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Sidewinder 27 MB

Battery-Powered Sweeper

The easy-to-use Sidewinder 27 MB battery-powered sweeper, with its dual counter-rotating brush system, picks up everything from fine dust to large debris in a single pass. Its 27.5-inch (70 cm) sweeping path cleans 30,140 square feet per hour on both carpeted and hard floors, indoors or out.

l The 12-volt, 145-amp hour battery provides over 3 hours of continuous runtime. The on-board battery charger provides the convenience of charging the batteries anytime, anywhere. l This push-propelled sweeper features a large 11.3-gallon dry (43 liter) hopper that needs to be emptied less often.

NSS® Enterprises, Inc. 3115 Frenchmens Road Toledo, Ohio 43607-2958 USA

l The 15.7-inch (40 cm) side broom runs along walls and curbs to sweep debris into the pick-up path of the main brushes. l A special bypass knob allows the recovery of wet and damp debris without harming the filter. l The cellulose filter, with manual shaker, features 24.2 square feet (2.25 square meters) of surface, to maintain indoor air quality. l A parking brake on the front caster allows the machine to be set in place during storage, preventing unauthorized operation.

Printed on Green Seal certified paper that contains 30% recycled post-consumer fiber.


Sidewinder 27 MB Specifications

Sweeper Width Brush Motor HP Width (2 Main) Width (Side) Hopper Capacity Battery Construction Body Cover Frame Caster Wheels Filter Capacity Construction Sound Level Dimensions Height Length Width w/ Broom Weight Machine Shipping Shipping Class Warranty Productivity 165 lbs (75 kg) 186 lbs (85 kg) 100 1 year limited 30,140 sq ft per hour (2,800 sq m) 90,420 sq ft per charge (8,400 sq m) 38.9 in (99 cm) 48.5 in (123.4 cm) 26.7 in (68 cm) 24.2 ft2 (2.25 m2) Cellulose filter 67 dBA @ operator Roto-molded Vacuum-formed Steel frame 4.9 in x 0.84 in (12.5 cm x 2.1 cm) Two 7.8 in x 1.11 in (20 cm x 2.8 cm) 12V, 300 watts 0.4 HP 20.5 in ( 52 cm) 15.7 in (40 cm) overlaps main broom 7 in 11.3 gal dry (43 l) 12V, 145 AH 27.5 in (70 cm) main and side broom combined


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Rubber anti-vibration covering on the control handle aids in ergonomic operation. The manual shaker knob easily dislodges dust from the filter, dropping the fine particles into the hopper. A simple on/off toggle switch is the only control feature on the Sidewinder 27 MB. A side knob allows the operator to bypass the filter so water-soaked debris will not cause damage. Adjustable side broom sweeps debris away from walls and curbs and into the pick-up path of the main brushes. The roto-molded body and vacuum-formed cover, which resist dents, cracks and corrosion, are mounted to a heavy-duty steel frame. The hood flips up for easy access to the battery and all internal components.

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The rubber anti-vibration handle covering aids in ergonomic operation. The 24-square foot cellulose filter captures fine dust kicked up by sweeping to maintain indoor air quality. The quiet operation (67 dBA) allows extended use in daytime cleaning environments.

The removable hopper at the rear of the machine makes emptying the Sidewinder 27 MB easy.

The battery charge indicator light displays battery charge strength during operation.

The flip-top battery cover permits easy access to the battery, on-board battery charger, and other internal components. DISTRIBUTED BY

NSS Enterprises, Inc. 3115 Frenchmens Road Toledo, OH 43607-2958 USA P: (800) 677-1663 F: (419) 531-3761

[email protected] Printed in USA Specifications subject to change without notice.

©2008 NSS Enterprises, Inc.

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