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Church Leadership

1. Developing the Leaders Around You ­ John Maxwell

· How to Empower Potential Leaders o "In leadership, empowerment is the process whereby power is transferred and released from one person to another. It is the giving of power, rather than the acquiring of it, and it allows one person to get involved with another to remove distance and barriers. Perhaps as important, as John C. Maxwell emphasizes, empowerment is a transfer of confidence." How to Equip Potential Leaders o "...John C. Maxwell provides the Steps to Effective Equipping. Listeners can take this helpful information and map out a strategy for equipping potential leaders in their own church or group." How to Evaluate Potential Leaders o "How to Evaluate Potential Leaders takes you through the process of answering the question `What does a leader look like?' John C. Maxwell will show you that ideal `picture' and how to recognize and evaluate potential leaders in your group."



2. Church Leaders Under Fire

· Tape One: Preventing Burnout ­ Dr. Tony Evans & Dr. James Kennedy o "Burnout victims find themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted...This powerful video deals with the symptoms, causes, and solutions to burnout. As a way of helping others, church leaders across America share their personal stories of burnout in this revealing video." Tape Two: Family Priorities ­ Rev. J. D. Middlebrook & Dr. Adrian Rogers o "Balancing priorities is difficult...The more dedicated the worker...the more complicated it becomes...In this dynamic video, church leaders throughout America give their own accounts...of juggling priorities." Tape Three: Sources of Conflict ­ Dr. William H. Hinson & Marshall Shelley o "From around the United States, local church leaders discuss sources of conflict in their church and ways to reduce tension in order to avoid conflict." Tape Four: Maintaining Moral Purity ­ Dr. W. A. Criswell & Rev. Richard Exley o "This powerful video gives important guidelines to church leaders for maintaining moral purity while working closely with others. It also provides counsel on reducing the level of sexual temptation." Tape Five: For Ministers Only ­ Dr. Robert Abrahamson & Louis McBurney, M.D. o "The greater the pressures, the greater the vulnerability for strong temptations...Often we can do little about reducing the stresses of local church ministry. But we can, through self understanding, reduce our vulnerability to sexual temptations."


· ·


3. How to Avoid Personal Liability and Sexual Harassment Law Suits ­ Tom Farr 4. First Place Video ­ Orientation & Food Exchanges 5. Pastor & Staff Search Committee ­ Don R. Mathis & Donna J. Gandy

· The kit includes: o The Book ­ Pastor and Staff Search Committee Guide o 3.5" diskette of customizable forms and letters including Congregational Survey, Church and community profile, supply preaching form, preaching/video guide, sample letters to potential candidates & references, sample interview questions, sample reference interview questions, candidate biographical profile form, release of confidential information form, glossary of academic degrees, compensation worksheet, agreement between minister and congregation, installation service, ministerial job descriptions o Hard Copy samples of selected items listed above

o o ·

Instruction pamphlet Audiocassette mini-training conference

6. Teaching to Make a Difference ­ Bill Taylor (Leader Kit)

Lessons: o Implication: Bible teaching and "The Great Commission" o Expectation: What it takes to be an effective teacher o Participation: The Team, the Goal, the Challenge, the Reward o Preparation: A step-by-step approach to teaching readiness o Communication: Sharpening your skills to maximize learning o Presentation: A plan for speaking, listening and involving people o Application: Relating Bible truths to contemporary life experiences o Cultivation: Ministering to the class beyond the classroom o Multiplication: Evangelizing and mentoring others for Christian service

7. The Team Builder ­ Frank R. Lewis

· A Pastor's Resource for Increased Effectiveness in Developing and Leading the Church Staff o Computer diskette containing 52 devotions for meetings, templates for team meeting agendas, intake forms, and team member evaluations o Leader Guide o Audio Cassette

8. Jesus On Leadership: Developing Servant Leaders ­ C. Gene Wilkes

· The Seven Principles of Servant Leadership o Servant leaders humble themselves and wait for God to exhalt them. o Servant leaders follow Jesus rather than seek a position. o Servant leaders give up personal rights to find greatness in service to others. o Servant leaders can risk serving others because they trust that God is in control of their lives. o Servant leaders take up Jesus' towel of servanthood to meet the needs of others. o Servant leaders share their responsibility and authority with others to meet a greater need. o Servant leaders multiply their leadership by empowering others to lead.


Echoes From The Valley: Beginning an AIDS Ministry

· "...the Maston Foundation produced this awareness tape to improve AIDS/HIV understanding and to help churches develop policies for ministry to families and children with HIV."

10. AIDS: A Christian Perspective

· "Dick Day, noted Christian author, takes an in-depth look at the report and discusses how we, as Christians, should respond to AIDS and those it affects."

11. The AIDS Crisis and the Church

· Two ­ 30 minute programs

12. Facing the Facts: America's Health Care Crisis ­ Annuity Board of the SBC

· · · How is the national health-care crisis affecting Annuity Board plans? Does the Annuity Board understand how ministers and churches are impacted? What can be done to ease the effects of the health-care crisis?

13. Facing the Facts: How To Build An Adequate Retirement Income ­ Annuity Board

· This 18-minute presentation leads you and your church through the five important steps needed to build an adequate retirement income

14. Just Being There: Ministry To The Military

15. LIFE Support Group Series ­ 2 Tapes

· "...set before you the tools that can mean hope to thousands. The series offers 8 20-minute sessions, which focus on organizing the ministry and training lay leadership. Each session is a collection of strategic helps, which move step by step through the leadership training process.

16. Equipping Deacons as Servant Leaders Volume 1: The Deacon and His Ministry

· · · · Session 1 ­ Ministering to Couples in Conflict Session 2 ­ Ministering to the Divorced Session 3 ­ Ministering to the Terminally Ill Session 4 ­ Ministering to the Bereaved

17. Equipping Deacons As Servant Leaders Volume 3

· · · Session 1 ­ Ministering to Caregivers of Elderly Parents Session 2 ­ Ministering to Those in Financial Stress Session 3 ­ Ministering to Irregular Families

18. Deacons: Models In Ministry ­ Herbert L. Pedersen

· · · · · · Part 1 ­ Prioritizing Ministry Part 2 ­ Discovering Needs Part 3 ­ Excelling In Evangelism Part 4 ­ Following Up and Retrieving The Inactive Part 5 ­ Ministering to the Sick and Terminally Ill Part 6 ­ Ministering to the Sorrowful and Grieving

19. A Deacon Ministry That Works ­ Herbert L. Pedersen

· "...a 6-lesson interactive training program designed to train and motivate deacons to carry out a dynamic, biblically based ministry instead of the "traditional" administrative approach in many churches. It is a valuable resource for ongoing training of current and new deacons for effective ministry." o Is Biblically Based o Is Ministry Oriented o Is Effective and Continuous o Demands Commitment o Incorporates Valid Principles o Requires Equipping

20. Vision, Variety & Vitality: Teaching Today's Adult Generations

· "...can help you train leaders who work with adults in all program and ministry areas of your church to become more effective. Leaders will gain a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of leaders, gain a better understanding of the influences on each generation of adults and how adults in each generation learn; and gain a better understanding of how to use various teaching methods."

21. Deacons: Growing In Character and Commitment ­ Jim Henry

· · · · · · Lesson 1 ­ The Deacon and His Wisdom Lesson 2 ­ The Deacon and His Walk Lesson 3 ­ The Deacon and His Word Lesson 4 ­ The Deacon and His Wealth Lesson 5 ­ The Deacon and His Wife Lesson 6 ­ The Deacon and His Watch

Children's Leadership

1. Reducing the Risk: Making Your Church Safe from Child Sexual Abuse ­ Church Law & Tax Report

· · · · Training Manual Audio Cassette Training Video Guidebook

2. "Somebody Told"

· "SOMEBODY TOLD trains your staff to prevent child sexual abuse. It helps you protect your children and your organization. You'll learn how to establish appropriate conduct, boundaries and job descriptions. Review potentially damaging liabilities. And effectively screen staff and volunteers."

3. Children's Bible Drill DVD­ Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

· As a leader, you'll learn: o The basics for Children's Bible Drill o Uniform procedures for teaching, training, and conducting drills and tournaments o How to deliver commands as a drill is called o The basics for scoring mistakes as detailed in the Leader/Judges Guide, NC Edition

4. Observing Fours and Fives in Sunday School ­ Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention 5. Observing Babies and Ones in Sunday School ­ Sunday School Board of the SBC 6. Observing Twos and Threes in Sunday School ­ Sunday School Board of the SBC 7. Bible Story Time Observation in Sunday School ­ Sunday School Board of the SBC 8. Preschool Leadership Training ­ Sunday School Board of the SBC

· · · · Teaching Babies and Ones at Church Teaching Twos and Threes at Church Teaching Fours and Fives at Church Extended Session: Vital to Church Growth

9. Children's Leadership Training ­ Sunday School Board of the SBC

· · · Teaching Bible Discoverers, Third and Fourth Graders in Sunday School Teaching Bible Searchers, Fifth and Sixth Graders in Sunday School Teaching First-Sixth Graders Using Children's Bible Study

10. God's Way/My Way - Leader's Guide

· TeamKid: Kids in Discipleship

11. G-Force: Experience God Full Blast! ­ Leader Guide

· An Interactive Worship and Bible Study Experience for Children

12. Preschool TeamKid Leader's Guide 13. Love, Laughter & Learning: Teaching Preschoolers Today


"LOVE, LAUGHER & LEARNING can help you train your preschool leaders to become better teachers through understanding how preschoolers learn, effective teaching methods, and learning styles."

14. Crayons, Computers & Kids: Teaching Children Today

· "Dr. Aldridge talks on videotape about how girls and boys learn and how teachers teach them. He interviews both children and teachers so that workers with children at church will learn to be more sensitive to the needs of the children they teach."

15. Kid Tricks: A magical 4-part video series for kids age 5-12 ­ Danny Korem

· · · Part 1 ­ When a Trick is Not a Trick o "Demonstrates the difference between good tricks and bad ones, and that a trick is no longer a trick when it becomes a lie." ­ 30 min. Part 2 ­ Check It Out! o "Examines the difference between illusion and reality. Kids are encouraged to `check out' the facts, like Thomas who saw for himself the risen Christ." ­ 30 min. Part 3 ­ It's a Secret! o "Teaches kids to distinguish between good secrets and bad secrets. The stories of Jesus' healing of a leper and Samson's strength are used as illustrations of when to keep a secret." ­ 30 min. Part 4 ­ Tricks or Powers? o "Unmasks fraud and reveals the true power of Jesus Christ. A contemporary psychic, exposed as a fraud, is contrasted with the true power of Jesus' miracles and resurrection." ­ 30 min.


16. Babies At Church: Loving Them, Caring for Them, Teaching Them

VBS Materials

1. The Ultimate Adventure With Jesus: Psalm 139 - Opening Your Heart To Him

· David C. Cook ­ "All the Curriculum You Need...There's Nothing Else to Order!"

2. SonCanyon: River Adventure ­ Starter Kit 3. Adventure Zone: Adventures of Paul

· Preschool, Children & Administrative Material for 3 yr. olds through sixth graders

4. Adventure Zone: Adventures of Jesus

· Preschool, Children & Administrative Material for 3 yr. olds through sixth graders

Youth Videos/ Leadership Materials

1. Fast Forward: Total TV Network ­ Bill Myers

· Do Dogs Go To Heaven? o "We know that Christianity is not a mathematical equation. However, the evidence for belief is overwhelming. After watching this unique episode of Fast Forward, you will understand that Christianity will always require a step of faith...but never a `blind leap of faith' " Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm. o "Somewhere along the way you goofed ­ you blew it ­ you made a mistake ­ you `done wrong!' You feel terrible...guilty, but now what? On this episode of Fast Forward, you'll





discover whether guilt is good or bad. You'll also learn three guaranteed steps on how you can actually get rid of those guilty feelings." What's Mine Is Mine! o "Why is money so important? Because it has power! ...On this episode of Fast Forward, you will travel all the way to Africa...and then back to an Indian reservation in Montana to see how some young people are using their power to make a difference." Stressed for Success o "Those overwhelming expectations from parents, from teachers, coaches, friends, and even from church...On this episode of Fast Forward, you will learn that while Christians are not immune to is possible to learn ways to cope with the stress that will come our way." Get A Life! o "On one hand, life seems bright and promising. On the other hand, it threatens you with doubts, disappointments and tough decisions. On this episode of Fast Forward, you will learn about making decisions to achieve God's will for your life. You will learn how to Get a Life!"

2. Divorce: Forgiving Those Who Have Failed You ­ Pat Hurley

· "This video emphasizes the need for young people to succeed despite the problems brought on by divorce or separation. Pat Hurley uses humor to explain several crucial issues facing a young person who may feel the pain brought on by parents who have trouble loving each other."

