would like to commend students and their mentors for the consistent improvement seen in the presentation of portfolios and quality of evidence seen within. In addition the moderation group recommend: Q That mentors challenge their students to strengthen any evidence that fails to meet the appropriate Bondy level descriptor. Q That mentors should only sign to indicate achievement of an outcome or proficiency if the student has documented, in ink, the type and location of the evidence in their Assessment of Practice record. Q That all sections in of the Essential Skills Cluster Assessments should be marked, by a mentor, with a `P' to indicate a pass or `F' to indicate a fail; no other forms of annotation e.g. dates, ticks or N/A should be used. If you would like to participate in one of the moderation sessions please contact your local Assessment of Practice Group representative: Boston ­ Liz Cotrel-Gibbons 01205 364801 ex 5391 Derby ­ Jane Bentham 01332 724945 Lincoln ­ Caroline Hendry 01522 512512 ex 3863 Mansfield ­ Lesley Strouther 01623 465600 Nottingham ­ Christopher Jones 0115 8230922 Participation in one of the moderating sessions will count as your annual mentor update

Practice Support Teachers'

Welcome to Devi

We would like to say a big hello to Devi Nannen to the Division of Nursing in the role of Practice Support Teacher. Devi's previous experience includes cardiac critical care where she worked as an ECMO specialist at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester and has also been a clinical educator so brings a wealth of experience! Devi will be based full time at the Nottingham Centre and will be involved in providing mentor support, supporting first year student nurses and clinical skills teaching to pre-registration student nurses amongst many other things!

and welcome Mary

We would also like to extend a welcome to Mary Brown who has commenced at the Division of Nursing as a Practice Teacher for Child Branch. Mary will be based at the Nottingham Centre but will travel out to each of the other Centres on a regular basis. Mary's main focus will be on clinical skills teaching and student support for Child Branch students. Mary previously worked as a staff nurse in Paediatric Oncology for many years and therefore brings a wealth of experience to the role.

New sign off mentor assessments ­ an electronic resource

The electronic resource to train sign off mentors is almost ready to go live on the mentor web page. The resource will provide 2 of the 3 assessments require to be a sign off mentor. The resource should be ready in the next few weeks for mentors from all specialities, and is having the final touches made to it by the web page designer. Chris Wheable Practice Support Teacher Nottingham


(Practice Learning Team)



Assessing competencies

from September 2012

You have probably heard about the NMC developing new competencies for the assessment of students in line with progressing towards an all graduate curriculum for student nurses. The University of Nottingham will be introducing the new competencies into the curriculum for September 2012. Whilst this might seem a long way off, the timeframe for completing the preparation work to ensure practice are fully consulted and prepared for the new curriculum is relatively short. The new domains for competency assessment are: Q Professional values (to include safeguarding issues) Q Nursing practice and decision making (to include effectiveness, assessment and care delivery) Q Leadership, management and team working (to include leadership and innovation) Q Communication and interpersonal skills. As you can see from the new domains, the skills the student will have to acquire reflect the future role of the nurse. Whilst most of the competencies are generic, there are some that are field specific (the term branch is being discontinued with field of nursing replacing this term). We will be basing the mentor update for next year to help prepare mentors for this change from outcomes and proficiencies to competencies with different domains.

What does this mean for you and your Practice Learning Teams?

The process of assessment will remain the same as will the documentation we use (the Ongoing Achievement Record). The biggest change will be to think about what performance you will expect from the student in order for them to be deemed to have achieved the new competencies. Each domain has a list of specific competencies that students will need to demonstrate competence in. Most competencies will be generic, but some will be field specific. This means that through the PLTs we will have to do some work to map your placement learning opportunities to the competencies identified. For the time being you will probably find it useful to visit the NMC website to start familiarising yourself with the change to competency assessment. Details can be found at Look out for the dates for mentor updates and ask your PLT representatives about these changes. Any other enquiries please contact: [email protected] [email protected]

New NMC Branch Essential Skill Cluster DVD now available!

