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M16 A4 Service Rifles:

The 2004 edition of the CMP Competition Rules expanded the definition of legal service rifles to include the M16 A4 rifle. This means that both the M16 A2, which has been recognized for many years, and the M16 A4, the so-called "flat-top" version with a removable carry handle, or commercial equivalents of those two service rifles are now legal for use in CMP EIC (leg) or National Trophy Matches. All commercial equivalent rifles must be "of the same type (configuration) and caliber." The decision to add the M16 A4 was made because this version is now used in Army basic training and is now being issued to many military units. Highpower service rifle competitors also may continue to use the M14 service rifle or its commercial equivalent, the M1A. Rules concerning legal service rifles are quite restrictive. To be recognized as a service rifle, the rifle must not only be a U. S. military rifle, but it must be a rifle that is commonly issued to large numbers of military personnel. CMP Competition Rules do not recognize special purpose military rifles as service rifles because they do not meet this criteria. This is to assure that all service rifle shooters have rifles with similar capabilities. The CMP has received many questions about how the M16 A4 or its commercial equivalents must be configured to be legal for use in service rifle competitions. This bulletin seeks to answer those questions. M16 A4 or commercial equivalent rifles must meet these requirements. Carry Handle and Rear Sight. The rifle must be equipped with a carry handle and rear sight that has the same configuration as the carry handle on the M16 A2 (height, type of sight, etc.). No optical sights are permitted. It is recognized that the elevation screw shaft in the M16 AR removable carry handle must be shorter. Carry Handle Location. The carry handle must be attached to the upper in such a way that the location of the handle and rear sight corresponds with the carry handle and sight location on the M16 A2. This is to assure that the sight radius of all M16/AR15-type rifles is the same. Front Sight. A standard M16 front sight must be fixed in the same location as it is on the M16 A2. Upper Handguard. A standard handguard or tube without accessory rail must be used. The sling swivel can attached to the front ferrule of the handguard or front tip of the tube in accordance with Rule 6.2.3 (10). Buttstock. To accommodate shooters of smaller stature, a standard buttstock from an M16 A1 rifle may be fitted to either the M16 A2 or M16 A4. Questions. Additional questions about legal service rifles or other issues concerning CMP Competition Rules should be addressed to the CMP at [email protected] or 419-635-2141, ext. 1112.


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