3. Grief: It Ain't Over Even When It's Over! ­ Pat Hurley

· "Comedian Pat Hurley speaks to a teenage audience about the value of grief...Interspersed with student interviews and a true-to-life-skit using a telephone conversation, this video clearly shows grieving as a natural part of life."

4. Abortion: The Selling of Selfish Choices ­ Pat Hurley

· "The issue of abortion is addressed by youth communicator Pat Hurley in a way that young people will clearly understand the real battle for unborn life...The video combines Pat's stand-up message with an audience question and answer session. Also interspersed are student interviews and a wrap-up with Pat and his wife, Becky."

5. Anger: Losin' Your Cool, Isn't ­ Pat Hurley

· "Anger can ruin your life; it is a revengeful act and Pat stresses that unless we learn how to deal with anger in a constructive way, it can become a destructive, driving force in our lives, ruining everything we touch."

6. Confusion: God's Will in an Ungodly World ­ Pat Hurley

· "The world can be very confusing to a teenager. In this video, Pat Hurley uses humor and clear illustrations to explain God's perspectives in the decision-making process."

7. Lead, Follow, or Get Out of His Way ­ Pat Hurley

· "Pat's message is essentially one of confidence. With humor and candor he reassures Christian young people about the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. He dispels many of the fears they have about acknowledging their commitment and sharing their faith with their peers. And he challenges them to evaluate carefully the lifestyles of their "cool" non-Christian friends."

8. Edge TV

· · Edition 1 o Body Image, McLane Goes to Africa, Artist Profile: Julie Miller, Lexicon-O-Rama, Making a Difference: Bordertown, Why I Am Not a Christian Edition 6


Racism: Cross Colors, Time to Embrace, Artist Profile: Two Hearts, My Best Teacher, The Other Side of the World, Comedy/Drama: Term Paper, Bonus Video: "How Can You Say No" ­ Julie Miller

9. Life on the Edge: Preparing for the Challenges of Adulthood ­ Dr. James Dobson

· Finding God's Will For Your Life o "Whether it's selecting a career, a mate or a lifestyle, the choices young adults make will shape their futures. It's imperative that they learn to accept responsibility along with their new-found freedom." Emotions: Can You Trust Them? o "Though emotional ups and downs are a part of living, they don't have to dominate life. When contradictory messages from society and overwhelming passions collide, you need guidance....Dr. Dobson helps you understand your emotions and offers keys for handling them by making decisions based on faith instead of feelings." Love Must Be Tough o "Genuine love must be tough if it's to survive the stresses of today's world. Love Must Be Tough shows how resilient love is based on mutual trust and respect. This perspective on human behavior helps you build healthy relationships based on mutual responsibility, confidence and courage." The Keys to a Lifelong Love o "In a society of dissolving commitment and fidelity, Dr. Dobson shows you how to defy the odds and build lasting, satisfying relationships. From selecting a mate to creating intimacy in marriage, The Keys to a Lifelong Love offers practical principles for building a love that lasts a lifetime." When God Doesn't Make Sense o "When you're young, it's easy to believe that life will always be carefree and happy. But every person who lives long enough will experience difficulties that are not easy to understand. Doubting one's faith and one's self is a natural part of the Christian life. Dr. Dobson offers insight into the trials of life and how to cope with them." Pornography: Addictive, Progressive and Deadly o Pornography is a trap. ...pornography is the secret addiction that has destroyed careers, relationships and lives. This frank talk about temptation, addiction and perversion helps you avoid destructive choices. ...includes segments from Dr. Dobson's interview with serial killer Ted Bundy telling how he was influenced by pornography."






10. Total TV Network presents Fast Forward ­ Bill Myers

· Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! o "It's as if the whole world is saying, `You can't handle the truth.' Universal and open disregard for the truth has sent mixed signals to young people who hear about integrity in school and from the pulpit...but they see very few examples in real life. This a surprising look at how teenagers feel about lying. It also demonstrates that friendships suffer severely when trust has gone out of the relationship." Guatemala Is Not A Dip o "Out TV crew tags along with missionaries Phil and Jana Disney...There's more to the story than active volcanoes and exotic locations....Why would Phil and Jana leave the comforts of the United States to live in Central America?" The Rejection Connection o "For young people, few things in life are more powerful than the need for acceptance...or more depressing than the feelings of rejection...This episode of Fast Forward deals with rejection as it relates to friends, unrealistic expectations, and depression." Home Is Where The Hurt Is o "Their lives have become an emotional battleground. Many innocent kids are trampled by divorce. Others face uncertain futures because of mom and dad are out of work...or an abusive parent... a mom hooked on drugs...or a father who has abandoned the family all




together...On this episode...learn how to cope with problems in the home that are beyond their control."

11. Survival Guide For Teenagers

· · Sex & Dating o "The real-life stories on this program are shocking and disturbing! It's time to give our young people more than just `the fact of life'." Depression & Suicide o "Through real life interviews with teenagers...this fast-paced program zeros in on one of the greatest causes of depression: The breakdown of meaningful relationships young people have with their parents...and with their friends. This emotionally charged show deals with the pain of feeling unloved and rejected." Our World: The Big Picture o "This extraordinary program will give young people a better understanding of the problems in our world. It will also show the unlimited opportunities to serve overseas as a missionary, engineer, doctor, or school teacher."


12. Teens in Crisis

· Relationships with the World o "By traveling to Haiti, Kenya, El Salvador, India, and Zaire, this program takes a compassionate look at the impact that war, starvation, and religious superstition have had around the world." Relationships with the Opposite Sex o "During this program, young people share their fears of dating. They discuss humorous thoughts on the perfect date. And then teenagers take you on their painful journeys of going "too far" on a date." Relationships with Friends o "The real life stories on this video provide answers for teenagers wanting to create lasting friendships, repair broken relationships, and how to handle the pressures associated with them."



13. Worth It

· A two-session video resource that offers a Christ-centered approach to battling teen suicide. o VHS & Leader Guide ­ A story about two teens who struggle for self-esteem, acceptance and life itself.

14. Abortion: A Christian Call To Action

· Metropolitan Baptist Association of Central Indiana

15. Masquerade: Unveiling Our Deadly Dance with Drugs and Alcohol ­ Milton Creagh

· "This 30-minute, dramatic expose' of real youth sharing devastating, real-life stories is both eyeopening and thought provoking. Through humor, passionate storytelling and powerful live interviews with hurting teens, Milton makes the message clear: You are responsible for your choices and can live a meaningful, drug-free life."

16. Alone in the Dark

· "After giving in to peer pressure ­ and against her parent's wishes ­ seventeen-year-old Tasha Grant goes to a kegger and gets more than just a little drunk. And when her boyfriend passes out, Tasha must drive home. The alcohol has made her sleepy, so sleepy that she doesn't hear the distant train whistle as it gets closer and closer."

17. Velocity: A Bible Study for Teenagers

· Road Kill


· ·

"Most young people have been rejected at some point by their friends. They are made to feel like losers among those who are smarter, more athletic, better looking and more talented...This episode...looks at the lives of teens who have experienced bullying, discrimination and rejection. This video will encourage ways to promote acceptance and offer practical tips for those who feel rejected." Crying Out o "In this episode...teens will discover that if they are doubting God, the Bible, the church, or even their own faith...they are not alone. Teens will be encouraged to talk with other believers, study up on who God is, and then let God know what they're going through." Wasted Lives o "This episode...looks at some wasted lives of ordinary youth and shows the harsh truth about drug and alcohol abuse." Fish Out of Water o "This inspiring episode...will show that every young person is valuable in the eyes of God. They will discover ways to get involved in things that really matter and realize there is no limit to what they can do in Christ. o

18. Shattered: Was the week before graduation the best of our lives?

· "Written by Devin DeHaven and based, in part, on a true story, SHATTERED focuses on the lifechanging lessons learned by those who never got to say good-bye to Chris Peterson."

19. Sex Has a Price Tag 20. AIDS Among Teens: The Facts Every Parent and Teen Must Know ­ Jerry Johnston

· "Jerry Johnston exposes the condom myth for young people and answers the questions: What is AIDS? Where did it come from? How do I get it? What are the facts?

21. Reality 101: Life doesn't come on a silver platter

· "...will encourage students to clarify dreams, look clearly at obstacles, and through hard work and determination turn their dreams into reality. In addition, the myth that life comes on a silver platter will be exposed helping your students to realize it's time to stop passing the blame to someone else and start taking responsibility for their futures."

22. They Lied To Us

· "This emotional and moving video poignantly explores the lives of several young people, including Rick Stanley, younger brother of Elvis Presley, who bought the lies purveyed on television, movies, music and in print...and suffered the consequences."

23. Reality In Relationships: The Choices You Make Affect the Path You Take

· " In this live Christian presentation, teens are listening to every word as Ellen Marie discusses what they need to know about dating and sex. The presentation gives teenagers solid physical, emotional, and spiritual reasons to choose chastity for their lives.

24. Loneliness: Isn't a Life Sentence! ­ Pat Hurley

· "Pat reminds us that God understands our loneliness and He will never fail or forsake us and it is better to be temporarily lonely than involved in a relationship that is unhealthy."

25. Champions: World class sports figures speak from personal experience about life and how they deal with it.

· · · Session 1: Peer Pressure "Who you gonna listen to?" ­ Neil Lomax Session 2: Excellence "The best that you can be" ­ Orel Hershiser Session 3: Disappointment "When you feel the pain" ­ Freddie Spencer


Session 4: Relationships "Gotta lean on each other" ­ Cheryl Miller

26. Total TV: The Gospel of Sex 27. Making a Decision That Lasts Forever ­ Rice Broocks & Jacob Aranza

· A Traveler's Guide To The Ultimate Destination

28. A Better Way

· "A positive encouraging look at one of the most crucial and controversial issues of today ­ crisis pregnancy. In this film you will meet real people who, in the midst of crisis situations, let love be their guide and found `A Better Way'."

29. Why Suicide? ­ Jerry Johnston

· "A would-be teen suicide himself, Jerry movingly tells of the events in his life which led him to that point, of the crisis itself, and of the way God has continued to shape his life since then. WHY SUICIDE is more than a reason not to die. It's an invitation to a totally new dimension of living."

30. God is No Cosmic Kill-joy ­ Josh McDowell

· "In this video Josh powerfully illustrates how God, the creator of sex, is not a cosmic kill-joy wanting to take the fun out of life. Rather, He is a celestial love-joy desiring to protect us and to provide for us."

31. Football: The Winner's Edge ­ Jeff Kemp & Mike Barber of the Los Angeles Rams

· "Winning in any sport takes more than mere physical ability. You need an insider's knowledge of technique. Strategy and tactics. Proper perspective. How to prepare yourself through mental `imaging'."

32. Unfiltered: A Look at Life's Struggles from a Teenager's Perspective ­ Total TV

· Living In A Material World o "...This unique episode of Unfiltered follows a group of teens as they experience homelessness. We will also check in with two missionary teenagers who live and work with their parents in the Yucatan peninsula." ­ 24 min. Real Survivors o "...Life can be painful. Survival is a question mark. This inspiring episode of Unfiltered follows three extraordinary young people who are real survivors. They have overcome great odds by finding their source of strength in Christ." ­ 24 min. Just Get Even o "...This episode of Unfiltered will not only help young people discover how to protect themselves when they are emotionally hurt, it will teach them how to forgive and move on." 24 min. You're Not The Boss Of Me o "...This episode of Unfiltered will show the power each teen has over their own life. They will discover that true freedom requires making good choices that reap physical and spiritual benefits." ­ 24 min. Change Hurts o "...This episode of Unfiltered tells powerful stories of young people that have dealt with abrupt changes. From this video, teens will discover a new way of living with change. And most of all, they will realize that the one thing that will not change is Jesus Christ and His love for us." ­ 24 min.





33. Total TV Network presents On The Air


Stupid Parent Tricks - "From their own parents, teens pick up negative messages like `You don't try hard enough,' `You're a slob' or even `You're worthless.'...This episode will show teens how they can take positive steps to build better relationships with their parents...even in tough situations." ­ 24 min.

34. Not Mine to Deny: Christmas with the Emersons

· "The story shows the Emersons involved with a young woman who faces a crucial decision, whether or not to have an abortion of a baby conceived out of wedlock." ­ 35 min.

35. Reversing Roe: The Norma McCorvey Story

· The story of Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade. For years she worked inside abortion clinics and was tormented. Her life changed in 1995. "Jane Roe finally died so Norma Leah McCorvey could live." ­ 30 min.

36. A Long Look At Heavy Metal Music ­ Albert Long 37. Youth Learning To Witness 38. Drugs, Alcohol: The Time Is Now

· "This film speaks to this responsibility through short vignettes of peer pressure, especially from friends and examples in family."- 22 min.

39. The Bottle: Shattering dreams and shattering lives.

· "In this compelling drama for young adults, you'll follow the life of `the bottle' ­ a vodka bottle; a bottle that kills, and kills indiscriminately ­ even the innocent." ­ 15 min.