Following the popularity of the CFP ESC DVD with mentors the "Derby Centre Production Company" have produced sequel 2, the NMC Branch ESC assessments DVD. A copy is being distributed to all Practice Learning Team Chairs for them to use during PLT meetings as a trigger for discussion. A huge thank-you to the production team, Claire Wilson, Rachel Harrison, Lee Hutchinson, Louise Pearson, Jon Burman, Philip Hughes


Nottingham PLT Conference July 2nd

The Nottingham PLT conference was held on a very hot Friday afternoon but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the delegates. Liz Aston chaired the day; the morning session had 4 presentations and in the afternoon the meeting broke into 4 workshops.

The first presentation was given by Wendy Percy who explained the way the Graduate Nursing Curriculum was being planned. She also looked at how clinical placements may be organised and asked for the PLT representatives to think of learning pathways that could be used in their areas for the first year placement of 17 weeks. Karen Gold then looked at dealing with challenging students giving the meeting strategies that could be used to support both the student and mentor. Four students (2 nursing and 2 physiotherapy) presented their interprofessional leaning experiences they had taken part in on Health Care of Elderly Rehabilitation wards at Lings Bar Hospital and what they had learnt from them. The final session was given by the 3 Practice Support Teachers, Devi Nannen, Stephanie Wilson, Chris Wheable explaining their role what support they could offer and how they could be contacted. Two of the themes were carried through to the afternoon workshops: Developing Support Systems from practice support system and Dealing with Challenging students. The nursing students joined the latter and were able to give the student view, pointing out that there were challenging mentors as well. The session `sign off mentor challenges' answered many questions about this new role. The workshop looking at the essential skills clusters helped the delegates to develop these assessments. Key points from the workshops were fedback and these generated yet more discussion. The evaluations were very positive and showed that many delegates had gained answers to their questions and gained some new ideas to take back to their clinical areas.

Devi Nannen, Stephanie Wilson, Chris Wheable

Practice Support Teachers, Nottingham

The new graduate exit nurse training

Development of the degree exit curriculum continues and your feedback is welcomed. Current discussions include: Q the proposal for the student to have the same mentor throughout the year, Q for the students to have a base (hub) placement with the opportunity for a pathway to an area Q related to the base placement (spoke) before returning to the base area for consolidation Q how to allocate/map hub and spoke placements to avoid overlap Q how to organise assessments during and at the end of the year To find out more about the developments and to express your views please contact the University Q Via the Practice Learning Teams (PLTs) Q Via the blog on the mentor page, under Graduate Nurse Curriculum - mentor feedback needed, which is accessible from this link: practice/mentors/index.php Q By responding to mail shots/newsletters Q By canvassing your Managers/ Team Leaders who attend/input to curriculum development forums Q Via email at: [email protected] or telephone 0115 8230023 k.o`[email protected] or telephone 01522 540534


Mentor Awards 2010

Abbi Jay Midwife, Ward B26, Nottingham Alison Ball Carlton Ward, Louth County Hospital Amanda Oliver Ward 21, Kings' Mill Hospital Andrew Ndlouv The Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre, Chesterfield Anna Pengelly D35, Queens' Medical Centre, Notts Anne Marie Devere Outpatients Department, Jogn Coupland Hospital, Lincs Berndette De Belen C25 Opthalmology Ward, Queens' Medical Centre, Notts Catherine Keay The Greenlight Team, Lincoln Cathy Cutt Castle Ward, Bolsover Hospital Claire Clarke Adam House Surgery District Nursing Team, Nottingham Emma Roberts Old Basford Health Centre, Notts Gee Kaur Sunflower Ward, Royal Derby Hospital Gemma Marshall Gloucester Ward, Skegness Hospital, Skegness Glenn Ward Holly Lodge, The Meadows, Skegness Graham Roe Gelding Community Mental Health Team, Nottingham Heather Barr Community Rehab, Elm Lodge, Grantham Heather Hillier Wilderslowe Team, Village Community Medical Centre, Derby Heather Pashley Surgical Assessment Unit, Royal Derby Hospital Helen Coley Kufena, Burton Road, Derby James Stutley-Brown Lindsey Suite/MAU, Louth County Hospital, Lincs Jayne Wiltshire Alexandra Ward, Lincoln County Hospital, Lincs Jeanette Cockayne Ward 302, Royal Derby Hospital Jennifer Ross Labour Suite, City Hospital, Nottingham Jerry Toledo/Lynette Clayden Step Down Unit, Royal Derby Hospital Jo McNeill Ward 21, Kings' Mill Hospital, Mansfield Jo Wys Ward 1, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, Lincs Julia Murphy Greenwood & Sneinton Family Medical Centre, Nottingham

