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Newark Unified School District 5715 Musick Avenue Newark CA 94560 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004 I. Call to Order President Schaefer called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. II. Roll Call Present were President Schaefer, Member Crocker, Member Mensinger, Member Rodriguez and Member Thomas. Student member Chandler arrived at 7:30 p.m. III. Public Comment There was no public comment. IV. Recess to Closed Session The meeting was immediately recessed to closed session. V. Reconvene to Open Session President Schaefer reconvened the meeting to open session at 7:34 p.m. VI. Report of Closed Session Actions President Schaefer announced the Board met in closed session to discuss potential litigation and expulsion case no. 2004/05 ­ 01. VII. Announcements & Upcoming Events - Board of Education and Staff Member Crocker reviewed the following four no-cost ideas community members can use to support the schools: 1) shop with E-scrip and a percentage of the purchase goes to the schools; 2) bring old/used printer cartridges in their original container to the schools so they can be redeemed for $1.00 each or a ream of recycled paper; 3) donate old cell phones to the schools for recycling; and 4) in the spring, bring the coupons from boxes of General Mills cereals, in an envelope, to your local schools. She also pointed out you do not need to be a parent to join the local PTA to help schools. Member Mensinger announced .Bunker will have its walk-a-thon on Friday, October 15th from 1:30 ­ 4:30 p.m. .the Alameda County Teacher of the Year Reception will be held tomorrow evening at Chabot College. Member Rodriguez announced .the funeral for Lance Corporal Aaron Boyles, a 1998 Newark Memorial High School graduate, will be held tomorrow morning; .there are lots of pre-Halloween activities going on at the various school sites this month. He asked staff to let Board members know what will be happening.

Regular Meeting/Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004 Superintendent Bernard .introduced Jonathan Ferrer, newly-hired school counselor at Newark Memorial High School; .announced the Teacher of the Year ceremonies will be held tomorrow evening at Chabot College. Linda Simpson, teacher at Snow School, will be representing Newark this year. .announced the first Community Budget Forum will be held on October 13th at 5:00 p.m. in the Board room; .reviewed the bills recently signed by the Governor that relate to public education; .announced the State Board of Education and Department of Education have made new changes regarding student assessment, specifically the STAR program and the CAT/6; .reported the California High School Exit Exam panel will meet in Sacramento next week to discuss what accommodations will be in place for special education students. President Schaefer read the Mission Statement into the record. Student member Chandler read the Vision Statement into the record. Member Crocker read the Human Relations and Respect Mission Statement into the record. VIII. Presentations and Student Council Reports A. Student Council Reports

A1. Elementary School Report, Musick Elementary School Dr. Donald Gill, Principal, reported on the plans and activities at Musick School. Dr. Gill acknowledged the volunteer assistance of the Seniors in Schools program under the leadership of Mona Walker. Sixth grade choir students performed two songs under the direction of Mr. Don Rowlands, volunteer choral director. A2. Newark Junior High School Danny Englese, ASB Treasurer, reported on the activities at Newark Junior High School. A3. Bridgepoint High School Diana Aguilar and Ashley Laney reported on the activities at Bridgepoint High School. A4. Newark Memorial High School Student member Chandler reported on the activities at Newark Memorial High School. IX. Public Hearings

A. Waiver Single Subject Music - Shella Anderson President Schaefer opened the public hearing at 8:13 p.m. As there was no comment from the public, the hearing was closed at 8:14 p.m. X. Consent Agenda A. Personnel Items: A1. Personnel Report A2. Approve Resolution No. 1633 ­ Reduced Workload Contract


