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NSC 420 Nutrition Education & Counseling

SPRING 2007 Mon & Wed 9:00-9:50 · ILC 129

INSTRUCTOR Kelly Jackson, MS, RD Shantz 307 626-3504 [email protected] Office hours: by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION Application of counseling and learning theories with individuals and groups in clinical and community settings. Includes discussion and experience in interviewing, counseling, dietary assessment methodology, learning activities, evaluation and documentation. For senior Dietetics majors only. Pre-requisite: NSC 340. 2 credits. TEXTS "Basic Nutrition Counseling Skill Development," Wadsworth, 2002. By K.D. Bauer & C.A. Sokolik Other readings provided via D2L or by the instructor. COURSE OBJECTIVES (Compiled using the Foundation Knowledge and Skills criteria created by the Commission on Dietetic Accreditation) Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Understand counseling and educational theory and methods, interviewing techniques, verbal and nonverbal communication, and multimedia presentations. 2. Identify and develop client/learner-centered achievable goals and interventions. 3. Utilize current information technologies in nutrition education. 4. Document a nutrition counseling session for individuals or groups. 5. Evaluate and prepare educational materials. 6. Communicate orally and in written form while presenting information to a group. COMMENTS This course is designed as a lecture, discussion and lab all in one. The amount you learn and your success will depend completely on your active participation in the assignments and in-class activities. You will get out of this class what you put into it. It's designed to be fun and interactive. This class is designed to prepare you to become a nutrition counselor.

ASSIGNMENTS Assignments are due at the beginning of class. Because the assignments coincide with lecture topics and in-class activities, late assignments will not be accepted. D2L Login & Intro Qs Media Assignment Personal Philosophy of Normal Eating Barriers to Communication 24-Hour Recall Assignment Inpatient Education Documentation Counseling Discussion Q DM Diet Evaluation Outpatient Education Documentation MI Assignment Cross-cultural Assignment Nutrition Education Material Evaluation Eating Disorder Case Study Sports Nutrition Case Study Summaries x 10 (5 points each) Participation TOTAL 10 points 25 25 25 25 40 10 15 30 30 25 25 30 30 50 50 445

PAPER SUMMARIES For each journal article assigned to read a written summary is due one the day indicated for that paper. This summary should include the major points of the article as well as any personal thoughts you have on the topic. The summary should be 1-2 paragraphs, typed. EXPECTATIONS This is a professional course, which implies that the student is expected to display professional characteristics in the following areas: time management, submission of assignments, interaction with peers in class, presentation of oral and written material, participation in class activities and discussions. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY The Code of Academic Integrity of the University places the responsibility on each student for the conduct and integrity of all academic work submitted as homework or examinations. The guiding principle of academic integrity is that a student's submitted work, examinations or projects are the student's own work. Students must in no way misrepresent or be party to another student's failure to maintain academic integrity. ACCOMMODATIONS Students needing special accommodations or special services should contact either the Disability Resource Center at 621-3268 ( or the SALT Program at 621-1242 ( Students will present the instructor with verified documentation from one of the aforementioned campus resources before the end of the second week of class. We will do everything we can to enhance your learning experience.


WEEK DATE Jan 10 Jan 15 Jan 17 TOPIC Introduction & Welcome Challenges/Issues for Dietetics Professionals Education & Counseling Opportunities for RDs Education & Counseling as a Process Communication Communication Interviewing Interviewing Nutrition Care Plan Nutrition Care Plan Counseling Theory Counseling Theory Client-centered Counseling Model Client-centered Counseling Model Counseling Strategies Counseling Strategies Chapters 5 and 6 Fabricatore paper Parham paper SPRING BREAK! Chapter 1, pp 10-13 Resnicow paper Licavoli paper Chapter 4 Lacey & Pritchett paper Chapter 4 Chapter 1, pp 1-10 Rosal et al paper READING ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT DUE D2L Login & Introduction Questions (due Jan 12th)

1 2 3

NO CLASS- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day ADA Position Paper #1 Media Assignment Tips for RDs* Summary (Position only) Palumbo paper Summary Chapter 1, pp 15-21 Personal Philosophy of ADA Position Paper #2 Normal Eating; Summary Chapter 2 Goldberg et al paper Chapter 3, pp 57-75 24-Hour Recall Assignment Summary Inpatient Education Documentation Summary Counseling Discussion Q Summary DM Diet Evaluation Summary Outpatient Education Documentation; Summary Barriers to Communication Summary

Jan 22 Jan 24


Jan 29 Jan 31


Feb5 Feb 7


Feb 12 Feb 14


Feb 19 Feb 21


Feb 26 Feb 28


Mar 5 Mar 7 Mar 12, 14


Mar 19 Mar 21

Motivational Interviewing Motivational Interviewing Motivational Interviewing Motivational Interviewing



Mar 26 Mar 28

Handouts* Motivational Interviewing Assignment

12 13

Apr 2 Apr 4 Apr 9 Apr 11

Group Education/Counseling Cross-cultural Issues Professionalism Professionalism Eating Disorders Counseling Eating Disorders Counseling Eating Disorders Counseling Sports Nutrition Counseling Sports Nutrition Counseling

Chapter 8, pp193-199 Chapter 3, pp 75-81 Chapter 8, pp180-193 Nutrition Education Material Evaluation Cross-cultural Assignment


Apr 16 Apr 18

Handouts* Eating Disorder Case Study Chapter 7 Handouts* Sports Nutrition Case Study DeBusk et al paper Summary


Apr 23 Apr 25


Apr 30

May 2 Nutrigenomics *Provided by instructor (not on D2L)


NSC 396A

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