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North Salem Open Land Foundation

P.O. Box 176 North Salem, NY 10560






Dear Friends,

Officers and Directors

Jeff Morris, President Deanna Mulligan, Vice President Linda Farina, Secretary Brad Nager, Treasurer


Gloria Stein, Administrator Megan Callus, Environmental Consultant

t has been another exciting and successful year for the North Salem Open Land Foundation in our quest to preserve the forests, fields, wetlands and viewsheds that make North Salem unique. This year, through the generosity of North Salem residents and the efforts and resources of the Foundation, we preserved an additional 136 acres of land, bringing the total land NSOLF has preserved since its inception to 950 acres. These properties will remain protected and undeveloped forever. The growth of NSOLF, and the many successes of 2006, would not have been possible without the financial support and volunteer efforts of our members. Highlights of 2006 include: I The purchase of the 63-acre Bloomerside Parcel on Bloomer Road with the assistance of the Town of North Salem and a generous donor. This purchase is one of the most important achievements of the Foundation in recent years. It protects a central property and a critical roadside viewshed in town. I The generous donation of 44 acres of forests, fields and wetlands by Stephen Stempler. This donation not only protects the tranquility of a large neighborhood, but also safeguards the habitat of a diverse group of wildlife. I The protection of a highly visible hillside parcel on Keeler Lane that was imminently threatened with development. I The acquisition of an 11-acre parcel along Grant Road that created a corridor of preserved open space in the center of North Salem by adding land to the NSOLF Halmi and Hearst-Mead Parcels, creating a 73-acre sanctuary. I An expanded border of protection around the Baxter preserve through an easement granted by board member Brian Ivanhoe and his wife Lauren. I The continuation of an extensive maintenance and stewardship campaign on our Baxter Road Parcel. This effort is focused on removing invasive species, maintaining trees and repairing fencing. I A sold out 2006 benefit concert, starring vocal sensation and North Salem resident, Linda Eder, that contributed over $130,000 to the Foundation's Land Acquisition Fund. Looking ahead to 2007 and beyond, NSOLF is undertaking the development and execution of a strategic plan with the help of a new advisory group under the leadership of Lynn Edens. This plan will focus our efforts to preserve the most critical properties in town. Thank you for making 2006 a banner year for preservation. With your continued support we can ensure that North Salem will provide places for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.


Board Members

Class of 2007 John Chaffee Laura Daros Joel Fishman Jeff Morris Carol Timmis Peter Wiederhorn Class of 2008 Carol Goldberg David Kuehn Richard Levinson Lois Lippmann John McKay Deanna Mulligan Paula Weil Class of 2009 Page Dickey Linda Farina Charlotte Harris Brian Ivanhoe Brad Nager Joan Zimmett

Mission Statement The North Salem Open Land Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the character and natural beauty of the town of North Salem, New York, and the area around it by establishing land areas free from exploitation, development, and deterioration and by maintaining the environmental and ecological integrity of the area.

The North Salem Open Land Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 176 North Salem, NY 10560 (914) 669-5860 2 t

With thanks,

President, NSOLF 3 t


The Bloomerside Parcel

In 2006, NSOLF made a significant purchase of 63 acres of open space on Bloomer Road. To keep this sensitive property from being developed, a coalition that included the North Salem Open Land Foundation, the Town of North Salem, and neighbors, worked together to raise the appropriate funds and secured a purchase contract with the owner, the Bloomerside Cooperative. The Town of North Salem contributed $500,000 of the purchase price from its Open Space fund, which voters approved in two separate referenda over the past six years. In return for its contribution, the Town will hold a conservation easement on the property. It will remain pristine open space in perpetuity for the use and benefit of all North Salem residents. The Stempler property features forests, beautiful rock outcroppings, mature oak stands, as well as a stream. The natural features of the estate are astounding, as is the wildlife.

