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Sanjit Maiti

Scientist (Agril. Tech. Transfer) National Research Centre on Yak (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Dirang, West Kameng District Arunachal Pradesh ­ 790101 (INDIA) Mob: +91-9436639956 Landline: +91-3780-241220 (Extn. 209(O)) WLL: +91-3780-200075, 200244 Fax: +91-3780-242273 Email: [email protected] Profession Experience

Position Scientist (On probation) Scientist

Institute NAARM, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh NRC on Yak, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh

Duration April 21, 2009 to August 26, 2009 August 27, 2009 Till date to

Pay Scale 15600-39100 + 6000 (RGP) 15600-39100 + 6000 (RGP)

Educational Qualification

Degree M. Sc. (Dairy Extension) B. Sc (Hons.) (Agriculture)

Year 2005-07

Board/University National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana

Division/Class First (With distinction) First

Palli Siksha Bhavana, Visva 2001-05 Bharati, West Bengal

Current Research Area

Livestock Extension Capacity building of different stakeholders of sustainable yak husbandry Societal vulnerability due to impending climate change

Community participation for climate change adaptation Amelioration of high attitude pasture for sustainable livelihoods of pastoral nomads

Research Experience

1. A Socio-Economic Appraisal of Yak Rearing in Arunachal Pradesh (Principal Investigator) (Main emphasis of this project to assess the present socio-economic scenario of the yak rearer of Arunachal Pradesh by developing a exclusively socio-economic scale for highlander.) 2. Network project on amelioration of temperate/alpine pastures for livelihood support to pastoral communities (Co-Principal Investigator) (Aim of this project is to recharge and rejuvenate the degraded temperate/alpine pasture by GIS based mapping of temperate/alpine pastures, exploring the suitability of the new species and varieties of pasture grasses, legumes and herbs and capacity building of the pastoral community to produce fodder round the year for their animal) 3. Role Performance and Job Satisfaction among Pranibandhus of Purba Medinipur District of West Bengal (M.Sc. Research Project) (Mainly focusing on current trend of dairying among the progressive masses in the state of West Bengal along with the modern and improved breeding and healthcare practices followed on the dairy livestock by private A.I. workers.)

Major Research Accomplishment

Socio-economic status of the Monpa pastoral nomad has been assessed Economic analysis of yak based livestock production system under transhumance system has been worked out Yak tracts of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim has been traced Suitability of 3 grassess (Dactylis, Lolium, Seteria) and one legume (white clover) has been assessed through community participation Training needs on different aspects of yak rearing has been explored Performance and job staisfaction of field level stakeholders of PublicPrivate-Partnership model of Artificial Insemination in West Bengal has been assessed


Sanjit Maiti, B.S. Malik, S.K. Jha and Garai. S. 2008. Importance of Job Factors that affect Job satisfaction: A perception of Pranibandhus. Indian Journal of Extension Science. 3(1): 94-97. (Published in September, 2009) Garai, S., Chouhan, J.P.S. and Sanjit Maiti. 2008. Adoption of improved dairy farming practices among the Santhal tribe women of Burdwan district (West Bengal). Indian Journal of Extension Science. 3(1): 90-93. (Published in September, 2009) Garai, S., Chouhan, J.P.S. and Sanjit Maiti. 2009. Existing dairy farming practices among the Santhal tribe women of Burdwan district (West Bengal). Indian Journal of Dairy Science. 62(2): 145-150. Sanjit Maiti, B.S. Malik, S.K. Jha and Garai. S. 2009. Job satisfaction among Pranibandhus of Purba Medinipur District of West Bengal. Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development. 4(1):77-79. Sanjit Maiti, S.K. Jha and Garai. S. 2010. Public-private-partnership vis-avis artificial insemination among dairy animals: An experience from West Bengal. Agricultural Extension Review. XXII (1):20-22.

Paul, V., Maiti, S., Singh, J. P., Ghosh, M. K., Baruah, K.K. and Chaurasia, R.S. 2010. Geomatics based study of yak rearing tracts of north-eastern Himalayan grassland. Range Management and Agroforestry. Symposium issue (A):107-109. Singh, J. P., Paul, V., Maiti, S., Ahmed, S., Deb, D., Chaurasia, R.S. and Soni, R. 2011. Sustainability of temperate/alpine pastures vs landform and soil status: A case study of Sikkim usuing GIS and RS techniques. Range Management and Agroforestry. 32(1):19-24. Sanjit Maiti and Sanchita Garai. 2011. On farm adaptive research: help to improve the research-extension-farmer linkages in India. Indian Farming. 61(2):26-27.

Advanced Training Attended

1. Successfully completed 120 days "Foundation Course for Agricultural Research Services" including 21 days "Filed Experience Training" at National Academy Agricultural Research Managament, Hyderabad during April 21 to August 18, 2009. 2. Successfully completed the "Centre of Advanced Faculty training" course on "Methodological Advances in Extension Research" held from February 5-25, 2010 (21 days) at Division of Agricultural Extension, IARI, New Delhi. 3. Successfully completed the training programme on "SAS: A Comprehensive Overview" of the NAIP Consortium "Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS" funded by NAIP at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region during August 23- September 29, 2010.

Methodology Developed

An exclusive socio-economic measurement scale for highlanders and pastoral nomads developed and standarised

Awards & Achievement

Awarded "Junior Research Fellowship" at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal during two years of Master degree in Master of Science in Dairy Extension Awarded "Senior Research Fellowship" during doctoral programme at at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Degree yet to complete because, I got physical examination from NDRI, Karnal to join Agricultural Research Service(ARS)) Stood first in Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Examination- 2007 in the discipline of Veterinary Extension Education conducted by Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board(Indian Council of Agricultural Research ) Received best poster presentation award for the paper entitled "Prospect and opportunities of Horticulture and Agribusiness in the North-East Region (NER) of India" with co-author S.M. Feroze and Sanchita Garai during "X Agricultural Science Congress" held at National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow, India during 10-12 February 2011. Received second best oral presentation award for the paper entitled "Sustainable development of yak husbandry and nomadic yak herdsmen: Can geomatics based study change the reality?" with co-author K.K. Baruah, Sanchita Garai, Vijay Paul during 5th National Seminar on ,,Multisectoral Innovations for Rural Prosperity organized by the Society for community mobilization for sustainable development in collaboration with National Dairy Research Institute and BBNL held at NDRI, Karnal, India during May 19-21, 2011

Personal Details

Parents' Name Spouse Name Date of Birth Date of joining of the present post Gender & Marital Status Nationality Languages Known Permanent Address

: Smt. Jalpana & Shri Satya Ranjan Maiti : Dr. Sanchita Garai : Jul 27th, 1982 : April 21, 2009 : Male : Indian : English, Hindi & Bengali : C/O: Shri Satya Ranjan Maiti Vill + P.O. ­ Simulia Dist- Purba Medinipur West Bengal - 721649


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