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Unit Overview

History: · Great Depression · WWI · WWII · 1930's · Armistice Day Themes: · Selfsufficiency · Family Relationshi ps · Service · Maturing · Community Character: · Motivation · Flat v. Dynamic

Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis

KWHL Charts Create a flow chart mapping specific aspects of the Great Depression and their direct effects on the characters of A Year Put together a brochure that will introduce someone to the 1930's. Be sure to include a variety of topics. Select a fact about the 1930's that interests you. Illustrate details about that fact with your own drawings or pictures you cut out. Write an essay analyzing the novel's message on one of the themes to the left. See teacher for an assignment rubric. Identify a flat character and list a few of their stable qualities. Identify a dynamic character and list at least 3 changes/ developments of that character. Find one or two places in the novel that are richly written. Breakdown why the imagery is so well done and write an essay. Write a miniplay about an event that could take place during

Creative Critical Thinking Thinking

Write an official proclamation describing the celebration day at the end of a future world conflict. Problematic Situation Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting life during the two World Wars. Anticipation Guide

Down Yonder.

(see strategy lists) Select one of the themes on the left. Find a quote from the novel that expresses the novel's message about that theme. Explain your quote choice. Write a personal ad for at least three of the novel's characters. Use your knowledge about their personalities to advertise for a good match for each one.

Make a poster for a travel agency advertising Grandma's town. Use your own words to describe the atmosphere and people of the town, as well as what the visitor might expect to experience.

When is a person mature? Based on today's standard of maturity, do you think Mary Alice matures over the course of the novel? Explain your opinion. Think of a problem you or a friend is having. What advice might Grandma give on how to solve this problem? Write the advice in the form of a letter.

(see strategy lists) Create an analogy for four characters connecting them to an animal. Write two analogy sentences. After each, explain why you assigned each pair. Guided Imagery exercise

(see strategy lists) Grandma often acts for a "good cause." Select one of these "causes" you think she should not have acted for and defend your position. Operations of Intelligent Behavior

QAR questioning strategy

(see strategy lists)

Literary Elements · Cause & Effect · Imagery · Setting · Figurative Language

Create a "slang dictionary." Using as many mini-books as necessary, fill them in with figures of speech from the novel.

Write a short piece introducing the setting of the novel to be printed on the book jacket of the next edition of the novel.

There is a second Depression. Create a written plan for your family to dramatically cut expenses and make things last.

(see strategy lists) Design a book jacket that will "sell" this novel to

(see strategy lists)

Miscellaneous Student Projects

Create a word puzzle using new vocabulary not found on the class word

Create a timeline of Mary Alice's year with Grandma. Use both words and images.

Prepare a food item Grandma makes in the book or one you think she would

Create a set of questions fulfilling Bloom's taxonomy for

These activities are just ideas. Students may make their own selections for credit or you may assign specific activities, but I do Emily Evans, 2001


Microsoft Word - Taxonomy_2_.doc

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