A few facts about the property and the impact its preservation will have:

I Because

of its varying ecology and substantial wetlands, it is a sanctuary for many species of wildlife including mink, otter, coyotes and bobcats. I The protection of fauna is enhanced by the location of the property adjacent to NSOLF's 34-acre Hawthorne parcel. Guided walks will be offered in the spring by the property's steward, Jim Costello. Jim knows this property intimately and was instrumental in its preservation. NSOLF is extremely grateful to Stephen Stempler and his generous donation of this beautiful property. It is his expressed hope that this donation will inspire others to protect their land for future generations as well.

Benefits of preserving the Bloomerside parcel:

I The

land, which faced imminent plans for development, will remain open for public access and the trail system will be enhanced, providing better access for walkers and horse back riders alike. I A prominent roadside viewshed will be protected, helping to secure the rural character of the town. I The public schools that are adjacent to site will be able to utilize this parcel, making it a wonderful resource for students. I The dumpsite on the property will be cleaned up and the property will be maintained in a way to showcase the beauty of its forests, meadows and rolling hills. NSOLF is extremely thrilled to have been able to work with the Town and the Bloomerside Cooperative to protect this important open space. This acquisition provides a model for preservation throughout the town and county. By working together, public officials, the North Salem Open Land Foundation, and residents were able to see past the environmental constraints, share limited financial resources and uncover this diamond in the rough. We at NSOLF commend North Salem's public officials and generous residents for creating a successful partnership that saves open space and protects our quality of life. The Bloomerside purchase was a tremendous accomplishment for everyone involved. Special recognition for this achievement goes to Sy Globerman and the Town Board, to Bloomerside Cooperative president Tom Butcher, to NSOLF trustee and Bloomerside steward, Peter Wiederhorn, and to a very generous neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The O'Donohue Preserve

Eleven acres along Grant Road, which adjoins NSOLF's 53-acre Halmi Parcel has been preserved. This property will be named the O'Donohue Preserve in honor of the leadership contribution made by Kevin and Laura O'Donohue. Henry D'Auria and Robert Halmi, Sr. were also generous contributors. This acquisition has created a corridor of preserved space in the center of North Salem, adding additional land to the Halmi Parcel, which in turn connects to the 73-acre Hearst-Mead Parcel, creating a sanctuary of 137 acres in the heart of North Salem.

The Creekside Easement

The Foundation was able to extend a ring of protection around our Baxter Road Preserve by accepting an easement from board member Brain Ivanhoe and his wife, Lauren, on a portion of their 19 acre property located at the intersection of Baxter Road and June Road. This easement provides protection of viewsheds from NSOLF fields to the east and from Baxter Road to the north.

The Keeler Homestead Easement

Over six acres of hillside overlooking the historic Keeler Homestead on Keeler Lane has been preserved thanks to a generous bargain sale of an easement to the Foundation by Laura and Kevin O'Donohue. The O'Donohues, owners of an adjoining property, agreed to purchase the land, which was under immediate threat of development. In turn, a number of neighbors contributed to purchase a conservation easement from the O'Donohues that restricts future building on the property to a barn and appropriate fencing. Special thanks go to Tom and Denise Stern, Joel and Anne Ehrenkranz, Josh Nash and Beth Goldberg, Steve Rattner and Maureen White, Jeff Morris and Janet Olshansky for their generous contributions. Now, visitors to our Keeler Hill parcel will continue to enjoy a beautiful unrestricted southern view for generations to come. The bucolic hillside is also visible from a number of other parts of town. 5 t

The Stempler Property

Forty-four acres of forests, wetlands and fields along Bogtown Road have been generously donated to NSOLF by long time North Salem resident Stephen Stempler. This donation ensures that the land will be protected in perpetuity, and that the look and feel of that part of North Salem will be protected with it. 4 t