Regular Meeting/Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004 Member Rodriguez moved, Member Mensinger seconded approval of the Personnel Consent Calendar as presented. The motion passed, 5 AYES. B. Non-Personnel Items B1. Minutes of September 7, 2004 meeting B2. Minutes of September 21, 2004 meeting B3. English Language Acquisition Program B4. Approve Overnight Trip Request for NMHS Choir To Travel to Walt Disney World, Orlando, FLA June 2 ­ 7, 2005 B5. Accept Gifts/Donations B6. Ratify Individual Service Agreement with Bell Transit for Transportation B7. Ratify Transportation Agreement with Durham School Services B8. Approve Overnight Trip Request for Newark Junior High School Chorus to Travel to Valencia, CA November 5-7, 2004 for Choral Magic Competition B9. Approve Resolution No. 1634 - Supporting Repeal of Penalties in Social Security that Harm Public Education B10. Approve Communications Site Lease Agreement with Nextel of California, Inc. B11. Approve warrant Payment Memo No. 3 2004/2005

The following Items were removed from the Non-Personnel Consent Calendar: Item B4. (Crocker); Item B7. (Mensinger); Item B10. (Bernard; Chandler; Crocker; Mensinger). Member Thomas moved, Member Rodriguez seconded approval of Non-Personnel Consent Calendar Items B1. B2., B3., B5., B6., B8. B9., and B11. as presented. The motion passed, 6 AYES, including the student member's preferential vote. Approve Overnight Trip Request for NMHS Choir to Travel to Walt Disney World, Orlando, FLA June 2 ­ 7, 2005 Member Crocker said she is delighted about the trip to Disney World, but is concerned that it is scheduled during finals week. Melinda Lasit, Choir Director at NMHS, explained the June festival date was selected because many of the choir students are involved in their church missionary work during spring break, which is the other option available. She added that students will be back a week and a half before Graduation, will have completed all major research papers before they leave, and will be able to take their final exams. Member Mensinger said the Board talked last year about moving finals up a week or more so students would know their final grades sooner. He said he has no issues with the trip, but is concerned about students being gone at this time of the year. Member Crocker asked if Newark Memorial had a "dead week." She suggested the high school staff and administration discuss the impact of the annual year-end activities, including MVAL and NCS events, that involve students. B4.


Regular Meeting/Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Member Rodriguez commended Mrs. Lasit for the work she does with the choir and for submitting the trip request early in the school year. Member Crocker moved, Member Thomas seconded approval of Item B4. as presented. The motion passed, 6 AYES, including the student member's preferential vote. Ratify Transportation Agreement with Durham School Services Member Mensinger said he understands the increase is justified, but the district cannot afford it. He said he would prefer to ask for concessions from Durham rather than agreeing to increase the cost of the contract. CBO Stephens explained Newark is part of the South County Transportation Consortium that has already approved the increase the Board is being asked to ratify. President Schaefer agreed it was a serious problem but the district is obligated by state mandate to supply transportation for special education students. Board members discussed at great length the ramifications of not approving the contract as well as other possible options available to them. Superintendent Bernard clarified if the contract is not ratified the district would have to acquire buses and hire licensed drivers to provide transportation for the special education students. Member Thomas suggested parents be given the option of providing transportation for their students. Member Rodriguez said he is concerned about the quality of the service provided and how students are treated. Cindy Parks encouraged the Board to look at all available options. She also suggested in the future the Board receive the information three months prior to the start of the contract, rather than three months into the contract, so staff could do research. Sally Villaneuva, CSEA Local Chapter 208 President, said she has been asked as chapter president to attend protests that include Durham Transportation because of their business practices. She stressed her concern is for the safety of students and suggested staff consider routing district vans and buses, driven by district employees, to provide this service. After considerable discussion, Member Mensinger recommended this matter be tabled. Staff will review Durham's business and personnel practices to ensure student safety and report back to the Board at a future date. B10. Approve Communications Site Lease Agreement with Nextel of California, Inc. B7.

Superintendent Bernard clarified the amount of the lease agreement is $18,000 rather than $1800.


