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OmniPage 17 Reviewer's Guide


Thank you for your interest in reviewing OmniPage 17, the newest version of the world's best-selling and most accurate document conversion and scanning application for Microsoft Windows. We hope that the following pages will serve as a helpful reference during the course of your review.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Key Features in OmniPage 17 Sample Tests for Review of OmniPage 17 Comparison Chart Press Contact & More Information 3-4 5-16 17 19


Key Features in OmniPage 17

*NEW* The Most Accurate Document Conversion OmniPage Professional 17 is up to 40% more accurate in converting scanned images into formatted Microsoft Word documents, and up to 50% more accurate than alternatives. The dramatic increase in accuracy is delivered in part through a new Hyper-Binary Conversation technique developed by Nuance scientists, which is able to detect even the most subtle differences between text, background, graphical objects and even "noise" on the scanned image. This allows OmniPage to see "just the text" prior to the conversion process, and results in the leap in accuracy. OmniPage 17 is able to turn paper and PDF into fully formatted Microsoft Office documents, complete with text, columns, tables and graphics. *NEW* First Scan & PDF to Amazon Kindle Users can now send scanned paper and PDF to their Amazon Kindle® eBook reader, with OmniPage converting the format to be optimized for reading on the Kindle. Text is also created from image documents, with the proper read-order for the built-in Text-to-Speech engine available in the Kindle 2.0. *NEW* First Mobile Phone 3D-Capture Users can now use mobile phones, including the Apple iPhone, to take pictures of documents and send them to OmniPage for conversion into Word documents or searchable PDF archives. Nuance has expanded its 3D-Capture technology to support 5 megapixel mobile phone cameras, automatically correcting for distortions caused by misalignment of the page or curves in captured book pages. *NEW* Integrated Scanning for Microsoft Office and SharePoint The new release integrates scanning and document conversion directly into Microsoft Office. A new OmniPage Toolbar is now available from within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, making it "one-click" easy to move paper and PDF into editable formats. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 gains a direct connection from the OmniPage Workflow Assistant, providing an affordable way to implement batch scanning to searchable PDF and XPS archives for the popular SharePoint content management system. OmniPage 17 also includes new "Save As" filters for the open XML formats for Microsoft Office ­ .DOCX, .XLSX and PPTX ­ which were developed in collaboration with Microsoft. *NEW* Expanded Language Support with Auto-Detection OmniPage Professional 17 supports over 120 languages, and for the first time supports converting Chinese, Japanese and Korean documents. The expanded technology is able to process documents that are composed of a single language, and can process mixed-language documents automatically, such as English words within a predominantly Japanese document. Nuance holds a patent for the automatic detection of mixed language conversion. Unmatched Support for PDF, PDF/A and PDF-MRC No other document conversion software provides the level of support for PDF as does OmniPage Professional 17. The product enables the automated creation of searchable PDF and ISO PDF/A archives, including batch processing without the per-click and page count limits found in alternatives. The product also has built-in support for PDF-MRC, highly compressed PDF compliant archives that can be 800% smaller than traditional PDF image archives. Also included is PDF Create! v5, which allows users to create PDF from any PC application, for archive or for


electronic document sharing. PDF Create! is similar in function and value to the PDF creation capability delivered by Adobe® Acrobat®. Batch Scanning for Content Management Scan to your Microsoft® SharePoint® server and access documents from anywhere in your organization. OmniPage Professional 17 features an improved SharePoint® 2007 Connector and is now enabled with Open Text Hummingbird® and Interwoven® iManage® Connectors. Plus, linearized PDF, PDF/A compliance and PDF 1.7 support means your archived documents are always accessible. Open source formatted documents are archivable and searchable forever. PaperPort Document Management Nuance is the first to bundle document management capabilities with a desktop OCR application by adding PaperPort 11 to OmniPage Professional 17. Further, for existing users of PaperPort and PaperPort Professional, OmniPage Professional 17 includes enhanced "scan to" features that make using the two products more seamless and powerful than ever. Built-In Automatic Redaction and Highlight Redact or black out confidential text or quickly locate information with highlights. OmniPage can recognize and automatically mark up your text based on a list of key words. Complete Forms Processing Convert paper forms to fillable forms and distribute electronically. OmniPage can collect data from PDF or paper forms and export to a spreadsheet- or database-compliant format.