1. Lances ­This parcel, located at the intersection of Routes 121 and 116, was the first to be donated to the Foundation in 1974, by Leo and Audrey Lances. With just over 2 acres, it has a hiking trail along the Titicus River and is an especially popular spot among fishermen. Steward: Sharon Churcher. 2. Graff ­ This 11 acre piece was donated in 1974 by Elizabeth Graff, former President of the North Salem Open Land Foundation. A swamp and spring fed pond on this parcel can be reached by walking on the horse trail to the left of the Golden's Bridge Hounds Kennels. Steward: Ciaran Murphy. 3. Hearst ­ Located along a branch of the Titicus River, this 6 acre parcel donated in 1976 by William and Augustine Hearst is another popular fishing spot. It contains a virgin hemlock forest located at the confluence of a brook and the Titicus River. This parcel is accessed through the Halmi Parcel (# 18). Stewards: Lois and Ken Lippmann. 4. Hearst-Mead ­ This 70 acre parcel, donated in 1977 by Eugenie Mead, is steeply sloped and fully wooded, and includes an old road bed and plenty of stone walls. A great walking spot for the energetic enthusiast. This parcel is accessed through the Halmi Parcel (#18). Stewards: Brad, Cody and Emory Nager. 5. Marx ­ Over 100 acres donated in 1977 by the Marx Family. This piece is situated almost entirely in the town of Lewisboro and features well defined trails which can be access from the AT&T gate and right-of-ways on Route 138 near Sullivan Road in Lewisboro. Stewards: Kathy Mills-Hastings and John Hastings. 6 & 7 ­Bulkley North and South ­ Situated on opposite sides of Finch Road, these parcels (over 30 acres and over 7 acres, respectively) were donated in 1979 by the Bulkley heirs. These parcels contain the west branch of the Mopus River and are primarily wetlands. Steward: Jennifer Lewis. 8. Hawthorne ­ This 34 acre parcel was donated to the Foundation in 1979 as part of the development of the Hawthorne Lake area. It includes a large marsh designated as wetlands by New York State, which makes hiking and exploring this parcel difficult for humans, but provides a sanctuary for many species of wildlife and many unusual plants. Stewards: Michael Gitlitz, Rita Landman, Paul and Marybeth Viola. 9. Baxter South ­ This parcel was donated in 1979 by "The Baxter Road Group" whose members were Hans and Hanni Kraus, William and Augustine Hearst, Daniel and Louise McKeon, Ronald Stanton, Eugene Colley, Regina Fox and Andrzej and Hope Von Kuhn. Known as the "Racetrack" by locals, this parcel consists of 114 acres on the south side of Baxter Road and is by far the most popular and well-used of all the parcels owned by the Foundation. The piece includes a large pond surrounded by the remains of the Racetrack, and many trails, which are well traveled by people on foot and horseback. Stewards: Baxter Road Committee: Charlotte Harris, Chair, Members: Page Dickey, Brian Ivanhoe, Dick Levinson, Allan Jacobson. 10. Baxter North ­ Directly across from the Baxter South Parcel, this 37 acre piece was donated by the Baxter Road Group in 1980. It consists of a high meadow with a stand 6 t of trees at the northwest end and is an excellent spot for looking over the Baxter South parcel to the Titicus Reservoir. Stewards: Baxter Road Committee. 11. Bell-Blakeley ­ This 3 acre parcel located at the intersection of Mills and Bogtown Roads was donated by Eleanor Blakely Bell and Bertha Bidda Blakeley in 1980 and has a wide trail along a New York State wetland. Stewards: Kate and John Arens. 12. Gentile ­ This 3 acre parcel across June Road from the Tompkins Memorial Track was donated in 1994 by Rosalina Gentile. The parcel, which consists largely of wetlands, was part of an area designated in the Master Plan of that era as desirable for open space acquisition. There is a popular horse and walking trail which can be accessed from June Road across from the entrance to North Salem High School. Steward: Josh Leicht. 13. Keeler ­ This 38 acre parcel was purchased by the Foundation in 1994 thanks to the generous contribution of neighbors and members. Located on the west side of Keeler Lane, the parcel features a perimeter walking and riding trail as well as many splendid views of the Titicus River, waterfall, the Keeler Pond and the Hudson Highlands. Stewards: Lois and Ken Lippmann. 14. Mills ­ These 10 acres were donated in 1996 by longtime board member Ruth Mills. The parcel is primarily wetland, though there is a small central rise where a few old hardwood trees are growing. A clear stream runs through the parcel which features a beautiful display of blooming marsh marigolds every spring. Steward: Bette Savitt. 15. Durand ­ In 1996, John Durand donated this 10 acre parcel behind the North Salem Free Library. It is the second most popular parcel held by the Foundation, as it features extensive walking trails through the woods and over streams. It is accessible through the Library's parking lot. Steward: Lore Jungster. 16. Grossman ­ This 10 acre tract located in Lewisboro, was donated by the Grossman family in 1998. The parcel features a well-defined walking trail which can be accessed from a right of way leading from Five Ponds Drive in Lewisboro. 17. Sporn ­ This 5 acre tract was donated in 1999 by Samuel and Ellen Sporn. The parcel is largely open and quite wet thanks to its situation at the banks of the Titicus Reservoir. Steward: Pat Stanley. 18. Halmi ­ This 53 acre parcel was donated in 2002 by Mr. Robert Halmi, Jr. and can be accessed from Grant Road in between the intersections of Route 116 and June Road. An extensive trail system provides terrific walking and riding opportunities. From the very highest point, there is a stone outcropping surrounded by wild blueberry bushes where one can see the Titicus Reservoir. This parcel has created a corridor of preserved space in the center of North Salem and provides access to the Hearst-Mead Parcel. Stewards: Brad, Cody and Emory Nager. 19. Gaymark ­ This 58 acre parcel was purchased by NSOLF in 2005 with funds donated to the Foundation and the support of many neighbors, as well as the generosity of the Scheuer Family, former owners of the property. A trail system entered from Dingle 7 t