40. Youth Leader ­ Music Video Loop 41. No! The Positive Answer ­ Josh McDowell

· · · · Session 1 ­ Sex Is Worth Protecting Session 2 ­ Love ­ The Bottom Line for Waiting Session 3 ­ Influences and Choices Session 4 ­ Establishing Dating Standards

42. Bites Like A Snake: Students Speak On Alcohol & Tobacco

· "In this fast-paced and lively video, students speak for themselves on alcohol and tobacco. Two student-friendly hosts point out the grim facts about the alcohol and tobacco and briefly address five biblical principles to help students commit themselves to an alcohol-and tobacco-free lifestyle."

43. Connected, Committed & A Little Bit Crazy: Teaching Youth Today

· "Youth workers are a `little different because of their calling to work with teenagers.' These workers are Connected...with God, family, church, other adults, youth and their families; reaching lost teenagers, planning, teamwork, Special Education, and excellence in teaching and training; A Little Bit Crazy...In a positive way! This includes an awareness of learning styles, creative teaching methods, variety in approach to teaching-learning, and dealing with discipline problems."


1. Finding the Love of Your Life ­ Neil Clark Warren

· · · · Volume 1: Volume 2: Volume 3: Volume 4: Five Love Seeking Styles ­ Which One Is Yours? Reprogramming Your Brain For Maximum Success Spiritual and Emotional Health ­ A Prerequisite for Quality Mate Selection Maximum Marital Power Emerges From Similarities

· · · ·

Volume 5: Volume 6: Volume 7: Volume 8:

Passionate Love ­ A Necessary But Insufficient Prerequisite Communication From Your Innermost ­ What Is Required? The Relationship Of Conflict Management And Marital Success The Overwhelming Power of Lifetime Commitment

2. Support Groups for Single Adults

· Single Adult Ministry in Your Church


1. Parenting by Heart ­ Dr. Ross Campbell & Dr. Kevin Leman

· How to Really Love Your Child o "This video clearly demonstrates that unconditional love is the very cornerstone for successful parenting. Parents will learn how to convey unconditional love all the time." The Key to Discipline o "On this video, parents will discover that having a relationship with their kids is more important than rules. They will also learn the five most effective ways to break the defiant behavior of their children." Power Struggles o "This video will show how kids must learn to express anger without hurting other people or themselves. Parents will learn to recognize the reasons for anger and discover practical ways to deal with a disobedient child." A Lasting Legacy o "On this video, parents will discover that children must feel loved unconditionally or they may not accept their parents' moral and spiritual values. Parents will also learn three essential steps to leaving a lasting legacy."




2. Right Things To Do When Your Children Go Wrong 3. Successful Single Parenting

· · · · · · First Things First The Other Parent Still Counts Your Child Has Feelings, Too Discipline Is Not A Dirty Word Helping Develop A Child's Identity Step Parenting

4. Roots To Grow, Wings To Fly: The Fundamentals of Christian Parenting ­ Bob Kraning

· · · · · · · · · · · · Mentoring in the Home Create security through Visible marital love Laugh and have fun with your children Listen ­ it's amazing what you'll learn Your children's parents weren't perfect kids Make great plans together Encouragement ­ the great motivator Little things make the "Big Difference" Communicating a sense of belonging What are you teaching your children about God? Understanding society's pressures on your children What your child needs from your home

5. Children At Risk: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Our Kids ­ James Dobson & Gary Bauer

· "Dr. James Dobson and Gary L. Bauer discuss, with a heartrending urgency, the dangers of the Secular Humanistic world view. Dobson and Bauer send out a compelling battle cry to parents, teachers, public leaders, and all Christian Americans to wake up and hear God's heart! It is time to unite and boldly reclaim the timeless values of our Judeo-Christian heritage. As we seek God's grace and His mercy, we will win this war! Session 1: What's Happening To Me? Session 2: The Road To Healing/ Finding Help Session 3: Facing Your Anger Session 4: Facing Your Depression Session 5: Facing Your Loneliness Session 6: What Does The Owner's Manual Say? Session 7: New Relationships Session 8: Financial Survival Session 9: KidCare 1 Session 10: KidCare 2 Session 11: Forgiveness Session 12: Reconciliation Session 13: Moving On, Growing Closer To God Session 14: The Road Home Session 15: Making DivorceCare Work

6. DivorceCare ­ Changed Lives

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

9. Men Leading the Charge: God's Game Plan for the Family ­ Steve Farrar (Leader Kit)

· · · · · Tape One: Promotional Segment Tape Two: o Session 1: Point Man on Patrol o Session 2: The Tasks of Husbands Tape Three: o Session 3: Anchoring Your Family Chain o Session 4: The Seven Steps of Fathering Tape Four: o Session 5: Raising Masculine Sons and Feminine Daughters o Session 6: Understanding the Times Tape Five: o Session 7: A One-Woman Kind of Man o Session 8: Finishing Strong

10. Planning Christian Home Emphasis 1989: Family Enrichment in Your Church 11. Ministering To Families Today 12. Turn Your Heart Toward Home ­ Dr. James Dobson\

· · · · · · Program 1 ­ A Father Looks Back Program 2 ­ Power in Parenting: The Young Child Program 3 ­ Power in Parenting: The Adolescent Program 4 ­ The Family Under Fire Program 5 ­ Overcoming a Painful Childhood Program 6 ­ The Heritage

13. How To Help Your Child Say "NO" To Sexual Pressure ­ Josh McDowell & Dick Day

· · · · · · · · ·

Session 1 ­ Where Youth are Today Session 2 ­ Why Youth Say Yes to Sex Session 3 ­ Balancing Rules & Relationships within the Family Session 4 ­ How to Equip Your Child with Reasons to Wait ­ Part 1 Session 5 ­ How to Equip Your Child with Reasons to Wait ­ Part 2 Session 6 ­ How to Teach Your Child to Say "NO" ­ Part 1 Session 7 ­ How to Teach Your Child to Say "NO" ­ Part 2 Session 8 ­ How to Build Bridges of Communication Promo Video Cassette ­ Why Wait? Video Series Preview


1. Survival Guide for Adults

· He Said/She Said o "This episode of SURVIVAL GUIDE will take an entertaining look at the differences between men and women...married and single...and encourages an attitude of acceptance from all sides." Making A Difference o "This episode of SURVIVAL GUIDE follows two families who have finally found what they were looking for. One moved to Guatemala...the other remained in the States. But they both found a greater purpose for their lives." Overcoming Stress In 5,000 Easy Steps! o "This episode of SURVIVAL GUIDE will explore the causes of stress and provide practical tips to overcome the pressure." When Anger Hits Home! o "This episode of SURVIVAL GUIDE looks at the causes of anger; how to deal with it; and ways to respond. Why Do Bad Things Happen?" o "This episode of SURVIVAL GUIDE explores those questions...and brings a message of hope for troubled times."


· · ·

2. Have You Received "The Blessing"? ­ Gary Smalley & John Trent

· "...Gary Smalley and John Trent outline for you the five elements of the blessing and show you how to put them into practice...(they) show you how to be a blessing and challenge you to pass this lifechanging blessing on to future generations."

3. Finding Peace in a Troubled World ­ Max Lucado

· · · · · · · · Program 1: Program 2: Program 3: Program 4: Program 5: Program 6: Program 7: Program 8: Don't Just Do Something ­ Stand There (God's solution for stress) Hucksters & Hypocrites (How to respond to those who make a franchise out of the faith) Uncluttered Christianity (Four steps to simplifying your faith) The End Will Come (Live every day as if Jesus will come tomorrow) The Sign Of the Saved (Christ's Call for compassion) When Your World Turns Against You (How to handle betrayal) Christ's Most Painful Words (Jesus bore sin's penalty so we wouldn't have to) Never Give Up (God still sends angels and still moves stones)

4. Blessings out of Brokenness ­ Joni Eareckson Tada

· · · · Why The Brokenness? Where Are The Blessings? Mending Things Healing And Heaven

6. Our Christian Hope: Biblical Answers to Questions About the Future ­ David S.


· "David Dockery has given enough content to deal with pressing contemporary questions which people ask about the end times...Christians should read and study this book thoroughly."

7. "One Nation, Under God": An Army Of One (2 copies)

· Consider the Call, Army National Guard Chaplaincy

8. Who Moved My Cheese? ­ Spencer Johnson, M.D.

· An A-Mazing way to deal with Change in your work and in your life. o " An enlightening animated story of four characters who live in a Maze and look for Cheese to nourish them and make them happy. `Cheese' is a metaphor for what you want in life ­ a good job, loving relationship, money, health or peace of can discover for yourself how to deal with change, so you can enjoy more success and less stress in your work and in your life."

9. God Is Building A City ­ International Congress on World Evangelization & the International Urban Associates

· "...reveals how our world is becoming less a world of independent countries, and more a world of interconnected, international, multi-cultural cities. Through the insight of urban can begin to understand your urban future and your role in God's urban world."

10. Adults: Roman Road Witness Training 11. Knowing Jesus Personally ­ Bob Horner

· "Discover How You Can Have a Close Relationship With Christ...ideal for any new believer, a new Christian's class or home study group."

12. The Picture of Salvation: Piecing It Together with Total Evangelism ­ The Evangelism Division, Baptist State Convention of NC 13. The Journey of a Disciple

· The teaching of Stuart and Jill Briscoe videotaped on location in The Mount of Olives & The Garden Tomb

14. The HOPE

· 36 Biblical events organized into 12 chapters, The HOPE is ideal for personal and group studies as well as single viewings of the entire program. Table of Contents and times included.

15. Stained Images: Christianity, Looking Beyond the Stereotypes

· "Negative images from church politics, media reports and Sunday School experiences influence our impressions of Christianity. Do these stained images create unfair stereotypes? What is true Christianity?"

16. Worldview Boutique: The Gospel in a Pluralist World

· "While affirming the value of diversity, WORLDVIEW BOUTIQUE takes a look at what it means to live in a world that values tolerance more than conviction, and discusses practical ways to maintain Christian distinctives while influencing others with the gospel."

17. Living Touch: A New Look at Lifestyle Evangelism ­ Esther Burroughs

· "The message to us is plain: If we are to touch as Christ touched, we must have the same kind of relationship with the Father."

18. Walk Your Talk

· "Saying one thing, doing another. Judging others, but not yourself. Saying you're a believer, and then not acting like it. Riding the fence. Hypocrisy. NO MAN'S LAND.

19. The Way of Escape: Straight Talk on How to Stop Using Drugs

· "Jay Strack is an effective communicator, evangelist and author from Dallas, Texas. Converted from a life of broken homes, six stepfathers, numerous drug arrests and juvenile detention sentences, Jay has devoted his life to helping others avoid the unhappy lifestyle he experienced..." ­ 25 min.

20. Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God

· Tape 1 of 4 o Overview of Experiencing God (15) o Preparation for Course Leader (30) o Session 1 ­ God's Will and Your Life (30) o Session 2 ­ Looking to God (30) Tape 2 of 4 o Session 3 ­ God Pursues a Love Relationship (30) o Session 4 ­ Love and God's Invitation (30) o Session 5 ­ God Speaks, Part 1 (30) o Session 6 ­ God Speaks, Part 2 (30) Tape 3 of 4 o Session 7 ­ The Crisis of Belief (30) o Session 8 ­ Adjusting Your Life to God (30) o Session 9 ­ Experiencing God through Obedience (30) o Session 10 ­ God's Will and the Church (30) Tape 4 of 4 o Session 11 ­ Kingdom People (30) o Session 12 ­ Continuing Fellowship with God (30)




21. Fingerprints of God: Recognizing God's Touch On Your Life ­ Jennifer Rothschild

· · · · · · Week 1 ­ Fingerprints of God Week 2 ­ A Touch of Intimacy Week 3 ­ His Redeeming Touch Week 4 ­ His Sheltering Embrace Week 5 ­ The Hand That Guides Week 6 ­ Shaped by His Hand

22. Believing God: Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith ­ Beth Moore

· · · · · · · · · · Week 1 ­ Believing God for Your Promised Land Week 2 ­ Believing God Is Who He Says He Is Week 3 ­ Believing God Can Do What He Says He Can Do Week 4 ­ Believing You Are Who God Says You Are Week 5 ­ Believing You Can Do All Things Through Christ Week 6 ­ Believing God's Word Is Alive and Active in You Week 7 ­ Believing God Has Been There All Along Week 8 ­ Believing God to Get You to Your Gilgal Week 9 ­ Believing God When Victory Demands Your All Week 10 ­ Believing God for the Rest of Your Days

23. Walking By Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark ­ Jennifer Rothschild

· · · Week 1 ­ Take a Step Week 2 ­ Follow the Leader Week 3 ­ Choose the Right Response