Sample Tests for Review of OmniPage 17

Nuance has designed OmniPage 17 to unlock the potential of the green office, delivering innovations that enable an easy and practical transition from paper to paperless ­ at home, in the office and on-the-go. You'll find below some examples of how OmniPage is used in "the real world" along with sample workflows and documents and video demonstrations located in the press kit for your consideration as you take OmniPage through its paces.

Tips Before Starting

Preparing your PC Make sure your PC is well maintained: use the Disc Cleanup and Disc Defragmenter regularly; keep your antivirus software up to date. Make sure OmniPage Professional 17 is installed. Turn off all unnecessary applications. Save "OmniPage Samples" file in press kit with sample documents and Workflows to "My Documents" folder (see details below). A Note about Workflows What is a "Workflow?" OmniPage lets you create custom Workflows that distill your favorite multi-step conversion processes into a single mouse click. For example, you could set up a Workflow to automatically recognize a 20 page PDF file, convert it into a Word document, email it to a friend and save a copy to your local hard-drive all with a single click of the mouse. We have included in the press kit several feature video demonstrations to watch as well as sample Workflows and documents so that you can more easily see some of the most powerful features in OmniPage 17. In order to try these Workflows, you need to follow a few quick steps first. First, copy the included sample files found in the OmniPage Samples folder to the My Documents folder on your computer.


The included Workflows expect sample files to be in a certain place for them to work properly. If the files are not in the expected place, OmniPage will not be able to find and convert the sample files automatically. Next you'll want to load the included Workflows into your OmniPage Software. To import the Workflows into OmniPage do the following: 1. Launch OmniPage 2. Go to "Import Workflows" located under the "Start Workflow" button in the OmniPage Toolbox in the upper left corner of OmniPage.

3. Each Workflow is located in the sample file folder of the same name. For instance, to use the Convert iPhone Picture Workflow, browse to the corresponding folder with that name in the OmniPage Samples folder under your "My Documents" folder. 4. Select each Workflow one at a time until they are all loaded. 5. Repeat until all are loaded into OmniPage

Let the testing begin...


Fast and Easy Document Conversion with OmniPage People in all walks of life rely on OmniPage to accurately capture, convert and even repurpose documents. With just a few button clicks, anyone can scan and convert a document, either directly from a scanning device, or from within their favorite application. You can see a quick demonstration of this by watching the feature video called "OmniPage Quick Convert." You can also try it yourself by following these steps: 1. Launch OmniPage 2. Select the "Quick Convert" view under the Window Menu

3. See that all the options are set in the "Quick Convert Options" as pictured on the left side of the screen below

4. Click on the "Get and Convert" button in the upper left of the OmniPage Window. 5. Navigate to the "OmniPage Samples" folder under your "My Documents" folder and open the file "Convert to MS Word" located in the "Convert to MS Word" folder.


6. You can also change the "Document source" option to be your scanner (if you have one attached to your computer) so you can scan and convert your own documents into OmniPage.


Send to Amazon Kindle To date, there hasn't existed a practical, portable alternative to paper. New eBook technologies such as the Amazon Kindle have changed all of this to give people true paper portability, and OmniPage goes one step further. With OmniPage 17's new Send-to-Kindle feature, you can capture paper documents, PDF and image files and send documents directly to the Kindle in one step. You can see a quick demonstration of this by watching the feature video called "Sending Documents to the Amazon Kindle."

Steps to send a document to your Amazon Kindle and create Kindle Workflow: *Note ­ you must have an Amazon Kindle and a corresponding Kindle account to see the results on a Kindle. You may still follow these directions and email the document to yourself or any email account but the resulting document won't appear formatted exactly as it will appear on the Kindle. 1. Choose either the "Classic" or "Flexible" view in OmniPage from under the "Window" menu 2. Select the "Kindle Assistant" from under the "Tools" menu 3. Under "Document source" select "Load Files" to convert a file on disk, "Load Digital Camera Files" to convert a digital camera image from disk or "Scan" to scan a document directly to the Kindle 4. Enter your unique Amazon Kindle email account. You should have received this when you registered your Kindle with Amazon. If you do not have this information please check with Amazon customer service for support. You can also find out more information on emailing personal documents to your Kindle by going to and clicking on the "Manage Your Kindle" tab. If you don't have a Kindle, you can enter any email address to test the process, but your results won't accurately reflect what you'll see on the Kindle


5. Enter a "Document name" as it will appear on the Kindle. You can change this later if you like by modifying the resulting Kindle Workflow 6. Click "Save and Run" to convert and send a document immediately or click "Ok" to run the process at a later time. The resulting Send-to-Kindle process is now available as a regular OmniPage Workflow and can be run over and over again by choosing it in the Workflow drop down menu and clicking on the start button in the OmniPage Toolbox

Try the Send-to-Kindle Workflow with another document!


