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Tell a friend

Friend signs lease

You are rewarded

Contact your local management office for details

Name :________________________________________________

Address: Rank: Phone number:__________________________________________

For prospective resident: "I, ___________________________________________, certify that I have not been pressured, coerced, threatened, or otherwise forced to sign the residential lease with the Parks at Monterey Bay. I further certify that I signed the lease agreement of my own free will.

Referred by:______________________________________________ Name:__________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________ Rank:_________________________________ Phone: _________________________________

For SMs making the referral: "I, ____________________________ certify that I am not in the supervisory chain of_____________________________ (prospective resident). I further certify that I have not pressured, coerced, threatened, or otherwise forced the prospective resident to sign the residential lease with The Parks at Monterey Bay."

This promotion is for Active Duty Military assigned to Monterey. The purpose of this promotion is to allow current residents to call their friends who are assigned to Monterey and ask them to live in The Parks at Monterey Bay. The person referring a friend must accompany their friend on his/her first visit. If the prospect is contacting the office prior to arriving, they must mention the name of the friend who referred him/her. If a prospect has already contacted the office via phone, in person, or by E-mail prior to mentioning that they were referred, the referral is not valid. Before a referral is paid, both residents must sign this document and complete all the required information. A lease must be signed and the resident must have moved into the address listed above.

Incoming Resident Signature:__________________________________________________ Current Resident Signature:____________________________________________________

Internal Use Only Date lease signed: Employee signature:


Referral Flyer 08.11

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Referral Flyer 08.11