NSOLF HOLDINGS MAP Numbers correspond to listings on pages 6,7 and 10.

8 t

Zoning Map - Town of North Salem Weiler Mapping, Inc: A Division of James W. Sewall Parcel Mapping Obtained from Town of North Salem Taxmaps 9 t

Ridge Road, across the street from the Mills Parcel has been built to provide the public with an opportunity to enjoy this magnificent property. The parcel features four distinct habitats ­ woodland, wetland, swamp and field ­ all visible from the trails. Stewards: Dick Levinson, Steve Mulligan and Mike Chaves. 20. Bloomerside - This 63 acre parcel was purchased in October of 2006 by a coalition that included the North Salem Open Land Foundation, the Town of North Salem and a generous neighbor, who worked together to raise the appropriate funds and secure a contract with the owner, the Bloomerside Cooperative. The public schools that are adjacent to site will be able to utilize the property, making it a wonderful resource for both residents and students. Steward: Peter Wiederhorn. 21. O'Donohue - This important 11-acre parcel along Grant Road has created a corridor of preserved space in the center of North Salem, adding additional land to the Halmi parcel, which connects to the 73-acre Hearst-Mead Parcel. This property will be named the O'Donohue Preserve in honor of the leadership contribution made by Kevin and Laura O'Donohue. Henry D'Auria and Robert Halmi, Sr. were also generous contributors. Stewards: Brad, Cody and Emory Nager. 22. Stempler - Forty-four acres of forests, wetlands and fields along Bogtown Road have been generously donated to NSOLF by long time North Salem resident Stephen Stempler. The Stempler property features forests, beautiful rock outcroppings, mature oak stands, and a stream, and is home to mink, otter, coyotes, and bobcats. The property borders the Hawthorne parcel. The property will be open to the public for organized walks and by special arrangement. Steward: Jim Costello.


