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"a new era of communication is dawning. an age of connecting sans frontiers. Nuetel is on the forefront of this revolution. making a difference with passion, intelligence and innovation"

for end-to-end communications solutions


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Nuetel Co. S.P.C


for end-to-end communications solutions

the smart communicator

Nuetel is a national triple play telecommunications operator in Bahrain with regional infrastructure and alliances. We are pleased to have built the country's first "Intelligent City" at Amwaj Islands, where we have delivered voice, video and data services over a fibre optic Next Generation Network infrastructure. These intelligent utilities are all managed from a core Network Operations Centre at Amwaj Islands. Today Nuetel has both the capability and experience to offer you one of the Kingdom's most advanced telecommunications services. Whether you're in the business of real estate development and wish to set up a dedicated telecommunications facility in your next project; or wish to upgrade the telecommunication services within your company's existing network or have a newly established business that needs to connect to offices and branches elsewhere, we at Nuetel can deliver an end-to-end service tailored to your needs.


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


for end-to-end communications solutions

our mission

"to focus on our customers' challenges and needs and provide them with innovative communications solutions in order to consistently create value for them and positively enhance their lifestyles"


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


for end-to-end communications solutions

our solutions

"we believe that quality is a tangible experience. through a deep commitment to service excellence, we are setting higher standards for today and tomorrow"

Nuetel is one of the few telecommunications service providers capable of delivering Next Generation telecommunication services in Bahrain. Thanks to our fully converged IP architecture and the selective use of fibre, copper and wireless networks. Nuetel is optimising the delivery of converged services including Voice, Internet and TV over a single broadband connection. Our Next Generation of telecommunication networks and services is capable of providing a complete viable alternative to traditional, disparate telephone, data and TV networks. At Nuetel we believe our competitive advantage comes from our ability to truly deliver advanced services and breakthrough technological solutions. In addition, we make no compromises when it comes to meeting our commitments. A point of pride is the fact that Nuetel is the first company in Bahrain, and one of the few in the world, to combine the extensive use of IP for the integrated deployment and management of voice, data and video over fibre and copper networks. To these we will soon be adding the ability to deploy all these over wireless networks as well. This capability has allowed us to achieve two keyobjectives: · To offer our customers practically unlimited bandwidth, through which a broad range of services can be seamlessly delivered · Deliver a superior return from the investment in our infrastructure


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


"in the rapidly changing world of technology, our focus is to adapt and innovate according to market realities. change is our catalyst for differentiation"

for end-to-end communications solutions

knowledge-led service

The key to our success

Quite simply, our employees. We have an enviable pool of talent that represents both international expertise and local experience. With this combination we can provide our clients with cutting edge operations and technology designed to meet their individual needs. Our strong product and business development teams focus on understanding our new and current clients' business requirements. We then develop solutions that enable them to meet the evolving demands of their customers. Having our finger on the pulse of business ­both regionally and internationally - has enabled us to gauge trends and respond to changes by diversifying our offerings with innovative communication products and services. Our dedicated IT teams, supported by members from other divisions work very closely to ensure seamless operations 24/7, 365 days a year. The technology used by us at Nuetel and the range of services we offer are unmatched by any other operator in Bahrain. Combined with our dedicated and passionate people, we are confident that we can provide communication solutions that deliver the kind of outstanding performance that makes a realdifference. Our vibrant combination of people and technology has helped us to create a level of commercial success that we are happy to share with our customers. It's a success that we are both committed to and capable of delivering well into thefuture.


