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Anticipation Guide for Number the Stars

By Lois Lowry

Objective: To get students interested in Number the Stars and the themes within the book before they begin reading it. It will also help them to connect their own views with those they will encounter in the book. Rationale: This activity will pique students' interests and will allow them to open up to the novel by introducing key themes and ideas. It is important to connect students to the text even before they begin reading. Materials: The student's copy of the anticipation guide for Number the Stars Procedure: This activity should be done before the class has begun to read the novel. 1) Pass out the anticipation guides to the students. You may want to go through the activity with them on an overhead as well. 2) Ask students to respond to each of the statements on the anticipation guide and to mark A if they agree or D if they disagree with each statement. Give them about 5-10 minutes to do this activity and allow time for them to think about the questions and really get involved. 3) After the students are finished, introduce the novel Number the Stars and touch on a few of the key issues the book discusses. 4) Tell the students to keep the anticipation guide and to study the relationship between the statements and the author's own viewpoint and theme in the book. 5) When the novel unit is nearing its end, or progressively throughout the book as the issues arise, return to the anticipation guide and have the students evaluate what they think the author's viewpoint is in the same manner.


Microsoft Word - Anticipation Guide 2.doc

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