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Volume No. 1 Elder Dr. Larry Hines, Editor Issue No. 8 Date: September 30, 2009 Dr. Georgie Ocran, Editor in Chief




DR. PRINCE DAVIS OCRAN, SR Senior State Ambassador DISTRICT AMBASSADORS Dr. Prince Davis Ocran, Sr. Dr. Willie Claiborne Prophetess Janice Graham Bishop Gracie Jackson Dr. Apostle Christine Wallace Dr. Laveda Wallace

Georgia Ambassador For Christ Convention Churches

P.O. Box 2687 Lilburn Georgia, 30048 678-908-4179 [email protected]



OCTOBER 1618, 2009

This session counts as two (2) orientation credits

Friday, October 16, 2009 at 6:00 PM Saturday Morning 8:00 AM and 11 AM Saturday Evening 6:00 PM Sunday Morning 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM

Ambassador for Christ Worship Center 2921 S. Orlando Drive (HWY 1792) Sanford, Florida 32773 2. THE SENIOR AMBASSADOR'S PEN

By Dr. Prince Davis Ocran, Sr.

All glory and praise to God our Father for the great and mighty works He is accomplishing through all of us in this generation and beyond.


The month of September was filled with a flurry of activities and high expectations. The opening session of the National Ambassador for Christ Convention Churches Meeting in Sanford ­ Orlando, Florida was hosted by the state of Georgia from September 18 ­ 20, 2009. The Georgia Committee was chaired by Apostle Dr. Christine Wallace, State Ambassador for District V. Thanks to all of you Peach State Officers and Project Leaders for your wonderful support and faithful prayers for this endeavor. A follow-up Workshop from our previous Georgia District I Project Leaders Meeting was conducted on Saturday, October 3, 2009. The Workshop was

The Georgian Newsletter


divided into 2 Sessions: One Session was for Project Leaders who needed help completing their 501(c)(3) IRS Form 1023 Application Forms. This smaller group of about 20 Project Leaders was led by Dr. Greg Ware ­ the state Training Coordinator, who instructed the attendees with a line-by-line itemized process to complete the Application. Several positive reviews have been given by the participants in that Session. A much larger group of nearly 100 persons attended the "Mental and Spiritual Readiness" Session conducted by Dr. Prince Davis Ocran, Sr ­ State Ambassador for District I. The Rev. Dr. Dontanette Cohill gave a very inspirational presentation from the Word of God entitled "Do not be Afraid, Do not Tremble, Do not Fear, and Do not Faint". She related the Promises of God to His people who are on the verge of battle from the Book of Judges, and encouraged the participants to stand firm through the Epistle to the Philippians, because God commands a military guard over His Word to us ­ "The peace of God which surpasses all understanding" ­ is set up as a "sentinel" to ensure that our hearts and minds are secured in Christ Jesus. Dr. Prince Davis Ocran, Sr. also exhorted the attendees to embrace the work of transformation that God through Christ has accomplished in all of us, who have been chosen and entrusted with a godly vision to change the world around us. Referring to th the cleansing of the Prophet Isaiah in the 6 chapter of the Book of Isaiah, Dr. Ocran recounted the much deeper work of the Cross of Jesus and the presence of the Precious Holy Spirit in each us, to partner with God in these last days for the manifestation of God's Righteousness on earth. He re-affirmed the theme of Dr. Cohill's message and concluded that we are inseparable from the Love of God, from the Precious Holy Spirit, and therefore we are not survivors, but rather "more than conquerors through our Lord Jesus Christ". Dr. Ocran also made an appeal to Project Leaders in the Atlanta Metro Area to consider moving their Projects from the more concentrated zones to Counties without any Projects so as to spread the Wealth and make a bigger impact on the entire state. To facilitate proper management of our Projects, we are asking all Project Leaders in the state to submit their Project Information to Dr. Larry Hines by completing the Information Request Sheet in this Newsletter. Thanks again to all those who were able to attend these Sessions, and special thanks to our hosts, Pastor Bell and the Power of Purpose church family. There will be no more workshops until further notice. Peace & Joy Always in the Lord.

Great, Wonderful and Marvelous things happening in the Great State of Georgia!


This monthly newsletter is a wonderful tool to communicate to all of us the many events and news within our areas of AFC. I want to encourage each of you to be strong in the Lord and stand in His Grace and Mercy, knowing that He is with us. We are blessed in so many ways. Let's all give God the Praise for all His blessings! I am tasked with an assignment to bring together project data of all projects in Georgia. For months each project leader has been asked to send certain project information to me to go into a state directory of Georgia AFC Projects. The request is restated below:

Reminder To All Georgia Project Leaders: Please email the following information to: [email protected] (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Your full name Telephone contacts: Cell and Home Email contact: Business and Personal Name of your Project City & County of your project Which categories best describe your project (check all that apply to your project): Youth & Family Outreach _____ Children Services _____ Foster Care ___ Abuse: (Child)(Women)(Men)_______ Job/Career Training ___ Food & Clothing ___ Homelessness ___ Prison Ministry ___ Senior Care ___ Singles Services ___ Rehab Services ___ Medical Services _______ Housing/Real Estate_____ Christian Education ___ Technology_____ Security _______ Manufacturing ________ Other (specify) ___________________________________.

