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Welcome to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5. For the latest User's Guide and other resources, please see: The User's Guide is also available on your installation disk,in the directory: \documentation\enx\User Guide.pdf


Exit any open applications. (If you're running an anti-virus program, turn it off until after the installation completes.) Note: There can only be one version of Dragon installed on your computer at a time. 1) Put the Dragon DVD into your DVD drive and follow the on-screen prompts. 2) Enter the serial number that is printed on the DVD sleeve. 3) Choose a Setup type. We recommend "Typical/Complete." Click Next. 4) Continue to click Next, taking all the recommended options. To start Dragon, double-click its desktop icon. When prompted to activate your software, first click "Activate Now" and then "Activate Automatically." You must be connected to the Internet to activate automatically. For details see:



The first time you start Dragon, a series of screens will walk you through the process of creating the best possible User Profile for your situation. Don't rush through it. It's very important, since it will determine your initial accuracy! One of the screens will offer to perform a basic personalization of the vocabulary based on your email and documents, to help Dragon prepare

to recognize the particular words and phrases you use. Dragon offers many other ways to refine your profile so that it can work better and better for you - be sure to take advantage of them. It's particularly useful to designate documents for Dragon to analyze.

IF YOU USED DRAGON 9, 10, or 11...

The first time you start Dragon 11.5, it will automatically detect version 9, 10 or 11 User Profiles on your computer and start its User Profile Upgrade Wizard. If you do not want to upgrade your Profiles now, you can close the wizard and launch it later from the Windows Start menu: Start>All Programs> Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5>Dragon NaturallySpeaking Tools > Upgrade Users 1. The first screen of the wizard lists the Profile(s) that were found. Modify the list as needed so it contains only the profile(s) you want to upgrade now. Click Next. 2. Choose the destination for your upgraded Profile(s). Nuance recommends you use the default location. Click Next. 3. Click Begin to start the upgrade completes process. Important: Once the upgrade completes, we strongly recom recommend running Accuracy Tuning. For details about upgrading, click the Help button on the dialog box. You can also see the Support website.


Please view the Tutorial to get started with the basics of using Dragon. We also recommend you read the What's New article in the Dragon Help.



Dragon has knowledge of a large number of words and abbreviations, but in order to dictate efficiently, you should let it learn what you use, including nicknames, jargon, capitalized phrases, the name of your street, etc. Personalizing your Profile will prevent many recognition errors. There are several ways of doing this, including using Dragon to analyze documents that are similar to what you plan to dictate. Simple tools for this are available from the DragonBar menus and gathered in the Accuracy Center. (See "Improve my accuracy" in the DragonBar's Help menu.)


The Dragon Sidebar displays a selection of popular commands, including commands that are available at any time ("Global" commands). The top pane contains several tabs that list commands with clickable links, to related Help topics. The lower pane contains tips. Dragon offers several options for the Sidebar. Right-clicking the Sidebar displays a menu in which you can choose to print the content, hide the Mouse tab, hide the Tips pane, and more.

You can bring up the Sidebar from the Help menu, or by saying commands such as "Open Dragon Sidebar" or "What Can I Say?" 3


An important habit to practice: turn ON Dragon's microphone when you want Dragon to hear you, and turn it OFF when you don't. You can control Dragon's microphone by: · Pressing its hotkey (by default the plus (+) key on the numeric keypad.) · Clicking the microphone icon on the DragonBar or in the Windows® system tray. · Using commands such as "wake up" and "microphone off." On: Dragon is listening. Off: Dragon cannot hear anything.


Start a word processor and make sure that your cursor is within the document, then turn on the microphone and start dictating in a clear and natural voice, neither yelling nor whispering. Remember to say punctuation e.g. "comma" & "open quote" and commands like "new paragraph." As you dictate, a small Dragon icon indicates that the software is processing your speech. There is no need to wait for Dragon to "catch up" with you. Just dictate at a natural pace. Aim to dictate in longer phrases and full sentences, since this gives Dragon some context and leads to much better results than slow, halting speech. Pause briefly before and after commands and remember to turn the microphone off when you don't want Dragon to transcribe.


You will see that Dragon automatically handles a lot of text formatting, including prices, dates, times, phone numbers and percentages (see Autoformatting Options in the DragonBar's Tools menu.) If you want to capitalize a particular word, say "cap" or "all caps" just before it.


Personalizing the vocabulary will prevent many recognition errors, however, some errors are inevitable. By properly correcting Dragon's errors, you can help it learn from them, so errors are less likely to happen again. You can experiment with when to correct and how to correct. (Dragon lets you do it entirely by voice, but also allows typing over, pressing the Correction hotkey, and more.) Explore the Correction tab of Dragon's Options dialog (in the Tools menu of the DragonBar) to see what you prefer for a given situation. Also see the Help. 4


When Dragon misrecognizes something you dictated, you can correct it by saying the command "Correct That." You can also say "Correct <xyz>" where <xyz> stands for the text you want to correct. This will display the Correction Menu, which shows a list of alternatives. If what you wanted is on the list say "choose" followed by the corresponding number: for instance "Choose 1." If it is not, you can say "Spell that" to open the Spelling window, where you can spell out or type what Dragon should have recognized. See the Help for details on the Correction menu and the Spelling window.


