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Introduction: What Is UltiWeb and Why Do I Need It?

UltiWeb is the web site for Northwest Hospital's Human Resources/Payroll computer system. This web site allows employees to: View your own HR and payroll data. Print pay statements and W2s (if printing, see security warning below). Make changes "on-line" to some data: Your "preferred" first name (e.g., familiar or "nickname"); home address; work and home phone numbers; and emergency contacts. Access your retirement account, via a handy link to Fidelity's web site.

Please note, before accessing UltiWeb from home you must first initialize the log-on at work Getting Started--How to log-on for the first time using NWHMC workstation:

Step 1 - Launch the NWHMC Intranet. On the left hand column is a list of links. Toward the bottom is a link to UltiWeb. Click on the link. If you get a pop-up box DO NOT enter anything in the box, hit cancel and then proceed to the next step. Step 2 - Enter your log-on (user) name using your full NWHMC email address EXACTLY as it appears in the NWHMC phone directory (Example: Jane Washington would be [email protected]): This User Name is case sensitive. Step 3 - Enter your initial password: Last 3 digits of your zip code followed by last 2 digits of your birth year followed by the last 4 digits of your primary home phone number. You will be prompted to change your password after your initial log-on is successful. Note: If you have followed the above steps and still receive an error, please close the Intranet and try again later to give the system a chance to re-set. If you continue having problems, please refer to the Need Help section below. The good news: After your initial log-on you will not have to log on to UltiWeb again from your work computer. After the first time, just click on the UltiWeb link from the Intranet and it will open automatically. From home, use your NT (network) log-on (NWH\ and then usually the first initial and the first seven letters of your last name. Jane Washington would be NWH\jwashing) and your password. UltiWeb from home can be accessed here: Please remember, before accessing UltiWeb from home you must first initialize the log-on at work.

Security Warning

When you use UltiWeb, you need to take precautions to protect your data. Be sure you: Know what printer your data will be sent to and immediately retrieve your documents from the printer. Remember that as long as you are logged on to a computer via your NT log-on anyone will be able to access your personal data. If you are on a shared computer, make sure you completely log off the computer as soon as you are done using it.

Need Help? Contact: Help Desk x1605 Jennifer Bunzel x1546 Chris Yeager x1759



Microsoft Word - UltiWeb Log-on Instructions1.doc

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Microsoft Word - UltiWeb Log-on Instructions1.doc