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T. H. Moray's Source of Energy

11-08-36 Mr. Moray claims the energy to be derived from the storage and discharge of the countless small impulses gathered by the antenna and concentrated in condensers. Such a process is by no means inconceivable and it is a distinct relief to learn that no strange new electrical energy source is postulated. 01-27-37 Only a loop antenna and a counter-poise antenna are required, eliminating entirely the ground wire. 3-25-55 Moray first got the idea for his Radiant Energy device from his telephone experience. Moray noted, several times while listening in on the lines, a rhythmic hum, which the loudness seemed to vary over time. It began with a loud note, the next of which was less, and then diminishing until it faded out into seven pulses. Moray, put the two and two, together, and began looking for means to capture this very evident surge of power. He accomplished it through the use of an electrical valve, or tube, similar to radio tubes, only these are cold tubes, that is, they have no electricity heated filaments which furnishes the means of the ion passage between elements making up the tube. Instead, Moray uses radioactive materials that provide the `carrying' means and which are then adapted to the rhythms of the energy sought. Moray's device, through proper relationships of `capacitors' or electrical condensers, and `inductances', or coils of insulated wire, is `tuned' to the frequency of radiant energy waves.


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Interesting Notes on the Radiant Energy Device

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