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Little Women

by Louisa May Alcott Taxonomy Overview Guide Unit: Little Women Basic Thinking Knowledge

Chapters 1 - 9 Who are the main characters in this novel? What are their characteristics?

Abstract Thinking Comprehension

Describe your identity? What makes you you? How are you unique?


What is the importance of social/superficial fashions (like Amy and her limes)? How would you have handled the situation if you were Mrs. March? friends.


Contrast Meg and her richer

Creative Thinking

How are the March girls influenced by societal expectations?

Critical Thinking

Themes found in the novel. Which statements do you agree with?

Graphic Organizer What is transcendentalism? Chapters 10 - 19

Free-write Who were the main transcendentalists?

Think-Pair-Share What is the importance of work, according to Alcott?

Chart How does economic status relate to identity and themes in the novel?

Class Discussion What was the time period like surrounding the Civil War?

Anticipation Guide As Jo takes a risk to get published, think about the risks you take. Decide if it is worth it to take risks that may result in failure.

KWHL Chapters 20 - 29 What caused the Civil War? Why did the Civil War happen?

Summary After reading Part One (where Alcott originally stopped), what do you think will happen next in Part Two of the novel?

Short Essay What does it mean to be true to yourself? Why is it important?

Class discussion What are the characteristics of the main characters? What makes them unique?

Guided Imagery Choose one character and use descriptive words to analyze who they are.

Essay True or False: Trying to impress people can be problematic.

List/Tell Chapters 30 - 39 What vocabulary words can you learn from the novel?

DRTA What has happened in the book so far?

Free-write What is the importance of education as Alcott portrays it? (Use evidence from the text.)

Graphic Organizer What is gender and how does it relate to identity and themes in the novel?

Biopoem Write a letter to another character as if you that character.

Class debate How does the story of Little

Women parallel Alcott's life

(seeing as the story is autobiographical). Research & oral presentation

Magic Squares Chapters 39 - 47 What vocabulary words can you learn from the novel?

Summary Why did Amy marry Laurie?

Short Essay Demonstrate what you've learned from the book by creating your own ABC Book for the novel.

Class discussion How does the history of transcendentalism affect the plot of the novel? Journal Response

Letter to a character What is your identity? Create a short video that depicts who you are. Personal Identity Project

to teacher How did the March girls handle Beth's death? How would you handle the death of a loved one? Journal Response

Vocabulary Bingo


ABC Book

Independent Research

Select a Topic

Develop a Goal

Develop a Plan

Gather Information

Organize Information

Present Your Findings

Braithwaite, BYU, 2009


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