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Jacksonville, FL

Marketing Contact Laurie Bartels (210) 918-4455 e-mail: [email protected] Terminal Contact Manager: Tommy Taylor (904) 355-9675 e-mail [email protected] Physical Address 6531 Evergreen Avenue Jacksonville FL 32208 Tel: (904) 355-9675

Tanks Products/Materials

30 tanks. Capacity: 2,459,000 barrels. Asphalt, Aviation Gasoline, Distillates, Gasolines, Jet Fuels, Lube Oils, Residual Fuels Ship, Barge, Rail and Truck Ship, Barge, Rail and Truck Residual Fuel and Distillates with 4 loading positions; Two gasoline and diesel annexes with 5 loading positions Ship dock-concrete T-Head, Draft 38ft. MLW. 3 barge berths (draft based on latest soundings available upon request)

Mode of Delivery Mode of Receipt Truck Facilities

Dock Facilities*

Rail Spur Data

Four (4) Dual Product loading spots for Ethanol and LPG, and two (2) Ethanol only (serviced by CSX) *Draft based upon latest soundings and is subject to change without notice.


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