· · ·

Week 4 ­ Run with Endurance Week 5 ­ Remember God's Word Week 6 ­ Wait on God

24. A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place ­ Beth Moore

· Tape 1 o o o Tape 2 o o Tape 3 o o Tape 4 o o Tape 5 o o Tape 6 o o Administrative Segment Promotional Segment Introductory Session Session 1 ­ Broken Hearts, Broken Ties Session 2 ­ New Starts and Barren Hearts Session 3 ­ Prepared Hearts Session 4 ­ Hearts Approaching the Altar Session 5 ­ Hearts in Fellowship Session 6 ­ The Heart of a Servant Session 7 ­ A Heart That Intercedes Session 8 ­ Hearts Beyond the Veil Session 9 ­ The Heart of the Testimony Session 10 ­ Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties

· · · · ·

25. Kingdom Authority: Achieving Victory Through Surrender ­ Adrian Rogers

· · · · · · Week 1 - The Key to Kingdom Authority Week 2 - Strength Through Surrender Week 3 - Limits and Problems of Kingdom Authority Week 4 - The Authority of Jesus' Name Week 5 - The Authority of the Word of God Week 6 - The Authority of the Holy Spirit

26. To Live Is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul ­ Beth Moore

· Tape 1 o o o o Tape 2 o o Tape 3 o o Tape 4 o o Tape 5 o o Tape 6 o o 30-second Outreach Promo Church-use Enlistment Promo Leader Segment Introductory Session Session 1 - The First Footprints Session 2 - Finding the Way Session 3 - Miles and Missions Session 4 - Unexpected Sojourners and Wider Paths Session 5 - An Unfamiliar Road Session 6 - Travel Ties and Hard Good-byes Session 7 - A Walk of Faith Session 8 - The Pathway to Rome Session 9 - Letters Bridging the Miles Session 10 - Going Home

· · · · ·

27. The Jesus I Never Knew ­ Philip Yancey

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · Session 1 ­ The Jesus I Thought I Knew Session 2 ­ Birth: The Visited Planet Session 3 ­ Background: Jewish Roots and Soil Session 4 ­ Temptation: Showdown in the Desert Session 5 ­ Profile: What Would I Have Noticed? Session 6 ­ Beatitudes: Lucky Are the Unlucky Session 7 ­ Message: A Sermon of Offense Session 8 ­ Mission: A Revolution of Grace Session 9 ­ Miracles: Snapshots of the Supernatural Session 10 ­ Death: The Final Week Session 11 ­ Resurrection: A Morning Beyond Belief Session 12 ­ Ascension: A Blank Blue Sky Session 13 ­ Kingdom: Wheat Among the Weeds Session 14 ­ The Difference He Makes

28. The Mind of Christ ­ T. W. Hunt & Claude V. King

· · · · · · Part 1 ­ Christ's Freedom Part 2 ­ Christ's Lifestyle Part 3 ­ Christ's Servanthood Part 4 ­ Christ's Servanthood Part 5 ­ Christ's Holiness and Love Part 6 ­ Christ's Name

29. Classic Sermons

· · · · R. G. Lee ­ "Payday Someday" Billy Graham ­ "Secret of Happiness" W. A. Criswell ­ "The Pulpit and the Pew" J. D. Grey ­ "Without Christ, Without Hope"

30. People Sharing Jesus ­ Dr. Darrell Robinson

· " exciting new evangelism tool that empowers people to communicate the gospel easily, naturally, and joyfully. It enables Christians to share the Good News with others where they work, live, and play, while helping them discover keys to the abundant life that God promises."

31. The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ­ Beth Moore

· · · · · · · · · · Session 1 ­ Leave Your Country Session 2 ­ The Approaching and Approachable God Session 3 ­ Triumphs and Tests Session 4 ­ Eyes on Isaac Session 5 ­ The Heel Grabber Session 6 ­ For the Love of Jacob Session 7 ­ God of the House Session 8 ­ Dreams and Disappointments Session 9 ­ A Fragile Band of Brothers Session 10 ­ Epic Endings to the Beginning

32. The Journey Of A Disciple: The Christian's Pilgrimage From Decision To Discipleship

· Tape 1 ­ Corinth: The Call to Love/ Isle of Patmos: The Call to Life



"The teaching of Stuart and Jill Briscoe videotaped on location in Bible lands: Corinth, Patmos, Philippi, Athens, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Shiloh, the Sea of Galilee, and the Mount of Olives." ­ 30 min. Tape 2 ­ Philippi: Commitment Marked by Attitude/ Athens and Ephesus: Commitment Marked by Action o "The teaching of Stuart and Jill Briscoe videotaped on location in Bible lands: Corinth, Patmos, Philippi, Athens, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Shiloh, the Sea of Galilee, and the Mount of Olives." ­ 30 min. Tape 3 ­ Jerusalem and Shiloh: The Cost of Fruitfulness/ Sea of Galilee: The Cost of Blessedness o "The teaching of Stuart and Jill Briscoe videotaped on location in Bible lands: Corinth, Patmos, Philippi, Athens, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Shiloh, the Sea of Galilee, and the Mount of Olives." ­ 30 min. o

33. Discussing The Da Vinci Code ­ Lee Strobel & Garry Poole (2 copies)

· "Includes DVD Video/ROM featuring four 20-minute video sessions with Lee Strobel and interviews with noted experts...Group discussion guide and Bonus Outreach Book

34. Confronting Life Issues Video Collection ­ LifeWay Church Resources

· · · · · · · · · · · · · Tape 1 ­ (Missing) Tape 2 ­ What's So Great About Heaven? Tape 3 ­ How can I Hear from God? Tape 4 ­ Where is God When I Hurt? Tape 5 ­ What if I Don't Feel Like Forgiving? Tape 6 ­ What if it Seems God has Forgotten Me? Tape 7 ­ Why is Society Morally Bankrupt? Tape 8 ­ Whatever Happened to the Family? Tape 9 ­ How Can You Communicate with the E-generation? Tape 10 ­ Do You Speak with Subtitles? Tape 11 ­ How Does the Bible Speak to My Needs? Tape 12 ­ Can Men and Women Speak the Same Language? Tape 13 ­ What do You See in Your Mirror?


1. The Financially Confident Woman ­ Mary Hunt

· "Through the study, learners identify personal beliefs about money, which form the foundation for spending habits. Bad spending habits then become easier to change, and new, focused goals replace those that are inappropriate or even destructive."

2. Master Your Money: A Step-by-Step Plan for Financial Freedom ­ Ron Blue & Bruce Cook

· · · · · · · · · · Session 1: Living In An Uncertain Economy Session 2: Planning To Be A Good Steward Session 3: Getting Rich Slowly Session 4: The Dangers of Debt Session 5: Financial Faith Planning Session 6: Setting Financial Faith Goals Session 7: Increasing Your Margin Session 8: Developing An Investment Strategy Session 9: Controlling Cash Flow Session 10: Don't Miss The Miracle

Other Religions and Cults

1. The Cross or The Crescent: Understanding Islam ­ North American Mission Board

· "Basic Islamic history, ideology concepts, and its impact on the world today are revealed...guidelines for facing the challenge of Islam and explains how to share Christ's love with Muslims who have their own world view...concise history of Islam and it compares Islamic doctrines with Christian doctrines."

2. The God Makers

· "This fast paced and hard-hitting documentary reveals heart-breaking accounts of families and lives destroyed by the Mormon church. It includes interviews with Mormon leaders and depicts accurate dramatizations of occult Mormon temple rituals that even most Mormons have never seen...secrets so guarded that those who protect the rituals risk death!" ­ 56 min.

3. The God Makers II

· "60-80% of Mormon converts (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) come from Christian backgrounds! The church spends millions trying to convince the public that they are more `Christian' than the Christians!...These and other startling facts are documented in God Makers II ­ the sequel to the film that rocked the foundation of the Mormon church." ­ 48 min.

4. The Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in North America ­ Jerry Johnston

· "Who are the leaders of this evil movement? What is their agenda for recruiting young people? What are the warning signs that a teenager may already be involved? These questions, plus many more, are answered in this insightful video cassette." ­ 64 min.

5. The Witness At Your Door

· "...a compelling, fast moving drama which presents an inside look at how the Jehovah's Witnesses recruit, brainwash, and train new members....Learn the truths that can bring freedom to those enslaved by the Watchtower Society." ­ 45 min.

6. Coping With Cults (from Missions USA Videos) 7. The Cults: How and Why it Happens!

· "Waco, Texas ­ 80 Die ­ For Their Messiah, David Koresh; Jonestown, Guyana ­ 1,000 Die ­ For Their Savior, Jim Jones; Chris Elkins...College senior, president of his fraternity, honor student, yet he was drawn into the snares of deception...Heavenly Deception. A true story." ­ 80 min.

8. The Search: New Age in a New Light

· 26 min.

9. The Mormon Puzzle: Understanding and Witnessing to Latter-day Saints

· 75 min.


1. Marriage Savers: Proven Ways to Prevent Divorce

· · · · · · Program 1: Program 2: Program 3: Program 4: Program 5: Program 6: An Overview of Divorce and Saving Marriage In America Helping Singles and Seriously Dating Couples Marriage Insurance for Engaged Couples Helping Couples Strengthen Their Marriages Even Deeply Troubled Marriages Can Be Saved Helping the Separated or Divorced and Stepfamilies

2. Keeping Love Alive: A Vision For A Growing Marriage ­ David Stoop & Janice Stoop

· · · · · · · · Passive Men; Pressuring Women Are You Just Talking, or Do You Have Something To Say? The View Is Different From Over Here Why Can't You Do It My Way? Anger, The Thief Of Love My Past Seeks To Express Itself In My Present Can Two Walk Together? Some Things You Just Can't Forgive

3. Building Your Mate's Self-Esteem ­ Dennis & Barbara Rainey

· · · · The Foundations of Self-Esteem Putting the Past in Perspective The Impact of Words Pleasing Your Mate

4. Loving Lasting Relationships ­ Gary Smalley & John Trent

· · · · · · · · Program 1: Program 2: Program 3: Program 4: Program 5: Program 6: Program 7: Program 8: Discover Your Personality Strengths Bringing Harmony to the Family Zoo Word Pictures: A Language of Love Multiply the Impact of Your Word Pictures Faith That Empowers Love The Power Source of All Loving Relationships Settling For the Best Gaining Greater Love Through Trials

5. An Ounce of Prevention: Safeguarding Your Marriage ­ Gary Richmond

· · · · · · · · · · · · · The Biblical Model for Relating to Your Mate The Unique Aspects of Marriage Partnership Setting Goals for Your Marriage Resolving the Inevitable Conflicts Avoiding the Money Battles Expectations versus Real Life The Cold Facts of the Divorce Decision Safeguards Against Adultery Cause of Marriage's Death ­ Boredom Becoming a Student of Romancing Your Mate Attitudes that Kill Unity Serious Issues that Need Outside Help Reviewing the Safeguards of Marriage

6. Teammates: How to Keep Building a Better Marriage ­ Bruce Cook & Howard Hendricks

· · · · · · · · · Session 1 ­ What Went Wrong? Session 2 ­ Developing Marital Oneness Session 3 ­ Building on Your Strengths Session 4 ­ Understanding Your Mate Session 5 ­ Relating to Your Mate Session 6 ­ Increasing Your Versatility Session 7 ­ (MISSING FROM LEADER KIT) Session 8 ­ Understanding Your Role Session 9 ­ Making it Last


Session 10 ­ Developing Your Love Life

Church Planting

1. MCN: Multiplying Church Network ­ North American Mission Board

· The Multiplying Church Network is a group of representatives from different Churches that meet regularly for the purpose of praying, sharing, sharpening, planning, and learning. Together they strategize how to lead their congregations to start healthy, growing, and reproducing churches.


1. Compassion In Action: A Ministry Manual ­ Dorothy Miller

· Based on "A Song for Grandmother" ­ Ministering to the Elderly

2. Staff Relationships with Senior Adults ­ Senior Adult Ministry in Your Church 3. Growing Older Gracefully: Practical Perspectives from One on the Journey ­ Fred Smith

· "For most who are getting close to their senior years, Fred's guidance can help make every year fuller and more fruitful. Most of it has to do with how you look at things. It can make all the difference. No, you are not who you used to be. But Fred helps us to see who we might become!" ­ 57 min.

Mission Projects

1. Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child 2. Angel Tree Church Recruitment Video

· Prisoners' families often suffer a different kind of imprisonment ­ walled in by loneliness, shame and poverty. Through Angel Tree, your church can help: o Bring light and laughter to prisoners' children o Share the Gospel message o Draw prisoners closer to an understanding of Christ o Restore family relationships o Give prisoners' families a real chance to "make it"


Camp Angel Tree ­ Baptist State Convention of NC

· 5 min.


1. Left Behind: The Movie (2 copies)

· "Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, Left Behind is overflowing with suspense, action and adventure. This riveting motion picture will take you on a spellbinding journey through the most mysterious book of the Bible ­ The Book of Revelation." - 95 min.

2. Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

· "Based on the New York Times best selling novel, this sequel to the multi-million video release, Left Behind: The Movie, will have you jumping out of your seat and shouting at the movie screen, as you feel compelled to join in to help the Tribulation Force." ­ 94 min.

4. The Making of Left Behind: The Movie

· Exclusive Interviews with stars Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble and Clarence Gilyard; Behind the scenes special effects, stories from the set and more ­ 30 min.

5. 70 X 7 (Seventy Times Seven): Forgiveness To The Extreme

· "Drugs, Jailtime, Wife Abuse...Everybody had given up on Robert Carrillo. Then came a cop with more power than the law. If this story were not true, it would be unbelievable." ­ 45 min.

6. The ButterCream Gang

· "Summer for 14-year-old Scott, Peter, Eldon and Lanny means having fun and helping those in need around town...Then Pete makes some new friends and forms a very different kind of gang. But (they) won't give up on their friend, and they strive, with help from their community, to bring `Pete' back to his former values." ­ 93 min.


The ButterCream Gang in "Secret of Treasure Mountain"

· "Discovering part of an ancient Spanish treasure map, young Eldon Flowers dreams of finding gold. He could be rich, and he could also help Mr. Graff who is about to lose his home...With the help from the other ButterCreamers, he embarks on a quest that will lead him to a concealed crypt in an old monastery, a deep cave hidden high in a mountain, and face to face with three greedy characters will stop at nothing to find the treasure first." ­ 90 min.

7. Baker's Hawk

· "Billy Baker was part of one of the great adventures in the old west, especially the summer when he found the injured, baby, red-tailed hawk. That was the same summer his father was asked to be deputy sheriff. It was 1876...It was the summer Billy's father said... `Son, sometimes all you have to do to make people fear you and hate you is be...a little different.' Baker's Hawk has love, warmth, adventure, honor and integrity."

8. C. S. Lewis through the ShadowLands

· "Lewis, the brilliant Oxford and Cambridge scholar; lives the life of a comfortable professor who confidently espouses the Christian faith in the midst of his skeptical colleagues." We journey through the life and pains of Lewis through the death of his wife. "Stand beside Lewis as he begins to put back the pieces, pick up his life, and move forward in faith out of the depressing shadowlands ­ realizing anew that `real life has not even begun yet'." ­ 73 min.

9. Cry From The Mountain ­ 3 copies

· "Larry Sanders had promised his 10-year-old son, Cal, a wonderful kayak trip through the Alaskan wilderness...a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and to have a good time together...Then in a split second, they were thrust into a chain of events ­ that changed their lives forever." - 1 hour 16 min.

10. Jesus (Introductory Presentation)

· "Discover a unique and simple plan where you choose either to talk with someone or just hang the JESUS video on their doorknob! Learn about the easy-to-use, optional, outreach and follow-up tools From Campus Crusade for Christ. Experience the power of God's Word to change lives in your neighborhood." ­ 12 min.

11. Jesus: The Movie (DVD)

· "This film is the remarkable story that takes you back 2000 years to the life of Jesus Christ. A team of 500 Christian scholars and leaders worked together for five years to insure the film to be archaeologically, historically, and theologically accurate. This film's script is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke and it was filmed at over 200 locations in the Holy Lands." -

12. Just A Chance

· "It's a story based on truth regarding the dangers of street gang violence and drugs in our society today...a tough street youth born and raised on the violent streets, who wrecked his life due to gang violence and drugs...examines a `miracle' that takes place in Danny's life. An inspiring event that will touch all people from all walks of life." ­ 40 min.

13. Treasures of the Snow

· "High in the Swiss Alps a little boy, Danny, disappears. Lucien, a lonely frightened boy of 13, is overtaken by catastrophic events and he finds himself an outcast with his family, school friends, and especially the very hostile Annette from the neighboring farm. Impelled to escape, the fugitive boy finds peace high up in the forest, where he meets an old woodcarver who encourages him so that he begins to have hope. But when rejection comes again, he discovers the hard way that a price has to be paid for forgiveness before there can be any reconciliation." ­ 110 min.

14. City Boy

· "Nick, a 17 year old in search of his father, gains employment with a logging company in a beautiful and mysterious virgin forest known as the Limberlost...Nick learns the value of personal honesty and integrity and discovers what defines true friendship." ­ 108 min.

15. Jacob Have I Loved

· "Sixteen year old Louise Bradshaw has lived all her young life in the shadow of her pretty, talented and popular twin sister, Caroline...Louise's growing resentment and jealousy of her sister have increased with every year. She longs for the time she can leave the island and her family behind. Then a special friendship with an old sea captain helps her to finally value herself for her own unique talents and let go of her anger so she can love." ­ 57 min.

16. The Harvest

· "Inspired by a true story and rich with Spiritual truth, The Harvest will touch your heart...It's parable will encourage your Soul...A crisis at harvest, a family pushed to the edge and a young boy's prayer echoing through Heaven." ­ 17 min.

17. Fury to Freedom

· "From the violence of hate to the tenderness of love, this incredible five award-winning film portrays the true story of Raul Ries. Raul abused everyone he met, including his wife ­ and his father...Then, one Sunday evening, a miracle led Raul from black rage into inner peace. Raul Ries was never to be the same." ­ 79 min.

18. The Fourth Wise Man: He Gave the Greatest Gift of All

· "...a fictional story set in Biblical times, told in gently comic terms. It concerns a Magi named Artaban who studies the prophecies and witnesses a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him and his faithful servant to the Messiah...The story culminates on Easter Sunday as Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, bringing peace to his final moments of life." ­ 72 min.

19. Demetrius and the Gladiators

· "Rome, soon after the death of Christ. The depraved and mad Caligula is on the throne, obsessed with two things: the Robe, the garment that fell from Jesus' shoulders on the cross, and brutal gladiatorial displays...Filled with vivid and brutal recreations of gladiatorial combat...this 1954 biblical blockbuster is an action-packed classic." ­ 101 min.

20. The Miracle Man: An Inspiring Story of Motivation and Courage ­ Morris Goodman

· "Goodman has everything going for him ­ his own insurance agency, a devoted wife, a beautiful home, a new single-engine plane. He takes off in that plane over the Chesapeake Bay one morning, never dreaming of how he'd return ­ trapped inside a mangled mess of metal with a broken neck,

crushed spine and other injuries so severe he was predicted to die that night....With the help of human faith and motivational tapes of such greats as Zig Ziglar, Goodman tackles one "mini-goal" at a time...walks into his doctor's office for a handshake."

21. Mrs. Arris Goes To Paris

· "She was a widowed British cleaning woman, honest, hard working and sensible. But Mrs. Arris had just one dream of luxury ­ to own a Dior gown. For three long years she scrimped and saved, took in extra work, and sacrificed almost every pleasure and convenience. When at last she had saved enough to go to the House of Dior in Paris and buy her dress, she found herself faced with opposition and snobbery from certain persons of "high society." But Mrs. Arris responded as she always did, with guileless sincerity. In doing so, she touched the lives of some unlikely people, bringing them a little closer to their own dreams as she reached for her own."

22. Kevin Can Wait

· "Jim Peterson is convinced he can accomplish great things for God...In the middle of Jim's big dreams, he neglects the people around him who need to be ministered to the most, including Kevin, a teenager who always seems to be left out...KEVIN CAN WAIT will make you laugh and cry. It's a dramatic film...It's poignant, sometimes humorous, presentation of a key principle in our Christian lives will not easily be forgotten." ­ 51 min.

23. Rigoletto

· "...the people of Castle Gate are distrustful of the disfigured man known simply as Ribaldi. When young Bonnie goes to work at the mansion, she discovers that Ribaldi has a wonderful singing voice and is a master teacher of the art...One by one, children in the town come to know Ribaldi, discovering that beneath the strange countenance is a beautiful soul." ­ 98 min.

24. The Robe

· "It's the inspiring story of the Robe, the miraculous garment Jesus wore on the cross, brought to life in a sweeping spectacle that ranks among the greatest Hollywood epics of all time..." ­ 135 min.

25. A Long Way Home

· Amid the splendor of breathtaking scenery, re-live the pain, the anguish, and the final victory as a firstborn son, restless, bored, and yearning for a life in the fast lane, leaves home for the big cities of Europe....Follow young Erik through the journey of the Prodigal Son. Feel the ultimate rejoicing when the wayward son turns home." ­ 53 min.

26. Star Over Bethlehem

· "From the Annunciation in Nazareth to the Nativity in Bethlehem, the story is full of wonders and joy. The film is laced with rites, ancient traditions, Biblical sights and ancient chants. It is the complete Christmas story." ­ 30 min.

27. Music Box

· "A man trudging home from work through a dreary, snowy city is surprised by a joyous group of gospel-singing, tuxedoed angels. They give a special gift of love and life to the man; a magical box and a wondrous story of a loving king." ­ 28 min.

28. Nikolai

· "Nikolai Rublenko is a high school student and son of devout Christian parents. He lives behind the Iron Curtain. His father is under KGB surveillance for Christian activities. Nikolai is a sincere Christian....This gripping dramatic film will cause every believer, but especially young people, to take a new and deeper look at the meaning of Christian commitment." ­ 30 min.

29. Captains Courageous


"...twelve-year-old Harvey Cheyne...falls overboard while bound for Europe with his father. The boy's transformation begins when he is saved by Manuel and brought aboard a New England fishing schooner...There, he is instantly put to work alongside Dan, the Captain's son. Through the slow and difficult mastery of skills, the boy changes from a brat into a gallant, brave apprentice." ­ 1 hr. 58 min.

30. Caught: The Power of One Person Caring About Another.

· "Tim Devon didn't find out until he was 18 that he was illegitimate. In a rage...Tim leaves his LA home in search of his father, with only a name and the city of Amsterdam as clues....he is reduced to thieving on the streets, finally becoming a pusher for a drug dealer...being hooked on drugs himself...He is encountered by a single caring person. They were strangers from different worlds...but a friendship forged out of danger and desperation linked them together forever." - 1 hr. 55 min.

31. Caught in Time: "How Can Anyone Who Lived 2000 Years Ago Have Any Effect On Anyone's Life Today?"

· "...story of two high school seniors, who are caught up in the tumultuous world of the eighties. Peer pressure, cynical teachers and a challenging statement about personal faith sets the stage for the main characters to find the answer to the question: "How can anyone who lived 2000 years ago have any effect on anyone's life today?" ­ 55 min.

32. The Rogue Stallion

· "Anna Peterson has inherited her father's love of horses and is intrigued by a majestic wild stallion called Wildfire...A power-hungry neighbor named Garrett tries to make life miserable for the family and drive them off their land. The conflict deepens when Anna learns that Garrett is bent on destroying Wildfire, and she is determined to save the animal." ­ 96 min.

33. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe ­ C. S. Lewis

· "In a strange castle in the English countryside, four children open the door of an old wardrobe ­ and find themselves transported to the magical kingdom of Narnia! Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund soon discover that the evil White Witch has kept Narnia in never-ending winter and turned all her enemies to stone. Aslan the lion-king leads the fight against her power. Only the four children, however, hold the true key to defeating the evil witch." ­ 165 min. (1988)

34. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader ­ C. S. Lewis

· "The magical land of Narnia is ruled by the corrupt King Miraz. His nephew Prince Caspian calls on Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund to help him defeat Miraz and restore Narnia to its former glory. Years later, Caspian, Lucy, Edmund, and obnoxious cousin Eustace set sail to rescue the six lords who were banished by Caspian's evil uncle. Their adventures lead them to a golden lake, a giant sea serpent, a fierce dragon, and finally, the edge of the world." ­ 165 min. (1988)

35. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

· "Eustace is summoned back to the magical land of Narnia with his new friend Jill. Many years have passed since Eustace's last visit. King Caspian is old and frail. The mysterious disappearance years ago of his son, Prince Rilian, has remained unsolved. Aslan the lion charges the children to embark on a perilous journey through enchanted lands of giants and witches to find Rilian and bring him home." ­ 165 min. (1988)

36. Chariots Of Fire

· "...tells the exciting, inspiring true story of Harold Abrahams, Eric Liddell and the dedicated team of competitors who brought Britain one of her most legendary victories in international sports." ­ 124 min.

37. Molder of Dreams: Featuring Guy Doud

· "Shy and overweight as a child, Guy Doud traveled a rocky road on his way to becoming National Teacher of the Year in 1986. The encouraging and discouraging messages he received about himself as a youth taught him a profound truth: that we hold each other's fragile hopes in our everything we say and do has the potential to shape another's dreams." ­ 94 min.

