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Improving the NTN Brand


Brand Strength Supported by HITOZUKURI and MONOZUKURI



We promote initiatives to enable individual employees to demonstrate their full potential based on through . Focusing primarily on sharing the technology and skills acquired by NTN, our efforts to create a work environment in which employees' capabilities are used to the fullest possible extent are based around two core pillars--increasing


MONOZUKURI utilization

and efficiency of personnel. We are continuously striving to

establish a new, flexible yet solid corporate structure that is capable of adapting to every conceivable change in the environment, thus laying the foundations for the Company's future.

MONOZUKURI is a comprehensive concept of creating value at NTN throughout the entire business process, including marketing, R&D, engineering, manufacturing and distribution. MONOZUKURI ensures an even higher level of customer satisfaction thanks to NTN's competitive advantages in quality, cost, delivery, development and service. HITOZUKURI is NTN's concept of a system designed to continuously develop staff who possess essential technical skills and are capable of working in an international environment. By identifying the skills of each individual and passing down various engineering and technical skills, NTN plans to increase its on-site capabilities, achieve world class high quality and low cost operations and shorten its production time.


NTN Corporation


Initiatives to Increase Personnel Proficiency

Increasing personnel proficiency At NTN, we make every effort to provide opportunities to fully utilize the wide range of employee capabilities at our disposal and to establish working environments in which employees can feel at ease as they work. In an effort to capitalize on the wealth of experience, technical skills and knowledge available through experienced employees, NTN Group affiliated company NTN Technical Service Corporation (NTS) operates an active elderly employment policy. Consisting primarily of personnel who have built up operational experience working for NTN and mastered specialist knowledge, NTS provides a wide range of services including subcontracting, temporary staffing, machine component procurement, machine assembly and modification and technical support services for equipment maintenance and management, mainly for NTN production sites. Correctly evaluating employee capabilities and performance and providing fair treatment is crucial in terms of driving forward improvements in organizational capabilities and the growth of the company as a whole. NTN operates systems geared towards individual preferences in order to bring out new skills in employees depending on their motivation and individual personality. These include a self-assessment system whereby employees can file a request for a specific post or work location with their superior or the personnel department once a year, and an in-house recruitment system to appoint personnel for each new venture or project. It is through efforts such as these that we are striving to create optimum working conditions.

Improving utilization of personnel

·Framework for passing down skills ·Thorough performance-based evaluation ·Training employees capable of working on a global environment

· Diversification in employment programs · Promoting increased utilization of elderly personnel · Optimizing working conditions


Initiatives to Increase Utilization of Personnel

On April 1, 2005, we launched the NTN Meister accreditation system with the aim of (1) sharing and firmly establishing on-site manufacturing knowledge and skills and (2) fully utilizing personnel with outstanding knowledge and skills. In addition to sharing any and all skills and knowledge that are indispensable to NTN, employees accredited as NTN Meisters are also responsible for providing guidance and advice to improve skill levels within their department in order to promote improved skill levels on a companywide basis. With regard to individual front-line

employees, we are implementing initiatives on a companywide scale with the aim of enabling employees to acquire higher-level skills (skill enhancement) and training individual engineers so that they are capable of handling as many different tasks as possible (multi-skill development). We also run a program of profitability circle activities called "QC" circles, based on the slogan "improving on-site capabilities, showcasing on-site knowledge." There are currently around 470 active clubs within the NTN Group, all of which make a substantial contribution to improved quality and productivity through on-site improvement efforts.

Skills training "school" The NTN Meister Accreditation System

Companywide QC event

Frontline Staff Skills Transmission Committee

NTN Meister Accreditation Committee Meister accreditation process

Accreditation Ceremony


Determination of essential skills and job-suitability

Listing special skill holders and creating skill transmission programs

Selection of NTN Meister candidates at front line

Meister candidates

Submission of recommendation

Meister accreditation

Head Office

Notification to all NTN staff

Junior Meister candidates

Junior Meister Accreditation process

Junior Meister accreditation

Work site

Posting of accreditation at individual work sites




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