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Opus rcc.521 BACnet Refrigeration Case/Circuit Controller


Open Architecture refrigeration technology designed to give you the freedom of choice you expect

Open, Flexible, Efficient Refrigeration Control

The rcc.521 is a multi-function BACnet field controller providing state-of-the-art Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) control for refrigerated display cases, cold rooms and walk-in freezers. It can also be used with Electronic Evaporator Pressure Regulator (EEPR) valves for enhanced circuit temperature control and improved cost savings in distributed systems. As a key component of Novar's OpusTM Energy Management and Refrigeration Control System, the rcc.521 provides superior refrigeration energy efficiency and better product temperature control than traditional mechanical Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TEVs.) It does this by automatically optimizing each evaporator coil's superheat and defrost cycle times based on current temperature and pressure conditions within each case. And because the rcc.521 is capable of handling all these advanced control functions entirely on its own, reliance on a centralized controller is not necessary for fail-safe system operation. The rcc.521 case/circuit controller will give you the Open, flexible, and efficient refrigeration control you need to lower your total energy costs and improve your overall refrigeration system performance.

Open BACnet MS/TP communication protocol for easy integration with other equipment


with 12 Vdc stepper valves from multiple vendors

F lexible Multifunction, selectable control strategies DX Case Control (EEV) DX Circuit Control (EEPR) Secondary Loop Case Control (Glycol/CO2) Secondary Loop Circuit Control (Glycol/CO2)

Use with or without case-mounted LED Display

E fficient Direct switching of evaporator fan power

Easy device setup and maintenance using Opus Property Sheets superheat control


Dynamic Defrost Optimization

Opus rcc.521 Refrigeration Case/Circuit Controller


MODEL/ORDER NUMBERS Controller Module Remote Display Module Remote Display Cables RJ45 ­ 2.0m RJ45 ­ 5.0m RCC-521 RCC-RDM RCC-CBL-2 RCC-CBL-5

Refrigeration Sensors Pressure 150 psig w/2.0m Cable Pressure 150 psig w/5.0m Cable Pressure 300 psig w/2.0m Cable Pressure 300 psig w/5.0m Cable Temperature 2K NTC w/2.0m Cable Temperature 2K NTC w/5.0m Cable Temperature 2K NTC w/8.0m Cable

RCC-SP150-2 RCC-SP150-5 RCC-SP300-2 RCC-SP300-5 RCC-ST2K-2 RCC-ST2K-5 RCC-ST2K-8

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Analog Inputs Temperature 1 Temperature 2 Temperature 3 Pressure 1 Digital 1 Digital Outputs Relay 1 Digital 1 Valve Drivers Stepper Valve 1 Digital 1 3 Remote Display Port RCC-RDM Interface Network Comm Port BACnet Specifications 2K Ohm NTC +/- 2 Deg F 2K Ohm NTC +/- 2 Deg F 2K Ohm NTC +/- 2 Deg F 3-wire 5V ratio metric +5VDC dry contact Use Suction Temperature Discharge Air Temperature Defrost Termination Temperature Suction Pressure Refrigerant Leak Detection or Dual Temperature Case Switch2 Direct Line Voltage control of Evaporator Fans Used to energize Electric Defrost Relay (if used) or Solenoid Valves3 Interface to Stepper EEV or EEPR Valves4 Interface to 24Vdc Liquid Line Solenoid Valve Connect an optional Remote Display Module

100-240VAC, 3A Max 22-28Vdc, 250mA Max

12Vdc, Bi-Polar or Uni-polar Valves 22-28Vdc, 250mA Max 12Vdc, Simple Serial Protocol, RJ45 cable, 10 Meters Max MS/TPRS-485, 1/8 unit load (4000ft max distance) 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 76.8K baud

Remote device configuration, alarm collection management, defrost cycle coordination, circuit valve control

Default use is Refrigerant Leak Detection input, 3The digital output may also be used to drive 24Vdc Valves, 4Compatible with Sporlan SER & SEH Electronic Expansion Valves, CDS EEPR Valves and SDR Hot Gas Bypass Valves as well as 12Vdc stepper valves from other manufactures


06/30/2010 -- MKT-0244

Specifications subject to change without prior notification. OpusTM and EZ-NavTM are trademarks of Honeywell International, Inc. Copyright © 2010 Honeywell International. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Novar Global Headquarters 6060 Rockside Woods Blvd. Suite 400 Cleveland OH 44131 800.348.1235 Novar Northern Latin America Av. de las Palmas 1005 Piso 3 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, DF 11000 +52 55 5281 8125 Novar Southern Latin America Av. Tambore, 576 Tambore Barueri ­ Sao Paulo Brazil 06460-000 +52 11 3475 1955 Novar Asia Pacific 25/F Honeywell Tower Olympia Plaza 255 Kings Hong Kong China +852 29536418



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