Convert Image from Mobile Phone Camera If you're on the road, and don't have a scanner at your disposal, you can still capture and convert information with OmniPage. Using a 2+ megapixel digital camera or mobile phone with an autofocus camera, you can capture documents, posters, signs and other material and simply send them on to OmniPage for quick conversion. You don't need to worry about getting a perfectly flat picture because OmniPage uses 3D Capture technology to automatically correct for distortion, bends and misalignments and then accurately turns the document into editable text and searchable PDF documents. You can see a quick demonstration of this by watching the feature video called "Digital Camera Capture with OmniPage."


Using the Sample Workflow to convert an iPhone image. Steps: 1. Select the "Convert iPhone Images" Workflow from under the Workflow start button 2. The Workflow start button will change to reflect the name of the selected "Convert iPhone Images" Workflow 3. Click the Workflow start button to begin 4. If the OmniPage Samples are in your "My Documents" folder then an open dialog will appear allowing you to select one of the iPhone sample images 5. Select one of the images and OmniPage will load and recognize the document 6. A save dialog will appear allowing you to give the file a name 7. Microsoft Word will launch and open the converted document as text


Convert a Static Form to a Fillable Form Have you ever tried to enter information into a PDF form, only to find that you can't fill in the fields? Do you have paper forms you'd like to convert to fillable PDF forms so they are easy to distribute and can be neatly filled out? With the form recognition capabilities of OmniPage, you can convert static PDF or paper forms to fillable forms and distribute them as PDFs.

Using the Sample Workflow to convert a non-fillable form into a fillable form. Steps: 1. Select the "Convert to Fillable Form" Workflow from under the Workflow start button 2. The Workflow start button will change to reflect the name of the selected "Convert to Fillable Form" Workflow 3. Click the Workflow start button to begin 4. If the OmniPage Samples are in your "My Documents" folder then an open dialog will appear allowing you to select the "Convert to Fillable Form" sample 5. OmniPage will load and recognize the form 6. A save dialog will appear allowing you to give the file a name 7. Your default PDF Reader will launch and you will be able to type into the form 8. If you use Nuance PDF Converter Professional or Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional you will be able to save the filled form back to disk 9. If you are using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and can't save it to disk you can print out the form and scan it back into the computer 10. You can then use the OmniPage "Extract Form Data" feature to recognize either the PDF on disk or the scanned form and put the data into a spreadsheet. We'll demonstrate this in the next example


Convert Data from Forms If you have developed a fillable PDF form without using programming and a back-end database to collect the information you might find it a challenge to analyze all of the incoming information. You'll probably need to spend time retyping the information into a spreadsheet or database so that you can sort the data and run reports. Instead you can use the powerful combination of OCR and form recognition in OmniPage Professional 17 to create a Workflow to open or scan all the forms at once, extract the data and put it into a spreadsheet for you.

Using the Sample Workflow to collect data from filled forms. Steps: 1. Select the "Collect Data from Forms" Workflow from under the Workflow start button 2. The Workflow start button will change to reflect the name of the selected "Collect Data from Forms" Workflow 3. Click the Workflow start button to begin 4. If the OmniPage Samples are in your "My Documents" folder then OmniPage will automatically find and load 6 pre-filled forms 5. OmniPage will recognize the fields in the forms based on the pre-defined form template, isolate the form fields on each form page, recognize the words, numbers and check boxes, and extract the data to a .csv file 6. If you have Microsoft Excel on your system the collected information will appear in a spreadsheet. Now you can sort, search and do other analysis on it


Highlight to Microsoft Word If you are reviewing a long document on paper or as a PDF and you want to flag every instance of a particular word or phrase within the document, this could prove a time-consuming challenge if done manually. With OmniPage, you can simply flag the keyword once, and OmniPage will automatically scan through the document and highlight all instances of this word using a "mark text" feature within an OmniPage Workflow. It can even redact words in the same manner ­ a real time-saver for people who work with confidential documents.