District Ambassadors and Jr. Ambassadors, as assigned in the state, are to obtain the above data for their respective districts and zones to include counties where projects are based. Efforts are being made to contact ALL Project Leaders who have not responded with the above project information. Every Junior Ambassador is to make contact with each project leader in their assigned zone and report the above information to Dr. Hines. Jr. Ambassadors, if you have not gotten your zone assignment of counties you must contact Dr. Prince Ocran or your District Ambassador for all projects in your zone or of your assignment. Their county base identifies all projects. We seek to obtain all county locations for the more than 600 projects in Georgia. Our efforts also are to obtain the details of each project to determine what are the mission and ministry of projects in their county base. Once we have this data we can see similarities and differences of projects within an area. During our next meeting we will report the breakdown of all reported projects by county and project details. This is an urgent matter. Therefore, it


By Elder Dr. Larry Hines

The Georgian Newsletter


is imperative that all of us respond to this request as we bring order and procedure to our great work in the state of Georgia. Please respond to this request by October 15, 2009. Thanks for all those who have already responded. For those of you who do not have email abilities you may send the above information to: Dr. Larry Hines 5220 Jimmy Lee PKWY Ste 147 Hiram, Ga. 30141.

sign and date the form; place it in a sealed envelope; and return it to the person requesting prayer. If people know that someone is praying for them, they may be less likely to be distracted by the details of the concern itself. We should strive to set up an environment of trust, empathy and professionalism for staff members. It is important that we don't lose sight of the purpose for the work of which we have been called to do.

5. A Word of Encouragement THE JOY OF HIS COMMUNION

By Dr. Prince Davis Ocran, Sr.

Grace, Peace and Joy to all of you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior who has ransomed us for God with His own Blood, saints from every tribe and language and people and nation. "And hope does not disappoint us, because God's Love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us" [Romans 5:5]. We understand that true worship is both our spiritual response to the revelation of God and our physical obedience to His revealed commands. We will consider the various ways in which God reveals Himself to us to initiate this true worship. We must first understand that true worship is essentially a work of the Precious Holy Spirit. The very first and most important revelation of God that initiates true worship in humans is His Love: "But God proves His Love for us in that while we still were sinners, Christ died for us." [Romans 5:8]. The true revelation of God to us as LOVE overrides all our resistance and fears, and draws us into His Presence. "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love. We love Him because He first loved us." [1 John 4:18-19]. Any other revelation of God to the natural man will generate fear because of the sinful nature, and cause us to hide or run away from God. On the other hand, when God is revealed to us as LOVE by the Precious Holy Spirit through the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, our fear of punishment from God is put to rest, and we are able to approach Him. This decision we make within us to approach God instead of running away from Him; the decision to believe that God truly loves us and is not seeking a way to punish us; this initial response to the loving character of God is what the Scripture describes as Faith [see Hebrews 11:1, 6]. This Faith enables us to draw near to God who then begins to reveal Himself further to us in His Glorious Majesty as the King of Glory. This is where true worship begins in the spirit. While we thank God for what He

4. The Project Leader Need for Prayer in the Workplace

By Sue Laney As you hire and fill positions in your organization, you may have staff members with occasional or ongoing prayer needs. Prayer is a vital part of every Christian's life. We need God's peace, provision & healing power to perform our purpose. We are greatly comforted when we know others are praying for our concerns. We also have a responsibility to demonstrate our love for God as we love others by praying for their concerns. Many times staff members have such great prayer concerns that they may become distracted from performing their job related duties - finding it difficult to concentrate on their day-to-day activities. Allowing staff members an opportunity to confidentially express their personal prayer concerns is an unconventional benefit most companies or organizations do not offer. Confidentiality is the key; therefore, staff members who agree to pray for others must take seriously their commitment to holding these in confidence in the highest regard. Without it you will end up with low morale and possibly a high turnover rate in staff; this results in an increase in overhead and reduces profit margins and possibly efficiency of services delivered. The following suggestions could help promote a healthy environment for embracing confidential prayers: (1) Provide forms for confidential prayer concern and keep them in an open location for anyone to have easy access; (2) Place a covered box labeled "Confidential prayer concerns" near the blank forms; (3) Place an instruction sign near the forms and box indicating how the process will work; and, (4) Have scheduled volunteers collect the completed forms; quietly and confidentially pray for the concerns listed; record any insights which were revealed by God regarding the specific concerns; The Georgian Newsletter


has done, and we praise Him for who He is to us, we worship God for His Glory that is revealed to us in His Kingly Majesty [see Revelation 4:8]. In our reference Scripture, the Precious Holy Spirit pours into our hearts the immeasurable love of God as He reveals to us the sufferings of Christ on our behalf, and His exultation by the Father for our sakes that establishes in us a firm hope of sharing true life with God in Christ ­ this sure hope wipes away our innermost hidden fears, and opens up our spiritual eyes to behold the true beauty of God's Glory. The awesomeness of His Glory, the beauty of His Majesty, and yet the tenderness of His Love for us, is the combination key that unlocks true worship in our hearts. Initially, as we begin to draw near to God in love, we may encounter His Glory in a moment ­ as in a Prayer Meeting or in a special gathering of the saints - and worship Him. However, as we seek and get to know His Ways, we may find ourselves forever before His Glorious Presence, at which time worship is no longer an event but it becomes a lifestyle. This is the true worship in spirit. [You may enjoy more such Fresh Bread from the Heavenly Bakery by logging on to:]. May the God of all grace fill our hearts with overflowing Joy in knowing Him as our Father.

Prince DOS.

6. Attention All AFCCC Georgia Project Leaders:

Is your project in operation? If so, we would love to have you share what you are doing. Please submit all articles for consideration for our Georgia AFC Newsletter to: [email protected] or [email protected] Remember that all articles are due by the 28th of each month. Thank you in advance for your noteworthy contributions. Dr. G. Ocran, Chief Editor

The Georgian Newsletter



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