Nominations received ­ Well Done Everyone!

Karen Goodere DN, Moir Medical Centre, Long Eaton, Notts Karen Moore Broxtowe Community LDT, Nottingham Kate Rees/Nicola Emslie Riversdale Surgery, Bridge Street, Belper, Derbys Kim Kelly ICU, Royal Derby Hospital Linda Pyke Labour Suite, Nottingham City Hospital, Notts Louise Northing Ward 21, Kings' Mill Hospital Mandie Orchard Puffin Ward, Royal Derby Hospital Marie Lemon Digby Ward, County Hospital, Lincoln Maxine Cobin Orthopaedic Theatre, DCR Megan Bowran-Gore MLC, QMC Morgan Kugara Emergency Admissions Unit, Nottingham City Hospital Nisha Parmar ICU, Royal Derby Hospital Patti Edwards Outpatients Department, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, Lincs Rachel Maltby Assessment Ward, Wathwood Hospital, South Yorkshire Rebecca Johnson Neustadt Welton, Lincoln County Hospital, Lincs Rebecca Winn Louth Primary Care Richard Clarkson A&E, Kings' Mill Hospital Rosalyn Ford Minor Injuries Unit, Ripley Hospital Sarah Burton Ward 12, Kings' Mill Hospital, Notts Sarah Price Day Surgery Unit, Lincoln County Hospital, Lincs Simon Gibson ENT/Ward 307 Royal Derby Hospital Sue Glover Ward 11, Kings' Mill Hospital, Notts Teresa Ring Ashby Ward, Lincoln County Hospital Teresa Shaw Trauma and Orthopaedics, Kings' Mill Hospital, Notts Tiana Reinhart-Lee Frameworks Older Person Service (Mental Health) Vicki Chapman Overdale District Team, Coleman Street, Derby

Judging Panel: Mentor Award Winners 2009 and the Practice Support Teachers A `Big Thank You' to all our judges: Natasha, Rachel, Charlotte, Andrea, Stephanie, and Rachel

Winners of the Mentor Award

The Autumn 2010 issue of the Mentors' Newsletter

Centre winners

All centre winners will receive a £25 book token and their nominees a £10 book token

Boston: Derby: Mansfield: Lincoln: Nottingham Patti Edwards, Outpatients Department, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston Nominated by Student Nurse, Lindsay Ray Heather Pashley, Surgical Assessment Unit, Royal Derby Hospital, Derby Nominated by Student Nurse, Paula Painter Jo McNeill, Ward 21, Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield Nominated by Student Nurse, Jessica Dennis Marie Lemon, Digby Ward, County Hospital, Lincoln Nominated by Student Nurse, Ebi Olaosebikan Claire Clarke (Goff), Adam House Surgery, Sandiacre, Nottingham Nominated by Student Nurse, Juliet Poole

If you wish to contribute to this newsletter, please send your comments to: Paula Hallam,

This year's overall Mentor Award 2010 goes to...

Heather Pashley

SAU, Royal Derby Hospital, Derby Nominated by Student Nurse, Paula Painter, Derby Heather will receive a £50 book token and Paula £25 book token.

Division of Nursing, Melbourne House, 96 Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2RD Or email [email protected]



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