Using the Sample Workflow to highlight words in a document. Steps: 1. Select the "Highlight to MS Word" Workflow from under the Workflow start button 2. The Workflow start button will change to reflect the name of the selected "Highlight to MS Word" Workflow. 3. Click the Start button to begin 4. If the OmniPage Samples are in your "My Documents" folder then OmniPage will automatically find and begin highlighting the word "Mercury" in the document 5. If you have Microsoft Word on your system the highlighted document will appear 6. You can change the document and/or the target word or words to be highlighted by modifying the Workflow


Redact to Searchable PDF If you need to share documents and maintain confidentiality of information within those documents then you are familiar with redaction. Redaction is the process of "blacking out" sensitive information in a document. This is a tremendously time-consuming manual process especially in government and legal work, and OmniPage can quickly automate this process for paper and PDF documents. This feature can be used wherever confidentiality and security is a concern or where compliance with various government mandates applies. It works using a "mark text" feature within an OmniPage Workflow.

Using the Sample Workflow to redact words in a document. Steps: 1. Select the "Redact to Searchable PDF" Workflow from under the Workflow start button 2. The Workflow start button will change to reflect the name of the selected "Redact to Searchable PDF" Workflow 3. Click the Workflow Start button to begin 4. If the OmniPage Samples are in your "My Documents" folder then OmniPage will automatically find and begin redacting the words defined within the Workflow 5. If you have a PDF Reader on your system the redacted document will appear 6. You can change the document and/or the target word or words to be redacted by modifying the Workflow


Comparison Guide

Following is a summary of features and benefits in OmniPage 17 as compared to previous versions.

As compared to OmniPage Professional 15 New New New As compared to OmniPage Professional 16 New Improved New



OmniPage delivers an amazing 42% increase in Increased word accuracy accuracy for scanned documents Increased layout and formatting accuracy Faster launch times Multi-core parallel processing Improved table recognition, large titles, vertical text, character matching and more OmniPage opens up to 200% faster than previous versions You can be even more productive on today's popular dual-core and tomorrow's multi-core computer processors with a dramatic increase in speed. Scan a document, automatically convert into a readable format and send it to the Amazon Kindle® electronic book reader in one easy step. A new interface window called Easy Loader allows you to quickly view, find and open multiple documents at a time. Now you can get all the power of OmniPage in Microsoft Office with Direct OCR buttons for "OneClick" document conversion without opening OmniPage OmniPage now recognizes Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean When Western and Asian texts are mixed on a page OmniPage will automatically alert you so you can get the best possible results Be more organized. OmniPage includes PaperPort, the world's most popular desktop document management software. Improved SharePoint Connectivity and direct support for Open Text Hummingbird and Interwoven iManage Direct support for SharePoint 2007 services and server Accurately capture text anywhere with your digital camera thanks to advanced technology that automatically corrects for three-dimensional distortion.



Send to Amazon Kindle



Easy loader



One-click toolbar in Microsoft Office Asian language recognition Automatic Asian language detection Integrated document management with PaperPort Native ECM connectivity SharePoint 2007 Digital camera 3DC technology



New New

New New


New New

New Improved



OmniPage makes forms made easy from start to Automatic data collection finish. You can turn paper forms into electronic from forms forms and then collect the data. Automatic redaction, highlights and strikethroughs Flexible interface Quick convert view Keep information confidential by blacking out sensitive words with redaction. Quickly locate information with highlights or communicate a revision with strikethrough text. Rearrange the various function windows in OmniPage to work the way you like. Find the most important conversion options on one screen for fast and easy operation.



New New

Improved Improved



OmniPage is easier to use then ever with How-toGuides that lead you through basic terminology and product features. Turn complex tasks into a single button press with a greatly enhanced Workflow Assistant with more features, options and destinations There's no need for everyone to learn OmniPage when a document can be automatically converted and properly filed by using a simple paper cover sheet that does all the work. OmniPage is now optimized to recognize and convert legal documents including line number, headers, and more. Create up to 8 times smaller scanned color PDF documents faster with improved PDF-MRC technology. Be more productive with on demand document conversion in Windows Explorer.



New workflow assistant


File-It Assistant and coversheets office Legal document recognition PDF-MRC Convert Now wizard



New New


= Unchanged


Press Contact and Press Kit

If you have any questions, or need support during the review process, please feel free to contact Erica Hill directly. Press Contact: Erica Hill Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Nuance Communications 781-565-5218 Office 781-888-5518 Mobile 781-565-5001 Fax [email protected] OR Amanda Munroe Account Manager SHIFT Communications 617-779-1816 Office 781-258-7396 Mobile [email protected] Press Kit: For more information, including screenshots, box shots, images, data sheets, sample documents, video demonstrations, workflows and more, please refer to the press kit provided on the accompanying flash drive. This press kit will also be available online on May 13th here ­



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