38. Caddie Woodlawn

· "Eleven-year-old Caddie Woodlawn and her family live on the Wisconsin frontier in 1865. Caddie's mother hopes that a summer visit from fashionable and well-mannered Cousin Annabelle from Boston, will encourage tomboy Caddie to become more of a refined young lady. But Caddie feels she and Annabelle have little in common. Meanwhile, Caddie is disturbed by a growing community hatred and mistrust of the peaceful Dakota Indians who live nearby...Caddie makes a courageous effort to save her Indian friends." ­ 105 min.

39. The Wonders of God's Creation: Human Life

· "As you watch...carefully consider the unimaginable complexity and potential of the human brain, the architectural masterwork of the hand and skeletal system, and the incredible durability of the heart. In the human body, God's creative power expresses its magnificent dimension. But there is far more to the miracle of the human experience than the wonders of body and mind. God has made each of us for the highest purpose of all, to know and enjoy His love and care forever." ­ 62 min.

40. God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale

· "A true story, God's Outlaw is about international politics, church intrigue, cold-blooded betrayal, and false justice ending in a criminal's death. But it's also about victorious faith and spiritual triumph over some of the greatest political and religious forces known in the 16th century." ­ 93 min.

41. Words By Heart

· "At the turn of the century, Lena Sills, a 12-year-old African-American girl, moves with her family to an all-white community in Missouri. Although the Sills are intelligent, sensitive and hard working, they are rejected, victims of prejudice and fear. Proud of Lena's quick mind and love of books, each day her father shares with her his love along with quiet words of faith, compassion and forgiveness, the principles that lie deep within his soul. It is these thoughtful, heart-felt words that will come to Lena when tragedy strikes and give her the strength to go forward with courage." ­ 116 min.

42. Hoosiers

· "In 1951 the folks of Hickory, Indiana, took their basketball as seriously as their farming. They didn't like change and didn't trust strangers. Then Norman Dale came to coach their high school team. He was tough, unorthodox, and exasperated the game officials. The school and the town wanted him fired. But Coach Dale, struggling to overcome a past mistake, was determined to teach the Hickory Huskers what he knew of discipline, training and teamwork." ­ 114 min.

43. The Home Coming

· "Jordy Rembrandt is a big-city tough guy with an attitude and a history of bad decisions. When he's sent to a small-town high school to complete his senior year, he discovers `fitting in' takes on a whole new isn't until he's faced with the love of Christ that he begins to understand the meaning of true acceptance." ­ 62 min.

44. Jacob's Harvest

· "Without a word of explanation, on the day before his wedding, Jacob Hansen walks away, leaving his bride-to-be, father..."

45. John WyCliffe: The Morning Star


"...a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th Century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time...Wycliffe taught that you can't buy God's forgiveness with indulgences. He preached that the only true authority is the Word of God. And the Word could only be understood by all if the people could read it in their native tongue." ­ 75 min.

46. Iceman: A True Story

· "...While in prison for his crime, Ron's coldhearted violence earned him the nickname `Iceman.' But something happened to him. He met the only One who could warm his broken heart...In this video you'll meet Ron Rearick, the ex-convict who became a pastor, as he speaks to a group of high school students about how faith has redirected his life away from crime, to Christ." - 30 min.

47. A Thief In The Night

· "As dramatic, earth shaking events begin to unfold around her, Patty realizes she is living in the end times spoken of in biblical prophecy. Adventure and suspense build to a thought-provoking climax in this powerfully gripping film." ­ 69 min.

48. A Distant Thunder: A story of tribulation and the end times.

· "The second film in the series begun by A Thief In The Night, A Distant Thunder continues the story of Patty, a young woman living in the `end times' referred to in the biblical prophecy...Relentlessly pursued and finally captured by the forces of UNITE, she is given a choice: Either receive `the Mark' or face death." ­ 77 min.

49. Image Of The Beast

· "The third film in the highly acclaimed prophecy film series, IMAGE OF THE BEAST depicts the awesome story of the midyears of the Great Tribulation foretold in biblical prophecy. The anti-Christ establishes a one-world government, while a small band of fugitives struggle to survive amid spectacular and terrifying judgments." ­ 93 min.

50. The Prodigal Planet ­ 2 copies

· "A gripping action thriller depicting the stark realities of the apocalypse...In a world devastated by nuclear holocaust, a small underground resistance network battles the terrifying empire of the antichrist..." ­ 127 min.

51. The Story of Silent Night (featuring the Vienna Boys Choir)

· "...In this beautiful, touching drama we see how a young boy's fatherless upbringing affected his life, inspiring him to bring joy and live to the people of his parish. Then one winter evening, God used Father Moht to describe the miracle birth of the Christ Child in the world's most memorable Christmas carol."

52. The Wonders of God's Creation: Planet Earth

· "...As you watch this memorable tour of our planet, you'll discover hidden miracles absolutely vital to our survival..." ­ 65 min.

53. The Wonders of God's Creation: Animal Kingdom

· "...As you view this title, you will be amazed at the mysterious migrations of the Pacific salmon and the monarch butterfly's annual 2,000 mile journey....Throughout the animal kingdom God's provision and craftsmanship are widely displayed." ­ 66 min.

54. Martin Luther

· "The original classic of Luther's life that was released in theaters world-wide and nominated for an Academy Award. The film traces his life from a guilt burdened monk through the monumental events that led to his break with the Roman Church. This filmis in black and white and retains the stirring impact for audiences today that it enjoyed upon its first release." ­ 105 min.

55. John Hus

· "...John Hus (died singing July 6, 1415) was convinced that the Bible should be presented in the language of the people, that salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ, and the Word of God is the final authority...Hus introduced congregational singing into his church and ultimately incurred the wrath of the church hierarchy...In the end, Hus was accused, imprisoned, and charged with heresy. Ultimately, he was condemned and burned at the stake as a heretic." ­ 55 min.

56. The Bob Wieland Story: American Hero

· "In 1969,...Bob Wieland stepped on a mine that blew his legs off and almost cost him his life...Bob knew that God had saved his life for a reason ­ to show how anyone can excel regardless of circumstances..." ­ 50 min.

57. This Land Of God

· "For the first time, people who will never have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land in well as those who would like to relive a previous trip...have a convenient and inexpensive way to experience the sights, sounds and emotions of GOD's promised land." ­ 60 min.

58. A Vow To Cherish

· "A VOW TO CHERISH is the deeply moving love story of John and Ellen Brighton. Together, they face a merciless illness that will either confirm their love or destroy their marriage. Careers and family are thrust into turmoil which can be overcome only by the power of love in action..." ­ 82 min.

59. In Your Wildest Dreams

· "...18 year old Mark `accidentally' makes a million in the stock market. Examples of honesty and integrity combine with adventure, excitement and everyone's wildest dreams to make for great family entertainment...."

60. God In The Hard Times: Dale Evans Rogers

· " intensely personal glimpse into the life of one of America's best-loved Christians...She reminds all Christians that in the tragi-comedy of life, we too can be triumphant through a new appreciation for the faithfulness of God, who stands with us even during the darkest of times."

61. So Long Joey

· "As entertainer Joey Stevens, Dave Boyer had it all ­ fame, fortune and a future as a top entertainer. But life in the fast lane took its toll until Dave Boyer met Jesus and became a powerful witness for his Lord." ­ 63 min.

62. A Caring Family ­ Thanksgiving with the Emersons

· "This Christian family shows that they are a caring family by inviting an alcoholic from the street and a socially prominent widow to share their Thanksgiving dinner. The meaning of `giving thanks' is made clear in the evidence of God's love and goodness as reflected in the lives of these persons." ­ 32 min.

63. God's Prison Gang

· "The amazing true story (from Attica Prison) of public enemies who became GOD'S PRISON GANG. Featuring: George Meyer, Al Capone's get-away driver; Floyd Hamilton, last of Bonnie and Clyde's gang; Jerry Graham, Ted Jefferson and CHAPLAIN RAY."

64. Tough Men

· "With hunger, cold, and uncharted miles of snow-covered wilderness before them, and a pack of howling timber wolves behind, two men live an adventure that leaves you breathless with suspense.

As they make their way through the beautiful but untamed Alaskan wilderness, the brutal terrain increasingly threatens their very survival." ­ 58 min.

65. America's Godly Heritage ­ David Barton

· "...combines information from the books THE MYTH OF SEPARATION AND AMERICA; TO PRAY OR NOT TO PRAY? This video clearly sets forth the beliefs of many of the famous Founding Fathers concerning the proper role of Christian principles in education, in government, and in the public affairs."

66. Peluk's Adventure

· "Peluk, a small Eskimo boy living on the rugged Alaskan sea coast, has been brought up in the old ways of his people. His exciting struggles and adventures with a baby seal demonstrate to young viewers their need for Jesus." ­ 29 min.

67. Education And The Founding Fathers ­ David Barton

· "This video clearly sets forth the educational system which produced our great Founding Fathers. You will learn about the schools they attended as well as many of the textbooks they used. Discover how far we have strayed from their specific plans to maintain a successful educational system in America and what can be done to return to their original blueprint."

68. If I Had It To Live Over Again ­ Tony Campolo

· "In this video Tony shares the three major principles that emerged from the replies of fifty people over the age of ninety-five when they were asked, `If you had it to do over again, what would be different?' He shows how the application of these principles can make a difference in the way we live our lives, regardless of our age." ­ 50 min.

69. The Mystery of the Howling Woods - The Goosehill Gang

· "A routine camping trip turns into an exciting adventure when the Gang's fishing expedition is interrupted by an eerie howling sound. Who or what is making the noise? Is it man or beast?...An accidental run-in with the timid inhabitant, Mr. Richards, helps Don and Pete discover what's behind the noises they've been hearing...Find out what happens when Mr. Richards finds courage through faith in Jesus Christ." ­ for ages 7-11

70. Test of Faith

· "Taylor Mitchell desperately needs his scholarship to stay in school. Physics Professor, Dr. Heinlein, insists that Taylor abandon his `mythological religious approach' to creation and base his thinking on `fact and the scientific method.' Taylor's final grade will depend on his fulfillment of Dr. Heinlein's assignment ­ a scientifically sound paper on evolution..." ­ 55 min.

71. Little Lord Fauntleroy

· "The Earl of Dorincourt, an austere British aristocrat grown bitter with age, summons to his castle his young American grandson, Cedric Errol, whom he has never met...the proud not prepared for the flood of emotions that stir within him when young Cedie reaches out to his grandfather with unquestioning love and trust, and to rich and poor alike with unconditional caring..." ­ 104 min.

72. A Little Princess

· "Sara Crewe leaves her beloved father and home in India to attend Miss Minchin's School for Girls...Then Sara's father suddenly dies, his fortune is gone and Sara is left a penniless orphan. She must deal with her grief while learning to adjust to a life of poverty...But even through her trials, courageous young Sara reaches out to others in kindness and concern. She continues to be a little princess." ­ 170 min.

73. The New Chuck Colson


"In the midst of the Watergate scandals came the headline: `Colson makes decision for Christ,' ...The cool, calculating `tough guy' had become a loving, compassionate servant of the Saviour. Colson's inperson testimony will thrill the hearts of saints and stir the complacency of those who stand off at `arms length' from personal religious experience." ­ 36 min.


· "This inspiring film will delight you with exhilarating basketball and tender inter-personal relationships. Discovering the secret that turned their defeats into victories will make you, your family and friends want to see this exciting motion picture again and again." - 78 min.

75. Where The Red Fern Grows

· "Young Billy Coleman longed to own his own dogs. He worked long and hard to save up enough money to buy his very own d-bone hounds. Spurred on by his grandfather's homespun wisdom and advice to pray, Billy learns some of life's most important lessons..."

76. The BibleMan Adventure: The Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear

· "Miles Peterson was a man who had it all; wealth, status, success. Still, something was lacking. Then, in his darkest hour, the words of a single book gave Miles Peterson the burning desire to know God. Now, transformed by the Word of the Lord and empowered by His strength, Miles Peterson lives out a pledge to fight evil in the name of God, under the identity of the mighty avenger of Truth, known as BibleMan" ­ for ages 5-93! - 40 min.

77. The BibleMan Adventure: The Incredible Force of Joy

· "Miles Peterson was a man who had it all; wealth, status, success. Still, something was lacking. Then, in his darkest hour, the words of a single book gave Miles Peterson the burning desire to know God. Now, transformed by the Word of the Lord and empowered by His strength, Miles Peterson lives out a pledge to fight evil in the name of God, under the identity of the mighty avenger of Truth, known as BibleMan" ­ for ages 5-93! - 40 min.

78. The BibleMan Adventure: Defeating the Shadow of Doubt

· "Miles Peterson was a man who had it all; wealth, status, success. Still, something was lacking. Then, in his darkest hour, the words of a single book gave Miles Peterson the burning desire to know God. Now, transformed by the Word of the Lord and empowered by His strength, Miles Peterson lives out a pledge to fight evil in the name of God, under the identity of the mighty avenger of Truth, known as BibleMan" ­ for ages 5-93! - 40 min.