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


our proposition

We at Nuetel undertake to define, deliver and operate an end-to-end ICT solution for new developments. This can include: · Vision - value proposition definition · Building the ICT business case/model · Delivery of the end-to-end solution · Building of the ICT organisation · ICT operation · Guiding construction architects · Working with: · Suppliers · Local retail market · Local wholesale market · Local regulation

Considerations & Benefits of the Nuetel Proposition

This proposition has been developed to help customers achieve their vision in the growing Middle East marketplace. It positions ICT at the heart of such developments and will help attract developers/ investors. Our proposition urges developers to remember that in today's world ICT cannot be an afterthought. Success depends on any new city's physical structure corresponding to critical ICT needs. These would include: · Service tunnels · Ducts · Risers · Data Centre location

This is applicable to both: site-wide considerations as well as in-buildings. Moreover, our proposition helps ensure that ICT investment is focused on value proposition differentiators. That means that early capture of customer-needs is critical and any modern city must respond to these needs. The ICT strategy is complex and timescales and dependencies are of paramount importance. The Nuetel proposition will help you to easily manage these complexities and thereby ensure both the success of the development and its association with ICT.

· · ·

Information is used optimally Complexities are managed Third-parties are managed throughout for end to end success

Business Continuity Data Centre

With state-of-the-art Data Centre located in Amwaj Islands, we provide business continuity space and services. Our Data Center is equipped to handle any challenge based on these unique advantages: · Our secure data center is monitored 24x7 to ensure your servers are always safe · N+1 power generator architecture · N+1 redundant data center HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems · Advanced fire suppression systems to keep any fires localized · Preventive maintenance meets or exceeds manufacturers recommended practices, and is performed regularly by our own highly trained personnel · Network connectivity and security

for end-to-end communications solutions

The approach ­ to ensure that you get ICT right first time

Our Nuetel approach ensures the following: · Critical dependencies are met · Clear investment gates are identified · Right resources are used at the right time · Risk is managed proactively


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


a comprehensive range of services

Fixed Line Voice Services

Our fixed line voice services are based on state-of-the-art IP Telephony. This includes local and international calling, advanced voice services and video telephony solutions. The kind of communication services that would make your project that much more desirable.

Internet Services

Internet services that deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps - download and upload speeds - with unlimited usage. Yet another benefit that you can use when promoting to investors and future residents ortenants.

International IPLC and Voice Services

Through partnerships with international providers we are able to provide users with competitive international private connectivity. With increasing global communications, this is a much sought-after facility.

Corporate Services

· Flexible infrastructure

· · · · · Excellent customer service Variable costing model High reliability Managed "on demand" services Seamless domestic & multi-shore proposition

for end-to-end communications solutions

MPLS/ IP VPN Services

Fixed line data services based on IP Virtual Private Network (VPN). This offers an MPLS infrastructure that preserves the Quality of Service (QoS) of voice, video and data applications. It is really simple and cost effective to establish secure and QoS guaranteed IP links (VPNs) between any points on Nuetel's network.

IPTV Services

Nuetel TV and Video Services provide up to 200 Free- to -Air channels and pay TV channels to its subscribers over its IP infrastructure.

Smart City Services

Nuetel envisages and is planning the following services specifically for "Smart Cities" · Security · Single window administration · e-Learning, e-Education · Managed transportation flows · Public addresses · Field force automation, work management & flexible working utilities management · Connectivity on the move and service coverage

Residential Services

· Entertainment (music, photos, TV) &

availability of multi-media applications Security ­ data & personal Intelligent residences High-speed internet Connectivity on the move and service coverage · Availability of bundled services · Price and flexible payments options · · · ·

Carrier Pre-select (CPS)

This allows customers to pre-select Nuetel's services in order to benefit from receiving low cost, high quality telecommunications services including international calls on their landlines.


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


Customer Service

At Nuetel we continually strive to ensure that we provide the best service possible by seeking and listening to feedback from our customers. We are also committed to ensuring that the purchase and implementation processes for our products are as quick and easy as possible.

Helpdesk for total assistance 24/7

Immediate assistance and technical support are always available through the 24/7 Help Desk. Customers can reach a trained agent who is capable of responding to almost any type of client needs, at any time; our Help Desk personnel are able to act with self reliance and make decisions with minimum supervision. Our Help Desk acts as the customer's first point of contact with Nuetel on technical problems, queries and as a fault reception point. Because of this, we have trained them to manage fault progression from initial complaint assessment through to satisfactory resolution.

