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Safe Work Practices for Every Site ­ Planning and Diligence for Continuous Improvement

Presented By: Andrea Russell, Market Manager, Seaman Corporation

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May 2011

A Roadmap to Safety Management

· Key elements

­ OSHA required annual training ­ LeanSigma® implementation through kaizen events ­ DuPont's "STOP" program implementation ­ Robust safety incident reporting and investigation

· Results

OSHA Mandated Annual Training

· Utilize 3rd party web based interactive library for training throughout the year.

­ Provides feedback until each module completed successfully. ­ Maintains an accurate status of scheduled and completed modules required throughout the calendar year.

· Hands on practical training where required

(example: lock out tag out training for authorized associates)

LeanSigma® Implementation

Safety Performance Improvement Via LeanSigma®

· Utilize cross functional "kaizen" teams trained in the tenets of LeanSigma® implementation.

Elements of flow and material replenishment

Elements of inherent quality and preventive measures.

5S and Standard Work optimize the work place setting to support safety and process flow.


· A process and method for creating and maintaining a safe, organized, clean, high-performance workplace · A conditioning discipline for "next step" improvements. · Five Japanese words establishing the activities associated with work place organization. Step 1: Seiri ­ Segregate & Discard Step 2: Seiton ­ Arrange & Identify Step 3: Seiso ­ Clean & Inspect Daily Step 4: Seiketsu ­ Revisit Frequently Step 5: Shitsuke ­ Motivate To Sustain

Step 1: Step 2:

Seiri ­ Segregate & Discard Seiton ­ Arrange & Identify

"Foot printing"

"Shadow Board" for tools at point of use.

· Step 3:

Seiso ­ Clean & Inspect Daily

Step 4: Step 5:

Seiketsu ­ Revisit Frequently Shitsuke ­ Motivate To Sustain

Standard Work

Standard Work Is...

The best combination of people and equipment... ...utilizing the minimum amount of labor,

energy, inventory, and capital.

Why Implement Standard Work?

· To make it possible to identify and eliminate variations in operator work · To sustain the gains achieved from past kaizen activities · To provide a baseline for future kaizen activities

How Do You Use Standard Work?

· You document each standard operation.

· You display the documentation.

· You ensure that all employees are trained.

· Can take different formats representing:

­ detailed step-by-step operating procedures or; ­ a simple checklist upon a determined frequency to be applied.

Example of Standard Work: 5S Checklist

Date:_______________ Work Area:___________ Associate Name: _________________ 1. Unnecessary items removed from area 2. Parts storage (organized & labeled) 3. Standard Work-In-Process at designated levels 4. Foot printing (all free-standing items in designated location) 5. Shadow boards (all tools in place) 6. Air lines off the floor & properly stored/isolated 7. Cleaning items in designated areas 8. Floor clean & free from debris 9. Equipment clean & functional 10. Documentation current & in good condition 11. SQDC board up to date 12. Most recent 5S audit posted, tracking graph & countermeasures sheet updated 13. All 5S Red Tag items transferred to specified area 14. Immediately report any shift events which put safety or equipment at risk

DuPont "STOP" Safety Program Safety Through Observation Program

You know this is unsafe........

.....but is this?

Travel in reverse only when you don't have a clear line of sight.

Fire hose is blocked.

Door is blocked.

Forks raised too high. Operator can't see ahead!!

Pedestrians not aware of surroundings.

Pedestrians walking outside of aisle way.

Safety glasses?

You know this is unsafe........

.....but is this?

No guard on fluorescent light bulb. Open dock without guard rail. Door must be closed if guard not in place.

Fire extinguisher is blocked.

High value item could be easily damaged.

Exit door is blocked.

"STOP" Safety Program

· DuPont's safety through observation program.

­ Initiated corporate-wide 2005

· Fundamentals of program:

­ Belief that all safety incidents can be avoided. ­ Learning how to "see" safety.

· Using senses to look Above-Below-Behind-Inside

­ Evaluating positions of people, tools and equipment.

· "What could happen if... how can I do this more safely?"

­ Enhancing skills on procedures and orderliness

· Skill development of how to talk with people concerning safety.

­ Conducting safety audits

· Utilize developed and enhanced auditing skills. · Development of short term and long term corrective actions. · How to communicate with associates when taking audits.

The DuPont STOP Audit Checklist

What could happen if ....?

How can we do this job more safely?

"STOP" Safety Program

· Program dove tails exceptionally well with "5S" and standard work elements of LeanSigma® implementation. · All associates trained in STOP Audit process and required to perform audits throughout the year. · Audit cards returned and reviewed by management staff to identify major issues and develop counter measures. · Year-end celebration held if safety targets are met.

Safety Incident Reporting & Investigation

Robust Safety Incident Reporting & Investigation

· If / when safety incident occurs:

­ Roles and responsibilities need to be well scripted. ­ Information needs to be as complete as possible. ­ Facts need to be gathered quickly and orderly.

· 5W's & 2 H's

­ Who, what, where, when, why, how, how many?