Children's Videos

1. The Adventures of the Donut Repair Club On Tour

· "It's The Donut Man, Rob Evans, and those lively Donut Repair Club Kids ...They're on the road ­ singing, dancing, "repairing" donut holes, and helping everyone learn about God's love." ­ 31 min.

2. The Donut Man: The Celebration House

· "Now children can see for themselves the great things that can happen when we all work together! From the opening scenes of mishap and mayhem in the rundown Celebration House to the joyful conclusion of its newly reopened doors, your children will be taught the joy of a servant's heart..." ­ 30 min.

3. The Donut Man: The Resurrection Celebration

· "Your children will witness the events in Jesus' life that provide the foundation for the Christian faith ­ from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the grand finale of His joyous resurrection. Join the

Donut Man, Duncan and the Donut Repair Club as they prepare for a very special production at their church." - 30 min.

4. The Miracles of Jesus

· "Journey back to the Holy Land in the days of the New Testament ­ and witness the wonder of a people blessed by `The Miracles of Christ!" ­ 30 min.

5. Strangers

· "In this informative Kid's Biz video, several mini-dramas demonstrate ploys strangers use to lure children, such as bribery with candy or money. Children are encouraged to listen to their instincts when they feel threatened. Pastor Gordon Coulter, a former police officer, tells a group of children three major steps they can take when approached by a stranger." ­ 18 min.

6. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Joseph

· "...his brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt, where he eventually becomes a ruler...Finally, the family is reunited to live in the land of Egypt." ­ 23 min.

7. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Esther

· "Esther, of the house of Israel, is chosen to be the Queen of Persia. Prime Minister Haman secretly plots the death of Persian Jews. His evil plot is discovered by Esther and she decides to go to the King with the story, even though by doing so her own life may be at stake..." ­ 23 min.

8. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Elijah

· "Elijah, a prophet, tells King Ahab that there will be no rain as long as people worship Baal. A drought comes soon after Elijah meets Zarephath's widow. He prays to revive the widow's dead son. Elijah's alter to God is miraculously set afire on Mt. Carmel. Seeing this, the people turn from Baal to worship God. Forgiving His people, God sends rain." ­ 23 min.

9. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of David

· "David is anointed by Samuel to be the king of Israel after Saul. David battles and kills the giant Goliath and swears his friendship with Saul's son, Jonathan. King Saul becomes jealous of David's popularity and David escapes to the mountains. David spares Saul's life who then foresees David's future greatness." ­ 23 min.

10. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The story of The Apostles

· "Jesus is seen on the seashore by the Apostles. They feel the Holy Spirit and begin to preach. Saul of Tarsus is instrumental in the stoning of Stephen. After a vision he becomes a believer and changes his name to Paul. Paul narrowly escapes from Damascus. Peter is mysteriously released from prison." 23 min.

11. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Paul's Ministry

· "When Paul refuses to denounce Christ he is persecuted for his belief, therefore spending most of his life in and out of prison..." ­ 23 min.

12. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Moses

· "...Pharoah order the destruction of all male children. Moses is sent down the Nile in a basket, is rescued, and grows to manhood in the Egyptian court. Moses soon learns of his true heritage, and in time is instructed by God that he should deliver the Israelites out of bondage." ­ 23 min.

13. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Jeremiah

· "Jeremiah is a prophet. He warns the Israelites against their return to worshipping Baal. He also tells them that the Babylonians' invasion of their territory is God's punishment for worshipping false gods.

Jeremiah is ultimately arrested. Weak King Zedekiah refuses to act on the case. Jeremiah is thrown into a well and later rescued. Jeremiah follows his people into exile." ­ 23 min.

14. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Jesus ­ Part 1

· "Jesus' birth in a manger in Bethlehem, His exile in Egypt, His baptism in the desert, His healing of the sick and wounded...Also illustrated are the story of the prodigal son, the changing of water into wine, and the tale of the good Samaritan." ­ 51 min.

15. The Children's Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Jesus ­ Part 2

· "...the feast of Tabernacle, the moneychangers in the temple, the feast of Passover, Judas' betrayal of Jesus, Peter's denial of Christ, and the crucifixion and resurrection. Also illustrated are the lives of the apostles and the early church..." ­ 49 min.

16. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Ruth

· "When the Israelite Naomi and her two Gentile daughters-in-law are left as widows in a foreign land, Naomi begs them to care for themselves by returning to their own people. One agrees ­ but Ruth declares she will never forsake Naomi...Her faithfulness is rewarded when Naomi's near kinsman, Boaz, falls in love and marries Ruth." ­ 30 min.

17. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Elijah

· "The crowd was still and hushed as the words of the great prophet Elijah thundered down from Mount Carmel: `How long will you go back and forth between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him! If Baal be god, then follow him and be done with it!'" ­ 30 min.

18. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Elisha

· "This thrilling video spotlights Elisha's greatest triumphs, from his healing of a soldier's disease to his restoring of life to a young boy." ­ 30 min.

19. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Moses

· "...recounts the traumatic early years of Moses' life, from his privileged youth in Pharaoh's household to his dreary days of tending sheep in the Midian desert...God begins to turn a murderer into a deliverer by bringing him face-to-face with the almighty Creator of the universe." ­ 30 min.

20. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Daniel

· "Daniel braved the lion's den and miraculously was saved by God." ­ 30 min.

21. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Samuel

· "From his days as a young boy serving Eli the high priest to guiding the ancient Israelites in their walk with God, Samuel the prophet stands as an inspiring example of how we, too, can delight in our relationship with God." ­ 30 min.

22. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Esther

· "All the intrigue, danger and excitement of life in the royal palace of ancient Persia comes alive in this dramatic and inspiring story of the faithfulness of God. Watch and listen as Esther's courage and wisdom help her to turn a horrible tragedy into a joyous occasion of victory and celebration." ­ 30 min.

23. The Animated Stories from the Bible: Joseph in Egypt

· "Joseph...was sold by his brothers into slavery, finds himself in the land of Egypt...As Joseph is called to the court of Pharaoh, he remains true to his God...becomes second in command only to Pharaoh." ­ 30 min.

24. Animated Stories from the Bible: Abraham & Isaac


"Abraham and Isaac is an emotion-filled story of complete obedience and unreserved sacrifice. This heart-rending story is one of the greatest tests of obedience, faith, and trust in God found anywhere in the Bible." ­ 25 min.

25. Adventures in Character Building: The Good Samaritan

· "A young man, beaten by robbers, lies dying by the side of a road. His pleas for help are ignored by his own people, but he courageously clings to life and is rescued by a stranger from a land called Samaria." ­ 25 min.

26. The Animated Stories from the New Testament: The Good Samaritan

· "The robbers, the Rabbi, the Levite and the wounded traveler become real. Imagine the emotion as the traveler's own people pass by while his enemy, a Samaritan, stops to help him." ­ 30 min.

27. The Animated Stories from the New Testament: The Prodigal Son

· "The Prodigal Son is the parable of a once wayward son reunited with his father and family after having squandered all his means...learn of the overwhelming love encompassing someone who returns to God after having repented of his foolish ways." ­ 25 min.

28. The Animated Stories from the New Testament: The Kingdom of Heaven

· "...a series of short stories including the sower and the seed, the wheat and the tares, and the parable of the ten virgins. Each parable helps us to learn what the "Kingdom of Heaven" is like, and shows us how to live each day." ­ 30 min.

29. The Animated Stories from the New Testament: Forgive Us Our Debts

· "...combines a classic parable about forgiveness with the teachings of Jesus to His disciples. Jesus shows His love by teaching that forgiveness is from God, as He instructs Peter to catch a fish where he'll find a coin in its mouth to pay the temple tax." ­ 30 min.

30. The Animated Stories from the New Testament: The Righteous Judge

· "The Righteous Judge recreates the events that surround the Master in teaching the virtues and principles of love, repentance, and forgiveness. Witness the story of the adulteress and Jesus' confrontation with the Pharisees, and learn of God's immense mercy and grace." ­ 30 min.

31. The Animated Stories from the New Testament: The King is Born

· "The King is Born is a video classic about the birth of Jesus based on the Bible." ­ 25 min.

32. Kingdom Adventure: Trambazoombah Rescue

· "Imaginative puppets and creative animation combine with sing-along music..." ­ 30 min.

33. Kingdom Adventure: Escape from the Dark Wood

* "Imaginative puppets and creative animation combine with sing-along music..." ­ 45 min.

34. The Greatest Adventure: Joseph & His Brothers

· "Jealous over his precious `coat of many colors,' young Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. But even in bondage, Joseph prospers....and finds himself holding the lives of his brothers ­ and all of Canaan ­ in his hands." ­ 30 min.

35. Kids Sing Christmas Around The World

· "This exciting live-action children's video takes a whirlwind look at the Christmas music and cultures of Germany, Africa, Mexico, The Tropics, China, Russia, Scotland and even Bethlehem! A journey of the imagination, Kids Sing Christmas Around The World will open your child's mind to the many ways people celebrate the birth of the Christ Child." ­ 30 min.

36. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ The Creation

· "...tells of the spirit of God moving over the waters, of the creation of all plants and animals, and of their naming by Adam. He tells of the creation of Eve. Then Adam and Eve disobey God's command and eat of the forbidden fruit...the story is a lesson in the danger of disobeying God's will." ­ 30 min.

37. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible - Moses

· "...a titanic struggle between two determined men, with Moses calling down increasingly destructive plagues to break Pharaoh's hold on the Hebrews. The story reaches a thrilling climax when Moses and his people find themselves trapped between an angry army and a deep sea."

38. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ Samson and Delilah

· "The Promised Land suffers under the harsh reign of the Philistines, the ancient enemies of Israel. Only the mighty hero Samson dares to resist the oppressors of his people...Samson has been blessed from birth by the Almighty, and in the spectacular climax the strong man brings down upon the Philistines the wrath of God."

39. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ Noah's Ark

· "God commands Noah to build an ark and fill it with two each of every animal on the planet...Noah's faith is vindicated when the heavens let forth with a torrent of rain that lasts for forty days. But God's test of Noah's courage and commitment is just beginning."

40. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ David and Goliath

· "The kingdom of Israel faces its greatest threat when the rampaging army of the Philistines marches across its borders. In the forefront of the invaders is a giant warrior: Goliath...Saul entrusts the defense of the kingdom to David, whom he knows only as the shepherd boy who sings psalms to him at court."

41. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ Daniel and the Lion's Den

· " Daniel's wisdom and moral strength earn the admiration of Darius, the new ruler of Babylon, but also excites jealousy among lesser men. They trick Darius into having Daniel arrested and thrown into a den of lions. Locked in a cage with these hungry beasts, Daniel's faith in God is put to the ultimate test."

42. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

· "The Hebrews' 40 years of wandering is over at last. Preceded by the Ark of the Covenant, they cross the river Jordan and enter the Promised Land, under the watchful eye of their new leader, Joshua. But their arrival is also observed by the Canaanites, who are determined to stop Joshua and his people. The Canaanites seem to have the edge...Joshua is not daunted...Joshua's faith in the word of God is spectacularly vindicated."

43. The Greatest Adventure: Stories From The Bible ­ The Nativity

· "All roads lead to Bethlehem as God fulfills a prophecy and a promise to mankind and a Child is born in a stable beneath a shining star."

44. The Seventh Brother

· "Tiny the Puppy, separated from young Angie and her grandfather, is lost in the forest...he is rescued and adopted by a delightful family of rabbits...This is a tender story of having faith enough to overcome fear." ­ 69 min.

45. Willy The Sparrow

· "An amazing adventure teaches a young boy respect, kindness and the value of knowledge. What would it feel like to be a bird and fly over trees and housetops? A boy named Willy finds out when the Sparrow Guardian turns him into a sparrow for shooting a BB gun at the little birds!..." ­ 75 min.

46. Ben & Eddie: The Meeting ­ Eddie Finds a Home

· "...Arriving home after a long day's work, Ben finds an orphan pup (Eddie) rummaging through the trash at his apartment building...Accepting Ben's hospitality, Eddie learns that trusting someone takes a lot of courage. And when Eddie finally decides to trust, he finds a home, family and a `Lifetime Friend.'" ­ 31 min.

47. Ben & Eddie: Fleas! ­ Disappointment and Forgiveness

· "This is `Eddie's day.' Ben and Eddie are going to spend the whole day in the park together. But an emergency at Rescue House calls Ben away for the morning. Promising to be back soon Ben goes off leaving Eddie to his many preparations for the outing...Through the help of his friends Madzia and the Word of God Eddie is able to let go of his disappointment and forgive Ben. Eddie discovers the grace that God gives to help us forgive." ­ 24 min.

