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SMSC Customer PCN

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SMSC 80 Arkay Drive Hauppauge, New York 11788-8847 phone (631) 435-6000 fax (631) 273-5550 web

Date: 03/25/2011

PCN-2011-99 Product Change Notification

Title: Addition of die-attach epoxy Sumitomo CRM1076 affecting QFNe3/QFNe3C packages CAP1014-1-EZK; CAP1014-1-EZK-TR; CAP1014-2-EZK; CAP1014-2EZK-TR; CAP1088-1-CP; CAP1088-1-CP-TR; CAP1114-1-EZK; CAP1114-1-EZK-TR; CAP1188-1-CP; CAP1188-1-CP-TR; CAP1188CP; CAP1188-CP-TR; CAP1214-1-EZK; CAP1214-1-EZK-TR; CAP9014-1-EZK; CAP9014-1-EZK-TR; CAP9014-2-EZK; CAP9014-2EZK-TR; CAP9114-1-EZK; CAP9114-1-EZK-TR; CAP9214-1-EZK; CAP9214-1-EZK-TR; ECE1077-FZG; ECE1077-FZG-TR; ECE1088DZK; ECE1099-FZG; ECE1099X-FZG; ECE1105-HZH; ECE1105-HZHTR; ECE1105I-HZH; ECE1105I-HZH-TR; ECE1117-HZH; ECE1117HZH-TR; ECE1119-ABZJ; ECE5026-ABZJ; EMC2102-DZK; EMC2102DZK-TR; EMC2106-DZK; EMC2106-DZK-TR; EMC2700P-ABZJ; EMC2709-HZH; EMC2709-HZH-TR; EMC2710P-ABZS; EMC4000FZG; EMC4000-FZG-TR; EMC4001-HZH; EMC4001-HZH-TR; EMC4002-HZH; EMC4002-HZH-TR; EMC4003-1-HZH; EMC4003-1HZH-TR; EMC4003-HZH; EMC4003-HZH-TR; EMC4021-1-EZK; EMC4021-1-EZK-TR; EMC4022-1-EX; EMC4022-1-EX-TR; EMC40221-EZK; EMC4022-1-EZK-TR; EMC6W201-AEZG; EMC6W201-AEZGTR; EVB-USB4640; LAN7500-ABZJ; LAN7500-ABZJ-TR; LAN7500IABZJ; LAN7500I-ABZJ-TR; LAN8700C-AEZG; LAN8700C-AEZG-TR; LAN8700IC-AEZG; LAN8700IC-AEZG-TR; LAN8710A-EZC; LAN8710A-EZC-TR; LAN8710A-EZK; LAN8710A-EZK-TR; LAN8710AI-EZC; LAN8710AI-EZC-TR; LAN8710AI-EZK; LAN8710AI-EZK-TR; LAN8720A-CP; LAN8720A-CP-TR; LAN8720AI-CP; LAN8720AI-CP-TR; LAN8810-AKZE; LAN8810AKZE-TR; LAN8810I-AKZE; LAN8810I-AKZE-TR; LAN8820-ABZJ; LAN8820-ABZJ-TR; LAN9210-ABZJ; LAN9211-ABZJ; LAN9220ABZJ; LAN9221-ABZJ; LAN9221I-ABZJ; LAN9303-ABZJ; LAN9303AKZE; LAN9303I-ABZJ; LAN9303I-AKZE; LAN9303M-AKZE; LAN9303MI-AKZE; LAN9500-ABZJ; LAN9500-ABZJ-TR; LAN9500A-ABZJ; LAN9500A-ABZJ-TR; LAN9500AI-ABZJ; LAN9500AI-ABZJ-TR; LAN9500I-ABZJ; LAN9500I-ABZJ-TR; LAN9505-ABZJ; LAN9512-JZX; LAN9512I-JZX; LAN9513-JZX; LAN9513-JZX-TR; LAN9513I-JZX; LAN9514-JZX; LAN9514I-JZX; LAN9730-ABZJ; LAN9730-ABZJ-TR; LAN9730I-ABZJ; LAN9730IABZJ-TR; LAX9010-EZK; LAX9010-EZK-TR; LAX9020-ABZJ; LEGACYLITE-JZX; LPC47N217N-ABZJ; LPC47N217N-ABZJ-TR; SEC1101; SEC1103; SEC1200; SEC2410-AKZE; SEC2410-AKZE-TR; SEC2410-JZX; SEC2410-JZX-TR; SEC4410-AKZE; SEC4410-AKZETR; SEC4410-JZH; SEC4410-JZX; SEC4410-JZX-TR; SIO1028-JZX; SIO1028-JZX-TR; SIO1036-ZG; TPF3020; TPF3020-TR; USB2240AEZG-05; USB2240-AEZG-06; USB2240-AEZG-08; USB2240I-AEZG05; USB2241-AEZG-04; USB2241-AEZG-05; USB2241-AEZG-06; USB2241I-AEZG-05; USB2241I-AEZG-05-T; USB2241I-AEZG-06;