n 1974, a group of North Salem residents, hoping to preserve as much of the green and undeveloped space of North Salem as they could, came together to found The North Salem Open Land Foundation (NSOLF). Shortly thereafter, North Salem residents Leo and Audrey Lances made the first donation of land to NSOLF, a small but important tract on the Titicus River. In that same year, Elizabeth Graff added another 11 acres on Baxter Road to the Foundation's holdings. In 1976, NSOLF received its first large parcel, from William and Augustine Hearst and Eugenie Mead, bringing the total acreage owned by NSOLF to almost 80. NSOLF also received its first two conservation easements in 1976, one from Ruth Keeler and another from Heide Lange and John Chaffee (who still sits on the NSOLF Board today). The following year, the Marx Family brought NSOLF's total owned acreage to almost 200, and in 1980, a group of residents, the "Baxter Road Group," purchased over 100 acres of meadows, a lake, trails, and a riding track on Baxter Road, and gifted it to NSOLF. It was then, and still is, among the most beautiful, unspoiled, open land in Westchester County. These donations of land and conservation easements set a precedent, and NSOLF has continued to work tirelessly to preserve and protect North Salem's open spaces ever since. NSOLF now either owns or holds easements on 950 acres, which will remain preserved and undeveloped forever. We maintain this land with the help of volunteer land stewards, either keeping the space protected and unused or granting public access for walking and riding. It is our goal to increase the protected space in our town for plant and animal habitats as well as for human enjoyment.

NSOLF Holdings


Conservation Easements

CE1. Chaffee ­ 2 acres donated in 1977 by John Chaffee, former President of the Foundation and current Trustee, and Heide Lange Chaffee. CE2. Keeler Pond ­ 7 acres donated in 1976 by Ruth Keeler, a longtime former member of the Board. CE3. Gruss ­ Multiple parcels totaling 33 acres donated in 1993 by Martin Gruss. CE4. Carmichael ­ 8 acres donated in 2001 by Hoagy and Charmaine Carmichael. CE5. Grossman ­ 61 acres (notably designated a bog turtle habitat by the DEC) donated in 2001 by Tom and Pamela Grossman. CE6. Levinson ­ 12 acres donated in 2004 by Richard and Patricia Levinson. CE7. Purdys Ridge ­ 66 acres purchased by The Town of North Salem and NSOLF in 2005. A trail system is planned to provide public access from Old Schoolhouse Road and First Street. Steward: Brian Bartsch. CE8. Keeler Homestead ­ 6.5 acres overlooking the historic Keeler Homestead on Keeler Lane donated by Kevin and Laura O'Donohue. CE9. Creekside ­ 12 acres adjacent to the Baxter Road parcel donated by Brian and Lauren Ivanhoe. Please note that public access is permitted ONLY on the Purdys Ridge Parcel. All others are privately owned lands and public access is prohibited. 10 t

NSOLF Holdings

1,000 900 800 Owned 700 Under Easement 600 Acres 500 400 300 200 100 0 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2005 2006 Years

11 t


In 2006 many members contributed their time and resources to furthering the cause of land preservation in North Salem. In particular, the Board of Trustees of NSOLF wishes to extend a special thank you to: Joan and Mark Zimmett for hosting and sponsoring our Donor party in June 2006 Susan Bloomberg for hosting our October 2006 concert Linda Eder for her wonderful performance at our October concert Deanna and Steve Mulligan for hosting our Annual Meeting in October 2006 Our stewards listed on pages 6 -10 for all their hard work monitoring NSOLF properties Listed below are donations received from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. We apologize for any mistakes or omissions we may have made in recognizing the generosity of our donors. Gifts made in 2006 will be acknowledged in our 2007 Annual Report. Donor List by Campaign

Bloomerside Campaign Anonymous Town of North Salem Gaymark Campaign John Lombardo & John McKay* Steve and Deanna* Mulligan Jack and Lynn Slonaker Andrew Sternlieb and Robin Albin Keeler Homestead Campaign Joel and Anne Ehrenkranz Jeff Morris* & Janet Olshansky Josh Nash & Beth Goldberg Steven Rattner & Maureen P. White Thomas and Denise Stern O'Donohue Preserve Campaign Henry D'Auria Robert Halmi, Sr. Purdys Ridge Campaign Anonymous* Chris Brockmeyer & Xenia von Lilien-Waldau