48. Quigley's Village: Sing-Along (Teaches Christian Values)

· "A video collection of favorite songs from Quigley's Village; words shown directly on screen...This award-winning series provides the very best in entertainment with important lessons to help children learn and grow!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

49. Quigley's Village: Bubba's Big Banana Cream Crime (Resisting Temptation)

· "Everyone is tempted in one way or another, and Bubba can hardly resist one of his mom's fresh banana cream pies. Meanwhile, Danny is tempted to cheat when he can't think of anything to write for the poetry contest." ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

50. Quigley's Village: Danny Buys a Blobit (Truth and Trust)

· "Danny decides to buy a toy with the money Mr. Quigley gives him to buy party decorations. To cover his actions he has to lie and finally decides to bury the toy. Everything is going great until it rains and Danny's deception is found growing out of the ground!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

51. Quigley's Village: Lemon and the Kite Flying Catastrophe (Thankfulness)

· "Lemon learns the importance of thankfulness when her doll is swept away during a windy day of kite flying. The gang tries to find Mrs. Toddy without success until she is found on top of a flag pole and only Bubba can save the day!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

52. Quigley's Village: Scary Sounds in the Campground (Overcoming Fear)

· "In this episode, Mr. Quigley takes the guys camping and they have a wonderful time eating and telling stories until bedtime when Bubba hears strange noises. The noises get louder and Bubba's imagination runs wild until he confronts his fear and discovers the culprit!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

53. Quigley's Village: Shakeups and Showdowns (Working Things Out)

· "When Spike and Bubba can't agree on what color to paint the clubhouse sign, trouble arises. The `case' goes to trial and Judge Quigley shows the kids how to work things out." ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

54. Quigley's Village: Spike and the Silly, Mixed-Up Sleepover (Listening)

· "Learning to listen is a very important part of growing up. When Spike goes over to Lemon's house for a sleepover, she doesn't listen to her dad and forgets to bring some essential things ­ with frustrating (but very funny) results!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

55. Quigley's Village: The Great Treehouse Disaster (Cooperation)

· "...building a treehouse turns into a disaster when nobody cooperates. Mr. Quigley teaches the kids that `when there is a job to do, when we cooperate it will soon be through' ­ and working together is a lot more fun too!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

56. Quigley's Village: The Wonder Kids' Colossal Cash Caper (Courage)

· "Learning to be courageous is fun when Danny, Bubba and Spike imagine themselves as the Wonder Kids looking for adventure. On `assignment' from Mr. Quigley they find a money purse in the park and are faced with the dilemma of keeping it or giving it back." ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

57. Quigley's Village: Spike's Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine (Sharing)

· "Danny, Spike and Bubba each enter a contest to win the Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine, and all promise to share it ­ no matter who wins. But when Spike wins, she decides to keep it for herself, balloons and all, and then has a very, very big sneeze!" ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

58. Quigley's Village: The Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Space Ship (Responsibility)

· "The Quigley's Village kids want to buy a Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Space Ship for their treehouse, so they decide to have a lemonade sale to raise money. But when Bubba accidentally breaks Mr. Quigley's glass pitcher, they have to decide on the responsible thing to do." ­ 30 min. ­ ages 2-7

59. McGee and Me!: Back to the Drawing Board ­ Focus on the Family

· "High adventure, live action ­ combined with animation. In `Back to the Drawing Board,' Nicholas and McGee learn that jealousy causes a lot of hurt, anger, and frustration ­ especially for the one who's jealous." - 30 min.

60. McGee and Me!: Skate Expectations ­ Focus on the Family

· "High adventure, live action ­ combined with animation....Nicholas and McGee learn the value of showing love and kindness to others ­ no matter who they are." - 30 min.

61. McGee and Me!: Twister & Shout ­ Focus on the Family

· "High adventure, live action ­ combined with animation....Nicholas and McGee learn that when you trust in God, you never have to worry about being alone or afraid." ­ 30 min.

62. The New Adventures - McGee and Me!: The Blunder Years ­ Focus on the Family

· "High adventure, live action ­ combined with animation...Nick is like every kid ­ stumbling through The Blunder Years making choices and hopefully discovering what's really important in the process." - 30 min.

63. McGee and Me!: The Big Lie ­ Focus on the Family

· "Nicholas and McGee discover that telling lies is not a convenient way to make friends. Instead, it's a sure way to hurt others, especially if the lie is mistaken for the truth." ­ 30 min.

64. McGee and Me!: Take Me Out of the Ball Game ­ Focus on the Family

· "Nicholas and McGee ­ with the help of special guest Orel Hershiser ­ learn about the importance of keeping things in the right perspective and putting faith in God, not people." ­ 30 min.

65. McGee and Me!: A Star in the Breaking ­ Focus on the Family

· "Nicholas and McGee learn the value of being humble and accepting that some people are better than you at certain things." ­ 30 min.

66. McGee and Me!: `Twas the Fight Before Christmas ­ Focus on the Family

· "Nicholas and McGee learn about God's love for people who are hard to love." ­ 30 min.

International Missions

1. Celebration: Our History in Foreign Missions


"...Baptist societies in America flourished along with missions efforts overseas until the slavery issue divided Baptists in the North and South. Needing to preserve their missions call, Baptist messengers from nine Southern states met in Augusta, GA, in May 1845. The Southern Baptist Convention was born there. In turn, boards for home and foreign missions also were formed..." ­ 30 min.

2. Beyond the Wall: Loving the Peoples of the Arabian Peninsula

· "Learn what Great Commission praying can do. Saudi Arabia spends millions to propagate Islam, and millions are responding."

3. Journey Home: Lottie Moon of China

· 24 min.

Music/Concert Videos

1. Amy Grant "In Concert": Age to Age Tour 2. Steve Green: For God and God Alone ­ In Concert Ministry Video 3. Michael W. Smith: Change Your World - Live 4. Amy Grant: Find A Way

NSRBA Videos

1. 2001 International Celebration (2 copies) 2. 2002 International Celebration ­ Snyder Memorial Baptist Church (2 copies) 3. Mogelev Regional Children's Hospital 4. Association Ministries 2002 (2 copies)

State Missions

1. A Long Walk Home ­ Baptist Children's Homes of NC

· 18 min.

2. Cooperative Program 75th Anniversary

· · · · · · I "I Will Follow Christ" Music Video (7 min.) II Partners in the Harvest Video Series (8 min.) Segment 1 ­ The Need (Pray) Segment 2 ­ The Call (Go) Segment 3 ­ The Commitment (Give) Segment 4 ­ The Vision (Celebration)

3. The Prescription of Touch ­ NC Baptist Hospital

· 12 min.

4. The Raleigh Rescue Mission

5. NC Baptist Relief at the Pentagon 6. NC Baptist Foundation: Touching the Future

· 12 min.

7. 1998 Mother's Day Offering: To Lighten Life's Load

· 12 min.

8. NC Baptists Shine!: 2003 Mother's Day Offering

· 14 min.

9. NC Baptist Campus Ministry: Winter Retreat 2001

· Chowan, NCSU, UNCP & UNCW; Ron Sanders ­ Baptist Campus Minister at UNCP

10. Hurricane Floyd: Rebuilding Homes, Rebuilding Lives

· 10 min.

11. Caring For Our Families: Baptist Retirement Homes 12. Baptist Hospital: God's Love Made Real

· The 2001 Mother's Day Offering ­ 16 min.

13. Changed Lives, Caring People: Associational Emphasis Week 2003 (2 copies) 14. Embracing God's Children: Baptist Children's Homes of NC (2000)

· 10 min.

15. Right Now...: 2001 Thanksgiving Offering Video ­ Baptist Children's Homes

· 12 min.

16. 1998 NC Missions Offering: "Little is Much"

· 8 min.

17. Just Down the Street

· "A breathtaking, heart-rending, 10-minute ride around the globe and your neighborhood. The stirring story of you You have a part in it all, beginning at your doorstep!

18. "The Missionary": NC Missions Offering Video

· · · Where Are Missionaries Needed Most? (7 min) What Do Missionaries Do? (6 min.) Who Can Be A Missionary? (7 min.)

19. NC Baptist Foundation: Touching The Future 21. New Beginnings: NC Missions Offering Video 2003 21. Hurricane Fran: NC Baptist Response 1996

· 6 min.

22. Saved By God's Hand: NC Baptist Relief Effort in Honduras

· 10 min.

23. A Time to Plan...for the Witnessing Giving Life 24. What is the Baptist State Convention?

· 11 min.


1. Campbell University Divinity School

· Christ-Centered Bible Based, Ministry-Focused


1. Missions Activities for Men & Boys 2. Leading Baptist Young Men

WMU Videos

1. Go Forward 2. Beyond Belief: taught by Elizabeth Loftis 3. Changing Times: Moving Ahead With Woman's Missionary Union 4. Looking Inside A GA Meeting 5. Teaching Time: Building An Associational WMU 6. If You Just Have Faith: A message of hope from Woman's Missionary Union 7. BW: Indiana Joan's Great Adventure 8. Acteens: Better Than Ever! 9. WMU: Centennial Magazine 10. The Haystack Prayer Meeting

· "How could a prayer meeting in a haystack lead to the beginnings of the American foreign missions movement? Discover in this colorful story how Adoniram Judson, his wife Ann, and Luther Rice contributed to the formation of the Baptist denomination in America" ­ 9 min.

North American Missions

1. Hearts for Boston: 2001 Strategic Focus Cities 2. By All Means! ­ 2000 Week of Prayer for North American Missions

· Khalil & Amal Hanna - Irvine, California; Paul & Sharon Wells - Fairbanks, Alaska; Barry & LaWanda Bonney - Oakville, Ontario, Canada; Sheila & Todd Mitchell - Sand Springs, Oklahoma; David & Milvian Lema - Miami, Florida; Roosevelt & Roslyn Broach - Dallas, Texas; Mike & Martha McKinney - Forsyth, Montana; John & Anna Ramirez ­ Northborough, Massachusetts Dreamer in Action ­ Annie Armstrong feature ­ 4 min. Field of Dreams ­ NAMB work ­ 5 min.

· ·

3. Philadelphia Spirit: 2002 Strategic Focus Cities 4. Moving at the Speed of Love: Northern Kentucky Baptist Association

· · · · · · · · · · Association Ministries Overview Association Ministries Snapshot Airport Chapel Racetrack Ministries Baptist Student Union Baptist Life Communities Bullittsburg Camp NKBA Computer School Inner City Ministries Hispanic Ministries

5. Embracing Seattle: Arms Around the Sound ­ 2002 Strategic Focus Cities (2 copies) 6. Essentials for the On Mission Church

· · · · · · · · · · · The Heart of Our Land (3 min.) Losing Touch (2 min.) Factoids (1 min.) What Are You Going to Do About It? (2 min.) Word on the Street (3 min.) Missionary P.O.V. o David Dean ­ New York City (3 min.) o Ramon Aleman ­ reaching immigrants (2 min.) Islam: A Look Behind the Crescent (4 min.) Defining the Gap (2 min.) Cries for Help (4 min.) Lostness: Where Is It Hiding? (10 min.) Barriers or Opportunities (12 min.)

7. North American Mission Board Annual Ministry Report 8. Celebrate Jesus 2000 "Caring for the Valley of the Sun" 9. Home Missions Adventure: 1987 Children's Home Mission Study Video 10. Missions USA: Video Magazine

· · · Segment 1 ­ Our Neighbor to the North ­ Canada Segment 2 ­ The Church of Many Colors ­ Multi-racial congregation (16-20 countries represented) Segment 3 ­ Champions of the Rodeo ­ College rodeo circuit chaplain

11. Multi-housing Missions: The New Frontier

· 31 min.

12. Within Your Reach: Hunger in the Homeland 13. Missions In Motion: Fall Quarter 1999

· 59 min.

14. Make a Difference: Church Starting Churches 15. X-Treme Missions 16. A Mississippi River Mystery: 1998 North American Mission Study 17. Rollin' On The River: 1998 North American Mission Study Youth Resource Kit

Spanish Videos

1. Global Harvest: International Missions Emphasis 2. The Witness Goes Out!

· A life-long Jehovah's Witness finds freedom from the bondage of the Watchtower Society ­ 48 min.

3. The Hindus of India ­ 14 min. 4. Enfasis en Las Misiones Internacionales 2000 5. What's Up Josh?

· "...this film drama gives dramatic answers to young people who are questioning the Bible itself." ­ 54 min.

6. Pilgrim's Progress ­ 69 min. 7. The New Media Bible: Luke

· Part I ­ Christmas

8. The New Media Bible: Luke

· Part IV ­ First Easter

9. Hades: Vida Despues De La Muerte 10. Witnesses of Jehovah ­ 58 min. 11. IMB Video 12. The God Makers ­ Mormon Church ­ 56 min. 13. Jesus Video

· 120 min.

14. Invitation to Bible Study: Spanish Sunday School Series

· · · · Tape 1 ­ Lessons 1 & 2 (28 min. each) Tape 2 ­ Lessons 3 & 4 (28 min. each) Tape 3 ­ Lessons 5 & 6 (28 min. each) Tape 4 ­ Lessons 7 & 8 (28 min. each)


Church Leadership

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