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Pacer 112 UE/115 UE

12 and 15-inch Single-Motor Upright Vacuums

Incorporating the latest innovations, the Pacer 112 UE and 115 UE are single-motor upright vacuums designed for reliability.

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NSS Enterprises, Inc. 3115 Frenchmens Road Toledo,Ohio43607-2958 USA

Lightweight, ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue. ·Variablehandleadjustmentfordifferentheightusers. ·Closedhandleallowsarelaxedgrip. ·Largecarryinghandlemakestransporteasy. Powerful1.5HPmotorandChevron-stylebrushforthoroughcleaning. HEPAfilterstandard.Optionalclothandfleecebagsareavailable. Thoroughthree-stepfiltration:two-plybag,motorfilter,andHEPAfilter. Reliablemechanicalclutchdisconnectsbrushwhenjammed. Detachablesuctiontubemakesclearingclogssimple. Moldedrubberbumperprotectsfixturesandfurniture. Noexpensiveelectroniccontrolstorepairorreplace. Durable polypropylene body and base stand up to commercial use. Simplecordwrapreleaseforquickaccess.

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Printed on Green Seal® certified paper that contains 30% recycled post-consumer fiber.

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Pacer 112/115 UE Specifications

Brush Motor Type Air Flow Waterlift Filtration Chevronstylebrush 2-stage,[email protected](1150watts) 1.5 HP Maximum102CFM(48l/sec) 84in 3-stage--Top-filled,two-plypolylinedfilterbag,motorfilter,and HEPAexhaustfilter Rockeron/offswitchandbagfull indicator light 40ft(12m)18-3SJTsafetyyellow CompositePolypropylenebodyand base 5.1quartsdry(4.8l) 12in(30cm) 15in(38cm) 67dBA 48.75in(125cm) 12.5in(32cm) 15.5in(39cm) 17.4lbs(7.9kg) 18lbs(8.2kg) 23lbs(10.4kg)max 2years,includingbelt,excluding wear items 112UE3,430sqftperhour(319m2) 115UE4,275sqftperhour(398m2)

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Switches & Controls Cord Construction Bag Capacity CleaningPath 112 UE 115 UE Sound Level Dimensions Height Width 112 UE Width 115 UE Weight 112 UE Weight 115 UE Shipping Weight Warranty Productivity

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1 Enclosedhandleallowsforarelaxedgrip during operation. 2 Built-inextensionhoseandwandmake above-the-floorcleaningasnap. 3 Convenientcarryinghandlemakes transport easy. 4 Brushadjustmentdialonthebaseallows forinstantcarpetpileadjustments. 5 Chevron-stylebrushisbuiltfortough commercial use, and is easily removed for replacement. 6 Shock-absorbingwheelskeepthe vacuum quiet on rough surfaces.

The ergonomic handle and handle heightadjustmenthelpprevent cumulative trauma disorder. The Pacer uprights have received theCarpetRugInstitutegreenlabel certification.

3-Stage Filtration

WiththeHEPAfilter,thePacer removes99.97%ofairborne particles0.3micronsorgreaterin diameter,resultinginextraordinary clean air.

7 Thehandleisadjustablefordifferent height operators. 8 Cordstrainreliefpreventsdamagetothe power cord.


NSS Enterprises, Inc. 3115 Frenchmens Road Toledo,OH43607-2958 USA P:(800)677-1663 F:(419)531-3761 [email protected] Specificationssubjecttochangewithoutnotice.




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