Heidi Lange & John Chaffee* The Menken Foundation Charles & Sheila Perrin Jack & Lynn Slonaker Mr. & Mrs. Mark Thies Mary White & J.C. Flowers Patron of the Land: $1000 - $2499 Robert Armentano Cynthia Bell & Paul Bucha Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bernstein Pamela Biddle & Joel Fishman* Susan Bloomberg Gail L. Brainum & Richard Sandlofer Chris Brockmeyer & Xenia von Lilien-Waldau Peter & Jean Bronstein Sharon Churcher & Michael Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Colley Lynn De Gregorio Misha & Cipa Dichter James Dinan & Elizabeth Miller Mathew Edmonds & Julie Ann Quay Dr. Matthew Elliot & Dr. Alexis Finlay Patrick and Mary Freydberg Robert Gershon & Marianna Sprenger Golden's Bridge Hounds, Inc. Melissa Greenspan & Kevin Reiner Sharon & Richard Gunthel Merril & Dolores Halpern Charlotte Harris* & John Roach Brian* & Lauren Ivanhoe Susan & Daniel Koch Prudence & Bruce Lev Patricia & Richard* Levinson Genevieve & John Malone Cindy & John McKean Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Mitchell Clark & Whitney Murphy The Nager* Family David Nash & Lucy Mitchell-Innes Dr.& Mrs.George Naumburg Kathy & Ben Needell Kevin & Laura O'Donohue Ron Parlato Mackin & Christa Pulsifer Tim & Ellen Purdy Phillippe & Melanie Radley Arjamian Raffi Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Rose Susan & David Rubin Bette Savitt Axel & Sara Schupf Judy & Paul Schur Donna & Marvin Schwartz Mr. & Mrs.Kenneth Siegel Mitchell & Pamela Slater Ronald Stanton Carol* & Jack Timmis

Donor List By Category

Benefactor of the Land: $10,000 or more Anonymous (2) Henry D'Auria Anne & Joel Ehrenkranz Laurence & Lori Fink Robert Halmi, Sr. John McKay* & John Lombardo Jeffrey Morris* & Janet Olshansky Steve & Deanna* Mulligan Josh Nash & Beth Goldberg Steven Rattner & Maureen P. White Thomas & Denise Stern Guardian of the Land: $5000 - $9999 Duncan Dayton Glenn & Eva Dubin Lynn & Wes Edens Linda & Brian Gracie Glenn H. Greenberg Paul & Robin Greenwood Kenneth & Lois* Lippmann Jeanine & Robert Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pinto Andrew Sternlieb & Robin Albin Jeffrey & Wendy Waldron Protector of the Land: $2500 - $4999 Cynthia & Robert Abrams Leonard Chazen & Linda Rappaport Charles & Julia De Vaulx Michele & Peter Faulkner James Gadsden & Barbara Howard Carol * & Jesse Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gottsegen Lewis & Melissa Kohl

