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Purestand® is a dry-flowable granular herbicide that offers contact and soil activity to control many problem broadleaf weeds in wheat (including durum), barley, pasture, rangeland grasses, and fallow. Purestand provides excellent performance against hard-tocontrol weeds while maximizing growers tank-mix and timing flexibility.


Selective Broadleaf Herbicide


Purestand contains metsulfuron, the active ingredient used in Ally® XP.

Active Ingredient: 60% metsulfuron DF (Dry Flowable) Case and Container Size: Each case contains eight, 8 oz. containers



Excellent crop safety. Wide application window.



Prevents yield loss from herbicide injury or stunting during critical growth period. Allows growers to adjust application timing based on weed pressure and environmental conditions including larger weeds in delayed application situations. Delivers reliable control of broadleaf weeds from application to harvest for clean fields, improved harvestability and increased yields. Perfectly suited to modern weed control requirements. Improve efficiency and save time and application costs by combining multiple applications in a single pass.

Use Purestand alone or in a tank mix to control a number of broadleaf weeds including Russian thistle*, kochia*, mustards and more than 30 other broadleaf weeds. Weed control lasts up to six weeks, controlling late weed flushes for cleaner fields and fewer weeds later in the growing season.

*See the Specific Weed Problems section on the label for more information.

Dependable post-emerge and residual weed control up to six weeks. Proven active ingredients. May be tank mixed with liquid nitrogen solution fertilizer or insecticides and fungicides registered for use on cereal grains.


Nufarm Americas Inc. has actively been in the development and marketing of pesticide technology for many years with R&D efforts backed by sound resources as a global leader. Specific to these types of sulfonylurea products, Nufarm Americas Inc. has been involved in production and sales of formulated products globally for a number of years with excellent grower savings and effective weed control.


The active ingredient in Purestand is quickly absorbed through the leaves and translocated throughout the plant. Root uptake also occurs. It inhibits amino acid production by inhibiting acetolactate synthase (ALS), which prevents cell division, and quickly stops the plant from growing. As an ALS inhibitor, Purestand may require mixture with 2,4-D, MCPA, fluroxypyr- or bromoxynil-containing products to control ALS-resistant weeds. See label for specific recommendations.



Broadleaf Weed Control Products

Bronate, Maestro® MA (bromoxynil-containing herbicides) Starane ®, Widematch® 2,4-D (amine or ester) MCP (amine or ester) See label for additional tank-mix options

Purestand can be used as a stand-alone product or mixed with grass control herbicides (refer to label recommendations) and other broadleaf herbicides for weed control in wheat and barley. Post-emergence Grass Control Products

Assert Avenge® Discover ® Everest ® Puma®


General Application Timing and Rates: (See label for specific information based on crop, stage and conditions)

Rate: · Wheat (including durum) and Barley ­ 1/10 oz per acre. · Pasture and Rangeland - Apply 1/10 to 4/10 oz per acre as a broadcast. For spot applications, use 1 oz per 100 gal of water. Do not exceed 3/4 oz Purestand per acre. · Harvest Aid - Apply 1/10 oz per acre in combination with 2,4-D or Roundup® to aid in dry down of many broadleaf weeds, thereby aiding grain harvest. · Fallow- Apply at 1/10 oz per acre. Application Timing: · Wheat and Barley - Do not apply during boot or early heading, as crop injury may result. · Dryland Wheat and Barley (Except Durum or Wampum Variety) - Make applications after the crop is in the 2-leaf stage, but before boot. · Durum and Wampum Variety Spring Wheat - Make applications after the crop is tillering, but before boot. Applications to durum and wampum varieties should be made in combination with 2,4-D. · Irrigated Wheat and Barley - Make applications after the crop begins tillering, but before boot. First post-treatment irrigation should be delayed for at least 3 days after treatment and should not exceed 1 in. of water. · Wheat and Barley--Harvest Aid - Make applications after the crop has reached the hard dough stage, but no later than 10 days before harvest. See label on harvest aid tank mixtures. · Fallow - May be used as a fallow treatment, in the spring or fall when the majority of weeds have emerged and are actively growing. · Pasture Grasses - May be used on some native grasses such as bluestems and grama, and on other pasture grasses such as bermudagrass, bluegrass, orchardgrass, bromegrass, fescue and timothy. Specific application information on pasture grasses is found on label. Crop Rotation: Rotational intervals will vary depending on location, crop, minimal cumulative precipitation and soil pH. See label for specific instructions.

Surfactants: Use 1/2 pt. to 2 quart per 100 gal. of spray solution. See label for specific directions based on crop and weed species.

See individual product labels for specific use directions and restrictions on tank mixes. For more information about Purestand from Nufarm Americas Inc. visit - or see your Nufarm Retailer or Representative.

Ally ® XP is a trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company. Assert ®, Maestro ® and Purestand® are trademarks of Nufarm Americas Inc. Avenge® is a trademark of Amvac Chemical Corporation. Bronate ® and Puma® are trademarks of Bayer. Discover ® is a trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Everest ® is a trademark of Arysta LifeScience North America Corporation. Roundup® is a trademark of Monsanto. Starane® and Widematch® are trademarks of Dow AgroSciences LLC.

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Always follow directions found on container label. This information is for promotional purposes only.


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