Regular Meeting/Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004 Student member Chandler said he visited the site and asked several questions regarding the easement, access and whether it would interrupt any activities at the junior high school. CBO Stephens responded to questions from Board members regarding the lease agreement and the materials and equipment that would be placed on the site. Mr. Stephens clarified the plans must be approved by the Office of State Architect (OSA), the cost of which would be paid by Nextel. Member Mensinger commended the staff for its creativity in generating revenue and additional lighting for the site. Member Mensinger moved, Member Rodriguez seconded approval of Item B10. as presented. The motion passed, 6 AYES, including the student member's preferential vote. XI. Board Member Comments on Consent Calendar Items With regard to Item B8., Member Rodriguez requested that in the future more information be provided under the Comments section of the Overnight Trip Request form. Member Crocker commented that no male chaperones were listed on the form. With regard to Item B9., Member Crocker said she is pleased the Board passed this resolution and is supportive of the California Retired Teachers' Association. At the request of Member Mensinger, President Schaefer acknowledged the donation from the estate of Paul Haas, a 2002 Dodge Van & Scooter valued at $10,000.00, to the Special Education Department. XII. Employee Organizations Sally Villanueva, President of CSEA Local 208, .said chapter members have been having trouble with Delta Dental. She thanked Judi Vallecillo, District Accountant, for her assistance in getting information to Central Valley Trust; .reported Second Vice President Ann Grundell is developing the schedule for the professional growth program; .clarified how CSEA employees not working full time can increase their salary through professional growth increments by attending various classes including the NCLB seminar, computer classes and interviewing classes. Belen Magers, President of NEWMA, .announced ACSA Region VI recognized NEWMA for increased membership in State ACSA; .reported John Searles will speak about member benefits of recognized chapters at the ACSA Executive Board meeting on Thursday; .announced the Region is acknowledging the services and challenges of new administrators by providing mentoring services to those new to their positions. President Schaefer recessed the meeting at 9:30 p.m. The meeting was reconvened at 9:38 p.m. XIII. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items There was no comment from the public on non-agenda items.


Regular Meeting/Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004 XIV. Old Business A. Approve Revised BP/AR 3312 ­ Business and Non-Instructional Operations ­ Contracts This Item was removed from the agenda by staff. XV. New Business There was no New Business. XVI. Student Expulsions A. Expulsion Case No. 2004/05 ­ 01 Member Crocker moved, Member Thomas seconded to accept the hearing panel's recommendation as presented. The motion passed, 5 AYES. XVII. Board Reports and Board Requests Member Rodriguez .reminded staff he had previously requested that Intervention be included as a fourth category on the Immediate Attention Notice forms for expulsions; .encouraged the school sites to keep Board members informed about their various activities. Member Mensinger .said he had a great time sitting in the dunk tank at a recent Kennedy School fundraiser; .reported he attended the recent SELPA Regional Policy Board meeting. He commented he found it very interesting and learned a lot. .commented Newark is one of the lower-charging districts for special education inter-district transportation. He added the SELPA group is looking at standardizing these costs with all districts. .commended Dr. Gill for an outstanding school report this evening; .said it was great to see and hear the students from Musick School sing tonight. Member Thomas .reported she attended the Joint Task Force meeting this week; .commented she continues to be impressed with what the City is doing with students and the after school programs; .requested staff provide a report on all the city/district partnership programs; .requested staff provide a report on interventions for students who are failing. Member Crocker .reported she attended the new docent class at Chabot Space Center and is planning a trip to the Monterey Aquarium, as well; .reported she had a great time at the NJHS spirit rally; .announced Snow School is having a walk-a-thon on Friday and Bunker School will have their walk-a-thon next Friday, October 15th. President Schaefer .echoed comments made by Member Crocker regarding the spirit rally at Newark Junior High; .commended the junior high school staff for finding a way to generate extra revenue through the contract with Nextel;


Regular Meeting/Board of Education Tuesday, October 5, 2004 .requested staff be sure to follow up with Mr. Leo Hinkel regarding Resolution No. 1634 ­ supporting the repeal of penalties in Social Security for retired teachers.

XVIII. Adjournment There being no further business of the Board of Education, President Schaefer adjourned the meeting at 9:50 p.m.

Nancy Thomas, Vice President




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