At first, you should focus on getting used to dictating fluently and on refining the vocabulary. Over time, you can learn to do more and more by voice. At anytime, you can search the Help with a direct command such as "Search Dragon Help for symbols." You can also use Dragon's Help menu. The Nuance website contains many resources, including the latest documentation, FAQs, tips, instructional videos, lists of compatible microphones and recorders, partners who provide customization services, as well as contact and policy information for Technical Support.


It's useful to exit Dragon at least once a day. One way to do this is to open the DragonBar's Profile menu and choose Exit Dragon. 5

If a message asks whether you want to save the changes to your profile, say yes. That way you will preserve the refinements you made during your session, such as adding words to the Vocabulary, correcting an error, changing an option, etc.


Control the Mic

"Go to sleep" "Wake up" "Microphone off"

(For more, see the Sidebar and Command Browser.)

Get Help

"Give me help" "Search Dragon Help for <xyz>" "Show Dragon Sidebar Help"

Search the Web

"Search the web for <xyz>" "Find a website about <xyz>" "Search Amazon for <xyz>" "Search videos for <xyz>" "Search news for <xyz>" "Search maps for <xyz>"

Search the Computer

(requires a desktop search engine) "Search the computer for <xyz>" "Search documents for <xyz>" "Search email for <xyz>"

Select Text

"Select that" "Select <xyz>" "Select next <n> words" "Select again" "Select previous paragraph" "Select document" "Select all" "Unselect that" "Select <start> through <end>"

"Resume with <xyz>" "Delete line" "Delete last <n> words" "Delete that" "Backspace <n>" "Undo that" "Cut that" "Copy that" "Paste that" "Scratch that <n> times"

Edit Text

Move the Cursor

"Move left <n> characters "Move down <n> lines" "Go to end [of line]" "Go to top | bottom" "Page up | down" "Insert before <xyz>"

Add Lines and Spaces

"New line" "New paragraph" "Press Enter" "Press Tab key" "Tab <n> times"

Correct Dragon's Errors

"Correct <xyz>" "Correct that"

Spell Out

"Spell that" "Spell <cap a b t hyphen 5>"


Move and Select

"Go to end of line" "Go to top of document" "Select the next <number>words"

"Bullet selection", "Unbullet that" "Make this uppercase", "Uncap that" "Bold previous <number> words" "Cap that", "All caps on" "Capitalize the previous line" "Underline this word"


Work with Windows

"Switch to previous window" "Maximize window" "Show Desktop" "List windows" "List windows for <program name>"

"Switch to next window" "Minimize window" "Restore windows" "List all windows"

Move the Mouse

"Move mouse up" "Move mouse right" "Move mouse down slower" "Stop"

"MouseGrid" (full screen) "MouseGrid Window" (active window) "MouseGrid <1 to 9> "Cancel"

Position the Mouse

Click the Mouse

"Mouse click" "Mouse double click" "Mouse right click"

Drag the Mouse

"Drag mouse down faster" "Mouse drag lower right very fast" "Mouse drag up very fast"

Start and Exit Programs

"Start <program name>" "Start OpenOffice Writer" "Start Firefox" "Close window"

"Start Microsoft Word" "Start Internet Explorer" "Start Mail"


To Enter...

. , ! ( 's " @

You Can Say...

dot | point | period | full stop comma exclamation point | exclamation mark open paren apostrophe ess close quote at sign


To Enter...

$ + _ ; (s) ;-)

You Can Say...

dollar sign | dollar | dollars plus sign underscore hyphen semi colon optional ess winky face


You can change the way Dragon formats numbers, dates, and more by setting the options on the Auto-formatting dialog box. (See the Tools menu on the DragonBar.) To Enter...

4 4.2 179 5423 0.03 11/32 781-565-5000 $99.50 8:30 p.m. 200 kg 5'3" 50 mm May 15, 2003 MMIV Boston, MA 02460 1 Wayside Dr.

You Can Say...

numeral four four point two one hundred seventy nine five thousand four hundred twenty three zero point zero three eleven over thirty two seven eight one five six five five thousand ninety nine dollars and fifty cents eight thirty pm two hundred kilograms five feet three inches fifty millimeters May fifteenth comma two thousand three (note: saying "comma" is optional) Roman numeral two thousand four Boston Massachusetts oh two four six oh One Wayside Drive



Copyright © 2011 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, Dragon, the Dragon logo, the DragonBar and NaturallySpeaking are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/ or other countries. All other names and trademarks referenced herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.



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