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MINio Combination Input/Output Module

MINio is a distributed I/O module capable of interfacing a large variety of analog and digital input or output loads. When combined with Novar's OpusTM Executive Controllers, MINio delivers the most flexible, efficient and reliable I/O solution for monitoring and controlling refrigeration, HVAC and other building equipment.

Compact and Versatile Distributed I/O

Novar's MINio combines multiple input and output points on the same I/O module saving you panel space and equipment assembly costs when specifying or building your next Building Automation System. Easliy configured, MINio meets a variety of control system needs including monitoring and metering applications as well as actuation of line voltage output loads in response to control system commands. MINio's proven field reliability, and regulatory compliance with both UL 916 and UL 873, means your control panels for Refrigeration, HVAC, Lighting and other building equipment will deliver years of safe and trouble free operation.

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Six relay outputs (form C) for switching (120-240VAC) line voltage loads Six user-definable inputs for interfacing Thermistor, 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc or digital signals Two digital inputs for dry contacts or 10Hz pulse meters Two analog 0-10Vdc outputs Surge suppression protection on all input and output points



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MINio Combination Input/Output Module

MOdEl/OrdEr NuMBErS MINio 737200000 MINio Enclosure 737200100 MINio Input/Output Module, 6 Universal Inputs, 2 Dig In, 6 Dig Out MINio Optional Enclosure

GENErAl SPECIFICATIONS Physical Characteristics Height: 6.25 inches Width: 8.375 inches depth: 1.75 inches Weight: 2 lb Operating Environment Temperature: Up to 140ºF (60ºC) Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, noncondensing Power Requirements Voltage & Consumption: 24 VAC, 10 VA Class 2. One side can be grounded. Special Circuits/diagnostics Over current: Protects against overloading of power supply. low Voltage detect: Senses proper operating voltage. Surge Suppression: All inputs and outputs protected against high voltage surge or transients. Network Communications Method: RS-485 Cable (network): Two-conductor, shielded cable (Novar WIR-1010, Belden 8761, or equivalent) Input Points Two digital inputs for dry contact digital inputs or meters (10-Hz maximum) or timed override Six user-definable inputs can be configured as one of the following: n 4­20 mA inputs for analog n 0­10 VDC n Thermistor (user-configurable) default:10k ohms, range ­20° to 220°F (­34° to 104°C) with 0.5 degree resolution Output Points Six digital, Form C relay outputs. Contacts rated for 240-VAC, 3-amps resistive load. All relay outputs are isolated from each other. Two analog, 0­10 VDC Status LEDs Six for digital output status One for module communications (Power and Communications) regulatory Compliance UL 873 Listed Device UL 916 Listed Device FCC, Part 15, Class A Industry Canada ICES-003, Class A


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