Part # Affected: 3/25/2011

SMSC Customer PCN

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USB2242-AEZG-05; USB2244-AEZG-05; USB2244-AEZG-06; USB2244-AEZG-08; USB2244I-AEZG-05; USB2244I-AEZG-06; USB2280-JZH; USB2412-DZG; USB2412-DZG-TR; USB2412-DZK; USB2412-DZK-TR; USB2434-DZG; USB2502-AEZG; USB2502-AEZGTR; USB2503-HZH; USB2503-HZH-TR; USB2503A-HZH; USB2512AEZG; USB2512-AEZG-TR; USB2512A-AEZG; USB2512A-AEZG-TR; USB2512AI-AEZG; USB2512AI-AEZG-TR; USB2512B-AEZC; USB2512B-AEZC-TR; USB2512B-AEZG; USB2512B-AEZG-TR; USB2512BI-AEZG; USB2512BI-AEZG-TR; USB2512I-AEZG; USB2512I-AEZG-TR; USB2513-AEZG; USB2513-AEZG-TR; USB2513-HZH; USB2513B-AEZC; USB2513B-AEZC-TR; USB2513BAEZG; USB2513B-AEZG-TR; USB2513BI-AEZG; USB2513BI-AEZGTR; USB2513I-AEZG; USB2513I-AEZG-TR; USB2513I-HZH; USB2514-AEZG; USB2514-AEZG-TR; USB2514-HZH; USB2514AAEZG; USB2514B-AEZC; USB2514B-AEZC-TR; USB2514B-AEZG; USB2514B-AEZG-TR; USB2514BI-AEZG; USB2514BI-AEZG-TR; USB2514I-AEZG; USB2514I-AEZG-TR; USB2514I-HZH; USB2517JZX; USB2517I-JZX; USB2524-ABZJ; USB2532-EZG; USB2533-EZG; USB2534-EZG; USB2640-HZH-01; USB2640-HZH-02; USB2640IHZH-02; USB2640I-HZH-02-TR; USB2641-HZH-02; USB2641I-HZH02; USB2649-HZH; USB2649I-HZH; USB2660-JZX; USB2660-JZX-03; USB2660-JZX-03-TR; USB2660-JZX-TR; USB2660I-JZX; USB2660IJZX-03; USB2660I-JZX-03-TR; USB2660I-JZX-TR; USB2670-JZH; USB2670-JZH-TR; USB2670-JZX; USB2670-JZX-TR; USB3250-ABZJ; USB3280-AEZG; USB3280-AEZG-TR; USB3300-EZK; USB3300-EZKTR; USB3310C-CP; USB3310C-CP-TR; USB3311-CP; USB3311-CPTR; USB3311C-CP; USB3311C-CP-TR; USB3313C-CP; USB3313C-CPTR; USB3313D-CP; USB3313D-CP-TR; USB3315-CP; USB3315-CPTR; USB3315C-CP; USB3315C-CP-TR; USB3316B-CP; USB3316B-CPTR; USB3316C-CP; USB3316C-CP-TR; USB3317-CP; USB3317-CPTR; USB3317C-CP; USB3317C-CP-TR; USB3318-CP; USB3318-CPTR; USB3318C-CP; USB3318C-CP-TR; USB3319-CP; USB3319-CPTR; USB3319C-CP; USB3319C-CP-TR; USB3320C-EZK; USB3320CEZK-TR; USB3340-EZK; USB3340-EZK-TR; USB3341-CP; USB3341CP-TR; USB3343-CP; USB3343-CP-TR; USB3346-CP; USB3346-CPTR; USB3370A-EZK; USB3370A-EZK-TR; USB3450-FZG; USB3500ABZJ; USB4640-HZH; USB4640-HZH-03; USB4640-HZH-03-TR; USB4640-HZH-TR; USB4640I-HZH; USB4640I-HZH-03; USB4640IHZH-03-TR; USB4640I-HZH-TR; USB5534-JZX; USB5534-JZX-TR; USB5537-AKZE; USB5537-AKZE-TR; USX1012; USX1013; USX2023ABZJ; USX2025; USX2028-HZH-02; USX2030C-CP; USX2030C-CPTR; USX2061-AEZG; USX2061-AEZG-TR; USX2062-AEZG; USX2062-AEZG-TR; USX2064; USX2064-AEZG; USX2064-AEZG-TR; USX2064-TR; USX2065; USX2065-JZX; USX2065-JZX-TR; USX2065TR; USX2067; USX2067-TR; USX2072-DZK; USX2072-DZK-TR; USX2072-DZX; USX2072-DZX-TR Part Data: Means of distinguishing changed parts: Technical Information Contact: No change to datasheets SMSC will be able to provide material traceability through lot numbers Brendan McKenna; Tactical Marketing

PCN Schedule/Dates:

Description Estimated Date of Implementation: Date 6/25/2011 3/25/2011

SMSC Customer PCN

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Sample Availability:

Qualification Samples available 30 days after request

SMSC is in the process of implementing the change described in the following sections, otherwise there will be supply disruption to meet customer demand under current marketing conditions caused by the earthquake in Northern Japan. Customer inquiries should be directed to your local SMSC Sales Team.

Change Information:

Description of Change

Addition of die-attach epoxy Sumitomo CRM1076 in order to alleviate material shortage caused by earthquake in Northern Japan. As a contingency plan, SMSC adds a comparable die attach epoxy Sumitomo CRM1076. This epoxy has been qualified by SMSC suppliers and is available for immediately delivery. Because Hitachi material is not available, we are not able to give the traditional 90 day period to accept the PCN. We will start shipping the product with modified material set within 1 month after issuing this notice and as such will not be able to wait for customer acceptance. When the Hitachi plant restarts epoxy production and fully re-qualifies the process we will use Hitachi material as another qualified source. No change to form, fit, or function. Hitachi plant that manufactures mainstream die attach epoxy 4900F used in many SMSC products is located in Northern Japan. The plan has been shut down since earthquake on 3/11/2011.

Reason For Change

Was / Is List Was: Die attach epoxy Hitachi 4900F; Ablestik 8290; molding compound Sumitomo G700 Is: Die attach epoxy Sumitomo CRM1076; Hitachi 4900F; Ablestik 8290; molding compound Sumitomo G700/G631

Dependent Information:

Reliability Qualification Plan: Die Shrink Details: Design Changes: Electrical Differences: Mechanical Differences: QAR2010-067 N/A N/A N/A N/A 3/25/2011


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