­ Root cause needs to be determined ­ Quick and long term counter measures need to be developed to prevent recurrence of event.

Supervisor or Charge Person instructions for completing the Associate Safety Incident Report The Associate Safety Incident Report must be completed for every work-related safety incident. Report completed day of incident / or the day incident reported by injured associate. Any incident requiring off site medical treatment must immediately notify a Safety Incident Investigation Team member (listed below). Any incident associated with lifting (soft tissue or joint concern such as a strained back) must immediately notify a Safety Incident Investigation Team member. This report will: Assist associate in obtaining immediate medical treatment; Inform the Supervisor/Charge Person of the safety incident; Serve as a record for follow-up and notification for safety incident investigation. ASSOCIATES RESPONSIBILITIES: Associate Safety Incident 1. Immediately notify Supervisor/designated Charge Person of work-related safety incident. EMPLOYEE INFORMATION 2. Complete the form including signature and date. Male 3. Seek medical treatment if necessary. Female

Name : _____________________


Home Phone ____________

SUPERVISOR/CHARGE PERSON RESPONSIBLITIES: 1. Complete "Supervisor/Charge Person" section of form including signature and date. Home Address ______________________ Work Address ___________ 2. If the associate needs or desires medical treatment, arrange for appropriate medical care. A. If medical treatment required assure that "First Report of ________ Occupational Disease Date: an Injury, or Death" BWC form provided by caregiver. Date of Birth_____ accommodations Time in present position ___________ B. Notify caregiver of Seaman Corporations availability of light work dutyAge _______ Date Employed _______ Department Shop Job title for the injured associate. ASSOCIATE TREATMENT* ACCIDENT INFORMATION C. Awareness of drug testing requirement for all injured associates requiring emergency Date of safety incident ___________Time of safety incident: ___________am pm Health Med OneSite first aid Treated by: BRMC-ER BRMC-Occupational medical treatment. 3. If the associate does not need/desire medical treatment, Time shift began: ___________ am pm make a copy of this report for your MINISTRATION Building records and send the original to the Human Resource Manager. Location of safety incident; exact location of safety incident (give as close as description of location as

possible) ________________________________________________________________________________________ For Blood And Body Fluid Exposures: form to be attached to this report when submitted by the supervisor/charge associate. Associate should report blood and body fluid exposures immediately to supervisor. What was the associate doing when the safety incident occurred? Describe the activity as well as the

*Note that off site medical provider "First Report of an Injury, Occupational Disease or Death" BWC

tools, equipment, or material the associate was using. Examples: "climbing a ladder while carrying roofing _______________________________ materials", "daily computer data entry": Name of associate providing transport to medical (if provided) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ (Print) ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Bristol ­ Larry Anderson 423-652-7852 Home; 423-306-1982 Cell ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Donna Tate 423-652-5862 Home; 423-416-5862 Cell _______________________________ Dale Shaffer 276-466-2607 Home; 276-791-9668 Cell (Signature) In the injured persons own words (if possible), what happened? Describe how the injury occurred. Raj Venkataraman* 423-652-1958 Home; 423-646-9007 Cell Examples: "when ladder slipped on wet floor, worker fell 20 feet", "worker was sprayed when gasket broke during replacement", "worker developed soreness in wrist over time". ___________________________________________________________________________________________ * Notified in the event that none of the previously listed team members can be reached at time of reported ___________________________________________________________________________________________ incident. Supervisor Name: _______________________________ Supervisor Phone _____________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ What was the injury or illness? Describe the part of the body that was affected and how it was affected. This safety incident was reported to me on Date: _______ Time: __________ Department ______________ Example: "strained lower back" ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ What object or substance directly harmed the associate? Examples: "concrete floor", "debris" ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Supervisor Signature ________________________Date ________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Safety Incident Investigation Team members (as of 01-20-2009):

Witness Statement(s) (see page four (4))

Copies Sent to: Associate HR Manager LeanSigma ManagerManager/ GeneralSupervisor

Was this part of the normal job duty? yes no

Return completed form to Human Resources Manager** Report prepared by (if different from the injured associate): ___________________ Phone _____________

I understand that it is my right to apply for Workers' Compensation benefits and that I have two years from the date of this safety incident to do so. I also authorize the release of medical information regarding this safety incident to the company's Workers' Compensation**Note that Human Resources Manager will initiate incident investigation / analysis claim administrators.

(FAX 330-262-1292 Wooster).

in the event an incident

does not involve immediate Safety Incident Investigation Associate signature ___________________________________notification of the Date _________________ Team member upon receiving completed incident report.

Safety Incident Reporting

Safety Incident Investigation

Wooster Incidence Rate

Corporation has worked in excess of 1,146,000 man hours since last recorded lost time safety incident.


10.7 10.0


Industry Standard Rating of 6.2

6.2 5.9 5.0


4.0 3.5 2.9 2.0 1.5 3.0

0.0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Note that 2011 is based upon FY to date Oct 2010 ­ March 2011



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