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TEACHER: Claude Nusom CLASS/LEVEL: GED Math LESSON DURATION: 7 hours OBJECTIVES To review the formulas given to the students during the GED math test

RATIONALE The students need to be familiar with these formulas to help solve geometry problems on the GED test. Some of these formulas include perimeter, area, volume, and the pythagorean theorem.

TECHNOLOGIES USED Overhead projector fx260 calculator

OTHER MATERIALS (IF ANY) GED textbook Problems from workbooks

LEARNING AND TEACHING ACTIVITIES Presentation:Students were familiarized with the formulas. This included what values were required from word problems. Practice: Students did practice exercises to insure their understanding of the formulas. Application: Students were shown everyday uses of the formulas. (e.g. perimeter of a picture frame, area of a rug, volume of a swimming pool,etc.)

EVALUATION OF LEARNING The students learned how to use the formulas , not only for solving test problems, but also to use them fo everyday situations. They came to realize that this knowledge was valuable in the home and the workplace. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS Extra time was allotted to insure the students had ample time to use the formulas in a variety o problems.


Microsoft Word - GED Math Formulas.doc

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Microsoft Word - GED Math Formulas.doc