John & Mary Ann Connors Laura* & Robert Daros Juliet Faust Lynn & Arnold Feld Preserver of the Land: $500 - $999 Paul & Gillian Friedman Andrew S. Georges John & Karen Aronian Ray Gershon Isaac & Sandra Assael Howard & Melinda Godel Dr. Dennis Lee Brooks Melissa Gordon & Chris Culler Laurence Brown Daniel & Wende Greene Michael & Hillary Chaves Dr. & Mrs. Paul Harbottle Michael & Nan Cooper Dr. Patricia Hartwell Cynthia & Frank Curtiss Katherine Daniels & Joshua Leicht Rodney & Lydia Hatch Mitchell & Elizabeth Higgins Manuel & Sally de Vengoechea Frederick David Hill Linda* & Peter Farina Constance Kaiser & Harvey Spector Larry & Aila Feder Lori Meg Karlin & Dan Wetuk William & Sally Frank Tasos Kokoris Oliva Goodnow Karen Kurrasch William & Susan Harts Andrew Lawrence Theresa Havell & James Carter Brian & Tiffany Lee Teal Hoines & Jeffrey Bennett David & Gail Levine Jackie & Gary Holtzer Nadine & Peter Levy Ed Isler & Jane Love Robert & Pat Lewis Nancy & Mitchell Kaye Jane & Daniel Lindau Tonia & Jeffrey Kempler Irene Lovece & Michael Fitzgibbon John & Janice Kolb Mr. & Mrs. Jack Manes Cynthia Kosacz Vincent Marchese William Kracklauer Rhona & Joe McKenna Craig & Patty Kravit Kathy & Jim McQuade Mr.* & Mrs. David Kuehn Alan & Fran Megerdichian Anthony & Brenda Maddaluna Katherine Moyer Charles L. & Gloria Mandlestam Earl H. Nemser, Esq, Barbara & Sig Martensson Stephen & Amanda Nesis Chris & Linda Mayer Debra Paget & Jeff Berg Robert & Sue Mellins Michael Richman Mrs. Henry Pergament Peter Samaha Barbara Rockefeller David & Suzanne Sandbank Roger Saunders Russell & Joanne Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Savino Roger Straus Robert Scheuer Mr. & Mrs. O.R. Theurkauf Amy & Anthony Serra Peggy Thomas Edward & Susan Thompson Elizabeth Thompson & Ken Markel Lee Manning Vogelstein Ruth Toporoff Sustaining Member: $250 - $499 Alan Towers Gregory & Elizabeth Allen Karen & Jeff Weinsten Elizabeth A. Almeyda Grace Whitney Ian M. Ashby Peter * & Petra Wiederhorn David & Randee Bank Jack & Tobe Wilson Vincent Bellissimo David & Donna Zublin Steve & Paula Bobolia Karen M. Burchetta Supporting Member: $100 - $249 Ann & Larry Buttenwieser Len Alexander Richard Button Gregory Babon Francis D. Cakavell Thomas & Elizabeth Beeby John & Dorothy Caralyus Nancy Boersma Jane & Ivan Chermayeff Deidre Brown Peg Clark & John O'Meara Sharon Brownridge Andrew Clunn Brian Burdine Donald & Pat Weeden Paula Weil* Joan* & Mark Zimmett

