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*******Attention ******* All Pre-Nursing Students

New Nursing Admission Exam Requirement

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· · · · Required for admission to nursing program May take exam only ONCE per calendar year The last day to take the exam is April 30th, 2010 for the Fall 2010 class. Evolve Reach A-2 Test (by Elsevier) o Contact Testing Center for calendar, procedures, and testing sites o Administered by CSU Testing Center, Pre-registration required ­ Phone 706-507-8020 o Administered twice a month o Non-refundable fee $ 50.00 (includes proctor fee) - payable to Testing Center Format: Online, proctored, untimed exam Evolve Reach A2 Test includes: o Math, Reading, Grammar (scores used as part of nursing admission criteria) o Minimum of 70% required on each of the 3 tests; minimum of 75% average of 3 tests required. Scoring 75% or better does not guarantee admission into the nursing program. The scores are considered along with your GPA. o Learning Styles (scores NOT used as nursing admission criteria --- used in Student Success Program after admission) Study Guide available o "Admission Assessment Study Guide" available through most bookstores o o Phone 1-800-545-2522 o ISBN #: 978-1-4160-5635-5

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*******Attention *******

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