Superior Quality, Smart Service

Through our interconnection agreements with providers that include Batelco, Zain, British Telecom, Bharti and Bahrain Internet Exchange, we are able to provide the highest quality of service at highly competitive rates. All of our services are available 24 hours every day and are consistently monitored by automated programs and skilled engineers. All planned maintenance and service upgrades are scheduled, where possible, for completion outside of normal business hours. We even offer service-level guarantees with service credit rebates for some of our services.

Financial Capabilities

Nuetel is a fully owned subsidiary of Ossis Property Developers in Bahrain, the holding group that handles the reclamation and build-up of the US$1.0 billion Amwaj Islands in Bahrain. Ossis Property Developers B.S.C is a leading real estate investment company formed by a group of reputed GCC investors with the aim of focusing on urban development. We therefore benefit from the full commercial and financial backing of Ossis. In fact, Nuetel was established with the aim of profitably providing high quality, integrated voice, video and data services to customers in certain designated locations throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain.

for end-to-end communications solutions


Nuetel Co. S.P.C


Success stories

"pioneering Bahrain's first "intelligent city" has proven the depth of Nuetel's robust infrastructure and capabilities for next generation voice, video and data services"

for end-to-end communications solutions

Amwaj Islands

First conceived in 2001 and now nearing completion, Amwaj will be a modern, fully functional neighbourhood which already features a diverse range of high-rise apartments, lofts, studios and villas together with an island dedicated to learning and state-of-the-art communications and utilities. Amwaj Islands is a development built on a vision of returning waterside living to the people of Bahrain. Amwaj Islands combines residential, commercial and retail space in a 4sq/km community situated off the coast of Bahrain near Muharraq and just 15 minutes from the capital, Manama. As mentioned previously, Nuetel has built a new information and communications infrastructure in Amwaj Islands that has brought to Bahrain the country's first "Intelligent City" and we have provided it with innovative voice, video and data services as well as intelligent utilities services. All these are managed from one hub, the Network Operations Centre ("NOC") of Nuetel and delivered over one common fibre infrastructure reaching all the homes, businesses and hotels in the community. Nuetel deploys a high-speed core across Amwaj Islands to support its services. Cisco 6500 switches and 7600 core routers are arranged on 10G links in the core. Cisco 4500 switches are used in the MDPs that cover the islands in order to provide later distribution to all sub-islands in Amwaj. This infrastructure supports Internet, data as well as voice and video, that means extensive Quality of Service design as well proper multicasting protocols have been implemented in order to support those services. Additionally Security, fire-walling and VPN services are enabled in order to protect the infrastructure and provide secure services to Amwajcustomers.


The Lagoon project- Amwaj Islands Nuetel Co. S.P.C


"Nuetel invests cutting-edge technology and expertise to set up future-ready telecommunication systems. The Bahrain Financial Harbour is a shining example of our passion"

for end-to-end communications solutions

Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour consists of twin towered 54-storey buildings with multi-use services. It is with particular pride that we can claim that Nuetel has built the ICT infrastructure for this prestigious project. The solution included services like BMS, CCTV, Access Control, etc. This also included the BIIC which is located behind the Twin Towers. Core switches such as Cisco 6500 and distribution switches such as 4500 as well as 3560 floor switches / access switches have been used to cover the full telecommunications requirements of the Bahrain Financial Harbour Development.


Bahrain Financial Harbour- Manama Nuetel Co. S.P.C


for end-to-end communications solutions

join the future

Place your development alongside these state-of-the-art commercial and residential communities. They have already set the tone for communications of tomorrow and are successful testimonies that demonstrate what we can do for you. We suggest that it would be well worth your while to get in touch with our experts at Nuetel.

Contact us:

Nuetel Network Operations Centre Amwaj Islands Kingdom of Bahrain PO Box 50960 Switchboard: Tel: +973 16033000 Fax: +973 16033001 [email protected]


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