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TEACHER: Astrid Robitaille CLASS/LEVEL: ESL 3 LESSON DURATION: 45 minutes OBJECTIVES Through this activity, students will practice their conversational English Language skills, dictation skills and explore job hunting/interview vocabulary.

RATIONALE Looking for a job is a common activity for English language learners. By practicing common phrases and possible interview questions, students will gain valuable experience and familiarity with job hunting language.


OTHER MATERIALS (IF ANY) Paper and pencil, white board, black board or chart paper for group discussion.

LEARNING AND TEACHING ACTIVITIES Students will begin by brainstorming a list of "job interview" words on the board. The teacher should ask probing questions in order to elicit responses and suggestions from the students. Some possible words to include might be: resume, suit, qualifications, job description, experience, promotion, references, salary, insurance, benefits, etc. Discuss the terms and write definitions on the board. Students should be taking notes about these terms as the discussion progresses. Make another list on the board of possible questions one might hear in a job interview. Some possible suggestions are: "What is your experience?" "When can you start?" "What are the benefits?" "What are the hours/wages/responsibilities?" "What are your qualifications?" "Do you have any special skills?" etc. Pair the students, and assign one student to be the employer and the other as a prospective employee. Assign each pair a common type of job, such as waitress/waiter, factory worker, teacher, child-care worker, landscaper, nurse's aide, etc. Students pairs will role-play a job interview, with the "employer" writing down at least 4 questions he/she would like to ask the "prospective employee". The "employer" will then

conduct an interview with the "prospective employee", writing down their partner's repsonses to each question. Students will then switch roles and repeat the steps. At the end of the session, students will report back to the group whether or not they would hire their partner.

EVALUATION OF LEARNING During the role-playing, the teacher should be circulating among the groups, observing the interaction between partners, listening to responses and correcting grammar where necessary, and making note of any difficulties to be addressed in a later class period.



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