12 t

13 t


Thomas & Ann Cahill Heidi Case Virginia Clark Page Dickey* & Francis Schell Helen Dimos & Benjamin Oko Monty Denneau & Jeanne Farewell Mittie & Jim Figura Jonathan P. Fogler Linda Fountain Raymond Furlan The Giachetto/O'Sullivan Family Lloyd & Katherine Gilmour Les Goldberg Nancy & Jose Gonzalez Brian Paul Grubb Tory & Norma Hart Eric Hasbrouck John & Lynne Hawes Susan Heller Robert Herlihy & Carol Ann Hughes Helena Hernmark & Niels Diffrient Hayden Herrera & Desmond Heath Sidney Holt Jackie & John Holzinger Elizabeth Hunter Neil & Joan Jacobs Allan Jacobson La Verle Jessup Edward Kelly Bea & Alan Kruchkow Rosemary Lattimer Amy & Elliot Lawrence Michele Leasure Mr. & Mrs. Karl Lian Warren & Susan Lucas Vivien & Henry Malloy Della Mancuso & Walter Ruben Francesca & James Matthews Mr. & Mrs. John Maynard Martin & Jean Mensch Lynn Minton & Edward Buhl Carol Molony The Palmieri Family Pamela & Eric Pooley Lynn Povich & Steve Shepard Mary Ellen Purdy Edward & Yvonne Raboy Kathleen Reilly Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Richter Riverside Farm Rebecca Rogan Dyan Rosenberg Cecilia C. Ruggles Elaine Sargent Sport Auto LTD. Gloria & Joshua Stein Dr. & Mrs. Sheldon Steinmetz Amy Theurkauf Robert Troles Rudolph & Henny Tromp Linda Van Kooy Frank Veith Kenneth Waltz Jof White Wilton Pony Club Family Member: $50 - $99 Ruth Ahearn John & Kate Arens Martin & Nancy Aronchick Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Biddle Valeria & Greg Bobbin Timothy & Melissa Braz Andrew & Andrea Brown John & Maureen Caley Jeanette Ciciora Robin & Richard Dale Penny & Seth Dietz Richard & Theresa Donahue Mark Fleischmann & Shelley Einbinder Robert & Nancey Faesy Michael Gitlitz & Rita Landman Scott Gonge Amy Harp Dianna & Michael Harris Donn & Abby Henshaw Patrick & Lydia Hoban Dr. & Mrs. Milton Horowitz Robert Ivry Lauretta Jones Annamaria & John Kettner The Kirshoff Family Carolyn Kunicki Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Lado The Lett Family Marianne & Michael McGurk Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McHugh Dr. Marjorie Neaderland John & Jamie Novo Diane & Peter Nussbaum Neil & Marilyn Platt Richard & Eileen Porter Ray & Daisy Rose Jane & Robert Schewior Mr. & Mrs. Smadbeck Nancy & Marvin Stamm Robyn Stern Ken & Lisa Weinstein Lynne Beringer White Individual Member: Up to $49 Lois Adamsen James Bagley Curt & Elizabeth Barrentine Ruth Bird Laurel Bliss John & Sharon Bracken Todd & Lynn Burt Ellis Carpenter Helen & Scott Curtiss Mark & Maureen Eckman Peter Farnsworth Ulrich Figge Beverly Gabel Cynthia B. Gardner Phyliss & John Garguilo Eleanor & Edward Gee Jack & Nicole Geiger Susanne Handler Andrew Hatt Elizabeth Hendrick-Wasp Kasper Kristian Shelia Lacey Patricia Malanchuk William & Patricia Mark Wilhelm Meisinger Elise Kelsey Merrow John Metzger Jane Moffat Eleanor Moran Elizabeth & Richard O'Leary Frances Ott Elizabeth E. Palmer Carol Parker Shirley Perry Eileen Peterson Linda Pressmar Louisa Purcell Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Renick Donna Romeo Amy Rosmarin & Ken Fellerman Susan Sansbury Alice Silverman Barbara B. Smith & Kenneth E. Leonard Patricia Stanley Barbara Sullivan Peter & Elizabeth Swetz, Jr. Carisa Sykes Michael Trencher K. Van Splinter & S. Kaufmann Peter Vitale Lynn & Thomas White Jason & Julia Wolfe * Denotes current Trustees of NSOLF

2006 Operating Revenues Annual Campaign Donation Income Membership Dues Fundraising Event Income * Miscellaneous Income Total Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Member Program and Outreach Fundraising Event Expense * Management/Administration Executive Director Direct Compensation Administration Insurance Professional Fees Property Stewardship Total Operating Expenses Net Operating Income Net Investment Account Income** Total Operating and Investment Net Income Key Sources and Uses of Capital Funds Key Sources of Capital Funds Land Acquisition Donations Key Uses of Capital Funds Special Property Maintenance Land Acquisition and Acquisition Expenses 2,892,075 $ $ 32,065 15,942 49,388 185,835 1,500 284,730 11,768 62,080 43,621 9,783 7,302 13,532 10,529 158,615 126,115 352,117 $478,232

2005 57,245 21,407 42,994 5,000 3,125 $ 129,771 2,201 0 42,700 16,471 7,409 4,918 11,227 $84,926 44,845 86,120 $ 130,965


15,642 3,324,202 $ 3,339,844

18,080 917,926 $ 936,006

* Income and expense due to October 2006 concert ** Includes a one time gain of $212,000 due to forced realized gains in 2006

14 t

15 t


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